Thursday, 2008-04-17

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* llnz wanders home01:15
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JLafont_hi llnz02:34
llnzhi JLafont_02:35
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mithrohello Alklomion02:53
AlklomionSo did you want to meet in the coffee shop next door to the CIS building?02:53
mithroAlklomion: yes02:54
mithroAlklomion: how much progress have you made?02:55
Alklomionmithro: almost none this week, i've been pretty sick02:55
mithrothats no good02:55
mithro~seen bddebian03:00
tpbmithro: bddebian was last seen in #tp 16 hours, 1 minute, and 18 seconds ago: <bddebian> Heya03:00
mithrowell heading home03:43
mithrosee ya03:43
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jothamdo you ever get the impression the world is governed by a secret oligarchy hell bent on setting really obscene tab orders in applications?03:56
jothamsometimes i am tapping tab, and despair as the focus rect wanders all over the screen03:56
jothamlike it's in some kind of invisible labrynth03:56
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llnzwb mithro05:07
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llnzhi AquaFox05:31
AquaFoxllnz, care for a game of  chess?05:31
llnzi'm not really good at chess05:31
AquaFoxYour call :).05:32
llnzThousand parsec maybe :-)05:34
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llnzhi peres05:36
peresllnz:  hi there05:36
mithrohey peres06:09
* jotham gets home from work06:09
mithrohey jotham06:10
mithroJLP: ping06:10
pereshi mithro06:10
peresi've gotta go :P06:10
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mithrojotham: so how goes the battle viewer :P06:11
jothamso so06:11
jothamonce i've had a cup of tea i'll crack it open06:11
jothami'm still working long days, it's 10pm atm06:11
mithrojotham: damn06:12
jothami've been averaging 136% productivity for the last 11 months06:12
jothamthat's like 14 hours a day or so06:12
jothamand they had the cheak to give me an official warning (1 warning, 3 written warnings = fired in my country)06:13
jothambecause i've been late 36 times since june06:13
jothampretty aggitated =)06:13
jothamit's alla bout being a good employee not a good worker06:13
mithrojotham: sadly true :(06:21
mithrojotham: looking for a new job?06:21
jothamnaah, heh, i love my fucking job06:21
jothamit's just a shame my boss is a fucktard =)06:22
* llnz graduates tomorrow06:29
mithrollnz: cool!06:29
llnzMSc (with distinction)06:30
mithrollnz: MSc == ?06:30
llnzMaster of Science06:30
mithrojotham: with GSoC coming up we should soon have a few different varieties of battles to be viewed (they should all fit in the current XML definition however)06:33
llnzand battlexml support is high on my list after this next release06:34
mithrojotham: should mean you have some more interesting things to view06:34
jothamwell i wanna make some changes to it06:34
jothambattlexml that is06:34
jothambut that's not priority 106:34
jothamam trying to sort out cocos06:34
jothamthe pyglet gui lib thing06:34
jothami say gui very very very lightly06:34
mithrookay then06:35
* llnz shuts down his tpserver-cpp and restarts it, to check if everything comes back ok06:40
llnzhummm... KeyError: 1014L in tpclient-pywx06:45
mithroI need the full log06:46
llnzi will email it06:48
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* xdotx is alive07:11
llnzhi xdotx07:13
xdotxhey llnz07:14
xdotxet al07:14
jothamthere is something deeply shit-eatingly mischevious about their logo, that running dude
tpb<> (at
mithrollnz: are you running an older version of tpclient-pywx?07:28
mithrothat bug was present in 0.3.1 but not
llnzi track master07:28
xdotxjotham: yeah that logo is seriously odd07:29
jothamso mithro, if we just bundle the cocos source inside battleviewer, will that create a drama for you?07:33
jothamit doesn't need to be installed on the host system anywhere special07:33
jothami just watched pyweek go down07:34
jothamwas pretty serious business07:34
mithrojotham: nope07:38
mithroit is fine07:39
mithrollnz: that is a very weird bug - any idea how you reproduce it?07:41
llnzappears after restarting tpserver-cpp with minisec and persistence07:41
llnzprobably around objects disappearing07:42
mithroI have no idea why you are getting these07:44
mithrowx._core.PyDeadObjectError: The C++ part of the ListArgumentPanel object has been deleted, attribute access no longer allowed.07:44
mithroas there is a try/except around those07:44
mithrooh wait07:47
mithroI have not pushed that change07:47
ezodmithro: i gotta run, but i got the layman thing mostly set up07:48
tpbTitle: :: thousand parsec (at
CIA-28mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r75e7fc0cc781 /tp/client/ Make sure the message attribute always exists.07:49
mithroezod: cool07:49
CIA-28mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * rfd9899c2e336 /windows/main/ Stop PyDeadObject exceptions.07:49
CIA-28mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * r3934db3ab0e2 /windows/main/ Use sum not reduce.07:49
ezodmithro: for now users have to add a line to a conf file, but i contacted someone to get it on the official list07:49
mithroezod: should not be in the repository?07:49
ezodmithro: well, no, the repository ought to only contain the overlay itself07:50
ezodmithro: that's only a temporary home for it anyway07:50
mithroezod: oh - that file goes to their repository?07:50
ezodmithro: yes, its just an xml snippet, they'll add to the official xml file on (i hope)07:51
* ezod is away :|07:51
mithrollnz: found the problem07:52
mithroan object has a child which doesn't exist07:52
llnzok... i'll check why that passes shortly07:53
mithrollnz: which could be because the parent has not updated modtime07:53
mithro(hence it is not updated)07:53
CIA-28mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r0ffdcc9ee4fc /tp/client/ Make the error message more informative.08:05
