Friday, 2008-05-23

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llnzhi jotham00:00
jothami should be arounda ll day tomorrow btw00:01
jothamif you are around we can go over bxml00:01
jothamwell i'm gonna go buy a cordless drill at some stage :p00:01
llnzi'm not sure how much I will be around, but i'll try00:01
jothami'll be around sunday too00:02
jothamso whatever suits00:02
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* llnz looks forward to merging the 21+ patches of his async branch to libtpproto-cpp soon01:02
CIA-56pluskid schemepy * r28171d52d15b /schemepy/mzscheme/ (mzhelper.c The test_int testcase passed for mzscheme backend.01:46
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CIA-56pluskid schemepy * r706245cbdd8d /schemepy/mzscheme/ (mzhelper.c The test_float testcase passed for mzscheme backend02:24
CIA-56pluskid schemepy * rb8a5d595e1d3 /schemepy/mzscheme/ Testcase test_complex passed for mzscheme backend.02:29
llnzbbs, dinner02:43
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* llnz is back, and has be for a while05:23
* llnz is up to 31 patches on the async branch on libtpproto-cpp06:08
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* llnz wanders off08:27
llnzlater all08:27
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CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r2b43de848b75 /modules/games/risk/ (12 files):11:38
CIA-56Added many shell files to risk ruleset, including:11:38
CIA-56 *colonize .cpp/.h11:38
CIA-56 *move .cpp/.h11:38
CIA-56 *reinforce .cpp/.h11:38
CIA-56 *riskturn .cpp/.h (didn't correctly add on previous commit11:38
CIA-56As well implemented more comment psuedo code modelling off of RFTS11:38
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CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rc329c91e80ed /modules/games/risk/ (15 files): Added a whole tonne of shell files and modified existing code to incorporate them.13:58
CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf3f277b66522 /modules/games/risk/ (planet.cpp planet.h): Added heavily cut down version of RFTS's planet class13:59
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CIA-56jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r52a23d78748e / (4 files in 2 dirs): A few modifications to planet and colonize. Also added a quickstart config.14:58
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ezodllnz: around?19:51
ezodhey, so i'm working on net.cpp atm, need some advice19:52
ezodfirst of all, the start() and stop() functions shouldn't control admin connections, right?19:53
ezodlike, you want to be able to stop the network from within such a connection19:53
ezodi would think19:53
ezodright now, Net is implemented assuming all connections it manages are player connections19:55
llnzthat's not quite correct19:55
llnzplayer connections, listen sockets (tcpsocket), and others (metaserver connection, console)19:55
ezodbut where do those come in inside Net?19:56
llnzconsole is added when the console is opened (myConsole->open() in main.cpp)19:57
ezodvia addConnection()?19:57
ezodoh wow19:57
ezod1 sec19:58
ezodok, in Network::stop()19:59
llnzNetwork::stop() only closes player connections and ListenSockets19:59
llnzthe console continues20:00
ezodis that if statement attempting to, uh, cast the connection as various types, and if it != NULL then it acts accordingly?20:00
ezodin that case, AdminConnections should stay open i guess20:00
llnzdynamic_cast returns null if the object cannot be validly cast to the type given20:00
llnzthere are two possible places for putting the setup code for the admin connection20:01
ezodok cool. i already have an adminStart() that gets called in main(), i suppose i should have an adminStop() for cleanup?20:01
llnzbtw, it would be nice if you could push to your branch, so I can see your code20:02
ezodbasically it's like that so that admin stuff starts regardless of the network autostart config20:02
llnzthe network start and stop only affects the player connections and listeners20:02
ezodok, it compiles at least20:02
ezodalright perfect20:03
ezodi started doing something dumb, let me backtrack it and i'll commit/push shortl20:03
llnzwhen you a ready20:04
ezodyeah this makes a whole lot more sense now20:06
ezodthe dynamic_cast thing was the key20:06
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CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r13ae6f3a03a9 /tpserver/playerview.cpp:20:43
CIA-56Fixed ObjectIdList condition for entry.20:43
CIA-56Wrong direction, modtime > fromtime. Doesn't need check for -1, because20:43
CIA-56(unsigned) -1 is greater than all modtimes.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * ra337a9b5ce22 /tpserver/ (4 files):20:43
CIA-56Fixed all the other getIdList processing to have the correct TP04 behaviour.20:43
CIA-56Reversed less than symbol.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r1ccc9eb8b10c /tpserver/playeragent.cpp: Missed CategoryIdList handling, fixed TP04 behaviour.20:43
CIA-56fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-config * r216b363393a1 /modules/games/rfts/planet.cpp: Added notification msg when a planet's population completely dies.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r8ea2156faf78 /modules/games/rfts/planet.cpp:20:43
CIA-56Only send message once, and don't error.20:43
CIA-56Would have segfaulted and didn't compile. Good message though.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r32b74a6e14a1 /tpserver/playerview.cpp:20:43
CIA-56Iterate over the correct sets (not maps) in PlayerView.20:43
CIA-56Caused all objects to disappear when server is restarted with persistence.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * rdbefbb2221a3 /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp:20:43
CIA-56Get the max turn number from the right table, objectparamrefquantitylist.20:43
CIA-56Was causing fleets to loose all it's ships.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r6fec20c8286e /modules/games/minisec/minisecturn.cpp:20:43
CIA-56Fix the handling of dead object in MinisecTurn.20:43
CIA-56Was causing the ai's to error out when they tried to change the orders on20:43
CIA-56the object, which no long existed. Probably fixes the random errors with20:43
CIA-56tpclient-pywx that gave no error message.20:43
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r095d48cbff9b /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp: Better place for clearing object dirty flag in tpmysql.20:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r0f605673370e /tpserver/object.cpp:20:44
CIA-56Clear the dirty flags in ObjectInfo and ObjectRelationships.20:44
CIA-56Speeds up processing, and prevents the database for being written to as often.20:44
CIA-56fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-config * reb3f430833b8 /modules/games/rfts/ (4 files):20:44
CIA-56fixing rfts' ResourceListParam; attempt to 'center' universe object.20:44
CIA-56(might remove resource list param later. centering may not work 100%)20:44
CIA-56fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-config * r9c460ce61ca4 /modules/games/rfts/ (planet.cpp planet.h resourcelistparam.cpp): bug in the resource list lookup. fixes some populations tending to die extremely fast ;P20:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r235c1e2a6cf1 /AUTHORS: Added xdotx to the authors.20:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r743fc56d466b /modules/games/rfts/ (5 files): Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/var/lib/git/tpserver-cpp.git20:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r142817ed94b5 / ( modules/games/minisec/ Added missing files to dist tarball20:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * rdc4eacf14667 / (ChangeLog NEWS Release files, 0.5.020:44
CIA-56llnz tpserver-cpp-config * r3274bd298611 /tpserver/ (playerconnection.cpp playerconnection.h playertcpconn.cpp):20:44
CIA-56Refactored the common out-of-game frames in PlayerConnection.20:44
CIA-56GetFeatures, TimeRemaining, SetFilters and GetGameInfo now only have one20:44
CIA-56(59 lines omitted)20:44
ezodllnz: if you see this in the log.. regarding what i just pushed, note that while it compiles, it has some pretty major, er, bugs presently21:01
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