Tuesday, 2008-01-15

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mithrogreywhind: so it would be good if you could merge the statetracker branch into your stuff00:00
mithroit's the future :P00:00
greywhindmithro: ok... how do you recommend I do that?00:00
mithroand you should see how to object idle stuff00:00
mithro(look at the extra/StateTracker.py stuff)00:01
mithrogreywhind: same way you merge development branch?00:01
greywhindmithro: ok... let me see if i can remember how i got that branch merged in in the first plce00:01
mithroyou probably did something like "cg-branch-add statetracker git+ssh://greywhind......"00:02
greywhindmithro: seems likely00:02
mithrogreywhind: I00:03
greywhindmithro: worked perfectly00:04
mithrogreywhind: I'm pretty happy to remove the incoming branch (and have you commit on "trunk") and make the statetracker become development00:04
mithrowill probably do that this weekend00:04
mithrogreywhind: don't forget to update libtpclient-py-dev too00:04
greywhindmithro: mmm... will do00:05
greywhindmithro: same thing? add statetracker branch?00:05
mithrogreywhind: no new branch for libtpclient-py00:05
greywhindmithro: ok then00:05
greywhindmithro: everything still seems to work00:06
mithroyay! :P00:06
mithrosometime I am going to have to go through and rank all the bugs00:08
greywhindmithro: so... i shouldn't push to incoming any more now that i'm on the statetracker branch? or should i?00:08
mithrogreywhind: feel free to push to the state tracker branch00:08
mithroif you do that, then I will remove the incoming branch from the server00:09
greywhindmithro: ok - what do i have to change to get it to push to statetracker?00:09
mithrochange the origin branch00:09
mithrocg-branch-chg i think00:09
greywhindcg-switch perhaps?00:11
greywhindmithro: oh, ok. i see00:12
greywhindmithro: cg-branch-chg <new url>00:12
nashMove to git guys ;-)00:13
mithrocg-branch-chg origin <new url>00:13
nashgit has passed cg in tersm of features00:13
greywhindmithro: got it.00:13
nashgit checkout <branch>00:13
mithronash: I will move to git when they support a decent way to checkout just a single remote branch00:13
nashWhy do you only want to do that?00:14
mithrobecause i'm evil00:14
mithroand the stable branch is no use to you if you are using the development branch00:14
nashbut 90% of the content is the same, so the overhead is small00:15
greywhindmithro: mind if i push my most recent stuff to statetracker just to test the pushing? it would be the same patch i pushed to incoming earlier...00:15
mithromy tpclient-pywx-dev checkout is actually smaller then my stable one00:16
mithrogreywhind: sure go right ahead00:16
mithroI'll pull the changes tonight00:16
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r13f177da09d4 / (3 files in 3 dirs):00:16
CIA-46Fixed bug with missing icon and added default zoom level for starmap. Also00:16
CIA-46changed some portions of PieChart to hopefully reduce drawing error.00:16
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r5d1b9dc5be59 /graphics/mousemode-icon.png: Added mousemode icon.00:16
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r829865017eeb /windows/main/ (overlays/Overlay.py overlays/Proportional.py panelStarMap.py):00:16
CIA-46Fixed drawing order of items on the Resource overlay so that systems with00:16
CIA-46small amounts of resources will not be obscured by larger ones.00:16
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r93c0ee76f2e6 / (6 files in 3 dirs): Merge with development branch.00:16
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r99f38833da63 / (11 files in 6 dirs): Merge with statetracker.00:16
greywhindmithro: seems to be working00:16
greywhindmithro: well, i'm quite tired... will work more tomorrow00:18
mithrogreywhind: the deadline for a release is rapidly approaching00:18
greywhindmithro: i did try a few more things on that focus bug, but i can't seem to fix it...00:18
mithroso any extra work you can put in is very welcome00:18
greywhindmithro: seems like the popup window is automatically grabbing focus and won't release it, even if i call SetFocus() on something else, until it is hidden00:19
mithrogreywhind: maybe poke the wxWidgets list00:19
greywhindmithro: i meant to do more work this past weekend, but i had a robotics competition and an essay...00:21
mithrogreywhind: I may have a mac to test with in the near future00:23
greywhindmithro: very nice... macworld is coming up - i'm hoping for some major upgrades to the MacBook Pro00:25
