Thursday, 2008-06-12

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mithro~seen llnz00:06
tpbmithro: llnz was last seen in #tp 15 hours and 24 seconds ago: <llnz> later all00:06
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CIA-30mithro libtpproto-py * re75d2ad02b90 /tp/netlib/ Added nested list support to the xstruct code.00:52
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mithrohey pluskid02:34
pluskidhi mithro02:34
mithrohow goes things?02:35
* mithro flys back to Australia tommorrow02:35
pluskidI'm looking at tpserver-py02:35
pluskidI think I should setup the environment to run it02:36
pluskidIs there some guide on such things?02:37
pluskidI found "This is a quick example server which doesn't do to much. " in the README, is it a complete server? Can I connect to it through some tp-client once I have set it up?02:38
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mithropluskid: yes you can02:43
pluskidmithro: cool, I'll try to figure it out.02:44
mithrorm tp.db02:44
mithro./tpserver-py-tool --addgame tp minisecplus [email protected] "A test game"02:44
mithro./tpserver-py-tool --adduser tp tpsai-py cannonfodder02:44
mithro./tpserver-py-tool --populate tp 0 1 1 2 202:44
mithro./tpserver-py-tool --turn tp # generate a turn02:45
mithro./tpserver-py # run the actual server02:45
pluskidhmm, maybe I should setup the database support first.02:45
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mithroyou don't need to02:59
mithroas it can use a local sqlite database02:59
mithrowhich is automatically creates if it can't find another database02:59
pluskidat least I should install pysqlite, shouldn't I? :p03:01
mithroif you do a03:02
mithropython requirements.py03:03
mithroit should tell you want you need03:03
pluskidI'm installing tpproto-py03:04
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pluskidfinally got libtpproto-py installed, I hate easy_install03:37
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pluskidmithro: I can't get to pass. I installed libtpproto-py. But when it trys to import tp.netlib, it found the "tp" module in the current directory first, but there's not "netlib" module in the "tp" directory of current directory.03:44
pluskidshould I copy the code of libtpproto-py to the tpserver-py directory to run it?03:45
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* llnz wanders off09:14
llnzlater all09:14
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jphrhows dronesec going?13:37
JLafontnot too bad13:39
JLafontonce I get combat up I can call it minisec-wannabe13:40
JLafonthows risk?13:41
jphrreally good, I have the game up and running with a test map13:42
jphrafter I get all the kinks out I can start on my map importer. I'm planning to let users specify an xml file with the map in it, and have the map get created.13:43
JLafontnot a bad idea13:44
jphrits almost required :P Hard coding in all the adjacencies of my default map is just silly, there are 42 planets and somewhere around 100 adjacencies13:44
JLafonthaha yeah. I can see that. I get to be lazy and randomly generate everything13:45
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CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rcf817481aa76 /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Avoid a possible underflow if maxUnits was = 016:00
CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r6205db971b7b /modules/games/risk/ (graph.cpp graph.h risk.cpp): Some modifications to style and code as per mentor request.16:00
CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r4f92fdfddc2c /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp move.h): Added proper messaging to Move::doTurn. Bus error ATM16:00
CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r15d3c10e53a4 /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp risk.cpp): Changed a Null check to a .end() check.16:00
CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rbaef00f0f51e /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Added TODOs16:02
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jphrmithro: can I ask you about a segfault quickly?16:37
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mithrojphr: sure17:04
jphrI have a message, and a string called example, i set example = "test string"; and then message->getSubject(example);17:04
jphrwhen the code gets executed it segfaults17:05
jphrtypo there17:05
jphrbut not in the code (i just checked)17:06
mithrono idea17:06
mithroare you asserting that message is non-null17:06
jphri will make sure I am17:07
jphrok, so I have Message* originMessage; and after that assert(originMessage);17:09
jphrand it gets as far as the logger call one line before originMessage->setSubject(originSubject);17:10
jphr(important to note that the logger call outputs originSubject, and in my case it does output the correct originSubject)17:10
mithroassert originSubject is not null?17:12
jphrI can do that as well, i do set originSubject = "test subject"; when I make it though17:13
jphrno go17:17
jphrdo you want a gdb bt? or anything else?17:18
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CIA-30nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * rdff1cdee8756 /modules/games/tae/ (fleet.cpp fleet.h tae.cpp): Added a function to add individual orders to the fleet object.17:49
CIA-30nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r163fe41ae940 /modules/games/tae/ ( move.cpp move.h tae.cpp): Added the move order.17:49
CIA-30nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r0bbb7b7b5ade /modules/games/tae/ ( attack.cpp attack.h tae.cpp): Added the attack order.17:49
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mithrohi JLafont19:19
mithrohow goes things?19:19
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llnzhi all23:53

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