Monday, 2008-06-02

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CIA-28pluskid schemepy * r9a13c89637cf / (3 files in 2 dirs):00:12
CIA-28Fixed the circular list problem in mzscheme backend.00:12
CIA-28A circular list shouldn't cause the backend going00:12
CIA-28into an infinite loop.00:12
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mithrohey jmtan00:27
mithro~seen Epyon_00:27
tpbmithro: Epyon_ was last seen in #tp 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <Epyon_> Pain00:27
mithrohow goes everything?00:27
jmtani'm downloading vega strike now, i plan to try out the ship models00:28
mithrojmtan: can you poke Epyon a bit00:28
mithrohe has some cool models we should be using00:29
jmtanoh okay00:29
mithrobut using vega strike models is okay too00:29
jmtanare his models for download somewhere?00:29
mithroI think we have them in our media repository00:30
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
jmtancool, i will put those in!00:32
mithrothey might not be in a format you can use at the moment00:33
jmtanthat's ok00:34
jmtani think there are converters for 3ds to ogre00:34
mithrothere possible are, but I think you need 3ds?00:35
jmtanthere is a 3ds converter but i have not tried it before00:37
tpbTitle: 3DS2Mesh - Ogre Wiki (at
mithroguess we will find out what happens :)00:39
mithroany chance of some impressive looking planet/start graphics too?00:49
jmtanyeah, i will definitely change those as well, once the ships are in00:51
jmtanweird, i thought i saw the files as .3ds instead of .max format :(00:57
jmtani'm asking my friend to help me convert it now01:00
mithrookay cool01:08
pluskidmithro: have you installed mzscheme on your Ubuntu box? (Ubuntu IIRC)01:13
mithroI can install it pretty easily01:13
pluskidso what version is it in Ubuntu?01:13
pluskidmine is version 36001:14
pluskidmithro: and what's the result of "ls /usr/lib/libmz*" ?01:14
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mithroinstalling now01:14
mithroGet:1 hardy/universe mzscheme 1:372-1ubuntu1 [5749kB]01:15
tpbTitle: Index of / (at
mithrodo you want me to run tests?01:17
pluskidI just want to know what version is common01:18
pluskidthere are two memory model in mzscheme: CGC and 3m01:18
pluskidit is said in the doc 3m is popular those days and is the default one01:19
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pluskidbut I have only CGC on my Debian box01:19
pluskidwith apt-get installed mzscheme01:19
pluskidof course it is not the latest version01:19
tpbTitle: general pastebin - Something - post number 1036529 (at
mithromorning JLafont01:19
pluskidmithro: so you don't have libmzscheme ?01:21
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mithro[email protected]:~$ dpkg --listfiles mzscheme | grep libmzscheme01:22
pluskidOops, yours are 3m files01:22
mithrohi Alklomion01:22
Alklomionhi mithro01:22
mithrowhat is 3m?01:22
pluskida newer memory model of mzscheme01:23
pluskidmithro: what is mzscheme -v ?01:23
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/schemepy/schemepy/mzscheme$ mzscheme -v01:23
mithroWelcome to MzScheme v372 [3m], Copyright (c) 2004-2007 PLT Scheme Inc.01:23
pluskidhmm, seems mine is too old.01:23
mithrowhat happens if I just link against the 3m version?01:24
pluskidI don't know. Maybe crash...01:24
pluskidI'm writing a followup of status report. I'll explain this in that post01:25
pluskidmaybe I'll need to find a newer version of mzscheme and re-write some parts of the backend01:25
mithroit segfaults :(01:25
pluskidmzscheme should keep backward compatibility and keep the old CGC model even if he think 3m model is more advanced. :/01:26
tpbTitle: general pastebin - Something - post number 1036532 (at
mithroAlklomion: I'm assuming you got my email?01:28
AlklomionWhen did you send it?01:31
Alklomionaah - 15 minutes ago01:32
mithropluskid: did you see the stuff above?01:36
mithro(the pastebin)01:36
pluskidmithro: yes, I see.01:36
pluskidmithr: you said it segfaulted.01:36
mithrooh, sorry01:37
mithroI thought I had included the traceback01:37
pluskidalright, I just found the newer version of mzscheme in the unstable Debian repo01:37
pluskidI'll try to fix them later (though it seems some parts may need totally re-written)01:38
tpbTitle: general pastebin - Something - post number 1036557 (at
mithrothat is a traceback01:40
mithrodo you know if you are compatible with guile 1.6 and 1.8 or only 1.8?01:40
pluskidonly 1.8 currently01:41
