Sunday, 2009-05-24

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greywhinddo i have to install signals separately from the base of boost?00:01
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llnzdepends on the packaging system00:01
llnzthe dev package will be needed too00:01
greywhindi used macports00:01
greywhindi don't see a boost-dev or anything like that00:03
greywhindjust these:00:04
greywhindgreywhind (09:02 PM):~/Programming/tp04/tpserver-cpp > port search boost00:04
greywhindboost @1.38.0 (devel)00:04
greywhind    Collection of portable C++ source libraries00:04
greywhindboost-build @2.0-m12 (devel)00:04
greywhind    Build system for large project software construction00:04
llnzi wonder if it's /usr/local/lib issue00:07
llnzor other prefix...00:08
greywhindoh... i have an idea00:08
greywhindyes! got it!00:08
greywhind./configure --with-boost-libdir=/opt/local/lib00:08
greywhind^ needed that00:08
greywhindbecause macports uses /opt/ as a prefix00:09
greywhindwonder if there's a way to get it to check there automatically00:10
llnzfeel free to update the wiki page:
tpb<> (at
greywhindllnz: also, did you get my patch e-mail?00:11
llnznot yet00:12
greywhindllnz: hmm... didn't check, or it didn't arrive?00:13
llnzmy email is fairly slow, hasn't arrived yet00:14
greywhindllnz: i sent it to [email protected], about 10 hours ago00:15
llnztry sending it to [email protected]00:16
greywhindllnz: ok, re-sent00:18
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llnzcool, got it and applied00:24
greywhindok, great!00:24
CIA-46noegnud tpserver-cpp * rbbb02f7f76dd /
CIA-46Added conditions to to check for glibtoolize if libtoolize is not available. This00:25
CIA-46will allow to work on Mac OS X, which calls it glibtoolize.00:25
greywhindllnz: now it can't seem to find mzscheme or guile no matter what i do00:38
greywhindchecking for scheme_basic_env in -lmzscheme... no00:38
greywhindchecking for scheme_basic_env in -lmzscheme3m... no00:38
greywhindconfigure: WARNING: Not going to build MzScheme module00:38
greywhindchecking for guile-config... /opt/local/bin/guile-config00:38
greywhindchecking for scm_init_guile in -lguile... no00:38
greywhindconfigure: WARNING: Cannot find Guile library00:38
llnzhave you seen the instructions on the pag00:40
tpb<> (at
greywhindllnz: yeah, but they don't seem to work00:43
greywhindfink can't find guile1800:43
greywhindi'll try removing the 1800:44
greywhindllnz: that installed it, but it still can't find it00:46
greywhindi tried using --with-guile and a bunch of different paths, too00:46
greywhindgreywhind (09:47 PM):~/Programming/tp04/tpserver-cpp > guile --versionGuile 1.8.600:48
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greywhindllnz: no other ideas?01:23
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mithrogreywhind: ping?03:00
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greywhindmithro: pong03:50
mithrono luck with the server on mac?03:50
greywhindmithro: i still have the above error03:51
greywhindi also posted about it on my blog03:51
mithrodid you check the config.log file?03:52
greywhindmithro: looks like this is failing:03:54
greywhindconfigure:20592: g++ -o conftest -g -Wall -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include -I/opt/local/include  conftest.cpp -lguile  -ldl -lpthread  >&503:54
greywhindusr/libexec/gcc/i686-apple-darwin8/4.0.1/ld: can't locate file for: -lguile03:54
mithroso it's missing a -L/opt/<something>/lib03:55
mithrogreywhind: guile is in /opt/<something> right?03:56
mithroyou did a --with-guile=/opt/<something>03:56
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greywhindguile is in /opt/local03:56
mithroso you should do a03:57
greywhindi've tried --with-guile=/opt/local, and it doesn't work03:57
