Saturday, 2008-08-16

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llnzhi all06:56
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* llnz wanders off07:15
llnzlater all07:15
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CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r7b3310947ad6 /tp/client/ Search for server and AI control scripts.09:56
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CIA-32aaron tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * ra2877d743e2b / (tpclient-pywx windows/ SinglePlayerGame object resides at the app level for cleanup.11:11
CIA-32mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * r9d0280665d8b /windows/xrc/ Check that the XRC object was successfully loaded.11:13
CIA-32mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rcbfe1454afa2 /windows/xrc/ (21 files): Updated these generated files.11:13
CIA-32mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rd0dd3d9e2027 /windows/xrc/ (13 files): Fixed a copy and paste error (s/Frame/Panel/).11:13
CIA-32mithro tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * r47f3fdb82c74 / Tighten up the requirements (now there are tp04 branches).11:13
CIA-32aaron tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * rd997ca21c874 / (23 files in 2 dirs): Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer11:13
CIA-32aaron tpclient-pywx-singleplayer * r90c243d50135 /windows/ Documentation of custom functions in wizard/pages.11:23
CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r814e2e7dd14e /tp/client/ Full function documentation.11:31
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rf975b1d2f251 /modules/games/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Removed all references to risk to clean up main branch.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r9a985f3e07b6 / ( m4/ax_boost_signals.m4): Merge git://
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r58114422bb31 / (8 files in 3 dirs):11:39
CIA-32Readded risk references after merging main branch change to remove them11:39
CIA-32 -This was done to fix a mistake I made by merging to main branch11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r7890b5843bdd / Merge git://
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r2b43de848b75 /modules/games/risk/ (12 files):11:39
CIA-32Added many shell files to risk ruleset, including:11:39
CIA-32 *colonize .cpp/.h11:39
CIA-32 *move .cpp/.h11:39
CIA-32 *reinforce .cpp/.h11:39
CIA-32 *riskturn .cpp/.h (didn't correctly add on previous commit11:39
CIA-32As well implemented more comment psuedo code modelling off of RFTS11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rc329c91e80ed /modules/games/risk/ (15 files): Added a whole tonne of shell files and modified existing code to incorporate them.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rf3f277b66522 /modules/games/risk/ (planet.cpp planet.h): Added heavily cut down version of RFTS's planet class11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r52a23d78748e / (4 files in 2 dirs): A few modifications to planet and colonize. Also added a quickstart config.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rf2898108186d /modules/games/risk/ (TODO risk.cpp risk.h): implemented createGame methods (create - universe,galaxy,planet). Created Dummy galaxy/planets.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r1c3149b909bc /modules/games/risk/ (13 files): Refactoring code layout. Added my TODO's to TODO file in risk folder.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rfaf47e0299fb /modules/games/risk/ ( TODO planet.cpp planet.h risk.cpp risk.h): Made getters/setters for Armies property in Planets type.11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r415c0482d432 /modules/games/risk/ (galaxy.cpp galaxy.h): Created galaxy type which has special "bonus" property for describing a galaxies bonus to reinforcements11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r2ac13ecc98ad /modules/games/risk/ (TODO risk.cpp): Added logic for onPlayerAdded and startGame11:39