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mithrogreywhind: incoming has gone01:10
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* llnz is back03:55
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CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r2f69b93a13e8 /tpserver/ (5 files):06:48
CIA-46Split ObjectBehaviour from ObjectType.06:48
CIA-46More reworking IGObject and ObjectData to IGObject + Objectbehaviour +06:48
CIA-46ObjectType. Still does not compile.06:48
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mithrohey people07:24
llnzhi mithro07:24
mithrollnz: did you see the "kind of working" waypoint mode?07:24
llnzsaw the commits, haven't played yet07:26
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r65a20347b34a /tpserver/smartpointer.h: Added simple SmartPointer implementation07:53
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * rf0327674e44e /tpserver/ (Makefile.am objectinfo.cpp objectinfo.h):07:53
CIA-46Added ObjectInfo(Ptr|Data) class to hold slow changing Object Information.07:53
CIA-46The smartpointer will be used so that the data is not needlessly duplicated.07:53
CIA-46llnz tpserver-cpp * r7b0099ad54dc /tpserver/ (Makefile.am objectrelationships.cpp objectrelationships.h):08:22
CIA-46Added ObjectRelationships(Ptr) class to store parent and child information.08:22
CIA-46Part of refactoring IGObject.08:22
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llnzhi remaxim08:24
* llnz should be asleep08:24
* llnz wanders off08:24
llnzlater all08:24
remaximbye llnz08:24
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mithrohey remaxim08:26
mithroi'm heading to bed08:26
remaximmithro, did you get my response?08:26
mithroremaxim: I'm afraid without the source/program, it makes it very hard to explain what i was trying to say08:26
mithroI'll try to reply to it soon08:26
mithrothis release stuff is my top priority however08:27
remaximare going to release a new version soon?08:27
remaximmithro, are you already gone to sleep?08:31
remaximI just have to go soon as well... and I dunno if you're still here08:31
remaximok... I m off! bye08:36
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mithrogreywhind: ping?18:20
mithromorning people18:20
greywhindmithro: pong18:20
mithrohow is everyone today?18:20
greywhindmithro: good18:23
greywhindmithro: got your e-mail. i'll try to improve my commits18:23
mithrogreywhind: none of them are big problems - but they are still important18:25
mithrogreywhind: so what you working on at the moment?18:31
greywhindmithro: well, on a whim, i've been hacking together an upgrade to this old chat bot i came up with in Perl... i'll be fixing TP bugs in a bit though.18:33
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mithrogreywhind: that would be good - any idea what you plan to work on?18:40
greywhindmithro: not sure18:40
greywhindmithro: wow... that chat bot actually works quite well, in an abstract sort of way. if you want to play around with it sometime, i'll paste the code.18:58
mithrogreywhind: I don't to perl18:58
greywhindmithro: why not?18:59
mithrobecause I found enlightenment with python ;)18:59
greywhindmithro: heh - python is nice. but perl has some good points too. anyway - i'm ready to work on TP now18:59
mithrofriends don't let friends do perl ;)19:00
greywhindmithro: lol19:00
greywhindmithro: any suggestions on what to do? any bugs that really need to be fixed now?19:00
mithroit's like a hard drug which is really good at first and then ruinens your life ;)19:00
mithrogreywhind: I'm just looking at the bugs list on sf19:01
mithrogreywhind: oh, adding double click support to Object Idle19:02
mithroand porting panelMessage and panelSystem to the new StateTracker interface19:03
mithroor the toolbar icons19:03
greywhindmithro: ok... so for that i need to look at your new statetracker stuff19:03
greywhindmithro: how do i interface with it? create a new TrackerObject? extend TrackerObject?19:06
mithrogreywhind: have a look at the panelOrder or the Path/System overlay stuff19:07
mithroyou extend either TrackerObject or TrackerObjectOrders19:07
greywhindmithro: i see19:07
greywhindmithro: when i select an option in the right click menu on the Systems overlay, should something happen?19:12
greywhindmithro: what?19:12
mithroit should select that object19:12
greywhindmithro: as in scroll to it on the right hand list etc19:12
mithrosame as clicking on the object using left click19:13
greywhindmithro: hmm... doesn't seem to be working19:13
mithroworking here19:13
mithroyou got the latest libtpclient-py?19:13
