Thursday, 2008-02-21

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mithrojotham: one of your "friends" on pyglet list is getting 'corrected' by the main pyglet developer multiple times :P00:09
jothamone of those guys that was a dickhead to me?00:43
jothamgood times00:43
mithrojotham: yeah - the other one is having problems with their nvidia graphics card :P01:00
mithrojotham: I should be around tonight if you need some basic help with git01:11
jothamdun dun dun01:11
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mithrohey llnz01:36
llnzhi mithro01:36
llnznash: are you there?01:36
nashllnz: I am at the moment01:38
nashwon't be for long however01:38
llnzgot your email, i don't quite get what the problem is01:38
nashIt's not sending the ID at the beginning of the message01:38
llnzok, will fix that shortly01:39
nashWasn't sure how to fix it correctly .  It's way way convulted code to just serialise a structure01:40
mithronash: ;)01:42
llnznash: the objecttype isn't even stored there yet, so have to fix that first01:44
mithrollnz: you watching the stuff on demo1?01:44
nashmithro: I wouldn't talk... 9000 lines of python for libtpproto... thats as large as the entire galaxie code base... that's a lot of python to serialise a group of structures01:44
mithroit seems some people are actually conquring the universe01:44
mithronash: I have 385 lines to serialise a structure01:45
nash8500 lines of comments?01:46
mithrothe rest of the code is mainly convenience functions01:46
nashanyway - off home01:47
mithroa person writing a python client doesn't really know anything about the packet structures (except where it is escaping in the Object/Order interface)01:47
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jothamyay alpha software01:47
mithrojotham: you hit a pyglet bug? :)01:47
jothamjust the documentation and the source code don't match01:48
jothamand i don't know what the bug means01:48
jothamcan i install an .egg in win3201:48
mithrojotham: sure!01:48
jothamoh i can, cool01:48
* jotham just saw this
tpb<> (at
mithrojotham: I think that is quite old01:49
mithroyou should be able to do things like "easy_install pyglet" and it will automatically go get a pyglet egg for your platform and install it01:50
jothamworked good01:52
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r92aa76087b76 /tpserver/ (objecttype.cpp objecttype.h objecttypemanager.cpp):01:52
CIA-19Save the type number in ObjectType and use it.01:52
CIA-19Fixes nash's bug with decoding ObjectDescription frames.01:52
mithrojotham: cool :)01:53
jothamthe bug was01:54
jothampretty lame actually01:54
jothamyou can't have class member variables with teh same name as events that they use01:54
jothamso you can't have like01:54
jothamclass Foo (EventDispatcher):01:54
jotham  EVENT_NAME = 'EVENT_NAME'01:55
jothamthen try dispatch a Foo.EVENT_NAME01:55
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * reee7272dfb5f /tpserver/ (avahi.cpp metaserverconnection.cpp):01:55
CIA-19Advertisers of the games now says protocol 0.3 and 0.401:55
CIA-19Just Metaserver and Avahi.01:55
jothamthat's lame, so it'll have to be class Foo (...): EVENT_NAME = 'EVENT_NAME_'01:56
jothamthat's so crap01:56
jothamright, back to pyglet-users, will i be flamed again01:59
jothamwe could put money on it01:59
mithrojotham: maybe if you include code - they could say how bad it is :)02:01
* jotham sighs02:07
jothamsent it off02:07
jothammay i burn in hell02:07
mithrojotham: they will probably take that as there first stuff "worked" :/02:17
jothamhow do you mean02:17
mithrooh, "he submitted a much better email now"02:18
jothamwell the first time i had no code to show02:18
jothamthe first time proved i needed to learn opengl to use pyglet02:18
jothamand how dare i depend on the pyglet api02:18
mithroyeah, it's just that pyglet is still a little imature :/  it's slowly getting there02:19
jothamonly gonna get better because of people using it02:32
jothamand flexing all its ins and outs02:32
jothamanyway i'll try push my pyglet in before i go to bed, to git02:33
mithrojotham: that would be good02:39
mithrowell I think I might head home02:49
