Sunday, 2008-08-17

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mithrojsmiller: you want to fix a bug :)00:00
jsmillerthat makes sense00:00
jsmillerlike the EOT issue?00:00
mithroif the long running games00:01
mithro(ie months)00:01
mithrothere are going to be plenty of times/needs to restart the server00:01
jsmillermakes sense00:02
mithrohave you requested EOT?00:02
jsmillerI wrote a distributed system last year, partly based on Crash-Only Systems.00:02
jsmillera couple times00:02
jsmillerthere I go again00:02
mithrowell, it looks like a broke it00:02
jsmillerOh well.00:02
jsmillerIt's not that late here, but I'm tired and have a long day tomorrow.00:03
jsmilleranything we should check out before I sign off?00:04
jsmillerin terms of game mechanics?00:05
mithrono, thanks for your help00:07
jsmillerall right, I'll head out tonight00:08
jsmillerI'll check back in in a few days00:08
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shenkimithro: ping01:17
shenkimithro: i'm wondering if you can point me to the config file and option which turns on gitweb's 'URL' display - the bit that tells you what the git:// path to the repo is01:18
mithrojust a file in that directory01:22
mithrowhich has the urls in it01:22
shenkiso you manually set it up for each repo?01:37
mithroI use a template01:58
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llnzbbs, dinner02:23
mithro_well I'm going to find some food02:31
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mithro_llnz: do you want to try some dronesec or risk later?03:49
llnzi've got a bit of work to do, and many email to read03:49
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mithro_yay, dinner is cooked04:56
llnzcool, all tpserver-cpp gsoc projects compile (together)05:12
mithro_shenki: ping?05:12
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mithrollnz: you where able to merge them all into a single project?05:12
llnzyes, i have been for most of soc05:12
mithrothat is cool05:13
llnzthere is a bit of fluffing about with the authors file and and, but goes together well05:13
shenkimithro: pong05:32
mithrodo you listen to pod casts at all?05:32
shenkithe only postcast i've listened to in the past 6 months was yours, with leslie :)05:33
shenkiwhy do you ask?05:33
mithrotrying to figure out the best way to auto populate my mp3 player05:34
shenkithe latest version is looking polished05:35
shenkiit almost was included in gnome 2.2405:35
shenkiotherwise, banshee or rhythmbox?05:36
shenkiand a script that gets called by hal whenever it sees yourdevice05:37
shenkithat would be a neat solution05:37
* mithro tries out banshee05:59
mithrohrm neither banshee or rhythm box support "auto-populating" a mp3 player06:38
shenkimithro: have you enabled the Portable Players - MTP plugin?06:39
mithroyes - they support drag and dropping onto the player06:40
mithroand show the free space and stuff06:40
mithrobut I just want a tool where I click "populate" and it installs all the lastest versions of pod-casts and rotates the songs on the device from my collection06:40
shenkiconduit shold do that07:00
mithroI don't see anything on the conduit page indicating that would work07:18
mithrocan anyone access launchpad?07:24
shenkimithro: what page?07:53
mithroany of them?07:53
shenkilaunchpad is working for me07:53
shenkiwhen i asked what page07:57
shenkii was asking about conduit :)07:57
mithroshenki: I was looking at the website07:59
shenkiit's a crap page. doesn't show it off well08:01
shenkihmm, they don't really bill it as a music sync solution. i wonder what people do use...08:02
shenkii would have thought conduit would have been well suited... but i guess everyone owns ipods, so you need something that understands the ipod format08:04
tpbTitle: Conduit/Documentation - GNOME Live! (at
shenkithat mentions syncing banshee and rhythmbox playlists08:05
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mithroI can't seem to access
tpbTitle: PPA for Conduit (at
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shenkiyou can't access the page, or the repo that it points to?08:40
tpb<$O_> (at
shenkithat's the deb for hardy08:41
shenkiyou might need evo-python;
tpb<$Oa> (at
shenkican you grab those?08:41
* mithro install conduit08:41
mithrolast time I tried out conduit it was very buggy08:42
mithrohopefully this works better08:42
shenkihopefully. the author got close to having it included in gnome, it just missed out08:42