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r7fbd24e9b532 /modules/games/risk/ (10 files): Made sure every file ends with newline. Updated TODO file.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rc1f41f9c52d2 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Went over code at end of day and fixed up miscellaneous errors and omissions.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r18865314c93a /modules/games/risk/TODO: A test commit11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rc81bd4e82dee /modules/games/risk/ (TODO galaxy.cpp galaxy.h): Removed packExtraData from galaxy. Updated TODO.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r1ee091311de8 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Commented out some player adding logic until other bugs are resolved11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r3f297f4014fd /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Added two DEBUG_FN_PRINT to createPlanet and createStarSystem11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rb0d9bf149fd3 / (modules/games/risk/risk.cpp quickstart-risk.conf): Added object visibility code to onPlayerAdded. Tweaked quickstart11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r8d7845b51ba2 /modules/games/risk/ (8 files): Converted Armies to Resource. Fixed data packing. Client now loads properly.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * refe9ff33445a /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Added Planet::setDefaultResources call to Risk::createPlanet function11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r04db8977bd74 /modules/games/risk/ (constellations.txt risk.cpp risk.h): Phased out star systems in favor of lone planets. Named every planet after constellation counterpart. Added txt documenting them11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r2227bc15f376 /modules/games/risk/ (planet.cpp risk.cpp): Changed planet creation back to star->planet for mean time. Planets did not display properly alone. Will look into switching back.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r5f9f98ba4ae2 /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp planet.cpp risk.cpp): Cleaned up some personal TODOs11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rc7090dc54846 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Changed star system creation from test values to real locations.11:40
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rbfdd633182b7 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Fixed Alfirk being too far south11:41
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rb1d238f7b275 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Added some TODO comments11:41
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r9d8dd812a181 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Tab size from 2 to 3 in risk.cpp11:41
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r8f39c2218a40 /modules/games/risk/ (19 files): Refactored code from 2 spaces tab to 3 spaces tab.11:41
CIA-32(172 lines omitted)11:41
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r68b288a56ecf /modules/games/risk/riskturn.h: Patched Risk with patch brought forth by vi198511:41
CIA-32aaron tpserver-cpp-config * rc0329831e40f / (37 files in 3 dirs): Merge commit 'origin/risk' into config11:41
CIA-32aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r5c1d74ecf626 / (29 files in 2 dirs): Merge commit 'origin/risk' into config11:41
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ezodIwanowitch_: ping?14:13
Iwanowitch_ezod: pong14:37
*** Iwanowitch_ is now known as Iwanowitch14:38
ezodIwanowitch: hey, i just sent you email14:38
ezodhaving some trouble running daneel-ai14:38
ezodwell, getting logilab-constraint installed actually14:39
ezod0.3.0 (latest available) with Python 2.514:39
ezodunless you have the elusive 0.4.0 tarball14:39
Iwanowitchezod: I have 0.3.0-6, from the Ubuntu repositories.14:40
IwanowitchIs it that hard to install?14:41
ezodhrm, i can't install deb/ubu packages really14:41
IwanowitchFrom source, that is?14:41
ezodwell that's the thing, it's failing14:41