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CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r3235801d25d7 /tpserver/ (playerview.cpp playerview.h):03:27
CIA-19PlayerView now handles Object via ObjectView objects.03:27
CIA-19This breaks all three rulesets, and gives incorrect results for03:27
CIA-19getObjectIdsList frames.03:27
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r1da14afcb487 /tpserver/playeragent.cpp:03:34
CIA-19Updated PlayerAgent to use the process methods provided by PlayerView.03:34
CIA-19Fixes incorrect results in ObjectIds_List.03:34
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r05b28806f613 /tpserver/playeragent.cpp:03:36
CIA-19Fixed some debugging messages.03:36
CIA-19Copy/paste error. Will look at unifying much of this in future.03:36
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CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r4b85c5ce6908 /modules/games/mtsec/ (mtsec.cpp mtsecturn.cpp):03:49
CIA-19MTSec now compiles again.03:49
CIA-19Not tested.03:49
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mithroJLP_: having internet problems?04:08
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r8042066b3532 /tpserver/playerview.cpp:04:18
CIA-19Used the right sequence number of ObjectIds_List.04:18
CIA-19Use the Object one instead of the Design one.04:18
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r23d072599f79 /modules/games/minisec/ (minisec.cpp minisecturn.cpp):04:19
CIA-19Updated Minisec to use ObjectView.04:19
CIA-19Tested, it works!04:19
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JLPmorning all04:30
JLPdamn the internet is going crazy here, again04:31
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CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * rb4581497da85 /modules/games/rfts/ (buildfleet.cpp ownedobject.cpp rftsturn.cpp splitfleet.cpp):04:48
CIA-19Updated RFTS to use ObjectView.04:48
CIA-19Not tested. Should be ok, but might miss some visiblity things. Probably04:48
CIA-19visible after they should be any more.04:48
remaximit takes ages till they finally release my album...04:49
llnzhi remaxim04:50
llnzthey who?04:50 ...  I uploaded the hole album there and before everybody can listen to it they have to release it04:51
remaximeven though it is quite strange to release a soundtrack for a game, even before the music is implented in the game ;)04:53
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * r8c7fd9d33a4e /tpserver/ (object.cpp object.h):05:01
CIA-19Removed no longer used code from IGObject.05:01
CIA-19Namely the createFrame method, which is now done by ObjectView.05:01
JLPmithro: should those *.pyc and *.pyo files go to lib64 part on 64-bit system?05:01
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mithroJLP: ?05:16
JLPmithro: well when creating RPM these pyc and pyo file have to be compiled, but there are two paths: /usr/lib/pythn... and /usr/lib64/python... on AMD6405:21
mithroJLP: pyc and pyo files should really be generated on the machine after installed05:22
JLPmithro: hm in RPM guidelines it says they should be generated before and included into RPM so that it properly cleans everything after uninstall and so that they are available to all people, not just root05:23
mithroJLP: the RPM guidelines are crazy05:23
mithroI'm afraid I have no idea then05:26
mithropyo and pyc's are dependent on the version of python you are running05:26
JLPmithro: you mean even 2.5.1 is different to 2.5.205:27
mithroJLP: sometimes - but not always05:27
JLPmithro: ok, i guess it is best if i ask people at mandriva about this05:30
mithroJLP: it could just be that the mandriva people are less careful05:30
remaximI just realized how I can correct a maior mistake in G 5 ... the lines aren't synchron ... the basic bass repeats faster than the other lines and then jumps some secs to be at the same moment as the others05:31
mithrollnz: ping?05:31
llnzmithro: pong05:32
mithrollnz: two things05:32
mithro 1. We need a http.log type log05:32
JLPmithro: maybe, currently i just do "python build" "python install --root=%{buildroot}" which puts everything into /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/tp/netlib/05:32
