Saturday, 2009-05-23

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mithroheyo people07:55
mithrowhat have I missed the last couple of days?07:55
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llnzmithro: not much that I know of08:02
llnzmithro: but epyon was getting permission denied trying to clone the tpserver-cpp repo08:03
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* llnz wanders off08:16
llnzlater all08:16
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mithrogreywhind: ping?09:54
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greywhind_mithro: pong12:30
mithrohow goes things?12:30
greywhind_well, my computer overheated a few days ago and the graphics card died12:30
greywhind_so i had to send it in for repair... should get it back within a week or so from now12:31
greywhind_but for now i'll work on the old Mac I used to work on12:31
greywhind_mithro: so i installed the latest version of git yesterday, and looked into trying to merge tp04 and the mainline12:33
mithrowell you should do it the opposite (mailine into tp0412:33
greywhind_mithro: that's what i meant12:33
mithroand how did it go?12:34
greywhind_mithro: when i tried to merge, it gave me an error about "incompatible modes" or something, and it seems that that has something to do with submodules being different12:34
mithroyou got more info about the error?12:35
greywhind_which is when i installed the newer git, since the one i was using didn't have the "submodules" commands at all12:35
mithroyou probably want to have atleast 1.6.x12:35
greywhind_mithro: now i do, and the errors seem to be different when i just tried to merge again12:36
mithrowell there are bound to be quite a few merge conflicts12:36
greywhind_looks like only conflicts in...12:36
greywhind_submodule libtpclient and libtpproto, and then in requirements and version12:37
mithrooh they should be easy to fix12:37
mithroyou'll have to merge libtpclient-py and libtpproto-py too12:37
greywhind_i don't know how to fix submodule conflicts though12:37
mithrowhats the error you get?12:37
greywhind_Auto-merging libtpclient-py12:38
greywhind_CONFLICT (submodule): Merge conflict in libtpclient-py12:38
greywhind_Auto-merging libtpproto-py12:38
greywhind_CONFLICT (submodule): Merge conflict in libtpproto-py12:38
mithroyou will need to merge libtpproto-py12:38
greywhind_it looks like the folders libtpclient-py and libtpproto-py in the folder are empty12:38
greywhind_so i'm not sure how to merge that12:38
mithroand then libtpclient-py12:38
mithroand then tpclient-pywx12:38
greywhind_ah. ok.12:38
mithroyou need to checkout the submodules first then do the merge12:39
greywhind_libtpclient-py-0.3.x is the mainline?12:39
mithrostable branch is mainline12:40
greywhind_ok. wonder why i don't have a local "stable"... i'll fix that12:40
mithrohow did you checkout?12:40
greywhind_mithro: should the submodules be checked out inside the tpclient-pywx directory or alongside it like we used to have them?12:41
mithrogreywhind_: no12:41
mithrogreywhind_: they are checkout the first time you run tpclient-pywx12:41
greywhind_i'll reset and then run it, see if they get checked out12:42
greywhind_mithro: by the way, do we have a server running tp04?12:43
mithrotpserver-cpp supports it12:44
greywhind_yeah, i can run my own. just wondered if we had one running12:44
mithroit'll work better with a local server12:45
mithroas there are likely bugs in tp04 which will be hard to debug remotely12:45
greywhind_hmm... it does seem that the git clone of libtpclient creates a "libtpclient-py-0.3.x" branch locally but no stable.12:45
greywhind_i'll just set one up though12:45
mithrogit branch -l -a12:46
mithrothere should be origin/stable12:47
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greywhindsorry, got disconnected12:48
mithro[02:46] <mithro> git branch -l -a12:48
mithro[02:47] <mithro> there should be origin/stable12:48
greywhindyeah, i know.12:48
greywhindseems libtpproto is already merged12:48
greywhindit's saying tp04 is already up to date with the master12:49
mithrookay good12:50
mithroso you basically want to do a12:51
mithroin tpclient-pywx12:52
mithroa git merge12:52
greywhindfirst i have to merge libtpclient12:52
greywhindthere was only one conflict, in version12:52
mithrothen go into each submodule and checkout the right git version12:53
mithrothen just do a12:53
greywhindwhat would the "right git version" be?12:54
mithrothe commits for libtpclient-py/libtpproto-py12:54
greywhindmithro: i assume i want to go with the version string from stable, which is: version = (0, 3, 2)12:55
greywhindwhen merging12:55
mithroyou want to go with the tp04 version12:55
greywhindversion = (0, 3, 99)12:55
mithrowhen we do  release of tp04 version that would be bumped to 0.4.012:56
greywhindnow i can just git commit that change, and the merge will be done?12:56
mithrogit log will get you the commit id12:57
mithroyou'll need to do a12:58
mithroyeah you do a "git add" once you have fixed the conflict12:58
mithrothen a git commit12:58
greywhindok, got it12:58
greywhindcommit c091eb5aef67c3b47bf3a46c2879731a3b77981212:59
greywhindMerge: 7ba5e49 1ee284612:59
greywhindAuthor: Greywhind <[email protected]>12:59
greywhindDate:   Sat May 23 09:58:18 2009 -070012:59
greywhind    Merge branch 'stable' into tp0412:59
greywhindthat's for libtpclient12:59
mithroit should say something like12:59
mithro    tp/client/versions.py12:59
greywhindit did13:00
