Monday, 2009-12-21

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Landontansell: do you know where the boost in "import boost" comes from?02:41
tansellin python-ogre?02:42
LandonI'm trying to build it again02:42
Landonwould that be in the normal ubuntu repos?02:42
tansellit would likely be a very old version02:42
tansellpython-ogre needs a very recent one02:42
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Landonshouldn't python-ogre be taking care of installing boost and buddies itself?02:43
Landonthe import error for boost.lib occurs when I'm retrieving sources02:44
Landonstep 2 of
tpb<> (at
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Landonit's not an ImportError, my bad02:47
Landonit's an AttributeError02:47
* Landon wishes in addition to commit messages there was a rationale message :P02:52
Landonfound some code commented out that set boost.lib02:52
tanselli'm heading to dinner02:58
tansellI should rebuild the python-ogre packages sometime02:58
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Landontansell: I'm up to the point where I'm generating wrapper code for cegui, somewhere in there it wants CEGUI 0.6.2, but 0.7.something is the one that python-ogre pulled and installed16:42
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Landonaha, got it18:38
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