llnzfor what?05:32
remaximhi mithro05:33
JLPmithro: that's why i was a bit afraid about it not putting it into lib64 on AMD6405:33
remaximcan I expect some sound support in the near future?05:33
mithroSo we can use  to generate stats05:33
mithroremaxim: yes05:34
mithroremaxim: any thoughts about how to do things like cross fading?05:34
remaximnone at all... I never thought about any crossfading stuff... nash proposed it05:35
mithro 2. We need some type of MOTD thing05:35
llnzthat wouldn't be too hard to add to the console05:37
mithroremaxim: It would be really helpful if could you do some different ways to cutting between two?05:40
remaximI really don't have ideas about that... if you tell me what to do, I ll do it05:40
mithrollnz: I mean displayed on the client05:40
llnzput the message in the players system board05:41
mithrollnz: well - it would be cool if we could pop-up a message for the people who are playing on demo105:41
mithroto say stuff, "Why not join the the mailing list or IRC channel?"05:45
remaximmithro, because it would annoy people ;)05:45
remaximI know that it's free software, but ads usually annoy gamers, if they're displayed in pop-ups  :D05:46
JLPmithro: maybe the very first message you get from the server could include the links05:46
JLPand it could also be in this you are unloved message05:47
mithroJLP: that could be useful too05:47
remaximJLP, that idea sounds much better to me ;)05:47
mithroremaxim: well - we there are like 5 people playing on demo1 which we have had no contact with05:47
remaximmithro, so if you need a special ending/beginning for crossfading please just tell me what exactly I should change05:48
remaximdo you know, how many players are playing the game at all?05:49
mithroremaxim: well, could you try doing a straight cut of a few, then some making one quieter while the other louder?05:49
remaximno... I won't do that!05:50
mithroremaxim: ?05:50
remaximthat s nothing that belongs to the actuall music! and it's fucking hard to do with my software ...05:50
mithrocoding them up will take much longer if I have to try a bunch of different things - It looked like it should be trivial in reason?05:51
remaximI m no big fan of crossfading, but I think that crossfading should be at the software side...05:51
JLPhm in phonon for kde 4 you just open two music file and add a crossfade function into the middle setting the curve and it corssfades it for you05:52
remaximno actually it's not trivial at all! because those are different songs... and as much as I know there is no possibility to put them toghether to one song05:52
mithroremaxim: of course I'll do it in software eventually05:52
mithrobut I want to figure out what is the best way05:52
mithroit might actually work well without cross fading as your songs already kind of fade in and fade out05:53
remaximmithro, I think some basic sound support is the best thing to do right now... then you/ the other devs/ or the players can decide how it should sound the best way05:53
mithroremaxim: well, maybe try loading them up in media player and seeing how you like it?05:54
remaximas I said, I m no fan of crossfading at all05:54
remaximfor me it's like destroying music for some seconds ...05:55
mithrodoes it sound alright to you without crossfading?05:56
remaximI think so... yes!05:56
mithroremaxim: okay05:58
remaximbtw: mithro, you didn't answer my question ;) ... do you know how many people play TP all toghether?05:58
mithroremaxim: we had 150 downloads in the last 3 days because of the 0.3.0 release05:58
mithroand there are about 4-5 people playing on demo1 now05:58
mithrollnz: so how hard would it be to add a http.log type thing?05:59
llnznot too hard, but what exactly do you want logged?05:59
mithrollnz: dunno, something like this06:01
mithro127.0.0.1 - - [19/Feb/2008:09:22:44 +1030] "GET /tp/gettingstarted.php HTTP/1.1" 200 14947 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en; rv:1.9b3) Gecko Epiphany/2.20"06:01
llnzwell... that doesn't make a lot of sense for a TP server06:02
mithro<ip address> - - [<date>] "GET username" 200 14947 "-" "<Client ID>"06:02
