Tuesday, 2008-05-06

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CIA-29noegnud tpclient-pywx-stable * r442e4768506e /windows/main/panelMessage.py: Fixed font size on message Filter button.00:24
greywhindmithro: see if that looks better00:24
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llnzjotham: i'm in wellington tomorrow04:10
llnzif you want to chat about battlexml we could, if you have time04:11
JLPgood morning everyone04:27
llnzhi JLP04:27
llnzJLP: what version of m4 do you have?04:28
JLPllnz: let me check04:37
JLPllnz: 1.4.1104:37
llnzvery odd04:38
llnzyou're software is just slightly newer than mine...04:38
llnzwhat shell? (ie, 'env | grep SHELL')04:43
JLPllnz: SHELL=/bin/bash04:44
llnzbasically, i have no idea what is causing your problem04:53
JLPllnz: probably a bug in Gentoo: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22045504:59
tpbTitle: Gentoo Bug 220455 - net-misc/vnc: `libdir exec_prefix prefix' is not a valid shell variable name (at bugs.gentoo.org)04:59
llnzyeah, that looks similar05:00
JLPllnz: looks like autocong 2.62 is more strict or something - here is one patch for the similar problem with xserver - http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-commit/2008-April/015845.html05:04
tpb<http://ln-s.net/1qkY> (at lists.freedesktop.org)05:04
llnzi thought that might be the case05:05
llnzis it worth changing?05:05
JLPllnz: yeah, looks like it helped, autogen works fine now05:13
llnzshall i, or you do want to commit it?05:15
CIA-29jlp tpserver-cpp * r9f96b92b1a2e /configure.ac: Fixed configure.ac for stricter autoconf 2.62.05:17
JLPllnz: done :)05:17
JLPnow back to mzscheme thing :)05:17
llnzis it detected ok now?05:19
JLPyup looks like it is found ok now05:19
JLPchecking scheme.h usability... no05:20
JLPchecking scheme.h presence... no05:20
JLPchecking for scheme.h... no05:20
JLPchecking plt/scheme.h usability... yes05:20
JLPchecking plt/scheme.h presence... yes05:20
JLPchecking for plt/scheme.h... yes05:20
JLPchecking for GC_init in -lmzgc... no05:20
JLPchecking for scheme_basic_env in -lmzscheme... no05:20
JLPchecking for scheme_basic_env in -lmzscheme3m... yes05:20
JLPchecking for guile-config... no05:20
llnzit compiled for me fine05:21
llnznot sure if it works though05:21
CIA-29llnz documents * red4637d0c3ae /protocol/protocol.xml: Added GenericReferenceQuantityList order parameter05:44
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* llnz wanders off07:15
llnzlater all07:15
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JLPbddebian: ahoy11:28
bddebianHello JLP11:29
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CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r0a0c3dab0f06 /tests/test_symbol.py: Added testcase for symbol12:25
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Marcel-Is demo server 2 down?13:24
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Marcel-To answer my question demo server 2 is down.13:47
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bddebianHeya nash21:20
nashHow is life?21:21
bddebianSame shit new day thanks. You?21:21
nashNot quite that bad21:24
nashhopefully can stop being a sysadmin for the day :-/21:24
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