Wednesday, 2008-01-16

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CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * rd1f9eb6531fb /tpserver/smartpointer.h:06:20
CIA-46Added some other useful methods to SmartPointer.06:20
CIA-46Mainly to allow the raw object to be set.06:20
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r4f7db13469b4 /tpserver/objecttype.cpp: Added missing include directive.06:20
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mithrohey people06:46
llnzhi mithro06:48
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-development * r347913ae94a7 /tp/client/ Moved the simple_decorator here from tpclient-pywx.06:54
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-development * r8a28cc00a942 /tp/client/ ( Added some code to track down bad cross thread calling.06:54
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-development * r49e428db90d5 /tp/client/ ( Changed to the decorator module by Michele Simionato.06:54
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-development * r8f55841f7ec7 /tp/client/ Mark the following functions as thread_safe for the moment.06:54
CIA-46mithro libtpclient-py-development * rc416e3046acd /tp/client/ Stop a cross thread call. This should be fixed properly.06:54
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r71ae5becd566 / (extra/ tpclient-pywx): Fixed asserts to be properly formed.06:58
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-statetracker * rced7aa7c8d0e /extra/ Removed the simple_decorator stuff as that is now in libtpclient-py.06:58
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r70ce9b4cbfd6 /extra/ Changed to using the decorator module.06:58
CIA-46mithro tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r2e94889aff01 /windows/main/ (overlays/ Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpclient-pywx.git#statetracker06:58
* llnz wonders if we should declare a developers meeting at LCA0807:00
llnzTP-dev-meet, TPDM, whatever07:01
mithrohe he, maybe :)07:10
mithrocreate a Thousand Parsec BOF :)07:10
mithrobe back in 10, have to go pack07:12
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* llnz wonders after all the emails in the last day whether we will have anything left to talk about at lca07:50
mithroI'm sure there will be :)08:01
llnzthought you might say that08:01
llnzi suspect research support will be a big thing08:02
mithroI'll try and get to the emails sometime tommorrow night08:04
llnzIGObject, ObjectDataManager, PlayerAgent, ObjectView, every object type, order type and ruleset class dealing with objects08:04
llnzthese are the classes i will touch before finishing my current object refactoring08:04
llnzand then persistence08:04
llnzbut now i should be asleep08:05
* llnz wanders off08:05
llnzlater all08:05
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CIA-11noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * ra7b76644c741 /windows/main/ Changed IdleFinder selection to run only on doubleclicks.15:47
CIA-11noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * rf702e1ce5e37 / (extra/ extra/ tpclient-pywx): Merge with statetracker branch.15:47
midorikidHello.  Does anyone know what version of Guile tpserver-cpp needs?  I can't seem to find it in the docs.16:48
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mithromorning people16:56
midorikidGood morning!16:56
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mithroso how is everyone this morning?17:36
midorikidI'm getting a little frustrated with compiling tpserver-cpp.17:46
midorikidI figured out I had the wrong version of Guile, so I fixed that.17:46
midorikidThe configure script won't find it now.17:47
midorikidDo you know what path it wants for this?17:47
midorikid--with-guile=path       Enable use of guile, with optional path.17:47
midorikidI've tried the path to the lib, the configure script, and guild-config.  None work.  :/17:48
mithrowhat operating system?17:49
midorikidOS X 10.417:49
midorikidI'm using fink.17:49
midorikidconfig.log doesn't say what it's looking for either.  I'm not very skilled with configure, unfortunately.17:51
mithrookay, what version of guile do you have? 1.6 or 1.817:52
mithroany other version will not work17:52
mithroso where is guile-config?17:52
midorikid /sw/share/guile/1.6/scripts/binoverride/guile-config17:53
midorikidCrap.  I tried it agian with that path and it worked.17:54
mithrowhere is the library?17:54
mithrobecause that is an extremly non-standard path17:54
midorikidI was tearing my hair out.  Haha, yeah.  Fink.17:54
midorikidSorry to bug you.  I must typed it wrong the first time or something.17:54
mithrowell, normal it is something like --with-guile=/opt/guile or /usr or /usr/lib or /opt17:58
