Sunday, 2008-08-10

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mithrohey people02:33
shenkimi mithro02:36
shenkior hi02:36
mithroit gets quiet here on the weekends02:37
shenkiyes. the internets is quiet in general today02:37
shenkieveryone must be watching the olympics02:38
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mithrowe matched it on the projector here at Google03:11
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mithrodamn missed him04:56
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llnz_workmorning all16:56
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mithrohey people19:41
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mithromorning nash20:39
ezodmithro: hey - re: things - going better now, not so well all weekend :\20:42
ezodmithro: power and internet outages plagued us the past 2 days20:42
ezodlike, hours on end :(20:43
mithroI still don't have internet yet20:43
ezodbut i'm trying to catch up now20:43
mithrostill waiting on my ADSL modem20:43
ezodit's amazing how much harder programming is without google20:43
ezodor, you know, without power :P20:43
ezodmithro: been quite a long time now hasn't it?20:44
mithroabout 2 months20:44
mithroI'm going to have so much US TV to catch up on20:45
llnz_workmy flat has no internet access at all21:10
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llnz_worknot even a telephone (except for one room)21:11
mithrollnz_work: ?21:11
mithroyay, my ADSL modem turned up!21:46
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ezodmithro: ping?22:11
mithro~seen jmtan22:15
tpbmithro: jmtan was last seen in #tp 1 week, 5 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <jmtan> hi bddebian22:15
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