ezod0.3.0 seems to be quite old, so it might be broken with Py 2.514:41
ezodor at least the installer14:41
ezoddo you have any contact with upstream or are you just using it?14:42
IwanowitchHmm, might be the installer yes...14:42
IwanowitchI'm just using it.14:43
ezodhrm, well i suppose i could try to patch it myself14:43
IwanowitchI could take a look. It kinda surprises me this is a problem, it's a pure Python package...14:44
ezodany idea what the -6 patchlevel patches?14:44
ezoddid you see the error i sent ya?14:44
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ezodok yeah it's a 2.5 thing14:46
ezodnew import rules14:46
ezodshould be an easy fix14:46
IwanowitchI dunno, I could try to hunt changelogs down. And yeah, the error should be easy to fix.14:47
IwanowitchI think you could even just remove the line, nested scopes appeared in Python 2.1 or something.14:47
ezodok i'll write a patch, and include a logilab-constraint ebuild in the gentoo overlay when i put daneel-ai in there eventually14:47
IwanowitchNice. Thanks.14:48
IwanowitchHope you don't have more problems.14:48
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * re12409382de3 / (README gencon/utils/ Made 'ruleset' argument lower-case, for compliance with ezod's single-player-mode.15:20
CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r4e1bdbec746e /tp/client/ Minor fix in AI starting.15:20
ezodIwanowitch: w00t, all good15:24
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CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * rd5bf1543cf49 /tp/client/ Improved status checking and initialization.17:20
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r4ba9a6012794 /gencon/robolib/RISK/ ( Implemented a mechanism to distribute reinforcements to planets based on threat, and on the importance of the actual reinforcing relative to other things.17:27
CIA-32juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rab747267b40b /doc/ (Actions Attributes Designs Objects Orders Rulesets):18:14
CIA-32Added some files on the doc folder18:14
CIA-32These should help explain some of the intricacies of the SQL objects in the server.18:14
CIA-32juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r55dba4f1202e /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/ Fleets should now post a message when they are damaged and lose ships18:14
CIA-32juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r641aee98d1d0 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ ( drones/ research/ Added Researches as designs to improve user-friendliness of the game.18:14
CIA-32juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r8651d4ce4216 /tp/server/ Server should now allow guest accounts and ignore players that have been defeated when processing a turn.18:14
CIA-32juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rd6620278ac64 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/
CIA-32Added Guest account and return for failed player creation.18:15
CIA-32Guest Account is called guest with password guest18:15
CIA-32Also Players is now assigned the same id as the user to avoid complications with guest account.18:15
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IwanowitchFinally. The first game where my AI is aggressive enough to finish the enemy.20:55
JLafont-laptopBut does it try to exploit every single vunerability in the ruleset for victory?20:59
JLafont-laptopDoes it go around and try to destroy its opponent economy instead of fighting its army head on?21:00
IwanowitchDefinitely not.21:00
JLafont-laptop(these are  just some of the things that players do that kinda kills me when I try to play other game :(   )21:00
IwanowitchThen again, this is just Risk.21:00
* JLafont-laptop hates players that do underhanded stuff21:00
IwanowitchNot too much economy.21:00
JLafont-laptopoh risk can be very underhanded21:00
JLafont-laptopno economy on it21:00
IwanowitchIt's all part of the game...21:00
JLafont-laptopWell, its not too bad in TP though21:01
JLafont-laptopI don't think alliances are quite set up21:01
JLafont-laptopbut in Risk, its a real kick in the nuts when you get backstabbed by your "ally"21:01
