Tuesday, 2008-06-03

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mithrowell I'm heading to bed00:12
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CIA-54jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r7e0f8c3ed5bf / (3 files in 2 dirs): Interface tweaks to make labels sharper and align buttons05:47
CIA-54jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r5817bf0ec1dc /src/Scene.py: Extract updateObjectIndex and calculateRadialPosition methods from the large create() method05:47
CIA-54jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r91f27044637b / (10 files in 3 dirs): Added starry background05:47
CIA-54jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rc04b0d90b982 /src/ (Scene.py tpclient-pyogre): Added more docstrings and a couple of minor fixes05:47
CIA-54jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rc211e3a43509 /src/ (Scene.py starmap.py): Extract the Starmap class from StarmapScene05:47
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* jotham has been going good on battleviewer08:23
jothamhey llnz08:23
llnzhi jotham08:23
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* jotham sleeps08:43
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* llnz decides on crystal space09:12
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* llnz wanders off10:13
llnzlater all10:13
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mithromorning jphr11:02
jphrgoood morning11:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r44ed8fef8d23 /schemepy/mzscheme/ (init_mz.py mzhelper.c mzscheme.py): Test case of test_bool passed for immobile wrapped SCM.11:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r399bde837924 /schemepy/mzscheme/ (init_mz.py mzscheme.py): int and long test case passed for 3m mz.11:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * rd5e608eaab31 /schemepy/mzscheme/init_mz.py: float and complex test case passed for 3m mz.11:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r05a23bfbe61d /schemepy/mzscheme/ (init_mz.py mzscheme.py): string test case passed for 3m mz.11:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r2c79c0d91a5e /schemepy/mzscheme/ (init_mz.py mzscheme.py): symbol, list, dict and cons test case passed for 3m mz.11:04
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r607402366dd5 /schemepy/mzscheme/ (init_mz.py mzscheme.py): All test cases in schemepy passed for 3m mz.11:04
jphrmithro: so how long is the talk you'll be doing11:05
mithroabout 45 minutes11:05
jphroh wow11:05
jphrlive or will it be up on youtube shortly after?11:05
mithroit will be up on youtube "sometime" after11:06
jphrwell I look forward to it11:07
mithroafter it's been edited to remove things which are not appropriate for the Internet :)11:07
jphrof course11:07
mithro~seen JLafont11:11
tpbmithro: JLafont was last seen in #tp 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <JLafont> hmm somehow this does not appear to be what I told git to do :(11:11
jphrhey, I have a bit of a scheme for which objects are represented by which id's. OO-wise, whats the best way for me to move that information around? I would think it would be incorrect to just use the scheme without "getting" the information from somewhere else11:13
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jphrhmm, one moment, just thinking about order processing. I don't think I will necessarily NEED to use the scheme. Unless I decide to do more advanced order processing... i.e. territory with more adjacent territories go last sort of thing11:17
pluskidmithro: ping11:17
mithropluskid: pong!11:17
pluskidmithro: is there any problem on my last pushing?11:18
mithronope, it's fine :)11:18
mithrostill a good idea to be on IRC when you push anyway11:18
pluskidyes, I'll remember that11:18
mithroso, I see you figure out the imbolie stuff yourself :)11:19
pluskidyes, by experimenting. :p11:20
mithropluskid: so, I see that most of the tests pass now :)11:21
mithro(I still get two E's and one F)11:21
pluskidme too11:21
pluskidcan't make it better currently11:21
pluskidthose are such test cases I removed before :p11:22
mithroahh :)11:22
mithrodo you know if there is a "quite mode" which just outputs the name of each test which doesn't pass (rather then all the information about why it doesn't pass)11:22
pluskid-q should do, but seem not work11:24
