Saturday, 2008-05-24

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mithroheyo people01:54
CIA-56neufelry tpserver-cpp-config * rf7844c8716e1 /AUTHORS:02:18
CIA-56Name: Ryan Neufeld - jphr02:18
CIA-56Email: [email protected]02:18
CIA-56Changes: Added name+nick+email to AUTHORS in risk branch02:18
CIA-56jaffer tpserver-cpp-config * ra61470831d51 / (37 files in 5 dirs): git-pulled main repository onto #risk branch02:18
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r002df20a3d67 /modules/games/ Modified modules/games/ to include Risk folder to be commited shortly02:18
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r6a38d603da7d /modules/games/risk/ ( risk.cpp risk.h): Added basic shell of risk ruleset.02:18
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r196d2b8c1096 / Accidentally left out changes made to configure.ac02:18
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * re480c4ad5081 / Fixed a commented out line in configure.ac02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r3403bc2029d8 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Fixed syntax errors in risk.cpp, risk.h02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rbe5dbecb6b06 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: More syntax errors.02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r75bf14f5bddb /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: included objectmanager.h instead of objectdatamanager.h02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rda88c72dc0d9 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Some discrepencies existed when comparing risk to minisec. Corrected the required extern "C" section in risk.cpp and moved "public:" up in risk.h02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r78aad53179a5 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Renamed namespace from Risk to RiskRuleset. Figured this may be causing me problems (its also more clear)02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r5e1c399b30ef / ( tpserver/ Merged changes from the main branch to this branch02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r2f0f06e8de09 /modules/games/ ( risk/ Removed trailing whitespace in risk/Makefile.am02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r91c3b3cbe414 / (6 files in 4 dirs): Merge with git:// (to fix mac os x compile issue for jphr)02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rb39b32b35c1c /modules/games/risk/risk.h: small test change to be pushed sideways, not to be pushed to main :p02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r68cd9f9863ae / (4 files in 3 dirs): Merge git://
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * re49d14f118f0 /AUTHORS: merged main branch changes, tidied up AUTHORS (by removing myself for the time being)02:19
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * rc144c72b0b0f /m4/ (ax_boost_base.m4 ax_boost_signals.m4): New versions of autoconf tests for boost from
tpbTitle: Autoconf Macro Archive (at
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r2cbe6fa33281 /modules/games/minisec/minisec.cpp: Removed old char* handling, use std::string instead in Minisec.02:19
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rea50d2051bb0 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Merge git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpserver-cpp02:19
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * rce1b2af643e9 /tpserver/frame.cpp: Don't support TP01 anymore, removed check for later versions.02:19
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r7aa76d3ce0c9 /tpserver/ (frame.cpp frame.h):02:20
CIA-56TP04 support for fail frames, including references.02:20
CIA-56Woops, guess that means version 0.5.1 will be out as soon as I've sorted02:20
CIA-56the build on OS X.02:20
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r30eaaf6af5d6 /tpserver/ (frame.cpp frame.h): Merge git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpserver-cpp02:20
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r8fbc8fffba63 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Added comments to risk.cpp modelling what happens in minisec.cpp02:20
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * r879c98b9f962 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h):02:20
CIA-56Added a bit of logic to Risk::onAddPlayer.02:20
CIA-56 -Player cannot join ANYTIME if NumPlayers >= setting risk_max_players02:20
CIA-56 -Player cannot join once game has started if no open spaces exist to be claimed02:20
CIA-56Added private: bool Risk::isBoardClaimed() to run a check to determine if board is fully claimed02:20
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rd755ce135946 /modules/games/risk/ (riskturn.cpp riskturn.h settings):02:20
CIA-56Create riskturn.cpp&.h as well as a "settings" file02:20