IwanowitchThe only economic thing ATM is the continent bonus, and I'm not really using that.21:01
JLafont-laptopI agree, Risk isn't as bad as some other games21:02
JLafont-laptopIt was bad in the good old starcraft days21:02
JLafont-laptopWhen one of my friends would try to circumvent to my economy21:03
JLafont-laptopBut then his main hall died21:03
JLafont-laptopother times he just well... killed me'21:04
JLafont-laptopI  wish I could see an "underhanded" AI21:06
JLafont-laptopit would be hilarious21:06
IwanowitchMmm. I don't know if we have a ruleset that allows that sort of stuff.21:07
* JLafont-laptop will do a ruleset that allows epic underhandedness....eventually21:08
IwanowitchA ruleset with variable powers would be cool... AFAIK, in all current rulesets, every player is equal.21:10
JLafont-laptopI was thinking about adding races21:10
JLafont-laptopIt would be fun21:11
JLafont-laptopWell I mean, "we are all equal" but this specific "unit/research/tactic" just kils everyone21:12
JLafont-laptopWell not entirely, but I want to see an AI that will show me the parts where a player can just dominate everyone else by a simple choice21:16
JLafont-laptopit makes balancing a lot easier thats for sure21:17
IwanowitchMmm. The problem is though that you have a distinct client/server infrastructure.21:18
IwanowitchIt's hard to feed the exact same rules to the AI as are running on the server.21:18
IwanowitchThus it's hard to find the corner cases.21:19
IwanowitchI think.21:19
*** jsmiller has joined #tp21:20
jsmillerIs the dronesec game on?21:20
JLafont-laptopmithro isn't on yet21:20
JLafont-laptopI'll turn on the server21:21
jsmillerCould you direct me to the right server?21:21
JLafont-laptopIt would be nice to get a read on how many people are playing though21:21
JLafont-laptopyeah let me set it up21:21
jsmillerI'm still kind of clueless driving the client and the server browser21:21
JLafont-laptop(hopefully the metaserver works)21:21
JLafont-laptopIts rather simple21:21
jsmillerIt's asking for a URL... let's see, google metaserver21:22
jsmillerdronesec not up yet, then21:22
JLafont-laptopyeah one sec21:25
IwanowitchI'm not going to join, it's getting too late for me.21:26
JLafont-laptopyeah same here21:27
IwanowitchAlso, my X server likes to crash when I run pyclient-pywx.21:27
JLafont-laptopmithro was supposed to be here 30 mins ago21:27
JLafont-laptopnow that sucks21:27
*** peres has joined #tp21:27
JLafont-laptopgame should be as though21:27
JLafont-laptopgame is...dronesecserver21:28
JLafont-laptopgah its not showing up in the metaserver, I forgot what I did to make it work :- (21:29
jsmillerall right, dronesecserver.thousandparsec.net21:33
JLafont-laptopthere shouldn't be any players up either21:33
jsmillerdo I need to specify a port?21:33
JLafont-laptopyou shouldn't21:34
jsmilleroops, "Unknown host"21:34
jsmillerIP address?21:34
JLafont-laptopit should be: dronesec.servegame.com21:34
JLafont-laptopusername guest: password: guest21:34
jsmillerI'm in.21:35
jsmillerI'll see what I can see.  Thanks!21:36
JLafont-laptophopefully this doesn't screw up thing :-P21:41
JLafont-laptopEither way it still helps testing of the python server21:42
jsmillerI see the blah overlord in System Lyonof Ebleeg.21:43
jsmillerI see the spinning planet images.21:44
JLafont-laptopomg thats up?21:44
jsmillerthe planets or the blah overlord?21:44
JLafont-laptopblah overlord21:44
JLafont-laptopits basically a player's overlord for the game21:45
jsmilleryes, looks like a grey space fighter kind of thing21:45
JLafont-laptopI thought I had a clean game up21:45
jsmillerI recall reading the ruleset.21:45
jsmillerThat's all the detail I can see, which makes sense since I don't own anything.21:46
JLafont-laptopAre you sure you don't want to play?21:46
jsmillerI guess I could, sure.  Tonight is actually a pretty good night for it.21:46
jsmiller(Today, for you)21:46
JLafont-laptopIts night for me :-P21:46
jsmillerOh, you're not AU-NZ based?21:47
JLafont-laptopI'm in Ohio :(21:47
jsmillerit's near sunset for me21:47
