Wednesday, 2008-02-20

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mithrohey Alklomion01:31
mithrobeen in a meeting since 2:00 pm :/01:31
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JLPmorning all01:44
mithrohey JLP01:47
AlklomionHey Mithro01:47
mithroAlklomion: so how goes everything? Have you downloaded the client at all and given it a whirl?01:47
AlklomionNot yet, i've been quite lazy over my holidays, i plan to over the weekend though.01:54
JLPis anyone "recording" the current game? you know in such a way like test-battle.avi is made01:59
mithroJLP: nope02:01
mithroJLP: I should have thought of that before :/02:01
JLPmithro: yeah me too, ah weel next time maybe :)02:01
mithrowe had 821 unique visitors yesterday02:02
JLPyup i've just been checking the stats a bit, not bad02:03
JLPoh and a special hello to Alklomion, have not met you before, if my memory is any good02:05
AlklomionHello JLP, yeah I'm new here02:06
JLPAlklomion: I see from the IRC log that you will be working on TP, as part of school course02:09
JLPmithro: wxPython is actualy using GTK in the end right?02:12
JLPAlklomion: btw, what exactly will you be having fun with here at TP?02:15
mithroJLP: yes02:20
mithroJLP: Alklomion is part of a two student group who will be working on the Java MIDP project02:20
JLPmithro: ok, then i can also add the client to
tpbTitle: GTK+ Applications Repository - (at
JLPah so MIDP, as in Java for mobile devices right? cool, looks like players will have quite some choice of TP clients on the mobile side too02:22
mithroJLP: yes, as in for the mobile phone02:22
JLPnash's also works on mobile devices, parsek also has this as one of the goals (when kick myself in the butt hard and actually start doing something about it again)02:24
JLPa client for OLPC could also be one interesting thing to do02:25
JLPprobably even pywx client could be reworked a bit to fit in more nicely02:26
Alklomionare there special requirements for software for the OLPC scheme?02:27
JLPAlklomion: well don't know exactly, except that it has to fit in with the Sugar GUI (or how it is called)02:27
JLPand be more child oriented and take adventage of wifi meshing and things like that02:28
* JLP goes checking out OLPC wiki a bit02:29
mithroThousand Parsec really requires a central server02:33
Alklomionaah, i see02:36
JLPhere are the guidelines for OLPC apps -
tpb<> (at
JLPand probably it wouldn't be wrong to add the idea here -
tpb<> (at
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JLPllnz: ahoy03:03
llnzhi JLP03:04
llnzhumm... the metaserver seems to have dropped llnz_dev2 again03:26
llnzwonder if there is a transparent proxy stopping my update requests making it to the metaserver...03:32
llnzhumm... that does indeed appear to be happening....03:35
CIA-19llnz tpserver-cpp * rbd63d746baac /tpserver/metaserverconnection.cpp:04:10
CIA-19Added random value as reqid to metaserver update query.04:10
CIA-19Prevents transparent proxies from using cached results, and therefore04:10
CIA-19hidding the update from the metaserver and the server going missing from04:10
CIA-19the metaserver.04:10
* JLP just added pywx to -
tpb<> (at
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JLPmithro: does this look ok to you for packaging python stuff -
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* llnz wanders off07:43
llnzlater all07:43
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mithromorning people17:59
* nash waves18:30
nashmithro: Has llnz been around recently18:31
mithronash: he is around after you leave18:31
mithro(IE After work)18:31
mithrowow, there is a massive battle going on demo118:32
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mithromorning JLP18:46
mithrojotham: ping?18:55
jothami am going to submit the changed around code tonight18:56
jothami've got pyglet sorted out18:56
jothamit wont look like much, infact i doubt it'll do anymore than print something to the output window18:56
jothambut all the guts is sorted18:56
mithrojotham: okay cool18:58
mithrojotham: so how long until we have cool space battles?19:00
jothamdunno, not long19:00
jothamthing is19:00
jothamit'll only work for certian sizes19:01
jothamwe will have to discuss strategies for very large and very small battles19:01
mithrojotham: okay - lets get it working first :)19:01
jothambut thats later19:01
jothamso far this project has been used as an excuse to learn 1) how to write GUI libraries 2) how to parse XML 3) how to impliment an event system 4) how to use OpenGL (crudely) 5) how to use MVC to sort out graphical states19:02
jothamplus the 8 months where i was basically a work zombie19:02
jothamso yeah its taken a while19:02
jothamthe parse xml thing, i always used to do it a different way before i saw your way19:03
jothamand the fucking around with darcs and git19:03
mithrojotham: okay cool19:05
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mithrohey greywhind19:37
greywhindhi mithro19:37
mithroI'm afraid I have not had a chance to look into the keyboard shortcut problem under MacOS X19:37
greywhindk... should i start on the multiple-resource selection then?19:38
mithrogreywhind: sure19:38
greywhindmithro: how can i make a drop-down list that allows any object to be added to it, such as panels with a checkbox and a label each?20:33
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mithrogreywhind: hrm.. not sure21:30
mithrogood way to find out is the demo21:30
mithrohey bddebian21:30
mithrogreywhind: sorry about taking so long, was at lunch21:31
greywhindmithro: no problem21:31
mithroI find the demo a really quick way to see what is easily possible and find the code for it21:33
bddebianHi mithro21:33
greywhindmithro: k21:33
bddebianSo what did you want the binary packages to be python-tp-client and what?21:33
mithrogreywhind: it's where I got the idea for the system tree filter :)21:33
mithrobddebian: all the others are fine21:34
mithropython-tp-netlib -> import tp.netlib21:34
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mithrobddebian: so I need those instructions and it would be good if you could package the server21:48
bddebianYes master... :-)21:53
mithrobddebian: on a related note - how do we go about getting this stuff actually into ubuntu?21:54
bddebianIt won't make Hardy at this point unfortunately.  If I can't get it in Debian I will upload for Hardy+1 myself21:55
mithrobddebian: okay21:58
mithrowhere are we at regarding debian?21:58
bddebianWell still waiting for a sponsor but it's a little harder now with wx2.8 requirement :-)21:59
bddebianThough there is a wx2.8 package in Experimental now21:59
mithrobddebian: cool21:59
mithrobddebian: there is EFL in experimental, so we should be able to package galaxie if nash does a release :P22:00
mithroEnlightenment Foundation Libraries I believe22:00
mithroit's the things that galaxie depends on22:00
nashWhat do you need a release for?22:01
mithronash: to be packaged in universe/main22:02
nashI'll do one when tpserver is ready22:02
mithromy tasks are currently, 1. Fix bugs in tpclient-pywx, 2. Fix up tpsai-py (so I can test tpserver-py) 3. Fix up tpserver-py and release, 4. Finish TIMTrader22:03
nash3a Find a new name for timtrader22:04
mithronash: bah ;)22:05
nashmithro: Vanity names won't attract users22:05
mithroit stands for "Typical Interstellar Material Trader" or maybe "Typical Interstellar Merchant Trader" ;)22:07
nashmithro: And no-one will ever see through that acronym22:09
mithronash: I'll worry about it after I have fixed tpsai-py and gotten a release to tpserver-py out the door22:40
nashmithro: Hence why it's task 3a ;-)22:40
mithrocould call it TIT, "Typical Interstellar Trader" :P22:47
mithrothen I need to get tpsai-py to play TIMTrader :P23:02

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