Tuesday, 2010-03-30

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tansellezod, probably00:18
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tansellit's been awfully quiet in here today.03:26
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balkistudents working on proposals, maybe04:10
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null_000morning all06:58
tansellhey null_00007:01
tansellyou saw the comments I made?07:01
null_000I saw them and answered  some of them07:09
null_000I'm going to write some more details in the proposal now07:10
null_000thank you for the comments07:10
null_000tansell: btw who would be my potential mentor?07:15
tansellI forget which project you where suggesting07:15
tanselltoo many proposals to keep track of :)07:15
null_000^_^ daneel-ai extention (MTSec support and more)07:17
tansellverhoevenv, is likely to be your mentor07:19
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mithroverhoevenv: ping?10:08
JLPmithro: you oinged me yesterday or the day before?10:12
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mithro_JLP: wanted to ask you about what you where planning to do for GSoC this year10:23
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JLPmithro_: i'm planing to appy as student, for TP i would of course like to continue working on Parsek10:26
mithro_I find it a little hard to justify work on Parsek because tpclient-pywx and tpclient-pyogre still need so much work10:29
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mithrowell, I'm heading home10:50
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mithroJLP: did KDE get in this year?11:28
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mithrohello Reginleifu12:16
ezodmithro: are there any particular features the web client is in need of that should go on the ideas page?12:38
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JLPmithro: yup, KDE got in too, it would be quite strange if they didn't :)15:38
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Null_000are you guys still interested at a planet generator?16:34
Null_000because I fount this nifty generator and gave it a spin16:35
Null_000it might be useful and it can export models to blender16:35
tpbTitle: Fractal planet and terrain generator | Get Fractal planet and terrain generator at SourceForge.net (at sourceforge.net)16:35
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StupidIncarnateHey all17:39
Null_000hey StupidIncarnate17:39
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Q_xHi all17:44
Q_xjust a silly question17:44
Q_xwhy is metaserver always empty?17:44
Q_xI wanted to check what is TP all about and it seems like there is big empty void there :D17:46
Q_xBTW - since PARPG, the project I'm active in right now pretty stagnant - do you need a 2D graphics person?17:48
* Q_x wonders if TP is not stagnant too, by accident 17:50
Q_xheh, looks like its bots-only channel :P17:58
StupidIncarnatenaw, people are just away17:58
* Q_x hugs CIA-7017:58
* CIA-70 hugs Q_x17:58
Q_xok, I'll wait17:59
StupidIncarnatemithro would probably know17:59
Q_xhope they are not sleeping :D17:59
* JLP is back17:59
JLPQ_x: looks like there is something wrong with metaserver, I have started a server with metaserver announce but it never gor on the list18:01
JLPor maybe after big changes in C++ server this stopped working18:01
JLPbut yeah llnz and mithro should know more18:01
Q_xjeez JLP, project is loosing lots of attention if there is such bug I'm affraid18:02
JLPand as for need of a 2D graphics artist, sure one could come in handy, those are in high demand in most projects :)18:02
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* Q_x wonders if maybe Tim is back here :)19:18
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Q_xnoone to help me here?19:23
Null_000I can try too help you19:23
jiaminghi, I created a patch that fixes a bug which I found when I playing TP . where should I submit it?19:23
Q_xthis is a truely epicentance jiaming!19:24
Q_xNull_000, I think I'll wait for somebody to fix metaserver, look at the game and find my way to support TP with some graphics19:25
Q_x*epic entrance19:26
Q_xhi BTW19:26
jiaminghi Q_x, I didn't get what you mean...19:26
Q_xmy keyboard stucks sometimes, time to clean it I think19:26
Q_xI teleported here with some complains, you with a patch :)19:27
jiaminghaaaha :)19:28
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