Tuesday, 2010-06-08

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null_000morning all07:44
llnzhi null_00007:45
null_000hi llnz07:46
null_000how is it going?07:46
llnznot bad, you?07:58
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null_000same as always ^_^08:07
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bisctansell: ping08:34
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* llnz wanders off09:47
llnzlater all09:47
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StupidIncarnatenull_000: ping?10:07
null_000pong (but quick)10:07
null_000did the order thing work?10:07
StupidIncarnateyeah, thanks. Do you know if you can create a new order such as a move order without supplying the pos or do those have to go with it?10:09
null_000you have to supply it10:09
null_000but it can be 0,0,0 and then change it later10:09
null_000that is what the python client does10:09
tpbTitle: if isinstance(property, parame - Anonymous - kpEKsF5F - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)10:10
null_000this is from the python client... its the default parameter init code10:10
StupidIncarnateoh that's what that's doing10:11
StupidIncarnateok thanks10:11
null_000if it helps in any way... I have written a code generator that generates code for giving orders for a specific ruleset from the data that the server sends10:11
StupidIncarnatethere's a difference between rulesets?10:12
null_000different possible orders10:13
StupidIncarnateyeah, if you have it posted, would probably be a good idea for me to look at it10:13
tpbTitle: Null000's daneel-ai at master - GitHub (at github.com)10:14
StupidIncarnatecool thanks10:14
null_000uncomment the following lines in basic.py in init function10:15
null_000    #printPossibleOrdersCode(cache)10:15
null_000btw you run it with like this dannel-ai.py -f minisec10:15
null_000it will do more than just print order code but you can add exit(0) to kill it after printing the things you want10:16
StupidIncarnatelots of print commands10:20
StupidIncarnatehmm, wouldn't inserting dummy coordinants into an order possibly be bad. If say the user submitted a new order this way and then the turn ends before the user submits the correct orders, the command would be faulty10:25
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llnzmorning all20:35
llnzepyon: ping20:42
llnzAgon: ping20:42
Agonllnz: pong20:48
llnzhi Agon20:48
llnzhow are you going?20:48
llnzwhat are you working on today?20:48
AgonI was working on the settings widget20:48
llnzhow are the server picker/login dialog mockups coming?20:49
Agonand documenting some stuff but I figured out that I am not great at explaining things :/20:49
Agondidnt continue on it, I still have two wip mockups, but I think I will go for simple login window without much animation and blink blink20:50
Agonsometimes less is more ^^20:50
llnzput together what you can, then send me a link or ask others in the tp community to help20:51
llnzsure, wasn't expecting bling20:51
llnza couple of pictures and a bit about what would be where would be fine20:51
AgonI will try to get it done this week. I want to get a bit ahead of the schedule because I will visit a friend of mine at the end of this month in france which will take 4 days.20:55
AgonBut the weather was and will be so nice it is hard to stay in the day and work :-/20:56
Agon*stay in the house all the day and work20:56
llnzhehe, i know the feeling :-)20:57
llnzand the reverse, the weather here has been quite bad over the last week20:57
Agonwell 2 or 3 more days of good weather and then rain and thunder which means work ^^20:58
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llnzepyon: ping21:30
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epyonllnz: pong22:00
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llnzepyon-kitsune: how are you going? what are you working on?22:07
epyon-kitsunenow I'm trying to decouple the Network class22:08
epyon-kitsuneI think it will be easier to just write the core anew, and then reinstantiate the cutout features22:08
epyon-kitsuneBTW, any chance of porting it to something more portable than autotools? :>22:08
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llnzhehe, one day maybe22:17
llnzyou could just write a new core22:17
llnza little documentation or uml diagram about how it will be structured would be helpful22:17
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