midorikidMaybe I should be writing down everything I've had to do to build this stuff.  For example, the BSD version of readline that comes with OSX doesn't appear to be compatible with the version that libtprl expects.17:58
midorikidThe configure script didn't catch it, so I had to add the right path to the makefile.17:59
mithromidorikid: please do write this down18:02
mithroI believe greywhind was also having trouble on mac os x18:02
midorikidI'm adding those two particular problems to the building tpserver-cpp wiki page.18:04
midorikider, solutions.18:04
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mithromidorikid: cool18:23
mithrogreywhind: ping?18:23
mithroso much tp-devel email :(18:23
mithrowell I guess that is a :)18:23
mithrome not having time to answer them is a :(18:23
mithronash: ping?18:31
greywhindmithro: pong18:35
mithrogreywhind: how goes everything?18:36
greywhindmithro: good, except that i still can't seem to get that focus bug fixed18:36
greywhindmithro: did you notice my double-click patch?18:36
mithrono? did you push it?18:37
greywhindmithro: yep18:37
greywhindmithro: noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * ra7b76644c741 /windows/main/ Changed IdleFinder selection to run only on doubleclicks.18:37
mithroyeah, I see it now18:37
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mithrowb llnz19:41
mithrogreywhind: so what you going to work on now?19:41
mithrogreywhind: you should also try out midorikid's fixes for building tpserver-cpp on Mac OS X19:41
llnzhi mithro19:42
mithromidorikid: can you push any patches to llnz?19:43
midorikidThe only modifications I made were to the generated makefile.  I found a way for the configure script to make those changes automatically with an environment variable, so no patches are possible as far as I know.19:45
midorikidCheck out
tpb<> (at
greywhindmithro: i will take a look19:46
llnzmidorikid: cool19:47
mithrohave a meeting now19:47
mithromidorikid: llnz might be able to figure out the changes needed if you tell him what you did :)19:47
midorikidNo problem.  If those instructions don't work for you, llnz, let me know.  I might have left something out or been unclear.19:49
llnzshouldn't the CPPFLAGS be "-I/sw/include" ?19:50
midorikidoops.. wrong window.  haha19:51
midorikidYeah, you're right.19:51
llnzi have fixed the wiki page19:52
llnzi think i'll include that section in the README or INSTALL files before I do the next release19:53
llnzthere might be something I can do on the configure side as well19:53
midorikidDoes anyone know what codec test-battle.avi uses?  It won't work in most of my players and is distorted in VLC.19:56
llnzmidorikid: mplayer says it's FMP4, ffmpeg's mpeg4 codec (aka ffodivx)19:59
midorikidllnz: I ran into so compilation errors I think are not related to OS X.  For example "ObjectParameterGroupPtr" does not name a type in objectparametergroupdesc.cpp20:01
midorikidDoes the repo build on your system?20:01
llnzcurrent git does not compile20:01
midorikidI see, thanks.20:02
midorikidI only wanted to peek around, so a few line commented out got it going.20:03
midorikidnash: What did you mean by "'bound' coord" in TP04?  I can't find any reference to it in protocol.xml.20:22
llnzmidorikid: it is an object parameter type20:22
nashllnz: thank you20:22
nashmidorikid: As above20:22
mithrollnz: didn't think of tagging before breaking tpserver-cpp? :)20:23
llnzmithro: nope, after i started i thought I should have branched actually20:24
mithrollnz: well you can go back and do that pretty easily20:24
llnzi thought it would be slightly less invasive20:24
midorikidI see!  objectParamBoundPosition  Thanks.20:24
llnzlocally i'm nearly done20:25
mithroI have 42 unread tp emails :(20:25
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mithrogreywhind: I fixed the pause on crappy internet connection bug20:27
greywhindmithro: cool... which one is that?20:27
mithro[ thousandparsec-Bugs-1865562 ] Freeze when resolving media and meta servers20:27
greywhindmithro: oh. cool.20:28
mithrogreywhind: oh, there are some UI enhancements that would be good to log20:28
mithro"Add next and previous buttons"20:28
greywhindmithro: sure.20:29
mithro"Add 'undo' support"20:29
mithro"Add 'go to previous' object"20:29
mithroheading to lunch now20:30
greywhindmithro: was that all?20:30
mithrogreywhind: that I could think of that very second20:31
mithroi'm sure there are more20:31
mithrofeel free to come up with some of your own20:31
greywhindmithro: let me know if you think of any others20:31
mithrowill do20:31
mithroI expect loads of bugs fixed by the time I get back ;)20:31
mithrogreywhind: maybe look into fixing up the server browser?20:31
greywhindmithro: :( - i have an essay to write20:32
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