Friday, 2008-04-18

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bddebianmithro: dh_make will do that for you.  Just run it from the source root dir00:33
bddebianOr I can make you one :)00:33
bddebianBut it's easy.  I just usually use "single binary" and then hack it up from there00:33
mithrobddebian: well i've gotten quite fart00:40
mithrothis is what I have so far00:40
mithroUpdate gccxml deb based on latest CVS code.00:40
mithro      * Update bjam deb based on latest bjam release (you seem to need 3.1.16, Ubuntu Hardy only has 3.1.14).00:40
mithro      * Create a deb package for pygccxml.00:40
mithro      * Create a deb package for pyplusplus.00:40
mithro* Create a deb package for the extra boost-indexing stuff python-ogre uses.00:40
mithroOf course these are very very horrible hacky debs00:41
mithroso I would love your input on them in a bit00:41
bddebianSure I'm heading for bed shortly but anytime00:42
mithrobddebian: doesn't have to be today00:48
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* llnz wanders home01:05
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mithrohello vi198501:43
vi1985hey mithro!01:43
* vi1985 just got back from a surrealistic symphony orchestra01:45
mithrovi1985: cool01:55
vi1985mithro, hehe I should've had my beer before, not after :) that way, might have enjoyed the music (if you can call it that)01:57
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llnzhi all06:37
llnzhi accAgon06:37
accAgonhi llnz06:38
Ohmmithro: for when you ~seen next time, the last few times you've done so it has been in the middle of the night over here.06:39
llnzOhm: mithro isn't here currently06:39
OhmI know.06:39
llnzprobably on his way home from work06:39
Ohmhe has done ~seen Ohm a few times while I've been away06:39
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llnzhi karol07:08
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llnzwb mithro07:09
llnzfigured cause of visible child that doesn't exist07:10
mithrollnz: oh?07:10
llnzthe sql for retrieving objects now doesn't take into account the history support07:11
llnzsees all objects that have *ever* been contained in the object07:11
llnzi can't seem to create an sql statement that will give me the right result in one statement07:12
llnzlooks like i'll need a loop of them :-(07:12
mithrotell me what you need07:13
llnzor actually store the child object ids07:13
Ohmhey mithro07:13
mithrohey Ohm07:13
OhmI've seen you ~seen me a few times, but they've all been in the middle of the night07:14
mithroOhm: yay timezones07:14
karolhi all07:14
llnzmithro: it currently does "SELECT objectid FROM object WHERE parentid = 1"07:14
mithrollnz: and how do you tell the difference between current and older objects?07:15
llnzbut have to check each unique result has the highest turnnum for that objectid07:15
Ohmanyways, since studies are raging on again and won't die down for another 6 weeks, I won't be able to put in a lot of work07:16
Ohmbut after that I've got summer vacation07:16
Ohmand nothing to do, probably07:17
mithrollnz: oh that is easy to solve07:18
mithroSELECT objectid FROM object WHERE parentid = 1 ORDER BY turnnum GROUP ON objectid07:18
mithroSELECT objectid FROM object WHERE parentid = 1 ORDER BY turnnum GROUP ON objectid HAVING max(turnnum) == turnid07:18
mithroor something like that?07:18
llnzthe main issue is that an past child object now has a different parentid and a higher (than previous) turnnum, but the turnnum could be lower than the current turnnum07:20
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mithrollnz: hrm?07:22
llnzthe turnnum for each object could be different07:22
mithrowhat is wrong with the grouping I proposed above?07:23
mithroSELECT objectid, max(turnnum) FROM object WHERE parentid = 1 ORDER BY turnnum GROUP ON objectid07:23
mithrois you had - 10, 1 and 10, 5 your finally result would be 10, 507:24
llnzmysql is failing on syntax around "Order by"07:24
llnzno order by, group on07:24
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llnzfor each object on an object-by-object basis, the correct parentid is found by "SELECT parentid FROM object WHERE objectid=xxx order by turnnum limit 1;07:27
llnzoh, order by turnnum desc...07:28
mithrollnz: can you dump me some data?07:30
* llnz 's sql-foo is weak07:30
llnzi know that07:31
llnztriming data now07:31
mithrollnz: try - SELECT objectid, parentid, max(turnnum) FROM object GROUP BY objectid;07:33
llnzthat indeed appears to give the objectid, parentid and the max turnnum for each object07:36
mithrohrm.. that is not right07:37
llnzhummm.... odd07:38
llnzvery odd07:43
mithroI know there is a way to do this07:43
llnzis 3.5MB small enough?07:48
mithro12 was07:49
mithroSELECT object.objectid, object.parentid FROM object JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(turnnum) as maxturnnum FROM object GROUP BY objectid) AS maxx ON object.objectid = maxx.objectid AND object.turnnum = maxx.maxturnnum;07:50
mithrothat is a crappy query07:50
mithro(with my 5 line dataset)07:51
llnzon it's way07:51
llnztry looking at object 1, ie what objects have 1 as parent currently07:53
llnzobjects 1012, 1013 and 1014 should *not* appear07:54