llnzdoesn't have pages, for example06:02
llnz<ip address> <username> - [<date>] "LOGIN" 200 0 "-" "<client id>"06:03
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llnzor even "LOGIN TP/0.4"06:03
_JLP_i hope the internet is more stable here with this ISP06:04
mithrollnz: well, we want as much as possible from ?06:05
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*** _JLP_ is now known as JLP06:05
mithromaybe the 0 could be the session time?06:05
llnzsession time would be close to 006:06
llnzsuppose to be size of message06:06
mithrollnz: as in log it on disconnect and it be the time the user was logged in06:07
llnznot nice, i don't like that about long-running connections06:07
mithrollnz: hrm?06:07
llnzif tpsai-py connected, it wouldn't be logged until the ai was killed (either in game or in process)06:08
mithrollnz: well maybe log both the login and logout?06:08
llnzhumm... maybe06:08
llnzmaking it a bigger task...06:09
mithrollnz: protocol3 doesn't have a PlayerGetID?06:09
llnzmithro: i know06:09
llnzhaven't needed it06:09
mithrollnz: how do I find all player ids?06:09
llnzby seeing them in game (ie, player id in objects or designs)06:10
mithrollnz: can I just keep getting ids until it does an error?06:12
mithroor does tpserver-cpp block the accesses now?06:13
llnzthe earlier one06:13
mithrollnz: okay06:23
mithrollnz: oh, what about the email address a person uses to register?06:30
* llnz checks what happens to it06:30
llnzoh, i do keep it, *if* provided06:32
CIA-19mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r1717f66c39ff /tp/client/ Get all the players in the game, not just yours.06:33
CIA-19mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * re7234a2639c7 /windows/main/overlays/ Fix the object previewer.06:33
CIA-19mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * r049303d80011 /windows/ Force the Okay button to Focus when finished.06:33
CIA-19mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * r20b8cfe0d8e8 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Hack to fix the "return to previous" after hovering.06:33
CIA-19mithro tpclient-pywx-stable * rfae05c07f9f5 /windows/main/ Display the owners name.06:33
mithroJLP: give that a go :)06:35
JLPmithro: will do, i'm now on sisters computer which has different ISP so it will take a bit longer to clone from git06:37
mithroJLP: okay06:38
*** remaxim has left #tp06:40
* JLP is happy there are two different internet connections in this flat with different ISps :)06:40
JLPmithro: player names instead of ids is very helpfull06:48
JLPmithro: porbably you can even just display the name and no ID after it06:49
mithroJLP: cool06:57
JLPmithro: object without orders window is behaving a bit strange here07:00
mithroJLP: oh?07:00
JLPmithro: sorting works nicely, but if I grab the window and move it it resets to sorting by ID07:01
mithroJLP: ?07:01
mithrowhat sorting?07:02
JLPmithro: 1. open the objects without orders 2. sort by name or type, move/resize the window and the sorting gets reset to sorting by id07:03
mithroJLP: oh greywhinds window07:03
mithroI no longer have any objects :P07:03
mithrogreywhind: ping?07:04
JLPmithro, greywhind: i'll report a bug into bug tracker07:04
mithroJLP: good idea07:05
* JLP thinks of stealing his sister's LCD, 15 -> 21 inch is such a difference :)07:06
mithrohe he07:06
JLPand the colors are so much nicer on this one, more vivid07:07
JLPbtw it was a great deal with this LCD, it sels for about 450? here, but I got it from some stupid man for just 300?, only a few months old07:08
JLPbug reported07:13
mithroJLP: thanks07:17
mithroJLP: I have a 22 inch here, cost me ~$270 AUD07:17
mithroJLP: I'm hopping to get another one soon07:21
JLPmithro: yeah i should also get myself one, my sister has Samsung SyncMaster 215TW here07:23
mithroI got a cheap benq one, I'm not that happy with it - the colors just are not right07:23
*** Epyon has joined #tp07:25
JLPyo Epyon07:25
mithrohey Epyon07:25
* Epyon suffers from a bloody hangover, so please speak quietly to him.07:26
JLPdarn, where's mandriva python expert when you need him07:29
* llnz wanders off07:42
