Wednesday, 2009-05-13

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llnzbbl, heading to wellylug meeting00:41
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mithrohey bddebian09:28
bddebianHi mithro09:28
mithrobddebian: so where are we at with getting into debian?09:28
mithrowell our various stuff09:32
mithrowe have tpserver-cpp and tpclient-pywx?09:33
bddebianI have a problem with tpserver-cpp at the moment (complaining about fPIC).  Isn't tpclient-pywx already in?09:33
mithroI'm not sure09:33
mithrothat is what I'm asking :)09:33
bddebian  :)09:39
tpb<> (at
mithrobddebian: thats the old version :P09:40
mithro0.3.2 has been out for a couple of months now09:41
bddebianOh, well let me check it out09:41
ezodmithro: speaking of which, we still need a tarball09:43
mithroezod: oh, we never made one?09:43
ezodnot as far as i know09:43
mithrothat is bad of us09:43
ezodand the download page says gentoo is at 0.3.2, which is lying :(09:43
ezodi just noticed09:43
bddebianWell I just have to beat Gentoo... :)09:46
mithrowhy is Gentoo not at 0.3.2?09:48
mithroyou just use the git tag?09:48
ezodno, i use the tarball09:48
ezodtechnically i could use the git tag, but that's not really the proper way to do it09:49
mithroOh, I remeber why we don't have a tarball09:49
mithrobecause the old method became obsolete with the submodule stuff09:49
mithroezod: do you want to look into it?09:52
mithrowe should really have a standard process for all those modules09:52
mithroezod: we have a tarball for daneel-ai right?09:52
mithrobddebian: did you get daneel-ai?09:56
ezodmithro: yeah, v0.0.309:56
mithrobddebian: it should be very easy to package (it's identical to the libtpproto-py and libtpclient-py) in terms of packaging09:56
bddebianLet me take a look09:58
mithroanyway I should be in bed10:03
CIA-61mavrinac web * r2b1210d593b8 /downloads/downloads.xml:10:13
CIA-61Revert Ubuntu, Debian, and Gentoo tpclient-pywx versions to
CIA-61pending 0.3.2 tarball and packaging.10:13
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bddebianCan someone hit me up when there is a tpclient-pywx tarball please?13:49
ezodbddebian: will do, i'll try to take a look today if i have time, but i doubt it13:50
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tansell_hi jotha120:30
jotha1hey tansell_20:30
tansell_jotha1, long time no see20:31
jotha1how's it going20:31
jotha1was just looking over the website20:31
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tansellpretty good20:31
tansellwe have a person doing a 3d battle viewer for Google Summer of code20:32
tansellthat reminds me we should post an announcement about the accepted students20:32
* tansell has been so slack20:32
jotha1yeah i just entered the python games programming contest20:33
jotha1did a 3D shooter20:33
jotha1i've had a lot to learn, but getting there =)20:33
jotha1hey llnz20:34
llnzlong time no see20:34
jotha1my entry btw
tpbTitle: imptux - Google Code (at
jotha1moved totally to pyglet, which i am happy with now20:34
tansellpyglet is cool20:35
jotha1it's getting there20:36
tanselljotha1, it reminds me of a game I use to play back in on my 8088 PC20:36
llnzjotha1: i work and live in Wellington now20:36
jotha1nice llnz, where do you work20:36
llnzjotha1: Harmonic (formerly Medialab)20:37
jotha1what do you do there20:37
llnzsoftware engineering and network behaviour analysis mostly20:37
jotha1yeah i'd like a new job20:39
jotha1i know a lot of out of work developers20:39
tansellyou should get them to work on THousand Parsec in their new found free time :P20:43
jotha1i don't know what they are doing20:44
jotha1open source software still seems pretty unfashionable unfortunatly :(20:44
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