mithroSELECT object.objectid, object.parentid FROM object JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(turnnum) as maxturnnum FROM object GROUP BY objectid HAVING maxturnum = ?) AS maxx ON object.objectid = maxx.objectid AND object.turnnum = maxx.maxturnnum07:54
mithroreplace ? with the current turn?07:55
llnzdoesn't work if the object's turnnum is less that the current turn07:58
llnzie, run "delete FROM object WHERE objectid=1000 and turnnum = 75;" then try again, 1000 doesn't appear in the objectid column any more07:59
llnzwith current turn == 7507:59
llnzi don't know why they keep being saved08:01
llnzgot it!08:06
llnzSELECT object.objectid FROM object JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(turnnum) as maxturnnum FROM object GROUP BY objectid) as maxx ON (object.objectid=maxx.objectid AND object.turnnum = maxx.maxturnnum) where parentid = xxx;08:06
llnzactually, that inner query could be useful in other places...08:09
llnzas well08:09
* llnz plays rfts for a bit to see some problems08:23
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mithrollnz: what was different about your query?08:33
mithrooh? you where trying to find all objects that are a child for a given one?08:35
mithroI didn't realise that :P08:35
llnzby tpclient-pywx doesn't seem to want to exit anymore :-(08:41
mithrollnz: oh - yeah I may have introduced that bug08:42
mithroI'll have another look into it a bit later08:42
llnzyay.... NetworkFailureEvent08:53
CIA-28llnz tpserver-cpp * r5716fd46427d /tpserver/ordermanager.cpp:08:59
CIA-28Fixed bug with nextOrderQueueId not being set correct using persistence.08:59
CIA-28OrderManager::init() now asks for the max, and adds one to it.08:59
CIA-28llnz tpserver-cpp * rafa7d40ac468 /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp:09:00
CIA-28Fixed query for child object in tpmysql.09:00
CIA-28Now correct gives only current children, not all children in history.09:00
CIA-28llnz tpserver-cpp * r08d49a500926 /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp:09:17
CIA-28Small change so that query will work when generalised to get historic values.09:17
CIA-28This is in retrieveObject in tpmysql.09:17
CIA-28llnz tpserver-cpp * rb2cb61a03484 /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp:09:43
CIA-28Use new found sql-foo to save doing an extra query for each of the two objectparams.09:43
CIA-28The params are ResourceList and RefQuantityList. Should be easier and less09:43
* llnz wanders off09:50
llnzlater all09:50
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llnzi thought of something09:53
llnzthis time10:03
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tp_mithronapi: ping?12:10
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napitp_mithro; pong13:46
tp_mithronapi: you put in an application to openmrs too?13:46
tp_mithrohave you had a positive response from them?13:47
napidefine "positive" ? :x13:47
napiThey havn't said "you've got it" but they seemed happy with the application as far as I can tell13:48
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napinot the response I was going for ... lol13:51
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napitp_mithro, did you get my response? You DC'd very quick after I typed it13:55
tp_mithroreading logs13:56
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tp_mithrohello JLafont15:00
JLafonthow is the duplicate resolution thing going?15:00
tp_mithroJLafont: did you see my comments on your patch?15:09
JLafontyeah, It should be deterministic, at least the generator function takes in a  seed. But I think I should probably modify it so the seed is set when the generator is initialized15:10
tp_mithroJLafont: yeah your current thing is borked in that it will generate the same name for everything :P15:10
JLafontI also modified both my local and global gitconfig files but the patches still end up with my laptop name15:11
JLafonttp_mithro,  haha yeah, I'll modify it and resubmit15:11
tp_mithroJLafont: you changed your ~/.gitconfig ?15:11
JLafontI had to make it15:11
tp_mithroso you need to amend that patch then15:12
JLafontyeah, I'll go do that right now actually15:13
JLafontshouldn't take very long15:13
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JLafontthere we go15:44
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llnzhi all21:05
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llnzhi bddebian, mithro22:00
mithrohave to run22:01
bddebianHi llnz, mithro22:02
bddebianBye mithro22:02
Epyon_  mithro, I understand I've been forfeited?22:03
Epyon_well elitesec had a mentor, now it hasn't22:14
Epyon_And there was no attempt on discussing conflicts, so I guess that's it for my apps :/22:14
llnzduplicates were resolved today22:14
llnzthat might be an indication to look at your other applications22:15
Epyon_So I know, yet I have no info at all :|22:15
llnzthat said, i hope you keep working on elitesec, it sounds very interesting22:15
llnzeven if it's just a bit of documentation22:16
Epyon_well, this is something I'm going to work on in my life, one way or the other. I don't believe in Elite IV :P22:16
llnzexpect news in three days22:17
Epyon_Seriously I do :P22:17
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