mithrodoesn't worry to much :)11:25
mithroso what is the plan now?11:25
pluskidhmm, let me check the status report11:25
mithrowe need a webpage sometime soon11:26
pluskidOh, maybe I'll look at PyPy Scheme parser a bit. Just received Jakub's mail11:26
pluskidHmm, that's true11:27
pluskidI'll add the homepage task to todo11:27
mithroit shouldn't take to long :)11:27
pluskidI'm also planing some uniformed doc for those methods of VM and such such11:28
mithrojust something simple11:28
mithrosounds good11:28
mithroI think we need to start trying to find a good logo :)11:28
pluskiddocstring in different backend are different11:28
mithromaybe a Python snake made out of braces :)11:28
pluskidsounds good11:28
pluskidis the TP logo designed by you?11:29
pluskidI like it very much.11:29
mithrono, it was designed by zzorn11:29
mithroor maybe we could have a snake which has swallowed a bunch of scheme logos11:30
jphrmithro: if no new objects are created, do I need to setPlayerVisibleObjects every turn?11:30
mithrojphr: NFI :)11:30
pluskidhow can we see those swallowed logos in the stomach ? :p11:31
CIA-54aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r3461e5bd60e7 /tpserver/commandmanager.cpp: Added full basic command set (commands with parameters are disabled).11:31
mithropluskid: depends on who draws it :)11:32
mithroanyway put it on todo :)11:33
pluskidmithro: I remember you gave me an example of a simple homepage before, what's it? I can't find it now.11:40
mithroI think it was the libmng-py homepage11:41
pluskidgot it :)11:42
pluskidshould we use the url like http://git.thousandparsec.net/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=libmng-py.git;a=blob_plain;f=doc/index.html;hb=HEAD ?11:43
tpb<http://ln-s.net/1u7z> (at git.thousandparsec.net)11:43
pluskidmaybe shorter one ?11:43
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r924b93e529b5 /doc/log_book/todo/ (3 files): Added tasks: homepage, API doc and logo11:48
mithropluskid: sure11:49
mithroI can setup a schemepy.thousandparsec.net or www.thousandparsec.net/schemepy11:50
mithrowhich do you prefer?11:50
CIA-54aaron documents * re54464acadfb /protocol/admin.xml: Added help field to Command Description frame.11:50
mithrofirst or second :)11:50
mithroI'll set it up later today11:51
pluskidhowever, don't bother until I created the simple page :)11:51
pluskidI think the homepage may include short changelogs and links to documents11:51
pluskidgoing to bed now, good night everybody!11:53
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CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r2a2cfd11c1a1 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h riskturn.cpp riskturn.h): Added generic order processing to RiskTurn. Added class variable matrix, a boost adjacency matrix to Risk(to be converted to list.) Added many tags to source.12:09
* zzorn waves12:16
ezodcan anyone tell me what the structure of a parameter looks like? e.g., the parameters in an Order frame12:23
ezodis it just the parameter type followed by the parameter data?12:23
ezodbetter yet, does this sound correct:12:24
ezodi'm expecting a string parameter, so i unpack an int, verify that it's a string parameter type, then unpack a string12:25
mithrohey zzorn12:27
mithrowant to do a schemepy logo? :)12:27
mithroyou did such a great job at the Thousand Parsec logo12:27
mithroezod: not quite12:28
ezodmithro: what's missing?12:32
zzornhi mithro12:32
zzornThanks :)  What's schemepy?12:32
mithroI have no idea what that line means -> i'm expecting a string parameter, so i unpack an int, verify that it's a string parameter type, then unpack a string12:32
mithrozzorn: it's a project which lets you embedded scheme in Python12:33
ezodso i have a command frame type similar to the order frame12:33
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * re0900e1e817c /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp move.h risk.h): Added some more tags, most notably a FIXME, the branch won't compile at present because a boost include isn't correct12:33
mithromy two suggestions where12:33
mithroa Python which had swallowed a bunch of Scheme logo's12:33
mithroa Python made totally about of braces12:33
ezodpart of the command frame is a list of parameters12:34
zzornSounds a bit complicated :P12:34
ezodfrom what i can tell, it starts with an int specifying the number of params12:34
