Tuesday, 2009-04-07

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num3472hello. anybody active?00:11
num3472good to hear00:12
num3472I'm a GsoC applicant poking around in things00:13
num3472trying to see what my chances are00:13
num3472that sort of thing00:14
llnzhi num347200:14
num3472hi linz00:14
nashnum3472: Which application?00:16
num3472saving the game00:17
num3472garrick peschke00:17
* nash loos00:17
nashnum3472: You need to add a lot more detail on how you will go about it.  Also I'm not convinced from that you understand what it you are doing wrt to saving data and the server.00:19
num3472I'll work on that00:22
num3472are you saying that gathering all of the data from the server is going to be a challenge?00:23
num3472I'm currently just beginning to look at TP's architecture00:23
llnzi would take a look at how the server(s) store the data currently00:24
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num3472that sounds like a good idea00:25
num3472I'll do that00:25
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num3472Looking at the specs, I definately need some major revision/clarification00:38
num3472I'll have it done by wednesday00:38
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nashIs it possible to set up a cron job to a git gc on the server repos daily01:13
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nashtansell__laptop: did you see my last comment?01:16
* nash notes git clone on tpclient for instance is _very_ slow01:16
tansellnash, possible - but until recently we didn't get commits daily01:19
tansellrepacking now01:20
jnengland77night all01:20
nashtansell: do it weekly then ;-)01:21
nashtpserver needs it too01:21
nashtpserver-cpp needs it too01:21
tansellnash, just repacked them all01:21
nashAll good01:22
nashWe do a for i in **/*.git ; (cd $i ; git gc $i)  on our code server01:22
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tansell#! /bin/sh01:23
tansellfor i in *.git; do01:23
tansellecho "Repacking $i"01:23
tansellcd $i &&  git-repack -a -d && cd ..01:23
mithrogc gc != git-repack - atleast it didn't use to01:25
nashOurs are in different depths... and nearly everyopne here uses zsh01:25
nashman git-gc - it's the one to use these days01:26
tansellahh the git on our servers is a bit old01:26
nashwhich version on the servers?01:27
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* nash is actually installing the single player stuff again01:52
* nash still notes that ./autogen doesn't run configure01:52
nashAnd it generates a message01:52
nashllnz: good timing ;-)01:52
nashlibtoolize: unrecognized option `--recursive'01:52
nashTry `libtoolize --help' for more information.01:52
nash libtool --version01:53
nashltmain.sh (GNU libtool) 1.5.26 Debian 1.5.26-4 (1.1220.2.493 2008/02/01 16:58:18)01:53
llnznash: known issue01:55
llnzlibtoolize is actually run twice in that case01:55
nashllnz: Also... may I suggest you install cgcc... ;-)01:55
llnzthe first with --recursive and the second without if the first fails01:55
* llnz looks it up01:56
nashactually... is ltdl just from libtool or somehting?01:56
matthewdmithro: Isn't repack -a -d dangerous if someone is pushing at the same time?01:56
nashokay... no point pointing out that it's broken C then ;-)01:57
nashcgcc runs sparse over a c file before compiling it - quick static analysis01:57
nashFor you... you should run clang from llvm over the source...01:58
nashit will be... depressing most likely ;-)01:58
nashbut it will find bugs I'm sure01:58
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nashmithro: Just tried the single player instructions... didn't work...02:02
nashmithro: So I click single player right...02:03
nashI get wizard... all good02:03
nashchoose rules...02:03
nashRFTS is good right?02:03
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nashhmmm is this bad:02:06
nash2009-04-07 16:05:52 < Error > Failed to load plugin "../modules/games/rfts/.libs/librfts": "librfts.a: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" (nil)02:06
llnzwhat's your conf file?02:07
nashI've seen this before02:07
tansell_laptopnash, did you not install it?02:07
tansell_laptop(it should work in the non-installed case, but lee was saying it doesn't)02:08
nashNah.. I'm betting autofsck has decided my system doesn't support shared libs02:08
tansell_laptopnash, actually that sounds possible02:08
tansell_laptopnash, but no idea how you got your system in that state02:08
llnzthe above case should work, but not the .a file02:08
llnzshould be using .la or .so02:09
nashtansell_laptop: First day it was going it02:09
llnzit shouldn't build a .a file02:09
nash*sigh* /me regens and screws with config02:10
nashOkay - now I'm getting this:02:10
