Thursday, 2008-08-07

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llnz_worklater all01:10
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jsmillerheading out.03:22
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ezodJLP: ping?11:23
tpb<> (at
ezodJLP: i can also send you ebuilds and tarballs so setting it up is a no-brainer11:34
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CIA-32aaron libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r5f5067be9e6e /tp/client/ Using self variables for sever/ruleset names and parameters.12:46
JLPezod: pong12:59
JLPezod: i've sent the reply to your e-mail12:59
JLPbasicly sayinf that people with XRC experince here are mithro and greywhind12:59
JLPso if mithro is too busy you could try and contact greywhind, else maybe some XRC mailing list/IRC channel people can help13:00
JLPbtw, i'll just have a late lunch and then i'll try to clone and compile all those config branches and try them out13:01
ezodJLP: thanks13:01
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llnz_workmorning all16:59
JLPllnz_work: morning17:08
llnz_workhi JLP17:21
* llnz_work has meetings all morning17:22
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CIA-32nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r411ffa0a13db /modules/games/tae/ (move.h taeturn.cpp): Fixed bug where leaders were not properly removed after combat.19:30
CIA-32nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r967fbcabd41d /modules/games/tae/taeturn.cpp:19:30
CIA-32Fixed a bug which caused newly refilled colonist ships to not be flagged19:30
CIA-32for combat during a combat turn.19:30
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mithroezod: ping?20:01
mithroJLafont: ping?20:21
JLafontmithro: pong20:22
mithrohow goes things?20:26
JLafontNot bad. It is actually raining around here so I don't feel like I'm melting20:27
mithroI saw your email about the permission denied20:29
mithrobut I have NFI20:29
JLafontahh damn20:29
mithrothis is in cygwin right?20:30
mithrocould it actually be a permissions problem?20:36
mithroIE is the file accidently marked read-only or something?20:36
JLafontI think its trying to create a file20:37
mithroany idea what file it is trying to create?20:42
mithrodo you have any outstanding issues?20:46
JLafontI think its tp.db20:47
JLafontnot particularly20:47
mithrodoes tp.db already exist?20:48
mithrodoes the directory where it's creating it exist?20:48
JLafontIt does not exist20:48
JLafontand the directory should exist. Its supposed to create it on the same directory20:48
mithrohave you ever used a strace / ltrace ?20:57
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mithroI'm not sure they work under cygwin21:03
mithrobut they let you trace the system calls (or library calls) that a system is making21:03
mithroit's a great way to see what and where it is trying to create a file21:03
mithrojust do a21:03
mithrostrace python <thing to run>21:03
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mithroBtw your instructions leave something to be desired21:04
mithroscreenshots and similar which show people what they should be seeing are highly recommended21:05
JLafontYeah it was just the first draft21:09
mithroso any other problems?21:18
mithrodid you attempt any of the screencast stuff?21:18
JLafontI found out it was harder than I thought21:18
JLafontNeed to write a script21:18
mithrodid you play any more games?21:20
JLafontI was trying to just wing it. And well it was rather painful. I'm writing a script now though. Will start with tpserver-py installations and then go for Dronesec vids21:20
mithroI still think the cache problem you are having is caused by incorrect modtime rather then problems in tpclient-pywx itself21:21
JLafontHaven't been able to. Might be able to get one this weekend. People have been busy21:21
mithroJLafont: I noticed that you have not committed anything else this week?21:21
mithro(Last commit was on Sunday)21:21
mithroI have also been looking at the comments and I don't think they are going in the right direction - They should be explaining *why* you are doing something a given way21:22
mithro+                               # A "Balanced" map would be equal for all players in game21:23
mithro                                size = SIZE * numPlanets * numPlayers21:23
mithro                                divisions = (2.0 * math.pi)/numPlayers21:23
mithrotake that comment - what does that mean?21:24
mithro# When balancing a map we need to work out the number of planets each player will be given21:24
JLafontYeah I went back through the whole thing and added much more information that will hopefully clear things up21:25
mithrowhat is size? - how big a player's fleet is?21:25
JLafontin that case its the size of the Universe21:26
mithrototal number of planets?21:26
mithrototalNumberOfPlanets = SIZE * numPlanets * numPlayers ?21:27
JLafontIts the maximum distance from the center of the universe that a planet can be21:29
JLafontso I guess maxDistFromCenter21:29
JLafontshouldn't the onupdate clause on the SQL classes take care of the datetime?21:30
mithroJLafont: in theory21:30
mithronow is a good time to test the theory :P21:31
JLafontThey don't work on SQLlite21:31
mithroJLafont: well - looks like you might have to force it as part of the save procedure then21:35
mithroI would like to organise a game of DroneSec against you sometime21:44
mithroin theory I should have internet today21:44
mithroezod: you have email21:45
mithroJLafont: you having any other problems?21:47
mithroDid you get a chance to look at jphr's screencasts?21:47
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JLafontThats fine21:57
JLafontNo other problems right now21:57
JLafontand yeah, I think I saw his latest screencast when you first mentioned them to me21:57
tpbTitle: Hammer of Code » a wrap? (at
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ezodmithro: thanks, a quick look suggests this should be very helpful22:00
mithroJLP: ping?22:19
JLPmithro: pong22:22
mithroJLP: what was that higher quality video website you had again?22:22
JLPmithro: i think22:22
mithroI thought it had a v in it's name22:23
ezodmithro: responded to email - another question :\22:23
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec on (at
mithrovimeo was the one I was thinking off22:24
mithroblip does look better however22:24
mithroezod: replied22:27
ezodmithro: ok, i'll get on this22:28
ezodmithro: thanks again22:29
mithrono problems22:29
* JLP has a bad feeling he forgot to pack something22:30
* JLP heads of to the airport22:34
JLPsee you all when i get to belgium22:35
ezodbon voyage22:35

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