mithrozzorn: scheme is famous for it's excessive amount of braces12:34
ezodthen a sequence of parameters12:34
zzornah, right.  It's related to lisp.12:35
mithroezod: yes12:35
mithrozzorn: it's "simple" lisp12:35
ezodok, it's the individual parameters in the sequence, i don't know what they look like12:35
ezodmy assumption was an int for the type, then whatever data the type specifies (string, 3 ints, whatever)12:36
mithroyou are talking about OrderDesc like frames?12:36
ezodno, the orders themselves12:36
ezodthe desc part i've got12:36
mithrooh, the orderdescs describe how the orders are structured12:37
mithrofor example, in the python library12:37
* zzorn is a bit busy translating pirate party propaganda atm :) Maybe see if you can find some other artist. A python carrying some braces on its back sounds good to me, like this: -._((_))_,[email protected] :)12:37
mithrofor a normal frame I have a "unpack string" which tells the unpacker how to extra the data12:37
mithroIE "IS[ISS]"12:38
mithroso when I get a OrderDesc frame, I build an unpack string for the order12:38
ezodright, now the piece im looking for, is how do you actually do the unpacking? :)12:39
mithroI have a function which kind of works like printf12:39
mithrocall xstruct.unpack12:39
ezodsuppose you had a parameter that was just a single string12:39
ezodwhat do you need to unpack?12:39
mithrofirst you get 4 bytes, convert it to an interger (which I'm going to call X) and then the string is the next x bytes long12:40
mithroso a "packed" string is - 4bytes+len(string)12:40
ezodwell there's already a string unpacker in tpserver-cpp12:41
ezodso that's fine12:41
ezodbut that's it though? all there is is the string?12:41
mithroezod: yes12:41
mithrothere isn't anything which says "this is a string"12:41
mithroit's not like xml which might look like12:41
mithro<string length=4>ssss</string>12:42
mithroit is12:42
ezodwell just cause in the xml spec there's an enumeration of the different possible parameter types..12:42
mithro0x00 0x00 0x00 0x04 s s s s12:42
ezodbut i guess if you already know what you're looking for from the desc..12:42
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ezodso a command frame might look like: int type, int numparams, [...]12:44
mithroyes, most of the frames you know the format (from the protocol specification)12:44
ezodwhere [...] is just a mash of stuff that you only know the structure of from the desc12:44
ezodalright cool, thanks :)12:45
ezodoh and just to make sure12:46
ezodthat int numparams *is* in there?12:46
ezodbecause it would seem by the same token you wouldn't need it12:48
mithroint "numparams" does not exist12:48
mithroit should be "int number of extra bytes"12:48
ezodtotal for the whole parameter list?12:49
mithrooh wait, you don't even need that12:49
ezodthat's what i was thinking12:49
mithroas we have a size for the whole frame12:50
ezodso just.. toss the parameter data onto the end12:50
mithroyou probably want some common parts between all command frames12:50
ezodother than the params, which many commands don't have, all i need to know is a type id12:51
mithroI guess so12:55
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mithroJLafont: ping?13:25
JLafontmithro: pong13:26
mithroso I have 30 minutes13:26
mithrodo you want to go through this git stuff and make sure it's all good and yummy?13:27
JLafontyes please13:27
mithroso where are we at?13:28
mithrodo we want to start from the beginning?13:28
mithrostep, create a branch from d556aa10f45ec66ef22b2a3edd60c3c93be2a74d, which is where "master" is currently set at13:29
mithrogit branch dronesec-new d556aa10f45ec66ef22b2a3edd60c3c93be2a74d13:30
mithrothat make sense?13:30
mithronow we need to cherry pick the first patch on dronesec branch without doing a direct commit13:30
mithrobut first we want to revert our working copy back to our new dronsec-new branch13:31
mithroso we do a13:31
mithrogit checkout dronesec-new13:32
mithrothat okay?13:32
CIA-54aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r24bcc1ce77b0 /tpserver/ (command.cpp command.h commandmanager.cpp): Added command parameters; enabled commands with parameters.13:33
mithroso we open up gitk13:34
mithroand see we see the first patch we want to cherry pick is13:34
mithroso we do a13:34