mithrohow does the error change then?03:57
greywhindi've also tried /opt/local/bin, /opt/local/include, /opt/local/lib03:57
greywhindit doesn't seem to change at all03:58
mithro/opt/local is the right path03:58
mithrowhat does guile-config output?03:58
greywhinda usage message03:58
greywhindgreywhind (12:58 AM):~/Programming/tp04/tpserver-cpp > guile-config link03:59
greywhind-I/opt/local/include -D_THREAD_SAFE  -L/opt/local/lib -lguile -lltdl -L/opt/local/lib -lgmp -lm -lltdl03:59
greywhindgreywhind (12:58 AM):~/Programming/tp04/tpserver-cpp > guile-config compile03:59
greywhind-I/opt/local/include -I/opt/local/include -D_THREAD_SAFE03:59
greywhindi think the compiler is missing the -L/opt/local/lib03:59
greywhindany way to force it to put that in?03:59
mithrogreywhind: so the line in the config.log should have that stuff in it04:00
greywhindit has:04:00
greywhindGUILE_CFLAGS='-I/opt/local/include -I/opt/local/include -D_THREAD_SAFE '04:00
greywhindGUILE_LIBS='-I/opt/local/include -D_THREAD_SAFE  -L/opt/local/lib -lguile -lltdl -L/opt/local/lib -lgmp -lm -lltdl'04:00
greywhindbut the command it ran is just:04:00
greywhindg++ -o conftest -g -Wall -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include -I/opt/local/include  conftest.cpp -lguile  -ldl -lpthread  >&504:01
mithrookay there is something wrong config test04:01
mithroas it should add those flags when doing a test compile04:01
greywhindany way to fix that?04:02
mithroyes, but i don't know how04:02
mithroneed a autoconfig expert04:04
greywhindi set the environment variable LPATH to /opt/local/lib04:05
greywhindand it worked04:05
mithrothat is a bad hack :( - should poke lee to fix it properly04:06
greywhindyeah, but it worked this time04:06
greywhindit gives me this at the very end:04:06
greywhind=== configuring in libltdl (/Users/greywhind/Programming/tp04/tpserver-cpp/libltdl)04:06
greywhindconfigure: WARNING: no configuration information is in libltdl04:06
mithrothat should be fine04:07
greywhindnow let's see what goes horribly wrong when i make04:07
greywhindmain.cpp: In function 'void daemonize()':04:18
greywhindmain.cpp:108: error: 'umask' was not declared in this scope04:18
greywhindi'm having trouble finding much about the umask() function... is it something we wrote?04:18
greywhindaha. got it.04:21
greywhindneeded to include:04:21
greywhind#include <sys/types.h>04:21
greywhind#include <sys/stat.h>04:21
greywhindmithro: should i make another patch and send it to llnz?04:22
greywhindmithro: oh - he applied my other patch... how do i get my git to update to it?04:25
mithrogit pull04:26
greywhindi did that, but now it says i'm ahead of the master by 2 commits (it merged, apparently)04:26
mithroeasist way is to start up gitk04:27
mithroclick on origin/master and do a "reset master to here"04:27
greywhindi don't see a "reset master to here"04:28
greywhindi see "checkout this branch" and "remove this branch"04:28
greywhindoh, wait04:32
greywhinddo i want soft, mixed, or hard?04:33
mithrounless you have some other changes04:36
mithroyou can do a git-cherry-pick your new change04:36
greywhindmithro: ok, thanks04:36
llnzgreywhind: i could add the includes or you could send a patch04:36
greywhindllnz: you go ahead.04:36
greywhind#include <sys/types.h>04:36
greywhind#include <sys/stat.h>04:37
greywhindthose seem to be the ones i needed04:37
greywhindin main.cpp04:37
greywhindllnz: it would be great if you could also look into why it might not be using the -L/opt/local/lib flag when trying to use guile04:38
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r5491891d28ea /tpserver/main.cpp:04:43
CIA-46Added headers needed for MacOS (probably others too).04:43
CIA-46Thanks greywhind.04:43
greywhindok! it all builds nicely!04:46
llnzi think I see the problem with the guile test04:47