pluskidit seems to be failed at the very begining of initializing mzscheme01:44
AlklomionMithro: there was only one action item: to have the libtpproto-midp compiling by the end of this week?01:44
mithroAlklomion: and the other status report bits01:44
tpb<> (at
Alklomionmithro: its looking better than friday, I've only been home ~30 minutes, but i whacked out a lot of errors while i'm thinking well :)01:47
mithroAlklomion: that is good01:48
Alklomionthere's a few major errors left in URI.01:49
AlklomionReferences to some regex stuff that doesn't exist in J2ME, URL class and a Pattern class01:50
mithroAlklomion: we went over what you need to do with the regex stuff01:56
CIA-28pluskid schemepy * r679ffa95f8d0 /doc/log_book/todo/06-02-handle-exception-when-calling-python-from-scheme.txt: Added task for handling exceptions from Python in Scheme.01:56
Alklomionyep - rewrite URI so it doesn't use regex01:58
mithroAlklomion: yeah01:59
AlklomionNow i need to work out what it is using the regex for and change it02:00
Alklomionobviously for string patterns02:00
mithroto split apart a string which looks like this02:00
mithroprotocol://username:[email protected]:port/location02:01
mithrowhere username, password and port are all optional02:01
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mithrojmtan: a good background image might be good too :)02:06
Alklomionmithro: those are the only elements i need to be concerned with?02:07
mithroAlklomion: I'm pretty sure there are not any more02:07
jmtanmithro: very true, i'm deciding between a better skybox or a particle system for stars02:08
mithroohh, particle system - shiny ;)02:08
mithroYou have till thursday02:09
jmtanyeah i know, would that be friday in singapore? :)02:09
Alklomionmithro: i think there's a query element on the end02:09
Alklomionthat uses ?02:09
mithroAlklomion: we don't use that02:09
mithrojmtan: i'm currently still on Sunday 11:17pm02:10
jmtanwow it's like monday 2pm here02:10
jmtanthank goodness i guess02:11
CIA-28alklomion /tmp/7os2qdH0i5/qMgwy0F1Iz-midp * rf9077cea3c4b /src/net/thousandparsec/util/
CIA-28Initial version of a URI class that will be changed to reflect the needs of libtpproto-midp02:22
CIA-28via git-CVS emulator02:22
CIA-28alklomion /tmp/dO00Wz1gHP/U3VWk0yjek-midp * r455979750720 /src/net/thousandparsec/util/
CIA-28CPStringBuilder replaced with StringBuffers02:26
CIA-28all StringBuffer.indexOf() replaced with StringBuffer.toString().indexOf(); so that code accesses the underlying string to work out the index of the pattern, as there is no indexOf() class in StringBuffer02:26
CIA-28via git-CVS emulator02:26
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CIA-28alklomion /tmp/rqweyzZqqf/ZVVrsNqTC6-midp * rbabe21864f11 /src-generated/net/thousandparsec/netlib/tp03/
CIA-28Commented out some of the currently useless exception types, leaving only the implemented ones.02:37
CIA-28via git-CVS emulator02:37
CIA-28alklomion /tmp/SuYVORWa1q/skjN6T40B4-midp * r3eb0e10a49a9 /src/net/thousandparsec/netlib/
CIA-28Commented out some of the currently useless exception types, leaving only the implemented ones.02:38
CIA-28via git-CVS emulator02:38
CIA-28alklomion /tmp/8M19Rizx4o/0gUFkwZE7a-midp * rd5c934ccab59 /src/net/thousandparsec/netlib/
CIA-28Changed the format of one of the missed mal-formed strings.02:40
CIA-28Commented out some useless exceptions.02:40
CIA-28Removed another generic that was previously missed.02:40
CIA-28via git-CVS emulator02:40
mithrowell I'm heading to bed02:42
mithroany last comments before I log off?02:42
Alklomionmithro: sending the status reporrt now, its pretty short, i hope that's all you need02:44
pluskidmithro: I've also write a follow up of the previous status report (pretty long)02:47
mithroreading it now02:47
mithropluskid: btw, you might want to run your benchmarks for a little longer02:51
mithrothe values are on the small side02:52
mithrowhich means it would be hard to make sure they are valid02:52
pluskidI repeated them in the benchmark and the result is the mean value02:52
mithrohow many times?02:52
pluskid10 :p02:53
pluskidshould be more :D02:53
mithroI recommend atleast 1,00002:53
mithroI think some more self-reflection would be good too02:53
mithro(in your status report)02:53
mithroare things interesting? etc02:53
mithroit's looking pretty good otherwise02:54
pluskidOK, thanks!02:54
mithroyou forgot to tag your follow up piece02:54
pluskidhn? I think I DO tagged as thousand parsec02:55
mithrohrm, it doesn't seem to be appearing in the GSoC feed02:55