mithrogit cherry-pick -n b28162b3138b2d452880de66135e3f6e53bfbd8e13:35
mithrogit diff --cached # this should show the cherry-picked patch13:35
mithrowhen looking at the patch, we go "oh crap, the TODO item should have had a 'Clean up git' item"13:36
mithroso we edit the TODO file13:37
mithroand add in the TODO item13:37
mithrogit diff # this should show the changes we have made but yet to add to the patch13:37
mithrooh, lets remove the "Code production" todo item too13:38
mithroso git diff should show two changes, right?13:38
mithroif you do a13:39
mithrogit diff --cached # this should still show the old cherry-picked patch13:39
mithrookay, so now lets do a "git add TODO"13:40
mithrogit diff # This should show nothing right?13:40
mithrobut if you do a13:41
mithrogit diff --cached # the patch should now look different13:41
mithroyou see the "Code production" line is gone and the new line is added13:41
mithroso we are happy with this patch now13:42
mithroso we are going to commit it13:42
mithrowe have a choice13:42
mithrodo we want to use the commit message from the commit we cherry picked?13:43
mithroif so13:43
mithrowe do13:43
mithrogit commit -c <commit id>13:43
mithroin this case13:43
mithrogit commit -c b28162b3138b2d452880de66135e3f6e53bfbd8e13:43
mithrothis will then pop-up an editor for you to modify the message13:44
mithrothat all done?13:44
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rb28162b3138b /TODO:13:47
CIA-54Testing git. Added some small tasks on the Todo13:47
CIA-54Signed-off-by: Juan Lafont <[email protected](none)>13:47
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r375b778e579e /tp/server/ (15 files in 6 dirs):13:47
CIA-54Dronesec init. PlanetGenerator Added13:47
CIA-54Just a copy of minisec with some small changes so far.13:47
CIA-54Previously made PlanetGenerator also added.13:47
CIA-54Signed-off-by: Juan Lafont <[email protected]>13:47
JLafontI am confusd :(13:47
mithroof FFS13:47
JLafontI haven't pushed anything13:47
mithrothat was my fault13:47
JLafontahhh ok13:47
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rdb4659b4c420 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/drones/Dronepedia.py: Fixed Dronepedia to work with tpserver-py and standalone13:47
mithrogit-push is where everything goes wrong :)13:47
JLafontthought I messed up again13:47
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * re08dbcd09806 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/__init__.py: Popuate and new players added ignore systems13:47
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r8471b8f8123f /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Dronepedia implemented to work correctly. Should have turns come out infallibly.13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rb19f60cd44da /tp/server/utils/planetGenerator.py: Fixes to the PlanetGenerator13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r9542b086b700 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (__init__.py objects/Drone.py orders/ProduceDrones.py): Cleaned up drone productions13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rc417cc6a4599 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (__init__.py actions/AddResource.py objects/Planet.py): Planets produce resources13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rff37a64e23f1 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Fixed bug with drones. Was causing packets to be invalid13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r2abd80f3dddf /tp/server/rules/dronesec/orders/ProduceDrones.py: Cleaned up Dronesec to us the Fleet module.13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r857edd944428 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/__init__.py: Removed Fleet Combat from the order list to make it simpler to debug the ruleset13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r1697e6f2d843 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/Planet.py: Copied base Planet code into dronesec Planet code13:48
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r60f5cf9cf398 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Converted from spaces to Tabs13:49
mithroJLafont: okay13:50
mithroso now we want to push our branch13:50
mithroso we do a13:50
mithrogit push git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpserver-py.git <branchname>13:51
mithroI just did a13:52