llnzlater all07:42
mithroJLP: so how are you doing on demo1? :)07:51
JLPmithro: not bad :)07:52
mithrowhats your login name?07:52
mithroJLP: just to be confusing :P07:53
mithroyou conqured my home world :/07:53
JLPmithro: there were a lot of ships, it sounded lik fun to try it07:54
mithroI should start up a tpsai-py and see what it does07:54
mithroI would be interested to see what happened in the battles07:55
JLPmithro: yeah, we will start to record these things07:55
JLPs/will/will need to07:56
mithroonce jotham is working on the battleviewer again07:58
JLPbtw mithro did i ever show this to you:
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec on (at
JLPi've toyed with the site a few months ago, they even support Ogg Theora videos07:59
mithroJLP: why use that over youtube which has more users?08:00
JLPogg theora, and you can use java player so i can watch videos on my 64-bit systems08:01
mithroJLP: okay cool08:06
mithroJLP: want to do some tutorial screencasts?08:06
JLPmithro: sure i can try08:06
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nashHeyo Epyon17:49
Epyonyo nash, what's up?17:49
*** peres has quit IRC17:50
nashNot much, yourself?17:50
EpyonDrinking :P17:51
EpyonI took a "week off"17:51
EpyonTo regenerate17:51
nashAnd alcohol helps this how?17:52
EpyonIt helps my mind to get off of everything17:52
nashSo you are talking about work, and TP... ;-)17:52
Epyonwork, and all the projects...17:54
EpyonAnd believe me, there's a lot of it :(17:58
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EpyonI dunno, the more models I make the harder it seems to be :P18:04
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nashKeep it simple for a while18:04
*** DTRemenak|RDP is now known as DTRemenak18:04
nashToo many quit/join messages18:05
EpyonDTRemenak :)18:05
nashNot just him.  Things like stupid bots18:05
nashEpyon: Interestingly every second time you say something it seems to cause a quit18:05
EpyonYeah, once a channel has more join/quits than actuall text it is a problem. Well except on quakenet with it's regular splits :P18:06
nashthis channel isn;t that bad...18:08
nashSee, 6 comments without a quit!18:09
EpyonYay for us! :D18:09
* nash larts lee18:15
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mithromorning people20:00
mithrogreywhind: I confirmed that the keyboard shortcuts don't work on Mac :/20:00
greywhindmithro: we'll work on it20:01
mithrogreywhind: any luck with your multiple resource thing?20:03
greywhindmithro: not yet... i think i'll have to do it with a separate popup or something, right?20:04
mithrogreywhind: well, I was thinking a pop-up dialog20:04
mithrogreywhind: have a look at the "popup control" demo example20:06
greywhindmithro: ok20:06
mithroand the "CheckListBox"20:07
mithrodamn looks like tpserver-cpp died20:47
nashmithro: I need to get galaxie futher along to hammer it more ;-)20:49
mithronash: I think we need to do some more AI testing20:49
*** bddebian has joined #tp20:58
nashmithro: BTW: We need RFTS stable, then organise a players tournament22:02
nashThen a league table ;-)22:06
mithronash: we need a stable tpserver-cpp22:17
mithrowe can't even get minisec to the end22:17
mithrowhat hope do we have of getting RFTS to the end22:17
nashmithro: Yes, think concentrating on RFTS as a test is better for the long term, as it should help minisec as well, and it's closer to the real goal22:19
nashmithro: I'm just suggesting this as good short-medium term project goal22:19
nash"Run a tournament"... we need clients, servers and everything happy22:19
nashAIs can have a place too ;-)22:21
mithronash: I agree that "Run a tournament" is a good goal22:26
mithronash: but a "run a game to the end" is a better one :P22:26
nashmithro: It's a short term one.. and it's mostly a server issue22:32
nashBUt is the first step22:32
* nash notes however generally games are called long before they end22:32
nashhopefully before the server crashes however ;-)22:37
mithrocalled - as in know who the winner would be?22:42
nashYes, have a look at stars! games on autohost22:44
nashGenerally they allow 2-4 player alliances, generally one alliance will conceed defeat22:44
