Tuesday, 2009-12-22

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Landoneven more success04:20
LandonI have ogre running on my netbook04:20
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llnzhi Dragoon_Jett17:31
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tansell-laptopllnz, are you on TripIt?19:36
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tansellllnz, what is your preferred email address these days?20:23
llnznope, not on tripit20:35
llnz[email protected]20:35
llnztansell: poke20:36
tansellllnz, email sent with my travel plans20:36
tansell(for LCA)20:36
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llnzhi dejai23:15
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dejaillnz, Where can I find the coding standard for thousand parsec?23:37
tanselldejai, C++ or Python?23:49
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dejaitansell, Both.23:56
tansellthe C++ can be found on the wiki23:57
tansellPython doesn't really have one, just follow the style in the file you are changing23:57
dejaitansell, Right, thanks.23:58

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