llnzis the problem at the "checking for scm_init_guile in -lguile..." ?04:48
greywhindmithro: i forget - which rulesets are good to test tp04 with?04:50
mithronot sure04:50
mithroI would start with minisec04:50
greywhindthe server seems to run, and single player appears to work!04:50
llnzall tpserver-cpp rulesets should work with tp0404:52
greywhindand the server should run tp04 automatically, yes04:53
greywhindi don't need any special options?04:53
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * rc45a3d5a2c3d /
CIA-46Pass the guile CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to the AC_CHECK_LIB for guile.04:55
CIA-46Should fix greywhind's MacOS configure issue.04:55
llnzthe server internally uses tp04, and has some hacks to allow tp03 to work04:55
greywhindllnz: hmm04:58
greywhindstill doesn't seem to be finding guile without LPATH set04:58
greywhindlet me try the --with-guile flag04:58
llnzoopss, i messed up04:59
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greywhindin better news, my computer is getting shipped back to me05:00
greywhindi should be back to normal in about three or four days05:00
greywhindbut at least we're getting mac testing in! :P05:01
verhoevenvreac: Evening!05:02
reachi verhoevenv05:11
mithrocherez: ping?05:11
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r3820bd41f1be / Fix the previous mistake in passing flags to the guile lib test.05:11
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greywhindllnz: yep, it's fixed!05:15
verhoevenvreac: Anything interesting done last week? Got the profiling to work?05:15
greywhindthanks for the help05:15
llnzno problem05:15
llnzeach bug fixed is a bug fixed05:15
greywhindand, since it's 2:15 AM, i'm going to sleep05:16
* llnz wanders off07:31
llnzlater all07:31
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epyonmithro: any luch with my git access?09:55
mithroepyon: well part of it09:56
mithroyou now have the permission to push to the repository09:56
mithrobut the key denied error you where getting is probably because you are not using the right ssh key09:57
epyonI did send that one to llnz...09:57
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mithrocan you do a09:57
mithrossh [email protected]09:57
epyon[email protected]:~/projects$ ssh [email protected]09:58
epyonPermission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).09:58
mithrothat is a key problem09:59
epyonsooo, any suggestions?09:59
mithroyour not using the right key10:00
mithrodo you want to send me the key you are using again?10:01
epyonI think this is a software issue :/10:02
epyonIt's the same messages as here :
tpbTitle: [ubuntu] OpenSSL vulnerability - Ubuntu Forums (at
epyonIronically this is also while connecting to thousandparsec...10:03
mithroepyon: not related10:03
epyonYyyh, wrong link10:03
tpbTitle: [ubuntu] [SOLVED] SSH Login Fail : Unspecified GSS failure. - Ubuntu Forums (at
mithroare you using ssh?10:03
mithroon Ubuntu?10:03
epyonThis is after calling ssh [email protected]10:04
epyonI get the same error trace10:04
mithroit means that the key you are using is not authorized10:05
mithroyou need to send me your key again10:08
mithroif you do so quickly I'll update it now10:10
epyonwhere shall I send it?10:11
mithro[email protected]10:11
mithroepyon: try ssh now10:16
epyonfatal: What do you think I am? A shell?10:17
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mithroepyon: that means it works10:42
mithroepyon: you should be able to push now10:42
epyonmithro: all is well :)10:48
epyoncompiled and ran successfully11:02
mithroepyon: great11:09
mithroi should have been in bed an hour ago11:09
mithrohave a good night!11:09
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krytzzhi, just for the interest, do you know this?
