Friday, 2009-04-24

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tansellGreywhind, ping?01:13
Greywhindtansell: pong01:14
tansellGreywhind, how goes things?01:14
Greywhindtansell: good, busy01:15
tansellGreywhind, you already have commit/push access to that is all set :P01:15
Greywhindbut i'm really excited that I got in!01:15
tansellwe need to organise a time to meet regularly01:15
tansellGreywhind, do you have a blog?01:15
Greywhindtansell: no, but i'll set one up01:15
Greywhindgot any suggestions for which one to set up?01:15
tansellmy suggestion would be go with a hosted service like blogger, live journal or wordpress.com01:16
Greywhindwhich one is best, in your opinion?01:17
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tansellI use the wordpress for my blog01:39
tansellbut that is not the hosted version01:39
tansellso we are going to require weekly status reports01:40
tansellGreywhind, so when is a good time to meet up?01:45
tansellI'm currently thinking Thursday at 11:00am my time01:49
Greywhindtansell: oh, sorry. i was busy programming on my final project01:53
tansellGreywhind, when does your school finish?01:53
Greywhindtansell: i will be done by the 16th01:53
Greywhindtansell: of next month, that is01:53
Greywhindtansell: anyway, uh... meeting on Thursday your time - what are you +GMT again?01:54
tansellso that is ~4 weeks?01:54
Greywhindyeah, about 3-4 weeks01:54
tansellwhats your timezone?01:54
Greywhindi'll be at UTC-7:00 during the summer01:56
tpb<$sz> (at
tpb<$t1> (at
GreywhindMST, the timezone i'll be in, doesn't change for DST01:57
Greywhindwe get too much sun anyway :P01:57
tpb<$t2> (at
tansellthat would be 6:00pm your time01:58
Greywhindwell, it's around dinner time, but I'll just eat later :P01:58
Greywhindso meeting on Wednesday at 6:00 PM my time? that should work for me01:59
tansellwe could meet later if you want01:59
tansellIE 2:00pm my time01:59
tansellbut that is getting a little late for you I think?01:59
Greywhindwell, meeting at 2:00 PM your time is three hours later, so 9:00 PM my time?02:00
Greywhindno, that's not too late02:00
tansellup to you02:00
Greywhindi think 9:00 PM on Wednesday my time, 2:00 PM on Thursday your time sounds good02:01
Greywhindtansell: i apologize, but it's 2 AM here (different timezone than i'll have in the summer), and I have class at 10 AM tomorrow. anything else we need to talk about right now?02:02
Greywhindtansell: ok - i did get added to the student list, so i'm getting those e-mails02:03
Greywhindtansell: i'll be gone this weekend, but we'll talk after that02:04
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totetansell: pong05:02
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mithro-andytote ping?06:32
totemithro-andy: pong06:32
totetimezones :P06:32
mithro-andyit seems that i get you confused with alanp :P06:33
mithro-andyso did you send me a ssh key?06:33
totehmm no?06:33
totewhat info have i missed now? :)06:33
mithro-andytote: so i need one so you can start developing06:33
mithro-andytote: do you have a blog?06:34
mithro-andywell we need weekly status reports with the blog as a default06:34
mithro-andyso what are the plans now your all accepted?06:35
totemithro-andy: okey, ill setup a blog then. how to i get hold of an ssh key and how do i send it to you :)06:36
mithro-andyyou generate one with ssh-keygen06:37
mithro-andyand then send me the .pub file which is generated06:38
mithro-andysend me an email with the username you want06:40
totemithro-andy: realname as username, or is tote okey?06:41
mithro-andywhich ever you prefer i need your real name and contact details too06:44
totemithro-andy: phonenumber, address etc?06:46
mithro-andyphone number is fine06:47
mithro-andyalthough address is useful if you complete the project :)06:48
totemithro-andy: your email? and how should i send the .pub file?06:49
mithro-andy[email protected]06:49
mithro-andyas an attachment should be the most reliable06:50
totebut it would be sent using no encryption?06:51
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* llnz wanders off08:45
llnzlater all08:45
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Vadtecmornin all08:46
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alanpezod, ping12:50
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alanpLandon: Looks like there is another KSU student12:52
alanperrr, looks like the wrong KSU12:52
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Landonalanp: yeah :(14:24
Landonthe "other" one14:24
ezodalanp: pong14:29
ezodwhat's up14:32
alanpezod, pm14:44
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mithrohey alanp22:27
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* llnz ponders23:32

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