Wednesday, 2009-04-08

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paulmcnettmithro: I think I'm back. md5sums check. Onward...00:01
tansellpaulmcnett, okay00:03
tansellI'm just moving into a talk00:03
tansellbut I'll be on my work laptop00:03
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paulmcnettmithro: could you please forward me the current list admin password? :)00:12
tansell_laptoppaulmcnett, you get that?00:16
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tansellhello alanp01:12
alanphow's it going?01:12
tansellokay busy busy01:16
alanpI know the feeling, these past two weeks have been a killer @ school01:19
tansellbtw Patches are a good thing to do :)01:26
alanpyes :)01:28
alanpI will be submitting some01:28
alanpBeen very bogged down, but I should have free time by Thursday, hopefully that isn't too late!01:28
* llnz is travelling, maybe online sometime over easter weekend01:46
llnzlater all01:46
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jnengland77night all02:03
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greenlionhi mithro, what are the problems with build service? :)04:46
mithrogreenlion: it's slow04:57
greenlionoh well04:57
mithrobut it's well supported for generating RPMs04:58
mithrobut I'm using it to do debs04:58
mithrowhich it's less designed for04:58
greenlionI don't see builds for Fedora 10/Rawhide05:00
mithrogreenlion: oh - yeah they only support released versions05:01
greenlionFedora 10 is released05:01
mithrothen it should be supported05:03
mithrosure is!05:04
* mithro adds it to the thousand parsec rpm stuff05:04
* mithro also adds opensuse 11.105:04
greenlioncould you add my gccxml spec there too?05:04
mithrogreenlion: if you set up an account05:05
mithroyou can create your own project to play with05:05
greenlionoh, ok05:05
mithrobe right back05:06
greenlionI'm wondering why do they call Fedora 10 as i586 while it is i38605:07
greenlionanyway, need to go too, be back later05:07
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tansellhey JLafont06:46
tansellJLafont, sorry I never replied to your email06:46
JLafonthey tansell06:46
tansellit sitting my inbox saying "your a bad person" :)06:46
JLafontthats fine. I've actually been a bit busy lately too06:46
JLafontI am :(06:46
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tansellwb Patrick`07:37
tansellJLafont, so it would be good if we could chat about tpserver-py08:11
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Patrick`victim of tab-complete :(08:22
tansellPatrick`, yes08:24
Landontansell: I don't work on pisg (yet) :P08:37
LandonI've just had preliminary discussions about turning it into a more modular python system08:37
mithroLandon: which branch of python-ogre did you build?08:44
mithrotrunk for v1-6?08:44
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Landoneasy way to find out?08:46
LandonI'm assuming it's 1.6, why?08:47
Landonah here we go, from the v1-6 branch08:48
Landonbreakfast, be back soon08:48
mithrosvn info08:50
mithroLandon: just wondering08:50
LandonI've got jmtans battleviewer running now as well09:00
LandonI'll post an update to my application after class09:00
Landonand I got pdb working! (the most exciting part, heh)09:04
mithroto be honest I have never used pdb09:09
Landonsame here, but it looks pretty flexible... moreso than my old method of inserting print statements all over09:14
mithroha don't bash the print statement method :)09:24
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mithrowoot! a successful compile09:28
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Landonmithro: not bashing :P it's just a little inefficient if you don't know _exactly_ where to be looking10:29
mithroLandon: binary search! :)10:32
mithroLandon: you'll like my last push to the python-ogre codebase10:33
mithrosupport for multicore machines :)10:33
mithroonly works on the compile step for the wrappers10:33
Landon(although hopefully I don't need to rebuild it in the forseeable future :P)10:34
mithrobut it does help quite a bit on my 8 core machine10:34
mithroLandon: i really hope to get some usable debs sometime in the future10:34
mithrobut for now I'm heading home10:34
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Vadtecafternoon all13:40
didiVadtec: afternoon13:51
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num3472I'm a GsoC applicant poking around in things14:24
num3472looking for some feedback on my application14:24
num3472(saving game data, Garrick Peschke)14:25
num3472on monday nash said : You need to add a lot more detail on how you will go about it.  Also I'm not convinced from that you understand what it you are doing wrt to saving data and the server.14:26
num3472so I've added a comment revising it14:26
num3472and I was wondering if I could get some more feedback about it now14:26
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Noughmadyou can still edit applications?14:32
num3472unfortunately not14:32
num3472but you can comment on them14:32
Noughmadah, ok14:32
num3472so I just added it as a comment14:32