pluskiddon't know, maybe problem with wordpress or planet SOC feed aggregator02:55
pluskidor maybe it will take some time02:56
mithrowell, I'll check again tommorrow02:56
pluskidOK, I'll also add some stuffs02:56
pluskidI forgot to write about the circular list problem02:57
pluskidAnd is it bearable to have a benchmark run 2~3 hours ?02:57
mithrosure, you don't run benchmarks all that often02:57
pluskidOK, I see02:57
mithrohow long to the current benchmarks run?02:58
pluskidfor the bm_tak it takes 11 sec for guile backend to run each pass02:58
pluskidif repeat 1000 times02:58
pluskidit would be 10000 sec and 166 minutes02:59
mithromaybe 100 times them?02:59
mithroor take the number of times as an argument02:59
pluskidhm, it can also be easily changed by modifying one number in the code03:00
mithropluskid: I think we need to add some "malicious tests"03:00
mithroIE Tests which deliberately try and break the vm or do naughty stuff03:01
pluskidhmm, that would be useful for sandbox model03:01
mithroAs one target use for schemepy is sandboxing03:01
mithrothings like cross vm pollution should also be checked (it might already?)03:02
pluskidyes, already checked (at least basic check)03:02
mithrowe also need to make sure that scheme can not "break into" python03:02
pluskidwhat's that?03:03
mithrobecause once it has unrestricted access to python the sandbox is broken03:03
pluskidoh, I understand03:03
mithromight be an idea to look into various security threads and stuff03:03
mithroand see what type of attacks might be possible03:04
pluskidwe'll add some restricted profiles other than scheme-report-environment before we can test sandbox03:04
mithroanyway I need to be in bed03:04
mithrogot lots to do tommorrow03:05
pluskidgood night03:05
mithroso have a good day/night/etc03:05
pluskidday :)03:05
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* llnz wanders off08:35
llnzlater all08:35
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CIA-54aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r3f7664f15d62 /tpserver/ (5 files): Added Command and CommandManager classes with partial functionality.09:30
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mithromorning people10:40
bddebianHello mithro10:51
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mithromorning people12:03
mithroIwanowitch: sorry about sending you the email instead of Victor12:03
* mithro pokes Epyon_ 12:04
Iwanowitchmithro: No problem12:13
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jphrmithro: ping?12:51
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r2abd80f3dddf /tp/server/rules/dronesec/orders/ Cleaned up Dronesec to us the Fleet module.12:57
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r857edd944428 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ Removed Fleet Combat from the order list to make it simpler to debug the ruleset12:57
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r1697e6f2d843 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/ Copied base Planet code into dronesec Planet code12:57
mithrojphr: pong13:01
jphrmithro: hey I have a question13:02
jphrI intend to store a 2d array, the adjacency matrix, to do lookups of connectivity. I need some way to assign names to array indices. Should I create an enum that translates each name into an array index? It doesn't seem like a very portable way to do things, but it may be the best way13:03
jphrAnd should I create a helper class for the matrix to return lists of adjacent elements, etc?13:05
mithroI think you should probably just be using the IDs?13:09
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r60f5cf9cf398 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Converted from spaces to Tabs13:12
jphrI thought that too, is there any way I will know what the IDs will be before the code runs?13:13
mithrojphr: I don't know enough about tpserver-cpp but I think you can probably force the ID to be a known number when generating the universe (as you have complete control)13:15
mithrothis is probably something you want to chat to llnz about13:15
mithroJLafont: ping?13:15
jphrI'll hit llnz when I can13:16
JLafontmithro: pong13:16
mithroJLafont: you didn't end up doing the branch thing?13:16
JLafontfor tabs?13:16
JLafontI thought I did13:16
mithroJLafont: I have to go to a meeting now13:17
mithrowe should sit down and sort it out13:17
mithroafter I get back13:17
JLafontmithro: Sure13:17