nashUsing pyZeroConf ZeroConf implimentation...02:10
nash<class '__main__.GUI'> <class '__main__.Network'> <class 'tp.client.threads.MediaThread'> <class 'tp.client.threads.FinderThread'>02:10
nashThe program 'python' received an X Window System error.02:10
nashThis probably reflects a bug in the program.02:10
nashThe error was 'BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length erro'.02:10
nash  (Details: serial 54 error_code 16 request_code 13 minor_code 0)02:10
nashWhen playing the start video02:10
nashhow do I kill that again02:10
tansell_laptophrm - your xvideo is probably borked02:10
llnzhumm... it does build a .a file02:10
tansell_laptoptouch NOSPLASHMOVIE02:10
nashIt worked a while ago02:10
nashtansell: ./tpserver-pywx --help doesn't do anything useful BTW02:11
nashSo do I need to do a make install in tpserver?02:13
llnzyou shouldn't need to, but it might help02:14
nashI've got .la, nut no .so02:14
llnzyou haven't built the shared library02:14
llnzyou need to02:14
nashmay apologies02:14
llnzmake install will not help you here02:14
nashthere are .so's but there are in the .libs02:14
llnzah, ok02:15
llnzthat's fine02:15
nashtinyxmlparser.cpp:357: warning: suggest parentheses around && within ||02:17
llnznash: yes, i know about that02:18
nashOkay - do I need to so someting for it to find the AIs?02:21
nashI'm getting No Opponents Found for the Ai02:21
nashthe output says:02:21
nashSearching in /home/nash/work/thousandparsec/daneel-ai...02:22
nashIncluding /home/nash/work/thousandparsec/daneel-ai/daneel-ai-inplace.xml.02:22
nashSo also:02:23
nash2009-04-07 16:22:23 < Error > Failed to load plugin "/usr/local/lib/tpserver/tpscheme/libtpguile": "libguile.so.17: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" (nil)02:23
nashSo two issues... can't find daneel & tpserver-cpp barfs02:26
tansellnash, did you clone everything into the same directory02:26
nashdaneel-ai  docdocuments  galaxie  tpclient-pywx  tpserver-cpp02:27
llnzis tpserver-cpp installed?02:27
tansellfor single player stuff you shouldn't need to install tpserver-cpp it works fine from the non-install stuff02:27
nashWell it is installed... now02:27
nashIt's also not installed02:28
llnznash: make uninstall works :-)02:28
nashSo... which issue to attack first: Lack of Daneel or Lack of playability?02:28
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llnzit appears your installed version is old (or broken)02:29
tansellnash, I can help with the Lack of Daneel02:29
tansellnash, btw what are you running on?02:29
nashllnz: My version was checked out about 10 minutes ago02:30
nashSo the later I doubt ;-)02:30
nashtansell: My laptop, serenity, x8602:30
tansellnash, ubuntu?02:31
nashAlways debian ;-)02:31
nashtansell: all real C programmers use debian, lfs or slackware02:31
nashI'm a wussy one, so I use debian ;-)02:32
nashDaneel.. not found...02:32
nashllnz: tpguile not loading...02:32
llnzlibguile.so.17 is the guile library, not the scheme module for tpserver-cpp02:32
llnzso either libguile.so.17 is old or disappeared02:32
llnzor some odd security is stopping it from loading02:32
llnzif libguile.so.17 is old, then so is libtpguile.so module02:32
llnznash: tpguile not loading because it can't load the libguile.so.17 shared library02:33
nashllnz: Okay... dont' seem to have a libguile.so.17...02:33
llnzis in /usr/lib on my system02:33
nashIs the closest02:33
llnznash: do you have other libguile.so.*?02:33
nashllnz: I installed mzscheme...02:34
nashSHoudl I have installed guile instead?02:34
tansellnash, so wouldn't it be a good idea to use mzscheme module then?02:34
nashtansell: I didn't select hte module02:34
llnznash: do you have guile-1.8-libs installed?02:34
nashI didn't touch any configuration.02:35
* llnz doesn't see how the guile module built without it02:35
mithro git clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/tpclient-pywx.git02:35
mithro git clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/daneel-ai.git02:35
mithro git clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/tpserver-cpp.git02:35
mithro cd tpserver-cpp; ./autogen.sh; ./configure; make; cd..02:35
mithro cd tpclient-pywx02:35
mithro ./tpclient-pywx02:35
nashI did that02:35
mithrothat works for like most people02:35
nashllnz: Well just installed that - seems to fix that problem02:37
nashSo... can't find daneel02:37
mithronash: so can you put the complete output of ./tpserver-pywx online somewhere?02:39
nashYou want it, or the /home/nash/.tp/tpclient-pywx.log?02:39
tansellI'm not 100% confident in tpclient-pywx.log at the moment02:40
tansellso the output in pastebin would be good02:40
tpbTitle: pastebin - TPClient output - post number 1384592 (at pastebin.ca)02:42