shenkiso perhaps that's a vote for stability08:42
mithrohopefully it has network manager intergration08:43
mithroit use to spin when you where not connected to the network08:43
shenkithat would suck08:43
shenkii hear it's nifty for syncing phones with evo's address book08:49
tpb<$Og> (at
mithrohrm - I don't see support for Google notebook08:50
mithroin theory there is support for Google calander - but I don't see it08:57
mithroWTF won't it show Google Calander support!?09:09
shenkiit hates you09:12
mithroit seems so09:12
shenkimaybe there's a python-google or similar that we're missing?09:15
* llnz wanders off09:18
llnzlater all09:18
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mithroI have python-gdata09:20
mithroand it's showing the Google Contact09:20
mithrohrm - it doesn't work at all09:24
mithroit fails when doing both09:24
* mithro gives up09:28
mithroI would really like to have my Evolution and Google calanders sync09:28
mithroshenki: any thoughts on cordless headphones?09:29
shenkii've played with bluetooth ones. work fine under linux09:37
shenkihonestly, i think it's a bit of wank. if you're listening to music, you're usually in a situation where a cord isn'tt going to be a huge issue (plus there's that big thing on your head, so you're not too mobile)09:38
shenkii haven't owned any myself, so no help there :)09:38
shenkistargate time! ttyl.09:38
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mithroshenki: my problem is I have almost pulled my laptop of my desk twice now :P09:43
mithroor spinning around in my chair it gets all caught up in the wheels09:49
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ezodmithro: ping?10:10
mithroezod: pong10:10
mithrobut just about to disappear10:11
ezodno problem, it's quick10:11
ezodhow should i reference the local install directory?10:11
ezodthe path list is in libtpclient-py10:12
mithrotp.client exports an install path10:12
mithrosee for the details10:13
ezodand the XML and scripts can live with libtpclient-py then?10:13
mithroprint "Thousand Parsec Client Library Version", tp.client.__version__10:13
mithroprint "    (installed at %s)" % tp.client.__installpath__10:13
mithroezod: yes - for inplace stuff I think it makes sense10:13
ezodsounds good10:14
Iwanowitchmithro: is tpclient-pyogre supposed to work?10:14
IwanowitchI have some library troubles.10:14
mithroIwanowitch: it should - but python-ogre is a bit of a bitch10:14
mithrowhats the problem?10:14
IwanowitchImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ogre/sound/OgreAL/ undefined symbol: _ZN5boost6python8indexing15python_iteratorC1ENS0_3api6objectE10:15
IwanowitchIf that helps you.10:15
mithrooh - you have an old python-ogre install10:15
mithroI've yet to import the new packages into the Thousand Parsec repository10:15
IwanowitchAh, okay.10:15
tpb<> (at
mithroWhat ubuntu do you run again?10:17
mithroit's hardy right?10:18
mithrodeb ./10:18
mithrodeb ./10:18
mithrogive that one a go10:18
mithrothat error is cause by it trying to use sound support10:21
IwanowitchThat doesn't seem to exist...10:21
Iwanowitchdeb ./ seems to work though, but doesn't seem to provide a newer version or something.10:22
tpb<$Pr> (at
mithroI may not have bumped the revision number10:22
mithroprobably have to remove it and reinstall10:22
IwanowitchOkay, give me a minute.10:22
Iwanowitchmithro: it only holds python-ogre for amd64, I think.10:26
mithrodefinately has python-ogre for i58610:26
IwanowitchIt doesn't show up here anyway.10:26
IwanowitchMmm. It's not in your Packages.gz I suppose.10:28
IwanowitchApparently "sudo dpkg -i python-ogre_0.0.0-5_i386.deb" doesn't help either.10:32
IwanowitchThe following requirements where not met10:32
mithroyou appear to be right10:33
mithroIwanowitch: how does starmapper and risk not coorperate?10:37
Iwanowitchmithro: see the mailing list10:38
mithrooh - of course! I'm sure the jezuch will have a patch for you in a day or less :)10:38
Iwanowitchmithro: Basically, it doesn't understand wormholes, and with a newer libtpproto it just gives an "error, divide by zero".10:38
IwanowitchWould be really great. :)10:39
mithrothe library already supports wormholes as it uses the same thing as vi198510:39
mithrohe probably just needs to roll a new release10:39
IwanowitchOkay, nice.10:40
mithroactually you could probably just drop a new libtpproto-java.jar over the current starmapper one - but probably best to wait for me10:40
mithrodid you see my tip about disabling the intro movie?10:41
