Monday, 2009-05-04

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Landon bing bang00:02
tpb<> (at
Greywhindmithro_: i've sent that e-mail you wanted00:03
Greywhindmithro_: also, here's a feed for Thousand Parsec only posts on my blog00:05
tpb<> (at
LandonI'm working up my email too, will be out soon00:18
mithro_great, hopefully the other students will follow your lead00:19
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Landon1You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has00:27
Landonbeen automatically rejected.00:27
mithroLandon: well, that proves you have not signed up to the mailing list00:27
Landoner, but I just got greywhinds message00:27
Landon[email protected], correct?00:28
mithroLandon: then you sent it from a different email address to the one you signed up with00:28
* Landon goes to check this out00:29
LandonI think I know what it is00:29
Landonyup, that's it00:31
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tansellLandon, great! but generally it's a bad idea to send html to the mailing list01:08
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Landonheh yeah, I noticed it looked a little crappy after I sent it01:09
* Landon uses vi for blog and mail and is easily confused01:09
mithroLandon: have you successfully pushed something to git?01:11
Landonhaven't tried yet, no01:11
Landonmithro: my desktop is down, but is it possible that you can add my laptops SSH key as well?01:13
Landonok, I'll email it01:14
mithroLandon: added!01:21
Landonmithro: cloned!01:22
LandonI don't want to do a pointless commit, what would you suggest01:24
mithroLandon: add yourself to the AUTHORS file? poke jmtan about pushing to the 3d client?01:26
LandonI don't see an authors file, but I sent an email to jmtan01:39
LandonI have to get back to my microcontrollers project now that the movie's over :01:40
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tansellLandon, solution is more movies :P02:15
Landonnah, fun roject02:15
Landonand I'm relatively close to being done (featurewise)02:15
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totehello :)05:43
mithrohey tote05:45
mithroso we await your email to the tp-devel list05:45
mithrotote: oh and your blog05:47
totemithro: yes, will setup a blog in the next couple of days, what about email to tp-devel?05:47
mithroWithin the next couple of days, you need too:05:48
mithro      * Subscribe to [email protected] and05:48
mithro        [email protected] mailing lists.05:48
mithro      * Send an email introducing yourself and your project to the05:48
mithro        [email protected] mailing list.05:48
toteah missed that part, will look into it :)05:48
totebeen really busy with school, so sorry if it seems im not involed here yet :)05:49
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* llnz wanders off08:21
llnzlater all08:21
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* alanp breathes15:07
ezodYou inhale the spores of the deadly Gornax fungus, and there is a strange feeling in your chest. Turn to page 79.15:40
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Landondone witt microcontrollers!18:00
Landonexcept for the final*18:00
Landonso... if anyone needs to decode some morse :P18:01
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ezodanyone on a university network currently?20:11
LandonI am20:15
Landonwhat's up?20:16
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ezodLandon: trying to read a journal article, my university's account isn't working20:35
tpb<> (at
ezoddoes that let you download the PDF?20:35
LandonI don't think we subscribe that :(20:45
ezodi guess we don't either, thanks for checking20:58
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