Monday, 2010-06-07

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tansellepyon, pong?00:10
epyontansell: the blog is up -, llnz asked bout it but I havn't seen him for a while01:02
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biscmithro, tansell: ping05:39
tansellbisc, pong05:39
bisctansell: what's your opinion on these two patches?
tpbTitle: Issue 51001: Fixed re-opening Filter frame. - Code Review (at
bisctansell: have already shown them to you, but you said nothing05:41
tansellI'm not entirely happy with 5100105:42
tansellbut I can't think of a better way05:42
bisctansell: we can show this frame above the "filter" button. but then we should add the "OK" button to the frame itself. how about that?05:43
tansellbisc, as long as the button is in the exactly the same place?05:45
tansellmaybe you could use a non-square frame to make it extend over the button?05:45
bisctansell: what do you mean by "non-square frame" and "extend over the button"? how's that, I don't follow?05:47
tansellby default the frame of a window is square right?05:48
tansellyou could make something which looks like05:48
tansell|                     |05:48
tansell|           +-------------------+05:49
tansellwell, if it lined up05:49
biscok, I see. Is that actually possible with xrced?05:49
bisctansell: how can it be done? showing two frames (one for lower part, one for upper) is not very elegant05:55
tansellbisc, look up non-square frames in the wxWindows documentation05:55
tansellI suggest looking at the wx demos there is one there05:55
tansells/one there/ an example there/05:56
bisctansell: okay, will have a look and replicate.06:02
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null_000morning all08:08
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* llnz wanders off10:22
llnzlater all10:22
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tansellnull_000, ping?10:24
null_000tansell pong10:25
tansellnull_000, so how are things going?10:25
null_000rushAI is finised (but not well tested becouse of the issues 97 and 108)10:28
null_000randomAI is finished10:29
null_000both got smarter than originally planned10:29
null_000bug with the colonisation module should be resolved today (said alan)10:30
null_000I tried my best to find what causes issue 97 but no luck10:30
null_000and I do have one question for you10:31
null_000when you get the list of ships of a fleet10:32
null_000example: [(9, 1, 2), (9, 3, 1)]]10:32
null_000what does the first number mean?10:32
null_000the second is design id and the third is number of ships with that design10:33
tansellno idea :P10:33
tansellwhats the doco say?10:33
null_000I think it said somewhere it is supposed to mean type10:33
null_000but I don't know type of what10:33
tansellnull_000, is this in orders or in objects?10:37
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null_000so objects10:37
tanselldoes the descriptions which come with ObjectDesc help?10:39
null_000description with ObjectDesc? where do I find that?10:41
tansellObjectDesc frame describes the objects in the same way that OrderDesc describes orders10:45
null_000I'll look into that10:46
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llnzmorning all20:25
llnzepyon: ping20:25
epyonllnz: got the link?20:33
llnzwhat link?20:33
tpbTitle: Home Page: Thousand Parsec - tpserver-cpp refactor (at
llnzcoll, i'll read that in a second20:34
epyonI'm heading to sleep now, but feel free to prv me or type in the channel, I'll respond once I get up20:34
epyonalso, I'll have a few questions about git/github in the morning20:35
llnzyou don't need to use github20:36
llnzjust use the normal tp git (git.thousandparsec.net20:36
llnzemail me if you have questions and I'm not here in the channel20:37
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