JLafont-laptopThe land OF THE LOST21:47
jsmillerI remember the Land of the Lost.  But I didn't know it was in Ohio.21:47
jsmillerBeware Sleestak and all.21:47
JLafont-laptopTo be honest it probably was21:48
jsmillerall right, so if I sign out and reconnect, I can create a new account?21:48
jsmillerwish I had two screens... hang on, I could bring the laptop over21:49
jsmillerall right21:49
jsmillerhm, couldn't figure out how to disconnect, so I just quit the client21:50
jsmillerall right now21:50
JLafont-laptopI should have made this game one my so called "balanced maps"21:50
jsmillerhmmph, where do I actually sign up for a new account?21:51
* jsmiller starts looking for the user manual.21:52
JLafont-laptopThis is on my new "screencast"21:53
JLafont-laptopone sec21:53
JLafont-laptop <-its not very good to be honest21:54
tpbTitle: YouTube - Dronesec Basics (at
JLafont-laptopclick Find. Then new Account21:54
JLafont-laptopType server name: dronesec.servegame.com21:54
JLafont-laptopand then you should be able to create your account21:54
jsmillerok, Find...21:54
JLafont-laptopThe e-mail can be fake, it doesn't matter21:54
jsmillerI tried to go through Preferences, which seemed plausible, but it didn't have a way to create an account, just a connection.21:55
jsmillerthere's an unlabeled box between Password and Email.21:56
jsmillerdoes it need anything?21:56
JLafont-laptopI think its the verify password box21:57
jsmillerah, yes' that's the tooltip that shows up.21:57
jsmiller"did not specify which game you want to join"21:57
JLafont-laptopthat confuses me21:57
jsmillerG opens up the Game fold-out21:58
jsmillerso I can type in the game name21:58
jsmillerI'll try 'dronesec'21:58
JLafont-laptopIt might be for tpserver-cpp since It only allows a single game per server( at least as far I know)21:58
jsmillerService Unavailable?21:58
JLafont-laptopThat doesn't work as well21:58
JLafont-laptopI'm not sure why though21:58
JLafont-laptopits weird21:58
jsmillerI guess I could leave the game name off.21:58
JLafont-laptopit should be something like <name>@<game>21:59
jsmilleroh, oh, it wants the username to be an email21:59
jsmillerthat must be it21:59
jsmilleror something like that22:00
jsmillergak, service unavailable again22:00
jsmillerlet me know if you want me to mail you screenshots or anything22:00
JLafont-laptopoh yes please do22:00
JLafont-laptopanything you find to be hard to understand would be a great help22:01
jsmilleroh, weird, the username is "[email protected]", OK, that kind of makes sense now22:01
JLafont-laptopits a little hard to get around your head at first22:01
jsmilleryargh, back to Service Unavailable22:02
jsmillerOK, I'll take a shot of the client window22:02
jsmillerkeeps making me try the "Check" button after it fails, which I suppose kind of makes sense22:02
JLafont-laptopis it the right address?22:03
jsmillerworked as guest/guest22:03
jsmillerlet me try that again22:03
IwanowitchDoesn't seem to work for me as guest/guest.22:04
jsmillerjust failed for me22:04
jsmillerlogin failure22:04
IwanowitchWait, what's the game name?22:05
jsmillernot specified22:06
jsmillerdidn't need it for guest/guest before22:06
Iwanowitch[email protected] seems to work22:06
jsmillerall right22:06
jsmillerthat was it22:06
jsmillernow I'll try @tp for the game name when I try signing in22:06
IwanowitchHello blah overlord.22:06
jsmillerthat was from a guest login?22:07
jsmillerI could navigate the universe and find the blah overlord, but was greeted as a guest22:07
jsmiller"You own no objects" etc.22:07
IwanowitchYeah. yeah.22:07
IwanowitchI don't own it.22:08
Iwanowitchblah owns it.22:08
jsmilleroh, OK, I thought the game greeted you as the blah overlord22:08
JLafont-laptopoh no22:08
JLafont-laptophaha sorry22:08
JLafont-laptopIwanowitch is right22:08
JLafont-laptopblah overlord is a unit that is created for every non-guest player22:09
IwanowitchSo. Where is mithro? :/22:10
jsmillerkachunk, kachunk...22:10
jsmillerI think I'm in22:10
JLafont-laptopnot here22:10
IwanowitchYep, there is another player.22:10
jsmillerwhere is my overlord?22:10