mithroopps, I think that meeting was canceled13:18
mithroso what did you do?13:18
JLafontI think I merged dronesec to master, then created a tabs branch. Changed all the spaces to tabs and then merged it into master again13:19
JLafontthen I deleted the tabs branch since I didn't think I would be needing it anymore.13:19
mithrothat doesn't sound right13:21
mithroand infact you could not do the cleanup without my help13:22
mithro(as it requires me to remove the branch from the server13:22
mithrowhat you where suppose to do is the following steps13:23
mithro1. create a new branch based on master13:23
mithro2. replay changes manually without the whole tab/space conversion stuff13:24
mithro3. ask me to remove dronesec branch13:24
mithro4. push your new branch as dronesec13:24
JLafontok so how do I fix it?13:25
mithrothat make more sense?13:25
mithrono merging or anything13:27
jphrmithro: hehe, IGObjects all have a setID method13:28
mithroyou need to do the following13:29
mithrogit branch dronesec-new d556aa10f45ec66ef22b2a3edd60c3c93be2a74d13:29
mithrowhich creates a new branch13:29
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mithroJLafont: done?13:30
mithrogit-cherry-pick b28162b3138b2d452880de66135e3f6e53bfbd8e -n # cherry pick the first commit - but do not commit it right away13:31
mithro# fix up any problems13:31
mithrogit add <files which you have changed>13:31
mithrogit commit13:31
mithroif you want to combind to patchs13:32
mithrocherry pick both before committing13:32
mithro(this is a good lesson is rewriting/fixing up changes)13:33
IwanowitchWhat madness.13:34
JLafontok I'm a little confused now. All the iles are using tab instead of spaces now though13:34
* Epyon_ pokes mithro13:37
mithroJLafont: what do you mean?13:37
mithroEpyon_: did you see we have a cool 3d client now?13:38
JLafontmy local directory has the same files I used to have before the cherry pick.13:38
mithrooh sorry13:39
mithromaybe there should have been a "git checkout dronsec-new" after the git branch?13:40
JLafontthat kidna worked13:42
mithrogit-diff --cached13:44
mithroafter the cherry pick13:44
mithrowill show you what you have cherry picked so far13:45
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mithrogit diff will show changes which have yet to be git added13:45
Epyon_mithro, link to pics?14:05
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r697106bbc83e /modules/games/risk/ (constellations.txt risk.cpp risk.h): Modified createUniverse and functions it calls to statically set IDs. This is in preparation of implementing an adjacency matrix14:06
tpbTitle: Dev Hobby (at
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mithroJLafont: any luck?14:31
* mithro pokes JLafont with something pointy14:42
JLafontmithro: not particularly. The tab/space conversions seem to be scattered throughout some of my commits14:44
mithroJLafont: yes, that is why I want you to clean it up14:47
mithrowhere are you stuck?14:47
IwanowitchJust a question... Is it wrong to have spaces instead of tabs or what?14:48
mithroIwanowitch: in python you should be using exactly what the rest of the code is using14:49
mithromixing spaces and tabs is BAD14:49
IwanowitchWell, yeah, but if I use spaces in my client which is basically separated, that's not a big problem is it?14:50
mithrowell, you have two options either use a single tab (which most thousand parsec programs use)14:51
mithroor use 4 spaces, which is describes in PEP814:51
IwanowitchI use 4 spaces for about all my coding, so that's what I defaulted to.14:51
mithroIwanowitch: then as you are not coding as part of another project, feel free to continue14:52
mithroJLafont: so, I'm about to head to lunch - ask now or wait for 5 hours before I can answer (have meetings right after lunch)14:53
* ezod uses vim... set tabstop=4, set shiftwidth=4, set expandtab14:54
ezodalso, try man expand ;)14:55
JLafontmithro: ok. Lets say I cherry-picked to a patch and make my changes. I'm not entirely  sure how to combine those two patches14:56
mithroJLafont: so you cherry picked the patch14:57
mithrogit diff --cached14:58
mithroshould show you the patch right?14:58
JLafontyeah, I'm using gitk14:58
mithroand "git diff" shows some updates to the patch, right?14:59
mithroEpyon_: checkout this as well -
tpb<> (at
mithronow you just do a "git add <files I want to commit>"15:01
mithroafter that15:01
mithrogit diff should show nothing15:01
mithroand git diff --cached should show your updated patch15:01
JLafontahhh ok15:02