mithrogit push git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpserver-py.git dronesec-new13:52
mithroand you can now see the new dronesec-new branch I created13:52
mithroonce you are happy with the branch13:52
mithroyou ping me13:52
mithroand I nuke the old one from the server13:52
mithroall make sense?13:53
JLafontone question. Do I just cherry pick through each patch until the top?13:53
mithroyou may get some conflicts13:54
mithroyou will need to resolve them and update the patch13:54
mithroanyway I have to run13:54
mithrosee ya!13:54
JLafontsee ya later13:54
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mithro~seen jotham14:06
tpbmithro: jotham was last seen in #tp 5 hours, 23 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: * jotham sleeps14:06
*** Epyon has joined #tp14:24
mithrohey Epyon14:26
mithrodid you get my messages yesterday?14:26
EpyonAbout the client?14:27
EpyonYeah, but I'd like to see some screenies :)14:27
mithroI gave you a link to the blog which has screenshots14:27
EpyonCould you give it again? I must have lost the msg14:29
tpbTitle: Dev Hobby (at devhobby.blogspot.com)14:30
EpyonLooks good!14:30
mithrothe whole point of that client is to "Look good" :)14:31
mithroOGRE + Python14:31
mithroso it uses all the python support libraries14:31
mithrowhich is how he has an almost functional client after only a week or two worth of work14:31
EpyonTrue, but also a lot of dependencies :/14:31
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd7d3ecdbb65c /modules/games/risk/ (6 files): Added a lot of pseudo code in the form of comments to the 3 orders: Move, Reinforce, Colonize.14:32
EpyonBe sure to have a "one-click" installer14:32
mithroEpyon: yes14:33
mithrowe already have one for Windows14:33
mithroI'm working on packages for ubuntu/debian14:33
mithroMac will come when greywhind figures out how to build ogre+pyogre on Mac14:33
mithrowe can reuse a lot of the packaging stuff from tpclient-pywx14:34
mithroEpyon: his nick is jmtam14:40
mithroit would be good if you could help him in regards of getting cool media into the client14:41
mithrospecially your cool models14:42
*** nuleren has joined #tp15:00
mithrohello nuleren15:00
mithrohow goes everything?15:00
mithronuleren: who is your mentor?15:01
nulereneverything goes well so far15:01
nulerenmithro: llnz15:01
mithroI want to give you some feedback on your last status report15:01
mithrobut I don't have time this very second (I'm in a meeting)15:02
nulerenahhh ok15:02
nulerengood luck at the google talk by the way15:02
mithroStatus reports do contain "what I do this week", but more importantly15:03
mithrothey should contain your reflections on what you did. How did things go?15:03
mithroWhat is frustrating you and why? How do you hope to resolve this in the15:03
mithrofuture? What went well?15:03
mithroIt also lets you evaluate weather you have been spending enough time on15:03
mithroSummer of Code or not and how you are progressing.15:03
mithroI had some discussion with JLafont about his status report, you can find15:03
mithrologs at15:03
mithroI also chatted with jphr about his status report, you can find logs at15:03
mithrothat is from an email I sent out to a student15:03
nulerenok, I'll check those out15:04
mithrosorry about the wrapping15:06
mithrohow are you going? We have not heard a lot of questions and stuff from you15:11
nulerenwell, everything thus I've been able to get a grasp on fairly well... I tend to try to tinker around with code a bit before I ask questions...15:14
nulerenI'm starting to get into orders and designs and I'm definitely going to have some questions about how they work15:15
mithroasking questions is a good because it lets the other students also understand15:15
nulerenok, yeah it's something I15:15
nulerenwhoops didnt mean to hit enter there15:15
nulerenit's something I've gotta work on15:16
nulerenI'll try to throw out more questions as I go15:16
nulerenis the mailing list usually the best place for questions?15:17
mithroor here on IRC15:17
mithrowe can always link to the logs15:18
*** jphr__ has joined #tp15:21
mithrow jphr__15:21
jphrhmm? thats my other computer15:22
mithroI thought you had been disconnected and had just reconnected15:22
*** jphr__ has quit IRC15:22
jphrjust setting up the client on my box, my wife finally let me switch our house over to complete *nix systems15:23
