Saturday, 2009-04-25

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llnztpserver-cpp branches created00:00
nashepyon: *poke*00:11
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CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * rde2ba7fe56fb /tpproto/ (6 files):00:22
CIA-1Added GetPlayerIdsList and PlayerIdsList frames to libtpproto-cpp.00:22
CIA-1They were already in the protocol. I had forgotten.00:22
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llnzhi BarryCarlyon00:29
CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * r78fd7ce6159f /tpproto/ (framebuilder.cpp framefactory.cpp framefactory.h):00:32
CIA-1Added GetPlayerIdsList and PlayerIdsList to protocol layer.00:32
CIA-1Done by adding them to the FrameFactory and PlayerIdsList to FrameBuilder.00:32
CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * r27f36cf147ea /tpproto/playercache.cpp:00:39
CIA-1Player cache now uses GetPlayerIdsList when available.00:39
CIA-1Untested, but should work.00:39
CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * r95c93393cebf /tpproto/cache.h: Fixed obviously wrong documentation in cache.h00:39
llnzezod: you around?01:04
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* llnz ponders03:53
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llnzhi shrink04:02
shrinkllnz, hi :)04:03
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* epyon ponders07:17
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llnzgrr... the wifi isn't doing well tonight07:56
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nashllnz: You there?08:06
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llnznot having a good night on the wireless...08:10
nashllnz: You there?08:12
nashCan you set up a branch for epyon08:12
nashepyon: Have a particular name you;d like to use?08:13
epyontpserver-cpp++ ? :P08:17
epyonjust a joke08:19
nashepyon: Have a name for the project 'project chaos' or somehting08:19
epyonI guess tpserver-cpp-refactor, or tpserver-cpp-next would be ok08:19
epyonsuch a name :P08:19
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nashSo refactor as the branch name08:23
llnzhi nash, yes08:23
llnzi have already set up a branch08:24
llnzcalled refactor08:24
llnzand i'm currently creating some UML diagrams08:24
llnzhi epyon as well08:25
epyonhi llnz  :)08:25
nashepyon: Want to see if you can git clone git+shh://something/?08:25
epyonI don't have a key generated yet, nor have git installed on neither the linux, nor windows box08:26
epyonhmm, aptitude doesn't have cogito? O.o08:29
epyonwierd need to check my repo sites08:29
llnzdon't worry about cogito, install git-core instead08:29
epyonbtw, does tpserver run under cygwin?08:29
llnzthe instructions are old, cogito is gone08:29
epyoncompile too\08:30
nashepyon: Cogito is dead08:30
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llnzuseless bloody wifi08:37
llnzepyon: what timezone are you in?08:41
epyonmore or less GMT08:41
epyonwhat's the path to server refactor08:42
llnzok, cool08:42
nashepyon: Just checkout tpserver-cpp, then switch to refactor08:42
epyonwhere should I send the public key?08:43
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epyonllnz, your jabber id?08:43
llnzepyon: either me or mithro08:43
llnzepyon: [email protected]08:44
epyonllnz: got the key?08:44
llnznot yet that i know of08:46
* llnz connects to jabber08:46
llnzi have 6 UML class diagrams I will upload to the wiki tomorrow (if i remember and have time)08:47
epyonhmm, I have it.08:51
epyonNow I wonder how to use this damn git :P08:51
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llnzthat's it08:58
* llnz wanders off08:58
llnzlater all08:58
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verhoevenv(having fun with quassel here)09:01
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mithroverhoevenv: hey09:01
verhoevenvHeya mithro.09:01
mithroverhoevenv: to the bat cave!09:01
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LandonI'm such a winner15:30
Landonwent to move my root partition from the bad hdd to a good one15:30
Landonusing a livecd15:30
Landonand my dvd drive is broken too :P15:30
cherezDid you drop you computer in a pool?16:40
Landonheh no16:43
Landonprobably just an overheated HDD16:43
Landonshouldnt be, theres a fan in there, but eh16:44
Landondvd drive was from putting a broken dvd in it16:44
Landondidn't notice it and then I heard all sorts of unsavory sounds16:44
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llnzmorning all17:01
*** llnz changes topic to "Thousand Parsec - || Why not help out? - || Logs at || GSoC 2009 - student projects announced"17:25
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* llnz ponders18:36
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CIA-1llnz web * r2e23e5a676a8 /dev/documents/tpserver-cpp/index.php: Noted that the tpserver-cpp documentation is now on the wiki.21:18
mithroezod: ping?22:43

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