nashtansell: Hmm... tpclient writes to stdout, tpserver writes to stderr... so the client output is after the server02:43
tansellwhat ruleset did you select?02:44
tanselldaneel-ai only supports risk atm02:44
* nash notes according to the documentation it supports RFTS...02:45
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tansellnash, well it does but rfts is borked02:46
tansellyou can enable it pretty easily02:46
tansellif you are interested in fixing rfts02:46
* nash notes it's a bug either way02:46
tansellthe daneel-ai documentation?02:47
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llnzbbs, dinner02:48
nashThat the link for AI players says "Daneel supports RFTS"02:48
nashthat's a bug or the fact that daneel doesn't by default turn on RFTS is a bug02:48
nashOne or both is a bug02:48
* nash notes probably both ;-)02:48
nashhow do I end the turn?02:49
nashOr do I need to do it manually?02:49
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tansellnash, the link?02:53
tansellCtrl-T i think02:53
tansellor in the file menu02:53
nashyeah... but I need to wait for tpserver to decide to roll over?02:54
tansellit should happen straight away02:55
tansellas long as daneel-ai is ready02:55
tansellnash, not working?02:58
nashdon't think so02:58
* nash restarts02:58
nashno options to start game?02:58
nashtuirn length  0?02:58
nashAI: Name: Zog Type: daneel-ai (Development)02:59
nashFound it...02:59
nashNo module named logilab.constraint02:59
nashThe following requirements where not met:02:59
nash     python-constraint02:59
nashSo I'm guessing something doesn't realise daneel doesn't start up03:00
tansellnash, yeah03:01
tansellthe singleplayer stuff doesn't notice if a process dies03:01
tansellthat is on the todo list03:01
* nash assumes there si a bug on this under the priority "Bloody High"03:01
* nash tries again03:02
nashSame error03:02
nashAnd it says it can't start the fame03:02
nashAnd it says it can't start the game03:02
nashsudo apt-get install python-constraint03:03
nashpython-constraint is already the newest version.03:03
nashAny idea?03:04
tpbTitle: pastebin - Daneel Output - post number 1384612 (at pastebin.ca)03:04
nashis the output03:04
tansellthat is very weird03:05
tansellwhat happens if you do a03:05
tansell>>> import logilab03:06
tansell>>> import logilab.constraint03:06
nashImportError: No module named constraint03:06
nashon the latter obviously03:06
nashis this a python version thing?03:07
tansellnash, not sure - it might be03:07
tanselldpkg --list | grep constraint03:07
tansellit's definately a debian thing03:08
nashii  python-constraint                    0.3.0-6.1                        constraints satisfaction solver in Python03:08
nashIs /usr/share/pyshared/logilab/constraint the right place for .py files?03:11
nashheh - the examples don't run either...03:13
* nash reports a bug to debian03:13
tansellnash, that seems like the right place03:14
tansellit just appears the post-update scripts are not linking it into the right place03:14
tansellnash, well it took us like 9 months to get the initial singleplayer stuff out03:16
tansellnash, so just be happy that we got this far03:16
tansellwe have a bunch of issues to fix for a 0.3.4 release03:16
tansellIE we should probably setup the server using the config protocol rather then command line arguments03:20
tansellwe need to fix the output from the commands03:20
nashWhatever works03:20
nashAnyway... debian bug reported03:21
tansellnash, a solution would possibly do an "easy_install logilab.constraint"03:22
nashOr a non-broken debian package03:25
nashAnyway - off home03:25
nashTalk to you later03:25
*** nash has quit IRC03:25
CIA-1llnz tpserver-cpp * r2b5f53731e86 /configure.ac:03:34
CIA-1Added check for guile to make sure library actually exists.03:34
CIA-1On debian (at least) it is possible to install guile-config without03:34
CIA-1the libraries, even though guile-config says where the libraries are.03:34
llnzhopefully that should stop any problem in the future03:38
CIA-1llnz tpserver-cpp * r45ab1cbd15d5 / (Doxyfile Makefile.am):04:13
CIA-1Adding Doxyfile and make doc.04:13
CIA-1Doesn't document much yet, but should over time.04:13
totemithro: pong04:18
mithrotote: so how goes the demo?04:28
totemithro: slow, will work on it soon, just has a couple of things to fix first04:31
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* llnz ponders06:00
mithrollnz: just reading your proposal at the moment06:03
mithrollnz: can we put some "real world" examples in this proposal06:04
mithroTechnology, Military and Diplomacy are all "areas" you can research06:05
mithroyou get new skills based on how long you research each area06:06
mithrobut the new skills are only known after you acquire them06:06