jphryes very, its been a bit of a chore setting everything up properly, but far easier to maintain in the long run15:24
mithronuleren: lots of blog posts are also a good way to give us an idea of how you are going15:30
mithrowell I have to head out15:32
*** jphr has left #tp15:35
*** jphr_ has joined #tp15:38
*** jphr has joined #tp15:39
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r0095e968e7b4 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Commented out boost/graphs library import and class variable in Risk class until import is fixed15:42
*** mithro has quit IRC15:49
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CIA-54aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r986d31069dec /tpserver/asynclogmessage.h: Fixed improper header definition.17:15
*** zzorn has quit IRC17:22
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*** nash has joined #tp19:02
mithrohey nash19:14
nashheyo mithro19:15
mithrohow goes life?19:15
nashHow was your talk?19:15
nashI'm okay19:15
mithrotalk happens on Thursday19:15
nash Anyway... time for a dumbarse meeting to answer my questions19:22
nashShame I don't have any questions...19:22
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*** Epyon has joined #tp20:32
mithroheading out now20:41
mithrosee ya!20:41
nashhave fun20:46
*** mithro has quit IRC20:57
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CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r39beb3f64f62 /.gitignore: Added another pattern to ignore in .gitignore22:40
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r7559e12973e4 /tpproto/ (Makefile.am connection.cpp connection.h): Added Connection class to handle when socket is ready.22:40
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r8d383a242c90 /tpproto/ (5 files):22:40
CIA-54Reworked TPSocket to interact with toolkits better and be more general.22:40
CIA-54Also figured that Connection was taking ownership of TPSockets where22:40
CIA-54it shouldn't have been.22:40
CIA-54Build currently broken.22:40
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * rc6b263687423 /.gitignore: Another pattern to ignore.22:41
llnzhere comes the flood22:41
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r0bcf642ddce3 / (5 files in 2 dirs):22:41
CIA-54Add boost to build.22:41
CIA-54Needed for signals, etc.22:41
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r0cbd4996221c /tpproto/ (5 files):22:41
CIA-54Added EventLoop and SimpleEventLoop classes.22:41
CIA-54Used to abstract the client's eventloop, and a sample22:41
CIA-54simple event loop. Also added definitaion of22:41
CIA-54DisconnectedException to TPSocket.22:41
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r92c63f5efd00 /tpproto/ (simpleeventloop.cpp tpsocket.cpp): Extra checks for disconnection in tpsocket, handle in simpleeventloop.22:41
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r51ea54a3115f /tpproto/tpsocket.cpp: Don't delete connection, just set the socket to NULL.22:42
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r0e5743eac6cc /tpproto/ (gamelayer.cpp gamelayer.h): Added EventLoop to GameLayer.22:42
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * rdd85db128f94 /tpproto/ (6 files):22:42
CIA-54Sockets updated to new TPSocket.22:42
CIA-54Also made the char* const in send.22:42
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r0f086f0a9440 /tpproto/ (connection.cpp connection.h gamelayer.cpp): Connection new gets an EventLoop pointer from GameLayer.22:42
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r17df02c9f465 /tpproto/ (framecodec.cpp framecodec.h):22:42
CIA-54Framecodec now compiles, but not asynchronous yet.22:42
CIA-54Both interfaces will be available for a short time22:43
CIA-54until everything is converted across.22:43
CIA-54llnz libtpproto-cpp * r34d52f434943 /tpproto/ (framecodec.cpp framecodec.h):22:43
CIA-54Removed pthread stuff, async means not needing threads.22:43
CIA-54If you need threads, then make sure libtpproto-cpp is only22:43
CIA-54(154 lines omitted)22:43
llnzyes it does copmile22:53
llnzno it currently doesn't support TP0322:54
* llnz wanders off23:42
llnzlater all23:42
*** llnz has quit IRC23:42
*** mithro has joined #tp23:56
mithrohey people23:57
mithroanything new?23:57

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