IwanowitchQanitego system22:11
jsmilleraha, thanks22:11
jsmillerall right, should I sit tight for a little longer22:11
jsmilleror try and figure out how to write orders?22:11
jsmillercool, I have a pointy blue overlord22:12
jsmillerOK, I guess I'll have to look up the ruleset.  I recall repel, attract, move, stop, but I don't see any drones.22:14
jsmillerlet's see, how do I build drones?22:14
IwanowitchI'll just create a player too.22:14
IwanowitchThough I won't stick around long.22:14
IwanowitchYou can have fun crushing me when I'm not here. :P22:14
Iwanowitch"game is full"22:16
IwanowitchIt's only a 2 player game?22:16
IwanowitchOr what is going on?22:16
*** mithro has joined #tp22:17
jsmillermithro, are you going to join dronesec?22:18
mithrosorry I'm late22:18
mithromy internet is playing funny buggers22:18
jsmillerThe fish are nibbling the cables22:18
JLafont-laptopone sec22:19
JLafont-laptopwas yelling at my roomate :-P22:19
JLafont-laptopomg mithro22:19
JLafont-laptopyou are most Late!22:19
jsmillerJLafont: how big is the game? Iwanowitch said it was full.22:20
JLafont-laptopjsmiller, you create drones at the planets22:20
JLafont-laptoplemme check22:20
mithrohave you managed to play a game in my absense?22:20
JLafont-laptopwe were kind of getting to it22:21
JLafont-laptopBut without your leadership everything has crumbled :(22:21
jsmillerI found the "Produce Drones" order22:21
JLafont-laptopI'll remake the game. I'll give it enough slots for 10 people22:22
JLafont-laptop(unless someone takes one of the home planets)22:22
JLafont-laptopProduce Drones is your mainstay22:23
IwanowitchNetwork errors.22:23
jsmillerok, should I log out, or will it bounce me out when you remake?22:24
mithroIwanowitch: you might want to disable the intro movie22:24
JLafont-laptopIt should bounce you out22:24
IwanowitchIt definitely bounced me out. :P22:25
IwanowitchI think that was it anyway.22:25
* jsmiller is logged in.22:25
jsmillerI tried "Request End of Turn"22:25
jsmillerto see if it would do anything22:25
JLafont-laptopnew game just went up22:25
jsmillernothing obvious22:25
jsmillerso maybe I should sign out and reconnect?22:26
JLafont-laptoptry making an account and ending a turn22:26
Iwanowitch"Service unavalible."22:26
JLafont-laptopThats a question for mithro22:26
IwanowitchWhich is a misspelling. :P22:26
IwanowitchFirst bug found.22:26
JLafont-laptopCache  is a little unpredictaable22:26
JLafont-laptopCan I get a traceback(if there is one?(22:27
jsmillerhm, trying "Download the Universe"22:27
jsmillernothing much obvious going oin22:27
IwanowitchIt doesn't seem to want to create a new player.22:28
jsmillerswitch to "Connect To Server", which seems to make the previous universe view disappear.22:29
jsmillerall right, trying to reconnect now.. eh?22:29
JLafont-laptopI made it a 2 player game22:29
jsmillerI'll sit on my hands for a couple min22:29
JLafont-laptopI'll just do a random gane since I don't know how many people are coming22:30
IwanowitchOh well. I don't really have time anymore, I need to be able to do some work tomorrow.22:30
mithroJLafont: when I tried to create a user it returned "Service Unavailable" - maybe you should return a better error message? :)22:30
jsmillerI have some time, I'm on vacation this week.22:30
jsmiller(but leaving town tomorrow)22:30
JLafont-laptopI probably should22:30
JLafont-laptophave fun22:30
jsmillerheading for Yosemite National Park22:30
jsmillernow that the fires are out22:31
JLafont-laptophave fun22:31
CIA-32verhoevenv daneel-ai * r88a4e4365d09 / Added a small search algorithm to the testcases22:31
CIA-32verhoevenv daneel-ai * r21c4a97ad74e /rules-risk: Added rules for the AI. Still needs a bit of playtesting.22:31
jsmillerlet me know when dronesec is up again22:31
mithroI'll be back in 5 minutes22:32
IwanowitchHave fun playtesting people.22:33
*** Iwanowitch has quit IRC22:33
JLafont-laptopgood luck with the ai22:33
mithroJLafont: have you recreated the game with 3 players?22:37
JLafont-laptopI should have just made the game as random. And since its the first turn any new player will join any of the currently created planets22:38
