Wednesday, 2010-07-21

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tansellepyon-kitsune, pong?01:19
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ezodglew: ping03:12
glewezod: pong03:12
ezodglew: hey, can you add me as a committer on your github repos?03:13
glewsure, I"m not sure how though03:14
ezodadmin, collaborators03:14
ezodmy username is ezod03:14
glewjust added03:15
ezodcool, thanks03:15
glewand I know i haven't written out the reschedule yet, I'll do that right now03:16
ezodlooks like you've got about 44 minutes :P03:16
glewi think i just slipped it in04:00
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bisctansell: ping05:04
tansellbisc, pong05:05
bisctansell: can we talk now?05:05
bisctansell: if yes, then we can start with this small patch
tpbTitle: Issue 93001: Removed startup label in Information panel. - Code Review (at
tansellI'm kinda busy - but it's best if you probably just keep talking and I'll get to it when I do05:13
biscokay, I'll just describe what I have now.05:15
bisc93001 is simple removal of label05:15
bisc90001 changes the starmap mode after the destination of Move command is set (it is done by clicking P button in Orders panel)05:17
bisc91001 is visual improvement of Messages panel, I moved buttons to bottom of panel and aligned them horizontally (we discussed it some time ago)05:18
bisc92001 - implementation of autoclose in update window. Please pay attention that force the config saving there (I'm not sure about the policy of working with config)05:19
bisc59001 - an old issue with information panel buttons is updated. Results are: a) wrapping b) better button appearance and alignment c) added borders for labels there (so that they don't get too close to other widgets)05:22
biscthat's all about patches.05:22
biscalso, I need to talk with you about cursor images (need some guidance here) and global plan of my work.05:24
matthewdStupidIncarnate: ping05:48
matthewdStupidIncarnate: I'm just about to email Carol05:48
StupidIncarnatehey. okay cool, thanks alot05:49
tansellmatthewd, you forgot to submit your survey?05:59
StupidIncarnatei did05:59
matthewdtansell: You know me better than... oh, okay, fair point :)   but no. :)06:00
matthewdOkay, sent06:08
matthewdWasn't really sure how to word it, so I went with less words is better :P06:08
biscwill be back in 1.5 hours06:25
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cahirwpzhi all07:00
llnzhi cahirwpz07:16
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biscllnz: ping?08:28
llnzbisc: pong :-)08:32
biscllnz: have you had time to look at message boards implementation in server?08:33
cahirwpzllnz, that's actually something I'd be glad to hear too08:34
llnzno, i haven't yet08:34
llnzi might be able to put something together in the next few (4-5) days08:35
biscthat would be great, thanks.08:38
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* llnz wanders off10:51
llnzlater all10:51
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biscnull_000: ping12:08
null_000bisc: pong12:15
biscnull_000: is your up-to-date version here ?12:16
tpbTitle: Null000's daneel-ai at master - GitHub (at
null_000but I'm not sure what settings are used in the last commit12:17
null_000you want to use it?12:17
biscnull_000: don't you think that in daneel-ai-inplace.xml the <commandstring> tag should contain not "daneel-ai", but ""?12:17
biscyes, I use it for debugging singleplayer12:18
biscI'm not very interested in AI behavior now, mostly in starting12:18
biscand tpclient-pywx tries to start daneel-ai - and fails12:18
biscbut if I change your file by placing ".py" -- it works well12:19
null_000you're right...12:19
null_000I'll change it12:19
biscnull_000: cool, thank you12:20
null_000bisc: change now pushed... if you find any other problems or want any specific behaviour from the AI just tell me12:25
biscnull_000: ok12:26
StupidIncarnatehey, know if the current code supports moving order positions within a queue?12:35
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biscno idea. I didn't see such methods on client side anywhere.12:46
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epyon-kitsunetansell, tansell-laptop - did you get my email? sent to mithro at mithis.14:31
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ezodglew: i read your new schedule, couple of comments for ya14:42
glewezod: hey14:43
ezodyou might find it useful to test your save and load functionality directly in SinglePlayer.py14:43
ezodthere is a section at the bottom starting with14:44
ezodif __name__ == "__main__":14:44
ezodwhich, if you're unaware, is code that will run if you just run the python file standalone14:44
ezodpython SinglePlayer.py14:44
ezodand it goes through the same process as the wizard in tpclient-pywx14:44
ezodyou can modify that to do saving and loading once you have the functions done (think about where in the process it needs to go)14:45
ezodthen you can take care of the wizard in tpclient-pywx later, as that will be an annoying gui issue ;)14:45
glewso you're saying worry about getting functionality first14:45
glewbefore putting it into the gui14:46
ezodyes, absolutely14:46
glewthat makes things easier for now14:46
glewso I should probably fork tpclient-pywx14:47
ezodalso, i know you want to work on this campaign editor, but i think you'll find you have your hands full just with the save/load functionality14:47