mithrowhen you are happy - you can either do a15:03
mithro"git commit -c <ID of patch you cherry picked>" - if you want to use the same message and timestamp15:03
mithroor a15:03
mithrojust a "git commit" - if you want to create a new message15:03
JLafontok. Now I think I got it15:04
mithrowhen you do a "git add" it adds stuff to the cache15:05
mithrowhich allows you to review the patch with "git diff --cached" before you commit15:05
mithroand hence make better patches15:06
mithroso after you cherry pick your changes which include tab mangling, you can undo the tab mangling15:06
mithrodo a "git add" and you should see the "real changes"15:06
mithroonce you are happy you can commit it15:07
mithrothe lesson to learn here is never combind reformatting patches with functionality changes15:07
mithroand review your patches15:07
mithroatleast git makes this pretty easy to do15:09
mithrothat working okay now?15:11
JLafontyeah I think it is15:15
mithrookay heading to lunch15:16
mithrodon't know when I will be back15:16
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CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rb28162b3138b /TODO:15:28
CIA-54Testing git. Added some small tasks on the Todo15:28
CIA-54Signed-off-by: Juan Lafont <[email protected](none)>15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r375b778e579e /tp/server/ (15 files in 6 dirs):15:28
CIA-54Dronesec init. PlanetGenerator Added15:28
CIA-54Just a copy of minisec with some small changes so far.15:28
CIA-54Previously made PlanetGenerator also added.15:28
CIA-54Signed-off-by: Juan Lafont <[email protected]>15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rdb4659b4c420 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/drones/ Fixed Dronepedia to work with tpserver-py and standalone15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * re08dbcd09806 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ Popuate and new players added ignore systems15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r8471b8f8123f /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Dronepedia implemented to work correctly. Should have turns come out infallibly.15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rb19f60cd44da /tp/server/utils/ Fixes to the PlanetGenerator15:28
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r9542b086b700 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ ( objects/ orders/ Cleaned up drone productions15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rc417cc6a4599 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ ( actions/ objects/ Planets produce resources15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * rff37a64e23f1 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Fixed bug with drones. Was causing packets to be invalid15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r2abd80f3dddf /tp/server/rules/dronesec/orders/ Cleaned up Dronesec to us the Fleet module.15:29
JLafonthmm somehow this does not appear to be what I told git to do :(15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r857edd944428 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ Removed Fleet Combat from the order list to make it simpler to debug the ruleset15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r1697e6f2d843 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/ Copied base Planet code into dronesec Planet code15:29
CIA-54juanmy777 tpserver-py * r60f5cf9cf398 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Converted from spaces to Tabs15:29
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*** jphr has joined #tp15:39
mithroJLafont: ping?15:42
mithroJLafont: patch c417cc6a4599ba03f92f3b48e400da034a78260b is still wrong15:44
mithroJLafont: I have reset the master branch back to before when you pushed15:47
mithroJLafont: lets sit down later tonight and we can get this right15:48
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r0c05459f10b7 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Modified planets to be id 1 to #Planets instead of planet systems, since Planets will issue orders, not systems.15:51
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r52559868ecab /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp planet.cpp risk.cpp riskturn.cpp): Modified some TODO, ASK comments.15:51
jphrmithro: you gone now?15:52
jphrdangit, just missed him15:52
tpbaloril has joined on worldforge15:54
mithroi'm still hear15:55
mithrojphr: ping?15:59