mithroas that is the cause of most crashes10:41
IwanowitchI tried copying a new jar, that gives the divide by zero error.10:41
IwanowitchThe into movie crashes the game even long after it's over?10:41
mithroIwanowitch: no - only during startup10:41
IwanowitchX just shuts down in the middle of playing the game. It's really random.10:42
IwanowitchProbably upstream though.10:42
IwanowitchWell, just shuts down... segfaults would be a better word.10:46
mithrowhat graphics card do you have?10:50
IwanowitchNvidia Geforce Go 7600.10:52
mithroIwanowitch: oh - you need to install ogre from the repository above too10:52
IwanowitchUrgh. Do I also need all the assorted packages? If so I'm just going to ask you to update that Packages.gz file. :)10:54
mithroyou need 3 things10:54
mithroand python-ogre10:55
IwanowitchOkay, lemme try.10:55
Iwanowitchmithro: It shows a window, then shuts down again.10:56
Iwanowitch is the output10:57
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
IwanowitchWhich is pretty much not much.10:57
IwanowitchThe last "None" might be something, dunno.10:57
mithrodid you get a change to login? or did the screen just go away?10:58
mithrowhat does dummy.log show?10:59
mithroyou might want to try changing11:06 to disable sound and music11:06
mithroshenki: I'm assuming you are asleep now?11:15
mithroanyway I'm heading to bed11:16
Iwanowitchmithro: disabling sound and music doesn't help, dummy.log doesnt seem to have anything exceptional, at least not near the end...11:19
mithrowhats the last line say?11:19
Iwanowitch17:18:29: Texture: sleekspace.png: Loading 1 faces(PF_A8R8G8B8,256x256x1) with 0 generated mipmaps from Image. Internal format is PF_A8R8G8B8,256x256x1.11:20
Iwanowitch17/08/2008 17:18:29 (Error)     Exception: DynamicModule::DynamicModule - Failed to load module '': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:21
Iwanowitchin cegui.log11:21
IwanowitchThis looks like a problem I've had earlier...11:23
mithrooh you might need to link that11:24
mithroI've yet to fix that problem11:24
IwanowitchSeems to work now.11:25
IwanowitchThis is cool.11:27
mithroanyway I should have been in bed hours ago11:31
mithrosee ya!11:31
CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r445a570d5abc / (11 files in 5 dirs): Include single player shared data in package install.11:34
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IwanowitchHrmf. I don't like tpclient-pyogre eating my keys even when it should not be focussed.12:24
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CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r78b3dc3c6e96 /media/gui/SleekSpace/sleekspace.looknfeel: Add missing colour properties for checkbox widgets12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r575ae84fd8d5 /src/ ( Minor tweaks: escape key shows main menu, sound volume does not vary for menu button clicks12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r5698935dcbc7 /src/ ( Save some ogre objects in a module for configuration purposes12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * rf4509696f9f3 / (src/ windows/config.layout): Add graphics and sound configuration menus to the configuration window12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r9e9765fcfc03 /src/ ( Fix icon zoom threshold to be relative to maximum and minimum zoom12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r775bf94bedf6 / (6 files in 2 dirs): Make zoom speed adjustable from config12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * rfde88deefbd2 /src/ (
CIA-32Fix map centering12:43
CIA-32Add a bounding box to starmap so that camera will not stray out12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * r50480aca74f7 /windows/login.layout: Center login box12:43
CIA-32Tan tpclient-pyogre * rf6d170ffce59 / (7 files in 2 dirs): Switch space background to use a skybox12:43
CIA-32jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * ref7042f8b7d5 / (5 files in 2 dirs): Add an option to configure distance scale in order to handle different maps12:43
CIA-32jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r71736247c2ee / (6 files in 2 dirs): Add an option to save user settings upon quitting12:43
CIA-32jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r4d1e0be2a946 /src/ ( tpclient-pyogre): Change log output paths to be more consistent with tpclient-pywx12:43
CIA-32jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * re188ac092660 /media/gui/SleekSpace/sleekspace.looknfeel: Change colour of selected text for checkboxes12:43