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vivrihey all16:10
cherezHey one.16:12
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llnzhi num347216:48
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llnzhi greenlion16:49
num3472nice to meet you16:50
num3472I'm one of the prospective GSOC students who are you?16:50
llnznum3472: i'm the Lee Begg, the semi-half-co-founder of Thousand Parsec17:00
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greenlionhi llnz17:12
num3472nice to meet you17:13
num3472you must know everybody then17:13
num3472or at least a whole heck of a lot of them17:14
Noughmadllnz: how much of tpproto-cpp is currently functional?17:17
llnzNoughmad: libtpproto-cpp? most of it17:18
llnzonly thing not working is messages and orders17:18
llnznum3472: yes17:18
llnznum3472: mithro started the project and I joined on the first day, designed the protocol and wrote most of the C++ things17:19
NoughmadI was playing (programming, not the game itself) with it today and I got to the point of getting objects17:19
llnzNoughmad: there is a test program which might help17:19
llnzalso look at tpclient-cpptext and tpadmin-cpp17:19
Noughmadthe text client?17:19
NoughmadI wanted to look at it before, but then forgot17:20
num3472so you are behind the c++ stuff17:21
num3472who is behind the python server?17:21
llnznum3472: mithro mostly17:21
num3472so you kinda developed them in tandem17:22
llnzi mostly did the server, and mithro mostly did the client17:23
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llnzin the early days17:23
num3472are they structured the same way, cause the C++ server's documentation is really good and I was wondering how much overlap there was17:23
llnzno, the python and C++ servers are very different17:24
llnzthe python server isn't much more than a wrapper around a database17:24
llnzc++ server does a lot more, caching etc17:24
num3472thank you so much for answering my questions btw17:25
num3472I really appreciate it17:25
num3472So that means I need to go look at the python server closer because that will be harder to save the data in17:26
num3472I'll do that latter though. What was it like to startup a project?17:27
llnzthere were a lot of choices to make, direction and vision to decide apon, etc17:28
llnzit took a long time to write any code (1-2 years iirc)17:28
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num3472you just had other commitments or was it all spent in the planning?17:29
num3472deciding what you really wanted17:29
num3472had you done any other projects before?17:30
llnzwell, we were both at uni (different ones) doing our degrees17:30
llnzwe were both involved in the WorldForge project17:31
num3472and had gotten a feel for what is involved in a opensource project17:31
num3472initially was it just you and mithro or was there others that came and went?17:33
llnzthere were a few others that hung around, but until nash and JLP joinned (around AI compeitition, early 2007) (iirc)17:36
num3472what has nash done?17:39
Noughmad#if 0 is some evil commenting :)17:51
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llnznash wrote a client (with an AI inside as well), called galaxie17:51
llnzusing the e17 libraries17:52
llnzand then we have had others join since then17:59
num3472GSoc has been good to you hasn't it?17:59
llnzgood for the project, yes18:01
num3472but not for you?18:04
llnzit helps get things done18:07
llnzit's ok18:07
num3472but it's a lot of hassle for you18:07
llnzjust with working full time and the timezones makes it harder18:08
llnzbut it is really cool to have new people helping out, especially long term18:08
num3472well I've got to go now, bye18:10
llnzbbl, maybe18:27
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nashdidi: Ping?22:12
didinash: Pong22:21
nashjust replying to your email... or would you prefer it here...22:21
didinash: Either way. In the e-mail I could reread it later.22:22
nashdoing now...22:23
didinash: Nice. :-)22:24
nashdidi: There are a couple of other poeple who have done some NN stuff here BTW.  If you can convince one of them it's feasible I'm happy.22:24
didinash: I would love to. Who are they?22:25
* nash can't recall22:26
nashVIncent has done some22:27
didiThat's ok.22:27
nashThere was someone else I htink too.22:27
* nash notes vincent has commented privately on your application, but not publically22:27
nashdidi: On the flip side... hard questions mean we looking seriously...  I22:28
didinash: Nice. I know it is a hard decision for you guys. But I am very exciting by the idea of doing it.22:28
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nashdidi: Shall I put my comments on the wiki too?22:52
didinash: The way you prefer. I do not know the protocol here.22:53
nashEmail & wiki talk page...23:01
* nash now goes and gets lunch23:01
didinash: Great. I will read it.23:01
didinash: Nice lunch.23:01
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didiGood night all. It's time to bed here in Brazil. :-) Bye.23:10
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