jphrmithro: pong16:00
mithrojphr: you where after me?16:00
jphryes, can I use boost in my ruleset?16:00
mithrothat would be a question for llnz16:01
jphrthe boost graphs library has an adjacency matrix that would make my life so much easier16:01
mithrobut I'm pretty sure it will be yes16:01
jphri would hope so:P I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to implement those connections between planets16:02
mithroyou just want a map16:06
mithrothe map returns which planets a given planet is connected too16:06
mithrothere may be a datastructure which means this is easy to do16:08
mithro(so when you have an A->B you automatically have a link B->A)16:09
jphrfrom what I have read on AdjacencyMatrix you can set the mode to unidirectional, and simply add edges. I can probably write a wrapper class for it to work a little more nicely16:11
tpb<$> (at
ezodjphr: sounds like you're looking for a graph implementation of some kind?16:16
ezodjphr: boost has one actually16:16
jphryes, I need to keep track of connectivity between planets16:16
*** zzorn has joined #tp16:17
jphryeah I was actually wanting to use theirs16:17
tpb<> (at
IwanowitchAn adjencency matrix has the advantage you can multiply it with itself or other vectors.16:17
jphrthe adjacency matrix is a subset of that library16:17
ezodway ahead of me then :)16:18
ezodi just finished doing a bunch of graph-related stuff for my master's thesis16:18
mithroI know nothing!16:18
jphrmy only question is how to properly include boost/graphs lib in my source?16:20
ezodjphr: i think llnz is using boost in libtpproto-cpp16:21
jphrk I will look there16:21
mithro#include <boost/blah.>16:21
ezodjphr: maybe not in the tree yet though16:22
mithrosome of the core stuff uses boost16:22
mithrojust grep for it16:22
jphrIt appears to work with a simple include "boost/graph/adjacency_matrix.hpp"16:31
CIA-54aaron tpserver-cpp-config * reea401bdc1e2 /tpserver/ (6 files):16:36
CIA-54AdminConnection connects to CommandManager, response frames mostly formed.16:36
CIA-54Starting base command set implementation.16:36
mithrojphr: actually, come to think about there are probably existing formats for describing what you want16:54
CIA-54jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r772806e5a310 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Reworked constellation layout to make the differentiation between constellations more obvious.16:55
jphrmithro: within TP already?16:55
mithrono, but within either the gaming or mapping community16:56
mithromaybe KML?16:56
jphrI thought/think the adjacency matrix is just what I am looking for16:56
mithroI mean for loading the "map" from a file16:56
jphroh yes, I think you may be right16:57
jphrthere was also something I saw called vizgraph, that has a markup language to express connectivity and graphs16:58
jphrits actually part of boost/graphs, and can be parsed into graph data structures16:58
tpb<> (at
jphrit might not do all I want, but I will have to see when I get there17:10
jphrif I have a typedef in a class header, will it follow through to the cpp file?17:13
mithroif you include that header file17:18
mithrothere are lots of things which generate graphviz files17:19
CIA-54nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * rc4d92f1f2248 /modules/games/tae/ ( fleet.cpp fleet.h tae.cpp): Added a stripped down fleet object17:19
*** Demitar has quit IRC17:40
mithrojphr: actually it's probably an idea to try drawing up your map in something like graphvis17:40
mithroit should be pretty looking :)17:41
tpbTitle: Graphviz (at
jphryeah the only thing I would need to figure out is where to place the graph items. But that may be a seperately imported file, since connectivity and position aren't exactly related for risk. (connectivity only applies to orders)17:47
mithroI think graphviz can also store position17:49
jphrhmm, that may be the be all end all then17:50
jphr(man I really need to find a good tutorial for iterators in c++, never used them before)17:51
tpb<> (at
mithrojphr: they are really simple17:51
jphri just need the syntax17:51
jphrall the examples I've seen are terribly convoluted, etc.17:52
mithrofor (thing::Iterator *it = thing.begin(); it < thing.end(); it++) { cout << *it << endl; }17:52
mithrojust like you would use a pointer17:53
jphroh, well if I would have seen that in the first place then I wouldn't be confused17:54
jphrthis is good, with boost/graphs I can simply grab an iterator of connected items, and do what I please17:55
