Sunday, 2009-03-08

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mithroI of course would like to see a web client00:13
CIA-69mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rc70cdbd1ca40 /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Started converting the opponent page.00:30
CIA-69mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * r536c5722e60d /windows/
CIA-69Merge branch 'singleplayer' of git+ssh:// into singleplayer00:30
CIA-69mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rfb28400dc621 / (5 files in 3 dirs): First stab at the rework of the add opponent page.00:30
CIA-69mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * rabf99d15835b /tp/client/ Print out the command line that we are running.00:42
CIA-69mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r694204737491 /tp/client/ Merge branch 'singleplayer' of git+ssh:// into singleplayer00:42
CIA-69mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r9d1ecabb77f9 /tp/client/ Rename the arguments to make stuff slightly easier.00:42
CIA-69mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * r3d6ac4ba31c4 /libtpclient-py: libtpclient-py bump.00:44
mithrocan someone give that a try?00:54
mithrollnz / JLP ?00:54
mithroezod: if you get a chance after you come back - check that out01:03
JLPmithro: now it claims on the first page that it can't find server01:04
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithroJLP: oh you have the ezod made gentoo packages?01:05
JLPmithro: not on this computer, tpserver-cpp is manualy compiled and installed, other stuff is just git-cloned into one folder01:06
CIA-69mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * rfe7cb80e635e /tp/client/ Small fix to the output location.01:06
mithroahh I think that is ezod's change01:09
mithroahh I see the problem01:10
CIA-69mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * raf4dc3102a0a /tp/client/ More comments about what the single player stuff is doing.01:18
mithroJLP: can you do an update and tell me what that says?01:18
mithrollnz: you still about?01:18
JLPstill not finding the server and I think there are two new lines at the end:01:23
JLPRemoving daneel-ai as command daneel-ai not found in .01:23
JLPRemoving tpserver-cpp as command tpserver-cpp not found in .01:23
mithroyeah - that is what I thought01:28
mithrocan you just compile a version of tpserver-cpp in the same directory as tpclient-pywx for the moment?01:30
JLPwill do01:32
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llnzi'm back03:48
mithroJLP: I assume you have probably gone to bed03:56
mithrollnz: hey04:30
mithrocan we update the single player template to include the install prefix?04:30
mithroI'm not sure what is the right syntax04:31
mithro        <commandstring>tpserver-cpp -d --configure /dev/null --ruleset %(rname)s --tp_port %(port)d</commandstring>04:33
mithrothat should contain the full prefix04:33
llnzi think i can do that04:33
mithroyou can set the cwd04:34
mithro        <cwd>/usr/bin</cwd> or something?04:36
mithroI see that you already substitute version?04:39
llnzi need to figure out how to get the absolute path04:43
llnzcurrently getting ${exec_prefix}/bin/tpserver-cpp04:43
llnz*after* subsitution04:43
mithrowould cwd just be ${exec_prefix}/bin ?04:43
llnzbut ${exec_prefix} means nothing to single player04:44
mithroconfig.h gets the right path right?04:45
mithroIt would be good if tpserver-cpp.xml was only generated on install - then it wouldn't be incorrectly picked up by the singleplayer04:46
llnzoh, i see04:46
llnzi can directly subst ${prefix}04:46
llnzand no, there is no logically way to create it at install04:47
llnzthe install path is set at configure anyway04:47
mithrollnz: the problem is that it might call tpserver-cpp with the wrong arguments if you have /usr/bin and are about to install a new version there.04:50
llnz(the default prefix is /usr/local)04:51
llnzis that ok?04:53
llnzin the .in file i have: <commandstring>@[email protected]/bin/tpserver-cpp04:58
llnzmithro: that ok?05:03
llnzmithro: yes/no?05:42
llnzlet me know, and i'll commit06:09
* llnz wanders off06:09
llnzlater all06:09
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CIA-69mavrinac web * r80e2b6223869 /downloads/tpconfig.dtd: Add enumerations for tpconfig type and parameter type attributes.13:32
CIA-69mavrinac daneel-ai * r3768f0964214 / (daneel-ai-inplace.xml daneel-ai.xml): Add tpconfig type attributes to SP XML files.13:33
CIA-69mavrinac tpserver-cpp * rd5e6b04cb648 / (7 files in 6 dirs): Add tpconfig type attributes to SP XML files.13:35
CIA-69mavrinac libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r64c87c1f22f1 /tp/client/ Search and import installed and inplace XML files more intelligently.13:37
ezodproblem solved13:38
JLPezod: i get this when clicking on SP button →
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
CIA-69mavrinac libtpclient-py-singleplayer * ra0b101349c74 /tp/client/ Fix KeyError bug in checking tpconfig type.14:17
ezodshould be fixed, sorry14:17
ezodi am getting this in the wizard now though:14:17
tpbTitle: general pastebin - tpclient-pywx SP Wizard Error - post number 1355966 (at
ezodpretty sure this is new, possibly related to mithro's new list-style opponent page?14:18
JLPezod: i don't get this second error14:24
JLPthe game started fine now with your last fix14:24
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mithro_ezod: ping?20:11
ezodmithro_: pong20:12
ezodmithro_: did you see the error i pasted?20:21
ezodi'm about to check it out, as it is preventing me from working on the parameter control types/validation20:21
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tansellezod, yeah20:31
tansellI think I know the problem20:32
tansellchange that line from20:32
tansellto Show(0)20:32
ezodno effect20:35
tansellstill same error?20:35
ezodbtw, i guess we haven't been using the bug tracker on much?20:39
* ezod loves fixing bugs20:40
tansellezod, I have NFI - but it's probably a gentoo having a newer version of wx thing20:41
ezodtansell: ok, i can downgrade for the time being - what versions of wxpython/wxgtk/gtk+ are you on?20:42