nashSometimes surprisingly early22:44
mithroI think that is what OuterSpace does really well22:46
mithroa crash wouldn't be so if there was persistence22:47
nashmithro: You probably don't want to look to closely to my last email message then23:15
mithronash: didn't --without-mysql work?23:15
nashmithro: Didn't try that one.. it's not documented whatever it is.  --disable-mysql didn't  - which is the standard way of doing it.  Also forcing the mysql path to garbage didn't work either.23:17
mithronash: actually, all the configure programs I have used always had "--without-mysql"23:18
mithrobut then again - that might not work either23:18
nashReally - I always see --disable & --enable23:18
nashI see --with-mysql, but that means it is off by default.  So even it's wrong either way23:19
nashAnyway - it doesn't build with it on... so it's still a problem23:19
nashmithro: I'd rather have it build correctly then apply my patch ;-)23:22
nashI really shouldn't need to do anything but ./ && make && sudo make install to get it to work23:23
nashAs soon as I start needing to pass weird options to ./configure, we've already lost23:23
mithrowell - yes persistance (include the mysql stuff) is borked23:24
nashtpserver-cpp should still build.  Basically it stopped building when I installed the mysql client libraries23:25
mithronash: WIP :)23:25
mithrohopefully llnz will fix persistence real soon now23:33
nashThen we can start that tournament23:33
mithrohopefully before tpserver-py becomes stable23:33
greywhindmithro: any idea why this is just giving me a gray panel with nothing in it?23:34
greywhind (9 lines)23:35
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrofirst thing23:36
mithroyou _must_ have a panel in each window23:36
greywhindmithro: k. i did originally, but it was still giving me just a gray box, so i tried it without a panel.23:36
mithrogreywhind: okay23:37
mithromake sure you add the things with the panel as the parent too23:37
mithroand you probably want the sizer to be on the panel23:37
greywhindmithro: this is what i have:23:37
greywhind (11 lines)23:38
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindis there more i need to do to add the panel to the window?23:38
mithrogreywhind: and still getting a grey window?23:38
greywhindmithro: yeah23:38
mithrogreywhind: btw, why are you not using XRC?23:38
greywhindmithro: i want to try to get the code working, and i wasn't sure whether i should use XRC for a small dialog like this23:39
greywhindand the demo was set up without it23:39
mithrogreywhind: I can imagine you will want to add a filter type box to this sometime in the future?23:40
mithrousing XRC now will probably save more time in the future23:40
greywhindmithro: *sigh* i suppose23:42
mithromoving to XRC much earlier would have saved me months of development time23:43
greywhindmithro: i guess i'll work on it tomorrow then23:44
mithrogreywhind: okay then23:46
mithrogreywhind: I'll give the shortcut problem a look on the weekend23:47
greywhindmithro: thanks23:48
mithroI probably think we have found/fixed enough bugs for a 0.3.1 release very shortly23:51
mithrobddebian: ping?23:54
* bddebian hides23:56
mithrobddebian: still no email :(23:57
nashbddebian: You should have stayed still... mithro's can't see stationary objects...23:57
bddebianmithro: I know, sorry :-(23:57
mithronash: that isn't true, I can see galaxie development ;)23:57
CIA-19nash galaxie * r66c16063f894 / (7 files): Partial talloc move23:58
CIA-19nash galaxie * r6d7a8cedf1da /tpe_board.c: Move tpe_board to use talloc23:58
nashmithro: It could be your imagination23:58
CIA-19nash galaxie * r26fe99665f5f /Makefile: Add a 'fixme' rule23:58
CIA-19nash galaxie * r98f18907cf4a /todo.txt: Tweaks to todo23:58
CIA-19nash galaxie * rdd3cca22503f /tpe_orders.c: Minor error checking in tpe_orders.c23:58
mithronash: woot :)23:58
mithroI need to goad nash more I think ;)23:59
nashmithro: I'm currently developing a website.. so I have other things to do23:59
CIA-19nash galaxie * r41b988834b88 / (galaxie.c tpe_board.c): More talloc updates23:59

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