Thursday, 2010-07-22

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* llnz wanders off04:49
llnzlater all04:49
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bisctansell: ping06:47
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cahirwpzhi all06:52
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null_000hi all10:13
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llnzmorning all20:14
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llnzAgon, epyon-*: how are you going?21:48
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glewllnz: ping21:57
llnzhi glew22:17
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Agonllnz: hi, I am fine. How are you doing?22:37
llnznot too bad22:37
llnzhow is your coding coming, haven't seen much in the last while22:37
llnzalso a progress report on your blog would be good22:37
Agonyeah did some work two and three days ago but didnt commit it yet22:38
llnzok, keep going22:38
Agonwill do one as soon as I have the pre game window done.22:39
llnzok, now you were going to show me some mockup of that, because I have some ideas that might make help22:40
Agonit will most likly look like this: , a list of available games, filters and connect button22:41
tpb<> (at
Agonand without the account settings on it, they will be moved22:42
Agonand combined with servers, similar to konversations server<->identity22:43
llnzok, looks fine, the only things I might suggest would be to be able to add games/servers and to highlight/split the list into those connected to before (and have an account associated) vs thoses that don't22:46
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Agonhm ok will try to implement that too22:49
llnzso that returning players can just click on their game22:52
glewllnz: ping again, sorry I went to eat dinner23:08
llnzhi glew23:09
glewI wanted your opinion on how I should eventually end up at a save game file23:09
glewso there were two possiblities23:10
glewone was to have the persistence module track the game and then upon saving it would essentially make a copy of the database file23:10
glewand the other that ezod suggested was to make a call to the server to save, that would dump everything then to the database23:11
glewso the second one uses the persistence module in a different way than intended23:11
glewllnz: I was originally planning on the first way, just copying the persistence database to another location.  But just wanted to see if you had any input23:19
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llnzmy preference would be for the first way23:21
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llnzthe server is basically a "write-through" cache of the database23:21
llnzand this will be even more obvious in the next big refactor23:22
glewok, and just to make sure, the different managers that are written in the server keep the persistence database up to date if there is a persistence module loaded?23:23
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