CIA-32jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r88a36b23fa70 /src/ No file output created if application is not frozen12:44
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r855169674b33 /gencon/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Make UniverseMap modifiable for simulation. Implemented algorithm to send troops away from 'backwater' planets. Additional small changes elsewhere.15:33
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r60c83d959c81 /gencon/robolib/RISK/ Change values in modified, simulated map.15:48
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r87296bdb6609 /gencon/robolib/RISK/ ( Added aggression logic. Minor changes elsewhere.17:59
CIA-32llnz ruleset-book * re213ad0df9e2 /ruleset-dev.tex: Started on section about object behavour.18:17
CIA-32llnz ruleset-book * r36a2b0e8ed69 / (ex/emptyruleset/mygame.cpp ruleset-dev.tex): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://[email protected]/git/ruleset-book18:17
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llnzi hate ScreenOS19:20
llnzbbl (maybe)19:30
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mithrobe back in a bit19:49
Iwanowitchnash: ping19:59
nashIwanowitch: pong20:00
Iwanowitchnash: I think I'm about ready with the AI.20:00
IwanowitchPerhaps add some more documentation to it.20:01
IwanowitchBut that should be it.20:01
nashDoco is always good ;-)20:01
IwanowitchSo if there is anything you really need to see before the evaluation, I suppose now is the time to ask :)20:02
nashI'll play on the train... and let you know ;-)20:02
IwanowitchHeh, okay.20:03
IwanowitchThe bot takes about a minute for me to complete a turn.20:03
IwanowitchSo don't put your laptop on your lap :)20:03
nashOuch - what is your machine?20:04
IwanowitchAlso, you'll probably win, but it shouldn't be really really bad.20:04
nashShoudl I wait to I have my powerful machine at home then?20:04
nashThat's okay20:04
IwanowitchErm, lemme see... Some dual core thingy, a year old or so.20:04
IwanowitchThough, you'll probably need the 3 minutes you are given if you want to give some orders yourself in tpclient-pywx.20:05
IwanowitchI found him always finishing before me.20:05
nashNot a surprise20:05
nashi'll play tonight then... my 1ghz laptop probably will be painful20:06
nashas is a touchpad ;-)20:06
Iwanowitch2 * 1.83 Ghz.20:06
IwanowitchThough the bot is obviously singlethreaded.20:06
nashMakes the rest of the system managable however20:07
nashSilly question then--- can you improve the performance?20:07
*** mithro has quit IRC20:07
IwanowitchWell, not with an order of magnitude or something I think.20:08
IwanowitchI somewhere use a search to find places where leftover armies can be used, you can make that search less deeper.20:09
Iwanowitch"hopeless @ dosearch(P,4) <=> pass" in rules-risk tells him to give up when it reaches depth 4.20:09
IwanowitchThat is 4 jumps away from the current planet.20:10
IwanowitchYou could lower that to 2 or something, though I'm not sure that is actually a hotspot.20:10
nashNo way to cache results?20:10
IwanowitchIt was a hotspot when it was 10 though :)20:10
* nash is thinking of intensional engines here...20:11
IwanowitchIt's possible with a few extra rules I suppose, but once again, it'd need profiling.20:11
IwanowitchThough I suppose it's just the basics that make it a bit slow.20:12
* nash likes the fact your answer is.. "profile it" ;-)20:12
nashtoo much to do?20:12
IwanowitchJust for starters, it needs to build the adjacency information from the planets and the wormholes. That alone are a few 100 facts.20:13
IwanowitchWith a search through them every time you need adjacency information, which is pretty often.20:13
nashouch - that surely is cached however?20:13
IwanowitchYeah, the facts are kept over different turns, but it's a rather big database for my simple system. :)20:14
nashSo... RAM is cheap... CPU time isn't so much anymore ;-)20:14
nashIf it is takign 2 minutes to calculate20:15
IwanowitchI suppose I'm also doing quite some redundant stuff in my rule evaluation methods, but I don't really feel like hacking into it on the final day of SoC.20:16
IwanowitchAnd I use an external library, that makes it not easier to improve performance.20:17
nashOkay, stuff to add to your preport, and you can always branch to put this in ;-)20:18
IwanowitchMmm, later on. I'm going to finish up the documentation first. :)20:19