tpbTitle: (at
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llnzmorning all16:05
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CIA-46epyon tpserver-cpp * r9e5de1b4c034 /tpserver/referenceobjectparam.h:19:18
CIA-46Include guard fixed.19:18
CIA-46(also a test of commit access)19:18
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greywhindllnz: do you happen to know whether modifying the libtpproto-py "objects" directly (such as changing sizes, parameters, etc.) would be correct?20:27
greywhindfor instance, the TimeRemaining object was outdated, and updating it by hand seemed to fix it, but if it's automatically generated somehow i don't want to commit it20:28
llnzi believe in libtpproto-py the pack/unpack structures were done by hand20:29
greywhindi didn't see anything that looked like an auto-generation script or something, but i wanted to make sure20:30
greywhindllnz: also, do you have any idea why the metaserver might be sending a packet with type "349"?20:34
llnznot off hand20:34
greywhindi'm getting an error every time i start the client:20:35
greywhindException in thread RemoteBrowser:20:35
greywhindTraceback (most recent call last):20:35
greywhind  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/", line 460, in __bootstrap20:35
greywhind  File "libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/discover/", line 45, in run20:35
greywhind    p, data = getpacket(data)20:35
greywhind  File "libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/discover/", line 10, in getpacket20:35
greywhind    p = objects.Header.fromstr(header)20:35
greywhind  File "libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/objects/", line 90, in fromstr20:35
greywhind    return cls(*args)20:35
greywhind  File "libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/objects/", line 53, in __init__20:35
greywhind    raise ValueError("Unknown packet type %i." % type)20:35
greywhindValueError: Unknown packet type 349.20:35
tansellgreywhind, they are created by hand21:07
greywhindtansell: ok. thanks21:08
tansellgreywhind, cherez is working on making libtpproto2-py which is auto-generated21:08
tansell349 is a strange number21:08
greywhindalso, should i push the merge and the change to TimeRemaining?21:08
tansellgreywhind, to the tp04 branch21:09
greywhindas long as i have tp04 checked out, i should be fine pushing, right?21:09
tansellgreywhind, in theory :P21:13
greywhindwell, let's try it then21:13
tansellI can always reset the repositories if things go bad21:13
greywhindgreywhind (06:14 PM):~/Programming/tp04/tpclient-pywx/libtpproto-py > git push --all --dry-run -v21:14
greywhindPushing to git://
greywhindfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly21:14
greywhindhmm... the submodules probably weren't checked out with my username21:15
greywhindtansell: how should i push those?21:17
tansellgreywhind, a number of ways to do so21:18
tanselledit ./.git/config21:19
tanselland change git://git.... to git+ssh://<username>@21:19
tansellgit push git+ssh://<username>@....21:19
greywhindi'll edit the config21:19
greywhindPushing to git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-py.git21:20
greywhindEnter passphrase for key '/Users/greywhind/.ssh/id_rsa':21:20
greywhindTo git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-py.git21:20
greywhind = [up to date]      master -> master21:20
greywhind   89353e5..aff2b4c  tp04 -> tp0421:20
greywhind * [new branch]      remotemaster -> remotemaster21:20
greywhindi guess i should delete the new branch before running it for real?21:20
greywhindtansell: other than that, looks good, yes?21:22
tansellthe last one looks wrong21:23
greywhindi deleted remotemaster21:23
greywhindPushing to git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-py.git21:23
greywhindEnter passphrase for key '/Users/greywhind/.ssh/id_rsa':21:23
greywhindTo git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-py.git21:23
greywhind = [up to date]      master -> master21:23
greywhind   89353e5..aff2b4c  tp04 -> tp0421:23
tanselllooks good21:23
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
tanselllet me check21:25
tansellbut looks like you might not be in the correct group21:25
tansellcherez, poke?21:25
chereztansell: Pongke?21:26
tansellcherez, so where are we at?21:26
tansellgreywhind, try again now?21:26
CIA-46noegnud libtpproto-py-tp04 * raff2b4cf79ae /tp/netlib/objects/
CIA-46Updated the TimeRemaining object to the tp04 specifications (added reason, current turn number,21:27
CIA-46and current turn name), to get rid of an error in which its size was larger than expected.21:27
greywhindtansell: worked that time21:27
chereztansell: Writing unit tests for xstruct.21:27
greywhindnow i'll try libtpclient-py21:27
tansellcherez, don't there already exist unit tests for that?21:28
greywhindgreywhind (06:28 PM):~/Programming/tp04/tpclient-pywx/libtpclient-py > git push --all --dry-run -v21:28
greywhindPushing to git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpclient-py.git21:28
greywhindEnter passphrase for key '/Users/greywhind/.ssh/id_rsa':21:28