mithrolet me start the tpclient-pywx merge process again13:01
mithro1) git merge stable13:01
mithro2) cd libtpproto-py13:01
mithro3) git checkout <commit id>13:01
mithro4) cd..13:01
mithro5) git add libtpproto-py13:02
mithro6) same for libtpclient-py13:02
greywhindgreywhind (10:02 AM):~/Programming/tp04/tpclient-pywx/libtpproto-py > git checkout 89353e524a64f2c6fa636aff679b71071e86b39b13:02
greywhindNote: moving to '89353e524a64f2c6fa636aff679b71071e86b39b' which isn't a local branch13:02
greywhindIf you want to create a new branch from this checkout, you may do so13:02
greywhind(now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:13:02
greywhind  git checkout -b <new_branch_name>13:02
greywhindHEAD is now at 89353e5... Merge commit 'origin/tp04' into tp0413:02
greywhinddoes that look ok?13:02
mithroif you probably want to do development you should just checkout tp04 branch13:03
mithrogit checkout tp0413:04
greywhindin each submodule?13:04
mithrosee above13:05
greywhindbefore or after committing this merge?13:06
mithrowell every time you update the libtpproto-py or libtpclient-py you need to do a commit13:08
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mithroin tpclient-pywx13:08
greywhindmithro: ok, tpclient-pywx is merged and committed... i should push to tp04 once i've checked to make sure it works, yeah?13:10
mithroprobably a good idea to wait for me to be around so that we can revert is something goes wrong13:11
greywhindmithro: ok.13:11
greywhindmithro: well, it seems to be working here. the single-player button is now there and functioning13:12
mithroyou start up a single player game and everything worked?13:12
greywhindi have to install the server first... i'll get back to you on that13:12
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greywhindmithro: do we have a document on how to install tpserver-cpp on Mac?13:15
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mithrogreywhind: no - but the unix instructions should work13:15
greywhindmithro: ok, i'll look at them13:18
greywhindhmm... "libtoolize not found," even after i installed libtool with macports13:20
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greywhindmithro: it's looking like libtoolize on mac is called glibtoolize, but isn't figuring that out.13:43
mithrogreywhind: guess you can modify autogen.sh13:44
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greywhindmithro: about to try that13:44
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greywhindmithro: yep. that fixed it.13:45
mithrogreywhind: submit a patch to lee13:46
greywhindmithro: not sure how to automatically try both though - i don't know autogen scripts very well at all13:46
mithrojust put a || at the end13:46
cherezmithro: Is there any particular way you want the tests organized?13:46
mithrocherez: what ever is the best way :)13:47
cherezWay to mount the pressure. :P13:48
cherezNow just a good way won't be good enough.13:48
greywhindmithro: if i just use an or, it still tries libtoolize and prints "./ line 26: libtoolize: command not found"13:48
mithrogreywhind: thats fine13:48
greywhindbut it keeps working, so i guess if that won't confuse people and make them think something went wrong, it'll work13:49
greywhindmithro: how do i generate the patch again?13:49
greywhindbeen a while since i've done that13:50
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mithroa number of different ways13:53
greywhindwhich would you suggest?13:54
mithrogit send-email13:54
greywhindso first git-commit, then git-format-patch, then git-send-email?13:57
greywhindmithro: looks like the variable might not be set - what address should i send it to>14:03
mithrogreywhind: I would get git-send-email to produce patches and then send with the normal email14:04
greywhindmithro: oh, ok.14:04
greywhindso once i have
greywhindi can send it through normal e-mail14:05
mithroanyway I should be in bed hours ago14:20
greywhindmithro: ok, just let me know when you want me to push the changes14:23
greywhindthanks for your help even past your bedtime ;-)14:24
greywhindsee you later14:24
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epyonmithro: I don't seem to have access to the git repo18:48
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epyonmithro: ping?19:02
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greywhindllnz: ping?23:16
llnzgreywhind: pong23:18
greywhindllnz: i've been trying to compile tpserver-cpp on my mac23:19
greywhindi'm getting23:19
greywhindchecking for boostlib >= 1.32.1... yes23:19
greywhindchecking whether the Boost::Signals library is available... yes23:19
greywhindconfigure: error: Could not link against  !23:19
greywhindi've looked around, but i'm not sure how to fix it. i tried adding --with-boost-libdir=/usr/local/include/boost-1_34/libs/, but it didn't seem to help23:20
greywhindany ideas?23:26
llnzbuilding from git?23:28
greywhindllnz: yes23:29
llnzdo you have libgnutls installed?23:32
greywhindllnz: let me check23:32
greywhindhm... maybe not.23:32
greywhindi'll try installing it23:32
llnzactually, you shouldn't need it23:33
greywhindllnz: hm. ok23:33
llnzcould you email you config.log file (or upload it to a pastebin)?23:35
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindi know - says it finds it, then fails anyway23:54
llnzlooks like it finds the headers, but doesn't fine the library (.so or .dylib)23:58

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