Wednesday, 2008-06-11

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xdotxnash:  "A likely story." - for some reason that cracked me up02:29
nashxdotx: Unfortunately it's a cliche for me ;-) I need more witicisms ;-)  But thank you.02:30
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* llnz wanders off09:06
llnzlater all09:06
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CIA-30victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r5a84026b833c / (3 files in 2 dirs): cleaned repo from garbage.10:06
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mithro_morning people11:14
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* ezod has very limited net access in boston :(12:28
CIA-30jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rbc55329ef821 /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp move.h riskturn.cpp): implemented Move::targetPlanetAlsoAttacking() and now testing it.12:29
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mithrohow is everyone today?13:11
mithrojphr_: how goes things?13:11
jphr_mithro: good, just wrastlin with my move order13:11
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mithro_well that is the second time my comptuer has crashed in two days13:27
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JLafontmaybe its possessed13:27
JLafontmithro: I have a question about Orders13:28
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mithro_okay shoot13:29
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JLafontIs there anywhere were the current ordertypes are defined? Can I define my own order types? And how can I change the displayed name of an order.13:29
mithrois anyone else having trouble pinging
mithroJLafont: on the server, yes and yes13:30
JLafontCan you point me to where that might be?13:31
JLafontmithro: It pinged13:31
mithrowhat time of response are you getting?13:31
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/tpserver-py$ find -name orders13:33
JLafontat first it was around 800ms, but it just went down to 100s13:33
JLafontI meant as in what the typeno's mean13:33
mithrowhat do you mean?13:33
JLafontLike order of typeno 1 is a move order. And any order that has that same number will have that name.13:33
JLafontBuild Fleet iis typeno 213:33
mithroJLafont: each order should have their own typeno13:34
mithroeven if they have the same name13:34
mithroif they have different attributes, they should be different typeno13:35
JLafontok. Well, in this case they have the same attributes.13:36
mithroif they are different in any way, then you should use a different typeno13:36
JLafontDo typenos have to be sequential?13:36
mithroJLafont: nope13:37
mithrotechnically they only have to be unquie in a ruleset, but it's a bitch to debug otherwise13:37
JLafontahh ok13:38
mithroand there are not that many rulesets yet13:39
mithrooh, you might want to remove your cache file (~/.tp/cache.*) after you change any order13:40
JLafontThat will help13:40
mithrojust to make sure that you get the latest information13:41
JLafontAnd how do I change an orders name?13:41
mithroit's the class name13:42
mithroI think there might be a "name" property you can set, but I forget now13:42
mithrobtw - you understand the attribute stuff?13:42
JLafontI understand the order arguments and how they should be defined.13:44
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mithroJLafont: that is pretty much what the attribute dictionary defines13:54
mithroattributes = {\13:54
mithro'fleet': Order.Attribute("fleet", -1, 'protected', type=netlib.objects.constants.ARG_OBJECT,13:54
mithrodesc="Fleet to merge with.")13:54
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mithroattributes define both stuff which goes into the database and stuff which goes into the order frame13:56
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JLafontyeah I've figured as much so far13:57
mithrowhen TP04 support is added to the server, it will also define how the extra data for objects too13:57
mithroyou understand the difference between public, private and protected attributes?14:00
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mithroJLafont: okay - explain it too me then :)14:02
JLafontyeah, I think I do. Like OO objects in C++?14:02
mithronope! :)14:04
JLafontprivate = only member functions can access, protected = iinheritors can access, public = anyone can acess.14:04
mithropython does not have that type of concept14:04
mithropublic = attribute is sent without any changes as part of the order frame14:05
mithroprotected = attribute is sent through the fn_<> function before being made part of the order frame14:05
mithroprivate = attribute is not part of the order frame14:05
JLafontahh ok14:06
mithroso you use private stuff to have something which gets stored in the database but not sent as part of the order frame14:07
mithroprotected is used where the format required by the order frame is different from the internal format you want to use14:07
JLafontI see14:08
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mithroFleet is a good example of a protected attribute14:13
mithrobut I have to run now14:13
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mithro~seen jphr19:37
tpbmithro: jphr was last seen in #tp 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <jphr> morning19:37
* mithro ponders what the logs missed :(19:38
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mithronash: I doubt it :)20:24
nashmithro: I'd go see an optometrist then20:24
mithroI'm pretty unhappy with this computer :(20:27
nashWhat else is wrong with it?20:29
mithroit's a Sony Vaio :)20:31
mithrothings don't work and it's already starting to fall apart20:31
mithroall the rubber feet off the bottom of the device have already fallen off :(20:32
mithroit runs hot and slow20:32
nashweird... my vaio is 4 years old, and still runs perfectly20:33
mithroit's crashed twice in the last two days :(20:33
mithroatleast the battery life is pretty good20:34
nashActually that's the one thing I'd complain about ;-)20:34
mithroi'm getting about 9-10 hours20:35
nashI get 6 if I'm careful20:35
nashwatching dvd I get 2.520:35
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mithroI get about 8 watching DivX videos20:54
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CIA-30mithro libtpproto-py * r13a34b50b94b /tp/netlib/objects/ Fixed the extra data exception.21:22
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