mithrollnz: that should give you better idea what is happening08:08
llnzanother bug08:14
llnzif the server disconnects, then you get an error dialog with no text08:15
llnzi guess i'm going to be debugging a lot08:17
CIA-28llnz tpserver-cpp * r012efe61fa68 /tpserver/ (playerview.cpp playerview.h): Check if object is also not gone when checking if object is visible.08:18
* llnz wanders off08:35
llnzlater all08:35
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CIA-28mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * r8c725bb4fe39 /windows/ Start the network thread.08:53
CIA-28mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r606c745e7807 /tp/client/
CIA-28Fix the way the Network Thread terminates.08:53
CIA-28Allow the Network thread to be started multiple times.08:53
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CIA-28mithro libtpclient-py-stable * rfbe3f6a72571 /tp/client/ Always start the NetworkThread.09:00
CIA-28mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * r5967f047aaad /windows/ Also start the network on an NewAccount.09:00
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EpyonJLP, why did elitesec loose its mentor?14:44
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JLafontI just submitted a small patch.18:28
JLafontHave to figure out why the functions are bugging out when I try to save a game.18:29
JLafontand now, to write my papes18:30
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llnzLee Begg, Masters of Science with Distinction in Computer Science21:13
mithronow if we could just add "Lee Begg, Releaser of tpserver-cpp 0.5.0" ;)21:14
greywhindmithro: did you get my message about my choice yesterday?21:15
mithrogreywhind: yeah21:15
mithroif you login now it should all be set21:15
llnzhehe, give me a week or so21:16
greywhindmithro: by the way, do we know if pyogre works on Mac?21:17
mithrogreywhind: it does in theory21:17
greywhindmithro: heh. sounds fun.21:17
mithrothere are instructions on their wiki21:18
tpb<> (at
greywhindmithro: alright. i'll take a look.21:19
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mithrohello Ohm21:22
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mithro~seen Ohm21:27
tpbmithro: Ohm was last seen in #tp 6 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <Ohm> IP is basically CS-light, no math, very practical21:27
mithroxdotx: poke poke?21:27
xdotxmithro: here, but not for long!21:27
mithroxdotx: do you have time to play some RFTS soon?21:30
xdotxhmm. this weekend will probably be a good time21:31
xdotxi've got an easy project to do (~1 day work) and i've just got to turn in my game and i'm done with this semester21:32
mithroxdotx: so how about noon Sunday my time?21:33
mithrowhich is Saturday night for you21:33
xdotxthat'd probably be good.21:34
mithrollnz: want to join in?21:34
mithroI doubt we will actually get a game very far - but it would be good testing for trying to get RFTS more playable21:35
greywhindmithro: can I join you?21:35
mithrogreywhind: sure!21:35
mithroany chance you have the modtime bug fixed?21:35
greywhindnoon sunday (your time), you say?21:35
llnzmithro: i'll try, might be out at that time21:35
xdotxi'm pretty sure it's an objectview problem21:36
llnzi'm happy to host it21:36
xdotxwhich i'm not very clear on :/21:36
llnzhumm... i think i fixed that bug21:36
xdotxthat'd be wonderful21:36
mithrollnz: maybe should should give it a go locally and see if that is fixed?21:37
* xdotx has to run21:38
llnzmithro: that would be helpful21:38
xdotxi'll be around today/tomorrow but i'll be busy wrapping things up21:38
mithrollnz: you could start one now and we could give it a go?21:39
llnzi'm at work currently21:40
llnzi can probably start a rfts tpsever-cpp if you want though21:40
mithrollnz: so am I ;)21:40
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mithrohey bddebian21:40
bddebianHeya mithro21:41
mithrobddebian: I've been trying to distill the Python-ogre build process to something that you can package21:42
mithrobddebian: it appears that it needs the complete sourcecode of CEGUI and Ogre to generate the python bindings21:43
mithrobddebian: yeah :(21:44
mithroany deb is going to be really hacky :(21:44
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bddebianThat just plain blows chunks :-(21:49
llnzmithro: rfts running at tp://llnz.dyndns.org21:49
mithrollnz: cool21:49
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mithrollnz: reparenting appears to be borked21:52
mithrogreywhind: feel free to join llnz's server and have a play21:53
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greywhindmithro: i'll see if i can find the time...21:54
mithrollnz / xdotx: it appears the modtime thing has been fixed21:55
mithroon the third turn I was unable to issue orders to my planet21:56
llnzmithro: ok21:56
llnzmithro: cool21:56
mithrobut there is something very weird going on with the fleet movement21:56
llnzquite possible21:57
llnzi'll have a look at rfts tonight/tomorrow to get it ready for playing21:57
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tpb<> (at
mithrogreywhind: that looks okay22:04
greywhindit's just a start, of course22:04
greywhindmithro: i plan to add a "remove filters" box as wlel22:04
greywhindand some labels to explain them22:05
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mithrodamn it looks like python-ogre needs a newer version of gccxml then comes with ubuntu22:21
bddebianFun stuff isn't it?? :)23:11
mithroI have it down to23:25
mithrogccxml and pygccxml both need to be compile23:26
mithrobut everything else can pretty much use the system libraries23:28
mithrooh dang23:50
mithrothey need a custom boost23:50
mithrobddebian: could you do me a favour and create an "empty debian/root" with a big "put commands to build something here"23:53

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