Sunday, 2009-05-03

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llnzlater all05:31
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JLPgood morning everyone09:22
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llnzmorning all18:43
llnzhi Landon18:49
Landonalmost done with my final project18:57
Landonso exciting18:57
* llnz wanders off to fly north19:01
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mithro_so does someone want to write an announcement about the students?23:32
mithro_Greywhind: ping?23:32
mithro_Landon: ping?23:32
Landonwhat's up?23:36
mithro_Landon: you got a blog set up?23:37
Greywhindmithro: pong23:39
Landonmithro_: if you don't mind that it's my general purpose blog as well, then yes23:41
tansellLandon, as long as you have a Thousand Parsec specific feed, that is fine (most blogs can do them via category)23:42
Landonhttp:hmm < -- classy23:42
LandonI'm looking into it23:42
mithro_      * Send an email introducing yourself and your project to the23:43
mithro_        [email protected] mailing list.23:43
mithro_nobody has done that yet23:43
LandonI'll have to figure out how to set up a custom feed, there's only one for teh blog but it does show what categories posts are in23:44
mithro_Landon: if you go to the category list23:45
Landonoh found it, I didn't have the option enabled23:46

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