Sunday, 2008-05-04

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CIA-29fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp * r3a262a647120 /modules/games/rfts/ (buildfleet.cpp buildfleet.h planet.cpp productionorder.cpp): RFTS planets allow build & produce every turn. orders just queue until the appropriate turn.01:21
xdotxplay tested and i like it a lot more too :)01:22
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greywhindmithro: pong02:35
CIA-29noegnud tpclient-pywx-stable * r7b33e069bb60 /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed missing winFilterManager.xrc, added checkbox to show filtered msgs.02:37
mithrogreywhind: cool03:13
mithro  File "./windows/main/", line 319, in RebuildMessageList03:18
mithro    id = message.references.GetReferenceValue(reference, id)03:18
mithroAttributeError: 'References' object has no attribute 'GetReferenceValue'03:18
mithrogreywhind: did you change libtpproto-py or libtpclient-py too?03:18
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* llnz ponders04:47
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* llnz wanders off08:45
llnzlater all08:45
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CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r6f3fc7356769 /src/ ( ogre.cfg temp): Auto-generate ogre.cfg13:24
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * raf6edac18ed5 / (README src/README): Update README13:24
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * ra20d03ea15f1 /src/ change method of generating plugin.cfg in linux13:24
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r7ba17db393e3 / (12 files in 3 dirs): Switch TaharezLook to SleekSpace13:24
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CIA-29aaron gentoo-overlay * r2b4ea021744a /games-server/tpserver-cpp/tpserver-cpp-0.5.0.ebuild: Correction: tpserver-cpp-0.5.0.ebuild added to repository18:20
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mithromorning people19:56
nashPants on mithro!20:12
mithrowell, heading out20:39
mithrowill be back later20:39
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nashheyo bddebian21:33
bddebianHi nash21:33
nashHow is life21:35
bddebianSame as always thanks.  You?21:40
nashNot too bad21:40
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llnzhi all23:41
xdotxhey llnz23:54
llnzhi xdotx23:58

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