Friday, 2009-07-10

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alanpis the order queue broken?00:01
alanpwell i traced it down00:11
alanpone min00:11
CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * reac1590fb068 /modules/games/mtsec/planet.cpp: Was causing problems with the tp04 client.00:15
alanptry that00:15
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tansellGreywhind, pong00:52
Greywhindtansell: ping again?01:13
tansellGreywhind, pong01:13
Greywhindtansell: alanp got it so the server isn't segfaulting on mtsec anymore01:13
Greywhindbut it's still not connecting right:01:13
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
tansellGreywhind, did you remove the pyc files?01:14
Greywhindtansell: oh... right.01:14
alanpi can connect and put through orders01:14
Greywhindtansell: i knew that looked familiar XD01:14
tansellGreywhind, you should add the following to01:14
tansell#! /bin/sh01:15
tansellfind -name \*.pyc | xargs rm -f01:15
tansellgit submodule update01:15
tansellmake sure that file is executable as well01:15
Greywhindtansell: yeah, fixed. thanks.01:16
Greywhindyou know, i knew i'd seen that error before, i just couldn't remember what had fixed it last tiem :P01:16
Greywhindalanp: awesome, works great01:17
tansellGreywhind, it got me a couple of times until I added that to the hooks01:17
Greywhindalanp: and modifying the categories works perfectly too :)01:17
Greywhindalanp: except removing all categories - that seems to be broken still01:18
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mhilmiHey what was the link for the TP planet site?01:36
Greywhindtansell: ping?01:40
Greywhindtansell: last time for tonight, i promise :P01:40
tansellmhilmi, it's in the topic01:40
Greywhindtansell: i can't seem to get the static text for the design name to center itself01:40
Greywhindtansell: it has the "no auto-resize" set, so it shouldn't be resizing down to fit its contents01:41
tansellGreywhind, using borders might help figure it out?01:41
Greywhindtansell: well, i tried setting the background color, but no color showed at all01:41
Greywhindtansell: no border seems to show up either01:42
tansellthis is another one of those fiddly things that you just have to keep playing with01:43
Greywhindthere's a lot of those with wxWidgets :-/01:44
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mhilmitansell: didn't see it, thanks01:49
tansellGreywhind, in pretty much all GUI programming01:49
Greywhindtansell: i just can't understand why it has no background color at all01:54
tansellyou sure you are applying it to the right component?01:54
Greywhindtansell: it's in XRCED, and it seems to be the right component01:54
Greywhindtansell: i got it... kind of centered-ish. i guess that will do.02:13
Greywhindit's more noticeable, at least02:14
Greywhindtansell: i'll post a screenshot and then go to sleep02:14
tpb<> (at
tansellGreywhind, so this is the second time we needed a panel of checkboxes right?02:27
tansellthe first one being the message box filter?02:27
Greywhindtansell: yes, i reused some similar code02:27
Greywhindtansell: the message box filter is more complicated02:27
tansellGreywhind, so there is a lot of blank space02:27
tansellThe categories doesn't look quite right?02:28
Greywhindtansell: well, i could make it smaller height-wise02:28
Greywhindtansell: i just thought it might look odd if it was too long and not very tall at all02:29
tansellGreywhind, maybe just fit the contents?02:29
tansellas well categories is in a much larger font then the title :)02:29
Greywhindtansell: well, that's the editable title02:30
Greywhindtansell: the static title has a larger font02:30
Greywhindtansell: the only thing that's not fit vertically to the size of the window is the properties list02:30
Greywhindtansell: better?
tpb<> (at
tanselldunno - maybe play with it a bit more tommorrow02:35
Greywhindtansell: k02:36
Greywhindtansell: ok, going to sleep now. talk to you tomorrow, if you're around.02:39
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tansellokay see ya02:39
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chereztansell: Ping?03:03
tansellcherez, pong03:03
cherezIs the frame type number specified anywhere in protocol.xml?03:04
tansellframe type number?03:05
cherezErr, Frame Type Version.03:06
tansellnope! but probably should be03:12
cherezI agree.03:14
tansellminor version numbers are required to be backward compatible03:14
tansellIE you can add fields but not remove them03:16
tansellcherez, you know how there are major/minor numbers03:16
tansellmajor == TP04, TP03 etc03:16
tansellminor == frame version03:16
tansellso if we add something like media to the resource description we should increment the frame version03:17
cherezThat's what I thought.03:17
cherezAnd you want a client to be able to use multiple protocol versions at once?03:18
tansellcherez, a server is likely to want to support multiple major versions03:21
tansellthere is no real point supporting multiple minor versions03:21
cherezSo should the parser return an objects module when it's called?03:22
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r24e699853f32 /src/battlexml/ Fixed a bug where the first n-1 deaths would be overwritten03:32
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r2ab86de640df /src/ Next round works again after a short period of being broken03:32
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r262166c34984 /src/ Fixed round numbering03:32
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r2ce4cf842910 /src/ Fixed an obscure little bug where play would work the same as next03:33
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r7640938ad9fd /src/ Backwards/Forwards controls work now, as well as skipping around in the battle03:33
tansellcherez, I think that's best03:35
tansellit's unlikely that a client will want to support multiple versions03:35
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Greywhindtansell: if you're there,
tpbTitle: Issue 5002: Design window now looks and works better, with all buttons having a function and proper scaling. - Code Review (at
Greywhindalanp: there are still bugs with changing designs. i think they're server-side, but i'm not entirely sure.21:08
Greywhindalanp: once i push this, maybe you could look into it and let me know if you can figure it out?21:08
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