Tuesday, 2009-05-12

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tansell_laptopGreywhind, ping?00:32
Greywhindtansell_laptop: pong00:47
tansell_laptopGreywhind, so where are we at?00:48
Greywhindtansell_laptop: i'll be done with finals by this weekend00:48
Greywhindflying home on Sunday00:49
Greywhindi've got all my documents squared away00:49
Greywhindsoon as i can, i'll start re-examining the client code and looking at what needs to be done00:50
Greywhindtansell_laptop: anything else i should be doing before the official start?00:51
tansell_laptopGreywhind, nope00:57
tansell_laptopyou can push right?00:57
Greywhindtansell_laptop: yes01:00
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tansell_laptopLandon, ping?03:52
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* llnz wanders off08:24
llnzlater all08:24
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Landontansell_: pong12:41
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llnzmorning all16:08
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llnzhi reac16:28
verhoevenvHeya reac.16:34
reacevening :)16:35
verhoevenvYes indeed. :)16:35
verhoevenvreac: so, how's that school assignment going?16:37
reacfew kinks to fix up but pretty much done i'm happy to say16:39
verhoevenvI assume you have read llnz's mail?16:41
verhoevenvWhich is basically the same as I have mailed you I think.16:42
reacYup, I am currently stumbling through the git interface to do a test commit16:43
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verhoevenvI suppose the bot will notify us when you succeed.16:46
llnzyeah, also on the tp-cvs mailing list16:46
verhoevenvreac: you're using some sort of GUI for git? Or just command-line?16:48
reaccurrently on windows, and using git gui16:49
reaci take it the scratchpad doesnt require an ssh login to commit?16:50
llnzit should do, same as the other repos16:50
llnzyou should clone (and use) this url for the scratchpad: git+ssh://git.thousandparsec.net/git/scratchpad.git16:52
llnzyou might also need to add your username in there too16:52
reacyeah i've got that working16:53
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reacis there anything in particular i should be committing or will just a commented line do?16:54
llnzanything will do16:55
* Landon needs to get on that test commit :\16:57
Landonstudying first!16:57
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verhoevenvreac: Getting anywhere?17:23
llnzverhoevenv: looks like a permission problem on the git server17:24
reacGetting an error message, linz said to ask mithro about it, so I'm emailing him atm17:24
reacIs it possible my permissions were only set for the daneelai repository? Thats the only thing I can think of17:26
llnzi'm not sure how mithro has it set up17:28
llnzi thought everyone (with a login) can push to scratchpad17:28
verhoevenvYou can try doing a test commit on the daneel repository.17:28
verhoevenvEdit the TODO file or something, add a line "speed up".17:30
verhoevenv(if it isn't there already)17:30
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* alanp stuck on porch, locked out17:30
llnzhi alanp17:30
alanpwhat's going on?17:31
CIA-61ric daneel-ai * r1f388c7d4a69 /TODO: Test Commit17:31
Landonwww.xkcd.com/530 @ alanp17:31
llnzreac: cool!17:32
alanpLandon: hahaha17:32
alanpG/F coming with the key now17:32
reacyeap just no permissions on the scratchpad i assume then :/17:32
alanpBeing locked out isn't so bad when wireless is available17:32
verhoevenvreac: ah, no problem, you've got it set up for daneel, that's what matters17:34
verhoevenvThough... Are you going to stay on windows?17:35
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reacI uhh quadboot actually17:37
reacnormally i do use windows as my primary, but it becomes an issue i'll switch to nix17:40
reac*if it17:43
verhoevenvMmm, issue.. Linux is our best supported platform, and apart from that I'd highly encourage you to use free software, but you make the choice.17:56
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reacwell i'll keep that in mind18:11
verhoevenvreac: and as last points from me for now.. I'd like to see you send an introduction mail to the tp-devel list and set up a blog (or decide on something similar) by Sunday. That's the annoying work out of the way then. :)18:17
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reacverhoevenv, as soon as i make my decision per blogs (so it can be linked in the email) it'll be done, which will be hopefully today :)18:28
verhoevenvOkay, good. Next meeting on Sunday then?18:31
reacyeap sure18:34
* llnz is afk18:50
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Vadtecits gonna be so nice to get this english test outta the way tomorrow, cause then I can do what i want cause my last final is total cake20:53
Vadtecthen i can get to work on some TP stuff20:54
Vadtecmy programming class in the fall is C++, so i wanna brush up on it before then so I can get the "guru" of the class :P20:54
* llnz is back20:57
llnzVadtec: cool20:57
Vadtecive been messin with it in my spare time, but none of it works or is worth looking at lol20:59
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