mithroI wouldn't have expected any less17:59
mithrousing already existing formats is always great :)18:04
mithroEpyon_: ping?18:10
mithroI recommend the following website18:11
*** bddebian has quit IRC18:13
mithro and
tpbTitle: C++ Reference (at
mithrothey are quite useful for STL references18:14
IwanowitchAnd that C++ lite faq is useful for the stranger parts of C++18:20
IwanowitchWhich you probably will encounter if you dive into STL18:20
tpbTitle: C++ FAQ LITE (at
*** peres has joined #tp18:25
mithroJLafont: ping?18:40
jphrmithro Iwanowitch: I will check out those sites, thanks (writing blog post atm)18:41
mithrothe two I linked two are good for finding the correct methods and stuff on stl18:45
mithro(specially if you are not using something with intellisense18:45
*** JLafont has quit IRC18:57
*** JLafont has joined #tp18:57
Asmmanyone ever tried tpsai-py?19:02
IwanowitchYes, kinda. It's out of date.19:10
IwanowitchOut of date in a broken way, that is.19:11
Asmmok, that explains :)19:19
*** llnz has joined #tp19:23
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * r6fc378024cba / Unification of logical terms seems to be working19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * r88bbe01b766a / Parsing strings into logical terms works.19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * r2799e9340a5f / Evaluation of PythonTerms works19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * rd9403a08218e / Created explicit eval and exec methods on PythonTerm19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * r519431e0a9cf / Various bugs squashed19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * r60f23f10ced7 / Added some unit tests because it was quite necessary19:57
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * re76c3c3930d1 / Eval test added19:58
CIA-54verhoevenv daneel-ai * rf333ea996438 / Another small testcase19:58
IwanowitchWorked enough today.19:58
nashIwanowitch: I read your update btw ;-)20:02
nashLooks cool ;-)20:02
*** jphr has quit IRC20:02
nashSo are you going to dump a real prolog interpreter in there?20:03
IwanowitchHalf of one.20:10
Iwanowitchnash: The pushed changes contain most of the unification code... If you want to see it in action, I suggest you take a look at chrtest.py20:11
IwanowitchIt's not guaranteed to be bug-free though.20:12
nashIwanowitch: Shall do what I can later today20:12
IwanowitchBut I still have some time to work that out.20:12
nashAnd get it on my laptop so I can play on the train20:12
nashIwanowitch: Did you look at grabbing iprolog or something and dumping that in?20:12
Iwanowitchnash: No... I thought it would be easily done myself. It's a bit more subtle than I thought, but I got it mostly nailed I hope.20:13
nashheh, okay20:14
nashKeep it in mind if you do hit problems20:14
IwanowitchYeah, indeed.20:14
Asmmheya, just wondering what you ultimately want to do with the latest update?20:16
IwanowitchAsmm: That latest commit? It's going to be the Ultimate AI Bot. Or probably something you can laugh a bit at while it clumsily tries to build an empire.20:18
IwanowitchIt's one of the two (I think?) AI projects for Summer of Code.20:19
Asmmyeah, i know about the two20:35
Asmmyou want to try "logical" implementatyion via prolog?20:35
*** Erroneous has quit IRC20:36
IwanowitchAsmm: Yep, or rather, via production rules.20:39
IwanowitchI'm actually only stealing the matching/unification from Prolog.20:40
Asmmwill b intertesting too see how this approach works20:42
IwanowitchI'm off. Night all.20:51
*** Iwanowitch has quit IRC20:52
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CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r206dde9f0211 /schemepy/mzscheme/ (Makefile mzhelper.c Modified the init and build file for 3m model of mzscheme.21:03
CIA-54pluskid schemepy * r8ae671dd60d3 /schemepy/mzscheme/mzhelper.c: Added traverser functions for PyObj_t21:03
*** greywhind has joined #tp21:39
mithrohey greywhind21:46
*** greywhind has left #tp22:01
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mithroheyo people23:49
* mithro is pondering bed23:49
mithro~seen JLP23:49
tpbmithro: JLP was last seen in #tp 1 day, 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <JLP> good morning everyone23:49
mithro~seen Epyon_23:49
tpbmithro: Epyon_ was last seen in #tp 9 hours, 43 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <Epyon_> mithro, link to pics?23:49

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