Tuesday, 2010-08-03

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epyon-kitsunellnz: the paradigm of ASIO would go best with merging them into a single class00:58
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llnzepyon-kitsune: ok02:02
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llnzlater all09:30
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ezodglew: ping17:48
glewezod: pong17:48
ezodhey haven't had a chance to catch up in a few days17:49
ezodhow goes?17:49
glewyeah, sorry I had screwed up my sleeping pattern17:49
glewI'm doing ok, I think i've got the save and load features down17:50
ezodyeah i saw that stuff, looks good17:50
glewbut I'm not sure how to go about pickling the AI17:50
ezodhave you talked to null_000 or verhoevenv_ about it?17:51
ezodanyway, don't get stuck17:52
glewI haven't seen null_000 on irc in a few days, so i haven't had the chance to ask him, but I'll try verhoevenv_17:52
ezodwork on something else if you can't get support on the ai pickling right away17:52
ezode.g. you can work toward saving and loading a game with no AI for the moment17:53
verhoevenv_Eh, hello17:53
ezodand there's the wizard modifications too17:53
glewi was also thinking about trying to change the "database/savefile" to make it have different starting conditions17:53
glewhi verhoevenv_17:53
glewI've been working on singleplayer scenarios, and I was wondering if you could help me with pickling AI clients17:54
verhoevenv_For my version of daneel-ai, there should be no big theorethical problem in pickling I think, the entirey state is explicitely listed in one object.17:54
verhoevenv_Not sure how it goes with the newer spinoffs though.17:54
ezodglew: you mean editing it outside of just saving via libtpclient-py/persistence?17:54
ezodlike scenarios?17:54
ezodgood direction to go too17:55
glewright as in scenarios17:55
ezodverhoevenv_: i was hoping you'd say that :)17:55
alanpezod: -->17:55
verhoevenv_I currently don't have time to look at it myself, you might want to ask null_000 about his client when you see him for now, or if you can wait until about in a week, I can spend some time on it at the hacking week.17:56
verhoevenv_But I'v got a master's thesis to write now and the code isn't too fresh in my mind :/17:57
glewverhoevenv_, ok thanks for the insight, good luck on your work17:57
ezodglew: if it's just one object you can pickle it to a string really easily17:57
ezodand if the state is not all in one object, maybe it ought to be refactored back to being that way ;)17:58
glewezod: I don't know how the AI client functions, I know you call it to start it, but I don't know where to access the object from17:58
verhoevenv_Well, there are some subtleties though... The state being only the internal state, not the whole thing with connections etc... It might be a bit more problematic to get those things right.17:59
verhoevenv_But I guess those are problems you already encountered for other clients too?17:59
glewI haven't worked with any other AI"s other than daneel-ai17:59
ezodwell the connections and stuff are all dictated by initializing the AI17:59
ezodwhich is done by the SinglePlayer object17:59
ezodwhich glew is already storing18:00
glewezod: right i saw that18:00
glewI just don't know how to tell the AI client to pickle the state so i can load it into the newly started ai18:00
ezodso basically, my thought is that once that's all set up, the internal state object can just be swapped in (by adding a bit of code to daneel to allow it)18:00
ezodglew: oh, you have to code that into daneel :P18:00
ezodit doesn't actually do it yet18:01
glewyeah, i'm seeing that now18:01
verhoevenv_glew: Is it okay if I take a look at that next week? Or is that going to bring you in deadline troubles?18:01
ezodi think it would make sense to wait until next week18:02
glewverhoevenv_: It's ok to take your time on it, I'll ask null_000 too, its not too big at this point18:02
glewi have other things to work on too18:02
ezodas we were discussing just now, there are several other tasks to be done that don't depend on this18:02
glewwizard, gui, scenarios w/o AI18:03
verhoevenv_kay, I'll take a look at the hack week, if you don't hear from my by, say, next tuesday, go ahead and ping me about it.18:03
glewok, thanks verhoevenv_18:03
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llnzmorning all20:28
ezodllnz: hey20:32
ezodgood news20:32
llnzhi ezod20:32
ezodi may be able to make hackweek until wednesday20:32
ezodstill trying to work it out so i can use my previous delta credit, if i can make it happen i'll be there for the first bit at least20:33
llnzthat would be cool20:41
ezodis there any hacking going on on sat/sun?20:42
ezodi would have to fly back to detroit on wednesday morning20:43
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llnzezod: i'm sure there will be if people want to20:51
llnzin the evenings20:51
llnzsunday i think we are going into SF for most of the day20:55
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epyon-kitsuneezod: :)22:21
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llnzepyon-kitsune: how are you going?22:39
epyon-kitsuneokay, I'm again working offline22:42
epyon-kitsuneI'll do some pushes soon22:42
llnzi look forward to working with you in person next week22:43
llnzmaybe I can help you some22:45
epyon-kitsunellnz: we drop tp02 support right?22:52
epyon-kitsunellnz: also, did the frame header size differ between tp02 and tp03?22:53
epyon-kitsuneerr 03 and 0422:53
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llnztp02 support can be dropped, tp03 support is required (superset of tp02)22:55
llnzi think they are the same length22:56
epyon-kitsunewhat about padstrings?22:57
llnzone field gets used differently, but no size change22:57
llnzno padstrings are in the header22:57
epyon-kitsuneI mean is the setting used at all?22:57
llnzthey are filter options that the client can request22:57
epyon-kitsunedo they have any reasonable purpose?22:57
llnzon a per-connection basis (default off)22:57
epyon-kitsuneok, doesn't matter what :>22:58
llnzalignment on the client side22:58
llnzpadstrings only affects the creation (and reading) of the byte buffers23:16
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