tansellactually it could be a release verse debug build thing20:42
tansellyou can comment out the show/hide lines20:42
tansellthey are just hiding the options stuff when it empty20:42
ezodok, cool, that seems to work20:44
ezodtansell: so re: bug tracker, personally, i'd really like to start using one20:48
ezodif no one uses's maybe we could set up bugzilla?20:48
tansellgod no20:48
ezodor something else then? :)20:49
tansellbugzilla needs a team of like 40 engineers to run20:49
ezodi've never set one up myself, just used them20:49
tanselltrac is tied to heavily to being an all in one system20:49
llnzrt wasn't nice20:51
tansellrt requires a team to look after it too20:51
tansellI was thinking of using the Google or Launchpad ones20:51
tansellbut neither seem to work the way I wanted20:52
ezodTrac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission is to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies.20:53
tpbTitle: TracGitPlugin - Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac (at
ezodanyway, whatever we do, i pledge to use it :)20:58
tansellyou could update the sf one? :P20:59
ezodi suppose that's the logical way to go atm21:00
tansellezod, if you want to port everything to the Google one - I'm happy for that (they have csv export support)21:14
tansellbut it's not really all that much better21:14
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mithro_hi frisbilly21:16
mithro_be back in a bit - lunch21:16
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llnzhi frisbilly21:16
frisbillyI have some questions about GSoC... assuming tp's doing it again this year21:17
ezodmithro: either way is fine for me - can i get some sort of privs to expedite this update?21:17
frisbillyhey there21:17
mithrofrisbilly: we are planning to apply again21:18
mithroezod: whats your sf and google accounts?21:18
ezodmithro: mavrinac and [email protected] - i'm already added to one21:18
frisbillyI was hoping to do something with evolutionary/genetic AI, and I noticed last year one of the students worked on a project21:19
mithroezod: you are now a project admin for both21:19
llnzfrisbilly: cool, it would be a good idea to have a look at it21:20
* llnz can not remember which one is which off hand21:20
frisbillyfair enough21:20
frisbillyi'll take a look and see how similar it is to what I was thinking of doing21:21
ezodmithro: sweet, thanks21:21
llnzfrisbilly: you might be able to extend it, or make it better as a GSoC project21:22
ezodfrisbilly, llnz: you're probably looking for GenCon21:23
ezodgencon-rfts-ai in git21:24
llnzah, yeah that's it21:24
tpb<> (at
frisbillyin his blog, Victor says that he didn't get to implement the evolutionary framework to produce successful solutions... I'm doing a thesis right now that does exactly this, so that's definitely feasible21:25
frisbillyhas any additional work has been done on it since last year, or is that pretty much where the project stands at this point?21:27
frisbillylooks like nothing since last september21:29
ezodfrisbilly: as far as i know, that's where it is at21:32
frisbillygreat, thanks for the help21:35
ezodmithro: i kind of like the google issue tracker actually21:38
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mithroezod: if you move to the google issue tracker then you need to port all the existing bugs and make the update script work again22:14
mithros/update/website thing/22:15
ezodmithro: ok, will port all existing bugs22:17
ezodmithro: but what website thing script?22:17
ezodmithro: you mean the stats stuff on the right side?22:19
mithroezod: yes - should be much easier as you don't have to screen scrape (just use the csv download?)22:21
ezodheh, you'd think they'd have some sort of export api22:22
ezodyeah i'll take care of that22:22
ezodshould probably also add people to the project, for bug assignments etc.22:25
tansellI'll leave it in your hands22:27
Khezarmithro: ok, i found and fixed the bug causing deleting the last message to throw an exception22:31
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Greywhindmithro: ok, i found and fixed the bug causing deleting the last message to  throw an exception22:32
Greywhindmithro: but when i delete the last message, the output in the console indicates it is deleted, but it doesn't disappear22:35
tansellGreywhind, could it be that the message window is not going back to the "No message found" defaults22:43
Greywhindcould be22:43
Greywhindi'm not sure how that works, exactly22:43
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tansellnormally it just checks for an empty list22:52
tansellbut I think you broke that when doing the filterint22:52
Greywhindtansell: sorry, didn't see you'd replied. what's the function that gets called when it updates the messages?23:07
tansellnot quite sure23:07
tansellbeen a long time since I touched it23:07
tansellyou where the last one IIRC23:07
Greywhindtansell: i don't remember it looking like this last time i worked on it... maybe i just have a bad memory :P23:08
tansellyou added filtering right?23:08
Greywhindtansell: i believe i did23:09
tansellwell I don't think it's changed since then :)23:09
tansellbut I could be wrong23:10
Greywhindtansell: ok, fixed.23:14
tansellGreywhind, great!23:16
tansellI have some other issues if you want to look at them?23:16
Greywhindtansell: i might not have time tonight, but i'll try to get to them23:17
tansellGreywhind, it appears that it's not fitting the map window correctly23:18
Greywhindhmm... can you elaborate on that?23:18
tansellyou know the map in the center?23:19
tansellsometimes fit makes it really small instead of fitting it23:19
Greywhindoh - yeah, i've noticed that23:20
Greywhindodd, since it used to work just fine23:20
tansellyeah :(23:23
tansellit seems to only happen about 50% of the time23:23
Greywhindi'll try to find time between coursework to look at it23:23
Greywhindthe single player is looking pretty nice :)23:23
tansellyeah - I'm excited to have it released and then we can look into scenario stuff23:24
* llnz wanders home23:27
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