greywhindTo git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpclient-py.git21:28
greywhind = [up to date]      libtpclient-py-0.3.x -> libtpclient-py-0.3.x21:28
greywhind = [up to date]      stable -> stable21:28
greywhind   7ba5e49..c091eb5  tp04 -> tp0421:28
greywhindthat look right?21:28
chereztansell: At this point, I hope not. :P I don't see them anywhere in the latest revision, at least.21:29
tansellgreywhind, yes21:30
tansellif you ever push to the stable branch, remeber to do a pull straight after21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * rdebd26a77f37 /tp/client/ Initial creation of SinglePlayer with ServerList class.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * reed093150293 /tp/client/ Added basic SinglePlayer object (only builds a server list so far).21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r44d7806f6dbd /tp/client/ Added AI client list and server start functionality.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * refb7c0bfb487 /tp/client/ Several minor code improvements.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * rca141cbd28d5 /tp/client/ Start AI clients, initialization exceptions.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r70de7f155e13 /tp/client/ SinglePlayerGame now fully working. Also added some helper functions (list_*).21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r0638b2b6da74 /tp/client/ Added forced parameters to servers, rulesets, and AI clients.21:31
*** jnengland77 has joined #tp21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * ree542aa1ea68 /tp/client/ Removed debugging print statements.21:31
greywhindspam incoming from the merge :-/21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * rc56feff803ba /tp/client/ Added AI opponent username support.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r8794f91e510f /tp/client/ Various fixes per Mithro (comments, better string formatting, use of subprocess module, etc.).21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r5f5067be9e6e /tp/client/ Using self variables for sever/ruleset names and parameters.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r3f89f1abbd63 /tp/client/ Added ruleset_info function.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r30217a3dbced /tp/client/ Added listing functions for server and ruleset parameters.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r1fa4f3f5f409 /tp/client/ Fixed parameter value formatting.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r4c97ecf87625 /tp/client/ Added longname, version, and description to AI client list.21:31
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r4bdd0e864a0a /tp/client/ Improvements to share directory path and server/ruleset helper functions.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r4917e7464a48 /tp/client/ Ruleset info helper uses game server if defined.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r7b3310947ad6 /tp/client/ Search for server and AI control scripts.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r814e2e7dd14e /tp/client/ Full function documentation.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r4e1bdbec746e /tp/client/ Minor fix in AI starting.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * rd5bf1543cf49 /tp/client/ Improved status checking and initialization.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r445a570d5abc / (11 files in 5 dirs): Include single player shared data in package install.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * rd6ba2c827cc2 /tp/client/singleplayer/ (8 files in 3 dirs): Added commandstring to XML, removed bash control scripts.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * r3fe38835dd22 /tp/client/ Pull in commandstring with absorb_xml.21:32
CIA-46aaron libtpclient-py-tp04 * raa7da8b65904 /tp/client/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Proper starting and stopping of server/AI subprocesses.21:32
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * rbb2280d86dcb /tp/client/ ( Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer21:32
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * r8ba32b4f8ecc /tp/client/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Removed bundled single-player XML and improved directory checking.21:32
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * rb35ed2a422ee /tp/client/ New DownloadList object to query available servers and AI clients.21:32
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * ra59590a702b0 /tp/client/ Look in the registry for paths to single player XML on Win32 platforms.21:32
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * rcf692c7d944f /tp/client/ XML and download page URLs are now parameters to DownloadList.21:33
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * r3471cd392f9d /tp/client/ Link with category GET string instead of anchor.21:33
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * r706dcfbeced4 /LICENSE:21:33
CIA-46Updated the LICENSE file to include the exceptions.21:33
CIA-46TODO: Remove the exceptions!21:33