mithrohow would that work?06:06
llnzvisibility of the benefits06:07
mithroso obviously you have 100 points which you can give to either Technology, Military or Diplomacy06:08
mithro(IE you could research Technology 100% and 0% in the others)06:09
mithroor you could research 33% in each06:09
mithroso Technology, Military and Diplomacy will always appear in the researchable list?06:10
mithroIE you can only assign points to the things in the researchable list?06:11
llnzit might be easier to break them into a series (or chain) of technololgy 1, 2, 3, etc06:11
llnzthen you could place caps on how far advanced each area can be06:11
llnzyes, only to things in the researchable list06:12
mithrohow does a person know if they have "received" the technology06:13
mithroor the percentage complete in researching that stuff06:13
llnzmessage (with reference), no long appears on researchable list, and in their list of learnt techs06:14
llnzpercentage complete can be calculated from the researchable list06:14
llnz(totalPoints - remainingPoint) / totalPoints06:16
mithrooh sorry I had moved on to a different situtation06:17
mithroSay I have 3 technologies to reasearch06:17
mithroMissile 1, Laser 1 and Boosters06:17
mithroI spend 3 turns researching Missile 106:17
mithrothen switch to Laser 106:17
mithroMissile 1 might be 45% complete06:18
mithrocan we deal with that?06:21
mithrooh worry06:22
mithroI see06:22
mithro#  totalPoints - uint32 (RO)06:22
mithro# remainingPoints - uint32 (RO)06:22
mithrois per tech item06:22
mithroresearchList == researchedList ?06:23
mithroor "toresearch" ?06:23
llnzto research06:27
*** verhoevenv has joined #tp06:31
mithroso how do you get a list of the already researched technologies?06:34
mithrohey verhoevenv06:34
verhoevenvHeya mithro.06:35
llnzmithro: open issue06:37
llnzmithro: currently learning toward field in Player frame06:43
mithroanyway I'm off home06:44
mithrosee ya!06:44
mithrowe need a -1 for the totalPoints being unlimited06:44
mithroor maybe unknown06:44
mithrounknown is probably a better idea06:45
llnzshouldn't it be remainingPoints? totalPoints could hold how much so far in that case06:46
tansell_laptopone or the other06:48
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* llnz wanders off07:13
llnzlater all07:13
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JLPahoy everyone08:40
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Bombadilwhere do I get the source packages for the Debian packages available on http://packages.thousandparsec.net/gutsy/pool/universe/p/python-ogre/ ?09:40
tpb<http://ln-s.net/36jX> (at packages.thousandparsec.net)09:40
Bombadiltpb: wrong.09:41
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shenkimithro: ^09:49
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Bombadilmithro: I've found the debian/ dir in the python-ogre SVN repository, so regard the question as answered.11:32
Bombadil(the same holds for the email that I've sent you about the same topic too)11:33
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llnzmorning all16:35
bratachello :)16:35
llnzhi bratac16:39
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llnzhi nash18:53
nashHeyo eiseg18:54
nashhow is life?18:54
llnznot bad, busy18:55
nashSorry - multiple channels...18:56
nashEiseg is also not bad ;-)18:56
nashHow are you llnz?18:56
llnzfine thanks, you?18:56
nashHey cool - the debian bug I reported yesterday has been fixed, and new version is available ;-)18:56
nashAll good18:56
llnzconfigure in tpserver-cpp will now fail if the libraries for guile can not be found (not just that guile-config exists)18:59
nashllnz: All good18:59
nashseems to be bug fix ++ day19:00
nashdidi`: So any updates for poeple to look at?19:00
*** mithro has quit IRC19:03
didi`nash: Well, I started the wiki article as you said. I am waiting for the questions.19:09
nashdidi`: Well the questions I asked yesterday...19:10
didi`nash: Ok.19:12
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mithropaulmcnett: hey20:43
*** paulmcnett has quit IRC20:46
nashfire in the hold!20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * r8a097933bd20 / (Makefile gui_list.h tpe_gui.c): Many buidl changes.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * r159a1991fdf1 /gui/ (7 files): Work on the new star widget.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * r151a17c8167c /Makefile: Fix makerule for new gui.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * rbcc98cfe8c88 / (Makefile galaxie.c tpe_event.c): Generalising tpe_event.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * rf14f0ac6b2b7 / (galaxie.c tpe_event.c tpe_event.h): tpe_event no longer depends on struct tpe.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * r00ef999d5697 /gui/ (Makefile star.c test.c test.h teststar.c): Basic tests for star underway.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * r79d3678fabcf /gui/data/star.png: Add star image for star widget.20:50
