Monday, 2009-03-09

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mithroezod: so what did you end up deciding?00:48
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* llnz wanders off06:27
llnzlater all06:27
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mithrohey bddebian10:14
bddebianHi mithro10:15
mithrobddebian: did you ever end up making debs for tpserver-cpp 0.6.0 release?10:17
mithroand what about getting into debian - where did we get stuck here?10:17
bddebianNo but I need to get back on them.  My last tpclient upload got rejected because I was missing some copyright holders.10:18
mithrobddebian: was that the licensing thing we last looked at?10:20
bddebianNo, that one got accepted finally.  This one was just my bonehead mistake missing some in the debian/copyright file.10:20
mithroahh okay10:21
mithroso what is in debian these days then?10:21
bddebianWell it's funny.  I just got an ACCEPTED message in the last few days for one I didn't even remember uploading :)10:22
ezodhey people10:25
ezodmithro: did you want the bugs from copied over verbatim (so that we can go through them on google and close irrelevant ones) or do you want me to try and filter them myself?10:26
mithroezod: depends on how good a job you do :)10:26
ezodmithro: yeah that's kind of my point, i don't want to miss stuff10:27
bddebianlibtpclient-py and libtpproto-py 0.2.4 are in10:27
mithroand if you are up - that probably means I should have been in bed a long time ago10:27
ezodwell i have been up for three hours10:27
bddebianAh tpclient-pywx I think is the one that got rejected.. :(10:27
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ezodall bugs except those that looked like dupes or obviously no longer relevant are ported to google code13:13
ezodi am finding google code much more pleasant than generally :)13:14
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llnzezod: is there no priority mechanism in google code issue tracker?15:40
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CIA-69mavrinac libtpclient-py-singleplayer * rb660823448ba /tp/client/ Add server_info and aiclient_info functions.15:50
CIA-69mavrinac libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r7960f374c011 /tp/client/ Add servers and aiclients (list) properties.15:50
CIA-69mavrinac libtpclient-py-singleplayer * rfaaeec6bd394 /tp/client/ Add list_aiparams function.15:50
ezodllnz: doesn't look like it - personally i've never seen the point, unless you enumerate them to mean specific things, but that's my $0.0215:51
ezodllnz: actually, we could easily make priority tags and put that in the sort order15:52
llnzI was just pondering15:52
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ezodi think if we could come up with a system like:15:54
ezod1 = does not compile, 2 = does not run, 3 = runs improperly, 4 = cosmetic problem, 5 = feature request15:55
ezodthat kind of thing15:55
ezodi can put that in really easily15:55
ezodthe downside is we'd pretty much have to nail that down in advance, or else leave space in the numbers like old BASIC programs :)15:56
ezodor else we'd have to manually reassign bug priorities if we changed it15:56
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ezodllnz: i added you to the project and assigned all the cpp bugs to you, when you get a chance can you check them and mark their status?15:59
ezodfilter "Open and Assigned to Me"15:59
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llnzalready had it open :-)16:02
CIA-69mavrinac tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rb963ae079311 /windows/
CIA-69Remove all references to SinglePlayerGame.locallist and replace with16:03
CIA-69method calls.16:03
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ezodseverity system added16:17
ezodSeverity-1           = Blocker16:17
ezodSeverity-2           = Critical16:17
ezodSeverity-3           = Major16:17
ezodSeverity-4           = Normal16:17
ezodSeverity-5           = Minor16:17
ezodSeverity-6           = Trivial16:17
ezodSeverity-7           = Enhancement16:17
ezodSeverity-8           = QA16:17
ezodalso defaults to sorting by severity now16:19
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ezod <- updated17:35
tpbTitle: Single Player - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
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AzkarWill TP be applying for google summer of code 2009?19:10
ezodAzkar: that's the plan :)19:11
Azkarcool, I've been poking around the website and the ideas page on the wiki for a little bit, looks really cool... this will be my first year applying so I'm looking around for cool ideas19:12
ezodit's a fun project to work on, i did gsoc last year and i'm still around19:16
ezodcheck the ideas page again later, it will probably be updated19:17
AzkarI definitely will19:17
AzkarWhat did you do for gsoc?19:18
ezodAzkar: daemonized tpserver-cpp, created a standalone admin client for it, then did the single player stuff for the client19:25
Azkarthats fun19:25
ezodthey were originally planned to have more to do with each other, but it kind of ended up being 2 projects19:25
ezodother students did 2 ai clients, 3 new rulesets, the 3d client.. i think i'm missing one19:27
Azkarrulesets look the most interesting to me19:28
ezodit still might be a possibility, but i think the feeling is there are other areas that need more attention this time around19:29
ezodif you were looking to work with python, tpserver-py might want new rulesets, mithro would be the guy to ask19:30
Azkaryeah, I was looking at python, I've used it before but have since forgot a lot of what I know... I spent a little bit of time today relearning it19:31
AzkarI'll see what happens, definitely keep TP in mind when I go to apply19:31
ezodcool, feel free to drop in here whenever19:32
AzkarI'll probably hang out here a lot, lol19:32
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llnzAzkar: welcome :-)20:32
Azkarthank you :)20:33
tansell_laptopAzkar, so you are interested in Python?21:00
AzkarI am21:02
tansell_laptoptansell* == mithro21:02
AzkarI've used python before21:03
tansell_laptopto tpserver-py needs a bunch of stuff21:03
Azkarit was awhile ago, but I enjoyed using it when I did21:03
tansell_laptopand there is also work on tpclient-pywx and tpclient-pyogre21:03
Azkarthats using wxpython correct?21:04
Azkartp does, I mean21:04
tansell_laptoppywx uses wxPython21:05
tansell_laptoppyogre used Python-Ogre21:05
AzkarI've looked into so many different web pages today its all blending together :p21:05
AzkarI've actually worked with wxpython before21:05
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