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * r908227482941 /LICENSE: Added the copyright holders for non-tp stuff.21:33
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * rd0cdcc05cc65 /LICENSE: Added the dates.21:33
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * rbfb29d7b228b /LICENSE: Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer21:33
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * rdec41aaeec9f /tp/client/ Look for development version single player XML files in other TP repos.21:33
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * r4da6797e54b5 /tp/client/
CIA-46Collapse ServerList and AIList into new LocalList with more dynamic XML21:33
CIA-46parsing. Also, new search path handling and other minor improvements.21:33
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * rd7e6101a92dc /tp/client/ Make the code a little clearer.21:33
CIA-46mavrinac libtpclient-py-tp04 * r646b8ede4401 /tp/client/ Show proper path in 'found XML file' message.21:33
CIA-46(63 lines omitted)21:33
Landonman I wish I was that productive tonight21:34
greywhindtansell: on to tpclient-pywx?21:34
tansellhey Landon21:34
greywhindsorry about the spam21:34
Landonahoy tansell, installing python-ogre on the netbook21:34
tansellgreywhind, well - we really should fix the bot not to spam on a merge like that21:34
greywhindok, here goes the last one for now21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r07550bc7f7b6 /windows/ ( xrc/ xrc/winConnect.xrc): Added a Single Player button to winConnect.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r1db487b1898b /windows/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Added wxWizard base class generator and basic initial SinglePlayerWizard.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r6968dba466f5 /windows/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Wizard and wizard page base classes are generated.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r65daab7287a2 /windows/xrc/ ( Wizard pages only set up their own controls (fix).21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r85735a44045e /windows/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Base classes for wizard pages generated differently. This way works.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rdc7ce6ca4083 /windows/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Single player wizard is partially implemented.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r29fd37c3b015 /windows/ Automatically connect to single player game.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r0e3c9af6f420 /windows/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Ruleset, server, and all options are implemented in single player wizard.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r4088552e33ef /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Added opponent adding page to single player wizard.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r2f1747deb01d /windows/ Comments and small improvements on wizard pages.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * ra2877d743e2b / (tpclient-pywx windows/ SinglePlayerGame object resides at the app level for cleanup.21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rd997ca21c874 / (23 files in 2 dirs): Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer21:37
CIA-46aaron tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r90c243d50135 /windows/ Documentation of custom functions in wizard/pages.21:37
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re87760f5d862 /
CIA-46Check that you are always running the development version with development client.21:37
CIA-46Insert the local libraries in the front of the search path.21:37
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * ra24a6bafac50 / (5 files in 2 dirs): Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer21:37
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r6002ce7ff88f / (4 files in 3 dirs): Automatic text wrapping for static labels on SP wizard pages.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r509a506cb22b / (4 files in 3 dirs): Show download hyperlinks for servers (no browser launch yet).21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re7bc4748b26e / (libtpclient-py windows/ Single player wizard hyperlinks open in browser.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * raa05e1eaef8d /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Added page to single player wizard for the case where no AIs are found.21:38
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r281ebac28c2d /tpclient-pywx: Fixed for a change in libtpclient-py.21:38
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re2ee45cf4350 /libtpclient-py: Updated the submodule to the latest head.21:38