nashGood call ;-)20:21
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mithrohey people20:42
mithroJLafont: ping?20:42
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * ra9b66409b63b /gencon/robolib/RISK/ ( Implemented algorithm to evacuate stars in danger of being overrun. Minor changes elsewhere.21:19
*** vi1985 has joined #tp21:23
vi1985hey all21:23
Iwanowitchvi1985: Heya21:23
vi1985Iwanowitch: howdy!21:24
vi1985Iwanowitch: i c you've completed your bot, congrats!21:24
Iwanowitchvi1985: Thanks :)21:24
Iwanowitchvi1985: One can always improve, of course. But I don't really feel like it anymore21:24
vi1985Iwanowitch: how well can it play?21:24
vi1985Iwanowitch: wuold be cool to compare :) I'm very close to finishing mine... should be ready tonight!21:25
Iwanowitchvi1985: I dunno. I managed to beat it once, and a second game looked bad for me but I didn't manage to finish it21:26
IwanowitchThough I suppose a god player would easily be able to beat it.21:27
IwanowitchA god player probably too.21:27
vi1985Iwanowitch: nice. at least it's giving a decent fight.21:27
vi1985Iwanowitch: that's a trick question ;) a god player would have "already" beaten it... whatever that means!21:28
IwanowitchIn a certain way, I suppose you are right.21:28
IwanowitchOh, also.21:28
Iwanowitchvi1985: Did you already manage to usethe Colonization orders?21:29
Iwanowitchvi1985: Because it still doesn't work for me :(21:29
vi1985Iwanowitch: Me neither. My robot gracefully avoids this problem ;) . Besides, I'd rather have it expand from its base(s), than waste troops on enemy ground!21:30
vi1985Iwanowitch: but that's only playing the "random" configuration.21:30
IwanowitchYeah, same here.21:30
Iwanowitchvi1985: Well, I'll see if I can get it working, but I don't have much hope at the moment.21:32
vi1985Iwanowitch: let me know if it does for you. I'll do the same thing.21:33
vi1985Iwanowitch: *meaning, i'll also let you know :)21:33
Iwanowitchvi1985: Anyway, it'll be something for tomorrow. Going to bed now.21:33
IwanowitchNight all.21:33
*** Iwanowitch has quit IRC21:34
mithrohey vi198522:01
vi1985mithro: hey!22:01
mithrolong time no chat22:01
vi1985mithro: that's true22:01
mithrohow goes things?22:01
mithroI'm interested to see the two bots fight22:02
vi1985mithro: it's going well. finishing up the bot. 91-st minute and all, but should be ready to fight sometime tomorrow.22:02
vi1985mithro: me too :)22:02
vi1985mithro: how do you want it set up?22:03
CIA-32mithro libtpclient-py-schemepy * r4ac9b14dcb41 /tp/client/ Added ServerOrder property.22:03
CIA-32mithro libtpclient-py-schemepy * r2c81920c9d8f /tp/client/ Added method to determine the slot on the server.22:03
CIA-32mithro libtpclient-py-schemepy * r22f020bf66d5 /tp/client/ ( Moved the apply method out of threads and into the cache file.22:03
CIA-32mithro libtpclient-py-schemepy * rce35a20f251a /debian/update-debian-changelog: Change the deb version from 0.2.4+0.2.5+<gitinfo> to 0.2.4+<gitinfo>.22:03
CIA-32pluskid libtpclient-py-schemepy * r1e215e11f72c /tp/client/ Ported parser from pyscheme to schemepy.22:03
vi1985mithro: i mean, using Kryzstoff's StarMapper, or have a public head-to-head, and allow guests (or players!) to join?22:04
mithrovi1985: both! :)22:05
vi1985mithro: hehe, sure. I'll get on it after I finish the project... hope Iwanowitch won't mind if i tinker with his bot before the fight?22:06
mithroit would be a good motivation for him I think :)22:06
vi1985what, me throwing a wrench in the engine? :)22:06
vi1985or you mean the fight in general?22:07
mithroI mean having something to test against22:07
vi1985yeah. i just hope mine gives a decent performance.22:07
vi1985(there are several things I intend to work on afterwards, but tomorrow it better cut it)22:08
* vi1985 is off chat. ping me if anything.22:11
CIA-32pluskid schemepy * r58e139db7d74 /debian/rules: Include byte-compiled .pyc in deb package.22:28
CIA-32pluskid schemepy * rf66a4b8f9ce4 /doc/ ( index.html): Added download URL for v1.0.022:28
tpb<$Yr> (at
mithroI wish I owned ansell22:40
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r930fc2b8d1c7 /gencon/robolib/RISK/ ( Implemented algorithm to control expansion to other stars. Some minor changes elsewhere.22:41
shenkimithro: you have a need for a large amount of latex products?22:44
mithroshenki: no, a need for massive amounts of money :)23:50

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