JLafont-laptopgah I have to leave soon22:38
jsmillerOK, let me try signing in22:38
mithroJLafont: :(22:39
jsmillerdoes your server give you a nice log if you have to take off?22:39
mithroJLafont: I guess I could give jsmiller a game :)22:39
mithroJLafont: what is that yinyang thing?22:40
jsmillerhaving trouble logging in22:41
JLafont-laptopthe game called dronesecsrever (yeah is length sorry) should be up22:41
JLafont-laptopoh the ying yang is just a program called AMOR. I think its KDE based22:41
jsmillerGame is full22:42
jsmiller( ?22:42
jsmillerService unavalible22:42 : [email protected]22:43
mithrojsmiller: you wanted "[email protected]"22:43
jsmillersilly me22:44
jsmillerGame is full.22:44
*** zzorn_ has joined #tp22:44
JLafont-laptopI just made a new player22:45
mithroJLafont: you sure the game name is22:45
mithrodronesecsrever and not "dronesecserver" ?22:45
jsmillerI got a new account created under dronesecsrever [sic] but failed to log in.22:45
JLafont-laptopyeah its dronesecserver22:46
jsmillerback to dronesecserver then22:46
JLafont-laptopI didn't even realize I had spellled it wrong22:46
jsmillerService unavailable22:47
mithroI was able to create and connect22:47
jsmillerPlus the account creation seems to cut of the "m" in ".com" for, but I can fix it.22:47
jsmillermithro: what server address, game name, etc?22:47
mithro[email protected]22:48
jsmillerOK so far22:48
jsmiller[email protected]22:48
mithroI see a jsmiller in the game22:48
jsmillerusername already in use22:48
jsmillermaybe I need to just try connecting22:48
jsmillernope, bad login or something?22:49
jsmillermy head hurts22:49
jsmillerI guess I could try to create a new new account.22:49
mithrojsmiller: try this22:50
mithrostart the client with the following url22:50
mithro./tpclient-pywx tp://jsmiller:[email protected]/dronesecserver22:50
jsmillerall right22:50
jsmillerI'll try launching from the command line.22:51
mithro(make sure you replace the jsmillerpasswd with your password)22:51
jsmillertrying to figure out how to get to the script inside the MacOS executable bundle directory22:52
mithrojsmiller: oh? you are using the dmg bundle?22:52
jsmillerthat's right22:53
mithrooh you won't be able to start it up that way easily22:54
mithrobut you should be able to drag and drop the URL on the icon22:54
jsmillerIt seemed to sort of work, I get a connection dialog22:55
JLafont-laptophmm both mithro and jsmiller are in the game22:55
mithrois it all filled out?22:55
JLafont-laptopaaah damn, I think I am being kidnapped22:55
jsmillerlooks like it, oops, didn't fix the password22:56
jsmillerI'm in!22:56
jsmillerwow, why didn't that work just putting in the password after I created the account?22:56
jsmilleranyway, the client is up and logged in22:57
mithrowell you want to set your planet to start building some drones22:57
mithroand set your overlord to send them somewhere22:59
mithroJLafont: in your screencast the there seems to be a black bar across the bottom of your starmap?23:00
jsmillerOK.  I think I have the drone building orders in.23:00
jsmillerDo I need to move my overlord around to attract drones somewhere?23:00
mithrojust select your overlord23:01
jsmilleroh, so the overlord is just a handle on your global orders?23:01
mithrothen choose where you want to attract the drones too23:01
mithrothen you should be able to select EOT23:02
jsmillerall right23:03
jsmilleris there a magic button for EOT?  I used the "Request End of Turn" menu item.23:05
mithroI think we are stuffed now as we need JLafont to click EOT too and he has been abducted - I could try starting a server here23:06
mithroif you are up to playing a game just against me23:07
jsmillerFor research, I suppose.23:07
jsmillerFor the good of TP. :)23:07
jsmillerso dronesec doesn't have a turn timeout?23:08
jsmillerSo did you want to try setting up a dronesec game?23:09
mithroyes - doing now23:09
mithrojsmiller: tp://jsmiller:[email protected]/tp23:12
jsmillerall right23:12
mithroI have already created your user23:13
jsmillerok, loading23:13
jsmillerHave 23 objects to get23:13