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r39f8c9594919 /windows/ Fixed account creation.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r5e64a7c42a87 /libtpclient-py: Updated libtpclient-py submodule to latest head.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rd18878a1404e / (tpclient-pywx windows/ Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r936d2f089bb6 /libtpclient-py: Switched libtpclient-py submodule to singleplayer branch.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r0fcad189a2f4 /windows/ Remove min height on opponent page of single player wizard.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rb69ce743eaf6 /libtpclient-py: Update submodule to latest version of libtpclient-py.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r341d8456d13a /windows/ Modify SP wizard code to reflect new SinglePlayer LocalList.21:38
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r4d4f89c0c0a0 /libtpclient-py: Update submodule to latest version of libtpclient-py.21:38
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r696226a0eabb /windows/ First steps towards cleaning up the single player code.21:39
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rcdabdccc78bb /windows/ Fix bugs related to server and ruleset info.21:39
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r7cddc22ad018 /windows/ Fix bug in start page of single player wizard.21:39
CIA-46mavrinac tpclient-pywx-tp04 * ree2e156b8bf3 /windows/ Move population of parameter controls to a single function.21:39
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rc70cdbd1ca40 /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Started converting the opponent page.21:39
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r536c5722e60d /windows/
CIA-46Merge branch 'singleplayer' of git+ssh:// into singleplayer21:39
CIA-46(62 lines omitted)21:39
greywhindtansell: ok, so any ideas on the packet with the odd type?21:41
tansellturn on debugging and disect it would be the best idea21:42
tansellcherez, so do you have anything to show me so far?21:42
cherezNot really, once I've got the unit tests for all the functions I'll push that out and see if I can clean the code at all.21:43
greywhindtansell: how do i turn on debugging again?21:44
tansellgreywhind, in the preferences21:44
tansellbut you might just need to turn on debugging globally by changing the switch in tp/netlib/client.py21:45
*** mithro has joined #tp21:46
chereztansell: Should I test the pack and unpack functions separately, or in relation to each other (or both)?21:46
tansellcherez, both - separately and together21:47
tansellcherez, have you looked into how you are going to generate code-coverage reports?21:47
greywhindtansell: hmm... output didn't seem any different. but the error happens before connecting to any server, since it's coming from the metaserver. would debugging still help?21:48
chereztansell: Not really.21:49
tansellgreywhind, <tansell> but you might just need to turn on debugging globally by changing the switch in tp/netlib/client.py21:49
tansellcherez, that is going to be important21:50
greywhindtansell: is that this one: def __init__(self, host=None, port=None, nb=0, debug=False):21:50
tansellcherez, do the current tests for the structure stuff work?21:50
cherezThe only tests I see look to be for ClientConnection.21:51
cherezOh, it's in Structures.py21:51
cherezAnd presently it doesn't appear to.21:56
tansellcherez, I think you are looking at old code22:12
tpb<> (at
tanselllots of tests in the tests directory there22:13
cherez...Where did I get this repository then?22:15
cherezWell, I did a flesh clone and those exist now.22:17
cherezHow do I run those tests?22:17
tansellpy.test or nose should work22:18
tansellno guarantee that they work however :P22:18
tansellI was in the process of splitting into structures directory to make it cleaner and easier to test22:19
Landontansell: darn, python-ogre doesn't seem to be working on my netbook for whatever reason22:19
tansellLandon, what happens?22:19
tanselldid you apt-get install python-ogre-demos and give them a try?22:20
LandonI'l have to rerun them and let you know what they gave me22:20
Landonbut tpclient-pyogre just died :\22:20
Landonbefore anything popped up22:20
Landonoh let me edit the plugins.cfg file >.>22:21
tansellyou shouldn't have to edit the plugins.cfg file22:22
tanselland the python-ogre package has a bug in it - you need to install nvidia-cg-toolkit manually22:22
tansell(i'm waiting on the launchpad guys to get their act together before I can upload a new version)22:22
Landonyeah I found that out already :P22:23
Landon  File "", line 75, in _choose_render_engine22:23
Landon    self.setRenderSystem(rend_list[-1])22:23
LandonIndexError: get22:23
tanselldo you have working opengl?22:23
tanselllunch time22:24
LandonDemo_Shadows just segfaults22:24
LandonI think so22:24
tansellLandon, some of them do22:24
Landonit was one of the options when I was starting up several other demos22:24
tansellLandon, can you run glxgears?23:01
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC23:05
tansellLandon, :(23:21
Landonalls well on the desktop though23:21
tansellwhats the log output look like?23:57
tansellfor ogre on the netbook23:59
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
Landonfor Demo_Basic.py23:59

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