Thursday, 2010-04-01

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Greywhindtansell: pong00:02
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llnzlater all07:04
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null_000morning all09:01
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mithromorning null_00009:11
null_000I've been brainstorming all night so I'll change my proposal today09:12
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biscGreywhind: to run tp04 version of client, do I need to change libtpproto-py used by tpserver-py?09:59
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Greywhindtansell: would it be alright for me to put your e-mail down for orgs i'm applying to this year to contact you?17:45
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Greywhindhm... you might have missed that, so i'll say it again just in case17:46
Greywhindmithro: would it be alright for me to put your e-mail down for orgs i'm  applying to this year to contact you?17:46
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null_000it's a bit quiet here today21:07
Greywhindit happens. what's up?21:09
null_000not much. changing my gsoc proposal...21:10
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jiaminghi mithro23:09
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null_000mithro: ping23:24
null_000sleep... finally ^_^23:33
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