CIA-1nash galaxie * rfbd821cb4e0c /gui/.gitignore: ignore: Ignore the teststar program.20:50
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paulmcnettmithro: ping?21:07
tansellpaulmcnett, we can do the migration right now if you want21:07
paulmcnettI've got a few minutes...21:08
tansellprobably take about an hour to get everything switched across and working21:08
tanselldo you have rsync installed on your computer?21:08
paulmcnettrsync: yes, but why not just scp the (small) tarball of the archives and the membership list?21:09
paulmcnettbut whatever...21:09
nashrsync compresses ;-)21:09
mithrocause if I rsync it then if mail comes in while we are working we can just update it21:09
paulmcnettgzip compresses :)21:10
mithrowhats the username/password again?21:11
*** bddebian has joined #tp21:14
mithropaulmcnett: and it only supports scp?21:15
paulmcnettI dunno. Haven't tried rsync but it should work...21:15
paulmcnett...since rsync works over ssh/scp. But maybe the chroot jail will cause trouble.21:16
paulmcnettupdating won't really be a problem. It's only: 1) catching new memberships and 2) adding new messages to the archives. But given the low-volume of the list I'm not worried.21:18
*** Erroneous has quit IRC21:18
paulmcnettFor 1), why don't you turn on moderation of new subscriber requests now, and not accept them for now.21:20
mithropaulmcnett: achieves now21:20
paulmcnettgot it... unzipping...21:21
paulmcnettarchives look good: first msg Jun 2 200621:25
paulmcnettconfirmed upload of var-lib21:25
paulmcnettDinner on the table. Gotta take 45 minutes before continuing. Thanks mithro.21:26
mithroe6769dfbf74643b82199d80a43d0dc92  var-lib-mailman-lists-floatcanvas.tar.bz221:26
mithro36bdb0b676f04563930797961cf3d037  floatcanvas.tar.bz221:26
*** llnz has quit IRC21:27
*** llnz has joined #tp21:31
mithropaulmcnett: poke me on gtalk if you need anything else22:25
mithrotell me when it's all working22:25
mithroif you need anything urgent, poke my gtalk ([email protected])22:28
*** alanp has joined #tp22:28
Vadtecevening all22:32
paulmcnettmithro: okay. I have a family situation going on right now. I'll get back to this in a couple hours probably.22:39
*** tansell-laptop has quit IRC22:50
*** cherez has quit IRC23:03
*** tansell-laptop has joined #tp23:12
tpbTitle: A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency (at www.dabeaz.com)23:12
tansell-laptopI highly recommend a read of that23:12
nashtansell-laptop: So do python coroutines support suspend from anywhere yet?23:13
tansellsupsend from anywhere?23:15
tansellexplain and I'll tell you :)23:15
*** cherez has joined #tp23:20
tansellcherez, http://www.dabeaz.com/coroutines/23:22
tpbTitle: A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency (at www.dabeaz.com)23:22
cherezThat looks fun.23:23
tansellnash, I think the answer is probably no23:25
* nash hands python devs a copy of Knuth...23:26
chereztansell: Any reason you sent me that?23:26
nashit was that or flowers23:27
tansellcherez, because libtpproto2-py has a more generator based interface23:28
Vadtecwelp, lets see if i can get any unit testing completed tonight23:30
cherezMy love of generators puts a strain on my relationships with friends and loved ones.23:31
tansellcherez, the idea is that people can have multiple outstanding requests on the connection23:32
tansellbut rather then dealing with a confusing interface where they have to queue actions and then find the correct result23:33
tansellthey just use a generator23:33
cherezRight, it's a lot cleaner.23:34
cherezOnce I'm done writing an EA to run on GPUs I'll give that a read.23:34
cherezMan, this school must hate me.23:38
*** JLafont has quit IRC23:40
Vadtecllnz: you active?23:41
llnzVadtec: yes23:42
Vadtecllnz: can you point me to a manpage or website with info on how to use the TESTS directive in makefiles?23:43
Vadteci seem to be doing something wrong23:43
llnzVadtec: http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/automake/Tests.html23:44
tpb<http://ln-s.net/36uJ> (at www.gnu.org)23:44
llnzyou will also need to run ./autogen.sh and configure before any updates to Makefile.am take effect23:44
Vadtecthat much i know23:45
VadtecTESTS is new territory for me23:45
Vadtecllnz: thanks, i dunno why i didnt see that page23:46
nashSweet... logilab.constraint now works on debian23:51
tansellnash, great that was fast!23:53
nashtansell: Yeah23:54
nashI'll test the single player shortly23:54

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