ezodglew: important thing is to fork libtpclient-py, for now14:47
glewright, because that contains SinglePlayer.py14:47
ezodso re: campaign editor, just do that stuff by hand until save/load (and sqlite persistence) is rock solid14:47
glewok, so manually go and edit the database persistence file14:48
ezodlike, if you want to make a demo scenario, that's fine, but developing an entire gui and whatever to build it is way too ambitious (but i'd be happy to work on it with you post-gsoc)14:48
alanpnull_000: ping14:49
ezodyeah i guess that's what you'd need to do14:49
null_000alanp: pong14:49
ezodsee, the sum total of what constitutes a "scenario" is what you're already planning on saving and loading14:49
ezodthrough parameters, maps, and initial conditions in the universe14:49
ezodand AIs, and whatnot14:50
alanpnull_000: can we do our meet aroudn this time either thursday or friday ( i'm not sure which day i'll be available )14:50
ezodso if you can save and load *any* game properly, we know campaigns are at least theoretically possible14:50
alanpor, now14:50
ezodand if you have time, by all means throw something together that's fun :)14:50
null_000alanp: I have time so it can be now14:51
glewok we'll see how far I get, but i'll focus on getting the save and load functionality worked into SinglePlayer.py14:51
ezodglew: so do me one more favor14:51
ezodas soon as you have a plan for the overall db structure (including the persistence table(s) from tpserver-cpp and your own config data from SinglePlayer), post a description on your blog14:52
ezodjust to make sure i'm on the same page with you, the reason we're after saving everything to one sqlite file is so that we store each scenario or saved game in a single file?14:53
ezodok cool14:53
glewthe current persistence modules keep track of the game as it goes14:53
glewso for saving, I'm trying to copy that database to a separate place and call it a save file14:54
glewor at least preserve that database at a certain point14:54
ezodwell, you could add some functionality to persistence in general that makes it only save when you explicitly tell it to14:54
ezodand for that you can use the admin stuff in tpserver-cpp14:55
ezod(for explicitly telling it to, i mean)14:55
ezodi think i added admin frames to libtpproto-py14:55
ezodso you can create new commands for that14:56
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ezodfrom a million miles away, it looks to me like having the ability to only save on command could be useful for all persistence modules14:57
glewok, a lot of that info was new to me just now, so I'll take a look and probably ask questions later14:57
ezodbut i'm not super familiar with the persistence architecture, you'd have to talk to llnz i think14:57
glewI'll look it all over and get back to you, but saving on command definitely has advantages14:57
ezodwell the alternative (forcing save to a separate file) still requires some kind of server command, unless you can just copy the sqlite file over right when the user clicks "save"14:58
ezodi guess that's a possibility too and might fit better with how persistence works14:59
ezodyour call, or talk to llnz if unsure ;)14:59
glewwill do, my previous thought was i could just access the persistence save file at the time save was called, and copy the entire database to another location15:00
glewwithin sqlite commands15:00
glewbut that might be trickier than expected15:00
glewI'll probably go for a second opinion from llnz15:00
ezodwhat's the advantage of copying it with sql rather than just copying the whole file?15:05
ezodwhole file thing can be done from outside tpserver-cpp15:05
ezodbut i don't know if that will do the same thing as what you want15:06
glewezod: well i guess i could just direct copy the file too15:11
glewwould probably be easier too15:12
ezodyeah, and you should have the file name from specifying it explicitly on tpserver-cpp command line, no?15:12
glewyes, right now its a fixed location and file name15:13
ezodif you wanted to implement a save command inside tpserver-cpp instead of file-copy or db-copy way, you would just need to change the file name (to whatever is sent in the save frame) and push all the data there15:14
ezodand, as we said before, turn off the constant saving15:14
ezodthat sounds more elegant for some reason, but i can't think of any actual advantage over file copy, and file copy is dead easy15:16
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glewezod: ping, do you know what branch of libtpclient-py I should work from?17:49
ezodshould be ok to work with stable17:56
glewezod: thanks17:56
ezodbut all the recent stuff is in tp04...17:56
ezodthere may be bugfixes that are relevent to you in tp04 branch, not sure17:56
ezodi don't think anyone's touched the though17:57
glewso should i just work from the tp0417:57
glewand i think the commits show you were the last person to work on SinglePlayer.py17:57
ezodwell, it looks like people are using tp04 branch to do mainline development now, so use tp04 i guess17:58
ezodeither way it wouldn't be hard to merge your branch into either since your deltas will only touch SinglePlayer.py17:58
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llnzmorning all20:22
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ezodhey llnz20:57
llnzhi ezod20:57
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