jsmillerHave 8 categores23:13
jsmillerHave 33 designs23:13
jsmillerspin spin spin23:13
jsmillerOK, I'm in.  I see me as green and you as red.23:14
jsmillerseems slightly more lag when I save orders23:15
mithroyeah - I'm in Australia :)23:16
mithroand my internet has been playing funny buggers23:16
mithrowhen you request EOT it should generate the next turn in theory23:17
jsmillerhere it comes23:17
jsmillerkind of annoying that the universe disappears between turns23:17
jsmillerhow long does it take to produce drones?23:18
mithrodepends on how much they cost23:19
jsmillermaybe I didn't finish filling out the orders23:19
jsmillerlet me look again23:19
jsmillerI didn't choose a type23:19
jsmillerI just stacked a couple of Produce Drones orders with nothing in them.23:20
jsmillerIt looks like I can just fill them full of N drones of any type.23:20
jsmillerThe IRC logs may be useful to JLafont. :)23:21
mithrojsmiller: yes23:21
mithroI thought he had fixed that issue23:21
mithrobut I guess not23:21
jsmillerIf I just exactly followed his tutorial I would be OK.23:21
mithroI have never played dronesec myself :P23:22
jsmillerI seem to only be able to create 1 drone per ProduceDrones order, though the UI is mysteriously ambiguous on this point.23:23
mithroyes - that is a problem23:23
jsmillerhey wait a minute, the turn is over?23:23
mithrodid you request EOT?23:24
jsmillerno, well now I did23:26
jsmillerbut not when I was fussing with the drone orders23:26
jsmillerso it seems like the turns are running a step ahead somehow23:26
jsmilleranyway, maybe I am just confused23:29
mithrotell me when you click EOT23:31
jsmillerIn a sec.  I'm trying to figure out why I seem to own a new system but cannot give it orders.23:31
jsmillerCan you give orders to your 2nd system?23:32
mithrothe system goes green when you have control over it23:32
jsmillerright, I see that23:32
mithrobut not necessarily when you own all objects to the system23:33
mithro(control == you are the only one to have objects in that system)23:33
jsmillerOK, so I need to send more ships there perhaps23:33
mithrothat is my theory - I think only bombers claim a planet?23:34
jsmillerOK, requested EOT23:34
jsmillerI hope not, I'm in trouble if so23:35
jsmillerwiki doesn't say it's only bombers23:35
tpb<$KN> (at
mithroA planet is captured when enough units are present at that location. Once a certain "power" is present, the units will be removed and that planet will be captured and ready to be used for production.23:36
mithrolooks like you might be right23:37
jsmillerah, you lose the conquering army23:37
jsmillerI forgot that23:37
mithroI think it might be that only one of us needs to request EOT atm23:38
mithro(which I believe is a bug23:38
jsmillerme this time, I guess23:40
jsmillerKind of strange that the client UI has the appearance of a total restart every turn.23:41
jsmillerIncluding the tips. :)23:41
jsmillerall right, I keep doing "build" and "attract"23:43
jsmillerabout to do another request EOT23:43
jsmillerI wonder how many drones I have to stack up before I conquer a planet?23:45
mithroI have been wondering that too :P23:46
mithrojust about to restart the server23:47
jsmillerall right23:47
jsmillerstarting to get tired23:47
mithrothe game should come back right away23:47
mithro# To Capture a planet a conqueror must have 50 power more23:48
mithro# than all other players at that planet23:48
mithrojsmiller: where you able to reconnect?23:48
jsmillerI haven't been kicked off yet23:48
mithrooh - probably take a while for you to timeout23:49
mithrojust do a restart?23:49
jsmillerI tried "Download the Universe"23:49
jsmillersure, I'll sign out and back in23:49
jsmillerso the server is restarted but the game state is the same?23:50
mithrotpserver-py has persistence unlike tpserver-cpp :)23:52
mithroit can also support multiple games fro one server23:54
jsmillerI suspect I won't have enough energy to finish this game, given the speed so far.23:57
jsmillerIs there a good reason to restart the server in the middle of a game?23:59

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