CIA-56 -RiskTurn inherits TurnProcess and is only a shell at the moment02:20
CIA-56 -settings records settings i've used and settings in consideration02:20
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-config * rcfe8ffedd74a /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Small modification of risk.cpp02:20
CIA-56(11 lines omitted)02:20
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mithroezod: you just merge master?02:22
ezodmithro: i did earlier and just pushed now...02:23
mithrothat would explain the jphr patches02:23
ezodmithro: the weird thing is, i had already pushed most of that a few hours ago02:25
* ezod does not yet grok git02:26
mithrothe CIA/email scripts do not know much about merges02:29
ezodthe bot isn't going to continue doing this indefinitely i hope?02:30
* ezod goes to bed02:33
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llnzezod: when I catch up with you next, remind me to discuss ListenSocket10:22
* llnz wanders off10:22
llnzlater all10:22
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Combat_Wombatanyone developing this played the space empires games at all?13:04
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JLPCombat_Wombat: i just tried it, sometime around SE3, i think, never played it more extensively13:18
Combat_Wombatto bad se4 is the pinnacle of 4x space games13:18
Combat_Wombatyou should pick it up, can get it for like $10 these days13:18
JLPCombat_Wombat: i'll take a note about it, and try to get a hold of it13:19
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JLPCombat_Wombat: btw, do you know what is the difference between deluxe and non-deluxe editions?13:36
Combat_Wombatnothing the boxed deluxe is just the game fully patched up13:37
Combat_Wombatyou can buy se4, se4 gold, or deluxe and they can all be patched to the same version13:38
Combat_Wombati doubt youll find any se4 or se4 gold being sold anywhere anymore though13:38
JLPCombat_Wombat: ah cool, thanks, i've found both here, used, but the non-deluxe is 3€ instead of 5€ for deluxe13:39
Combat_Wombattheres also an se5 but I like se4 better :D13:41
Combat_Wombatand make sure you don't just play stock, go get some mods like carrier battles or adamant13:42
JLPok, noted that too, thanks for the tips13:43
Combat_Wombatheh, any questions you got about SE I can answer13:44
Iwanowitchgit is confusing :/13:57
Iwanowitchgit can only merge committed files?14:04
IwanowitchAs in, git pull doesn't complete properly when I have uncommited changes.14:04
IwanowitchI think.14:04
IwanowitchI have no idea what state this thing is in right now.14:05
ezodim pretty sure you want a clean working directory (i.e. all committed) before a pull14:05
ezoddefinitely before a merge14:05
ezodtry git status14:05
IwanowitchI suppose git wants it. I'm not sure I want it though. :)14:06
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mithromorning people18:27
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mithrohello Iwanowitch18:46
IwanowitchHeya mithro.18:48
mithroIwanowitch: how goes everything?18:51
Iwanowitchmithro: Right now, okay. Last week, hectic.18:53
IwanowitchThough it is going to be okay from now on.18:53
IwanowitchClasses have stopped.18:54
IwanowitchAnd the projects are finished.18:54
mithroGSoC official starts this week18:55
IwanowitchYes. From now on, I can concentrate on SoC.19:01
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mithroIwanowitch: cool19:13
mithro~seen JLafont19:13
tpbmithro: JLafont was last seen in #tp 3 days, 15 hours, 52 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <JLafont> later19:13
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llnzhi all20:12
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mithrohey llnz20:51
llnzhi mithro20:51
llnzhow's it going?20:51
mithroit's only Saturday here20:51
xdotxmithro: oo you in US?20:57
mithroxdotx: yeah20:57
mithroI'm in Mountain View20:57
xdotxdoin' the google training thing?20:57
mithrowhere are you located again?20:57
mithroSettle right?20:57
xdotxseattle wa20:57
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mithroxdotx: well, if you make a trip down to SanFran in the next two weeks, please look me up :)21:09
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mithrohey JLafont21:24
mithroyour last blog post didn't work21:24
mithroit only came out as a title21:24
* mithro is also in the states now btw21:24
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xdotx best g++ error ever: "declaration does no declare anything."22:44
* xdotx left out "class" in a forward declaration22:44
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mithrollnz: did you figure out your git problem?23:26
mithrothe idea was just to leave it there?23:31
llnzyes, basically, then jphr removed it and added back in his branch23:33
mithroahh okay23:34
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