greywhindmithro: i think so... let me check19:13
greywhindmithro: yep19:14
mithroany errors?19:14
greywhindmithro: didn't see any19:14
mithroso what is happening?19:14
greywhindmithro: except this:19:14
greywhindhttp://rafb.net/p/6KsNqW43.html (6 lines)19:14
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at rafb.net)19:14
mithrocan you paste the complete output?19:15
greywhindmithro: sure19:15
greywhindhttp://rafb.net/p/3Zy41D56.html (255 lines)19:17
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at rafb.net)19:17
greywhindmithro: there you go19:17
mithrothis is the problem19:17
mithroTraceback (most recent call last):19:17
mithro  File "./windows/main/overlays/Systems.py", line 337, in OnContextMenu19:17
mithro    self.menumap[evt.GetId()](evt)19:17
mithroTypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable19:17
mithroor atleast one problem19:17
greywhindmithro: any idea why?19:18
mithroany progress?19:43
greywhindmithro: i think i'll download a totally separate copy and see if it works19:43
mithroyou can use cg-status to find out if you have any differences19:43
greywhindmithro: do you happen to have the link to the git for the correct branch handy?19:44
greywhindmithro: never mind19:45
mithrogit.thousandparsec.net :)19:45
greywhindmithro: i took it from cg-branch-ls on my other repo19:45
greywhind mithro: didn't fix it19:49
mithrodoes left click work?19:55
greywhindmithro: yes19:55
greywhindmithro: so ObjectRightClick should always be called before OnContextMenu?19:55
mithrothat does not make any sense, as the right click mechanism uses the same methods19:55
mithrogreywhind: yes, the OnContextMenu should only be called when you get a selection from the ContextMenu19:56
greywhindmithro: let me check if that's the case19:56
greywhindmithro: nope19:57
greywhindhttp://rafb.net/p/UUR1qR72.html (6 lines)19:57
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at rafb.net)19:57
mithrogreywhind: you put your print before the PopupMenu?19:59
greywhindmithro: ah. no19:59
greywhindmithro: that probably explains it20:00
mithrocheck that OnContextMenu is being called before OnContextMenuClose20:01
greywhindmithro: hmm... it seems the moveorder is always "none"20:01
mithrogreywhind: you mean the menumap20:01
greywhindmithro: line 301, print moveorder20:01
greywhindmithro: always prints "None"20:01
mithrogreywhind: that doesn't matter and has nothing to do with your problem20:03
greywhindmithro: and neither of the prints of "move order what" ever happen20:03
greywhindmithro: ok. just checking.20:03
mithrothe move order will only be non-none only on a fleet20:03
mithrocheck the context problem above20:03
greywhindmithro: aha20:04
greywhindmithro: here:20:04
greywhindhttp://rafb.net/p/MPA8dd98.html (10 lines)20:04
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at rafb.net)20:04
mithromac os X probably has some type of crappy ordering problem with them20:04
greywhindmithro: looks like it20:05
greywhindmithro: could fix it by having the destruction of the ordermap occur at the end of the right click method, right after PopupMenu20:05
greywhindmithro: err, the menumap20:05
mithropossibly - i thought popupmenu returned straight away on some platforms20:06
greywhindmithro: that fixes it for mac20:06
greywhindmithro: check if it works on linux20:06
greywhindmithro: will do20:06
mithrogreywhind: maybe it is time to setup a ubuntu vmware install for yourself too?20:06
mithroor virtual pc or something20:06
greywhindmithro: i've got Ubuntu dual-booting...20:06
mithrovirtual PC is easier for quick testing ;)20:07
greywhindmithro: true20:07
jothami am building a machine to virtualise 3 linuxes and a winxp20:08
jothamit'll have a 1tb raid in it20:08
jothamwell, when i sort my life out20:08
jothami've sorted out all the parts20:08
jothami'm sick of having multiple computers for all my linux stuff20:08
mithrohey jotham20:09
mithrohow goes everything?20:09
jothampretty crap20:09
jothamlike i said after i finished my big work project, my gf left me20:09
jothamso i've been trying to find a new place to live20:09
jothamand selling things we bought togeather20:09
jothamit's been shit20:09
jothambut hopefully soon i'll be back to programming stuff20:09
jothamwork posted company productivity today, i was 138% productive for the last 6 months20:10
jothamthat's just hours worked based on a 40 hour week20:10
jothamlowest person was 23% productive20:10
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * rbd70e79ce45a /windows/main/overlays/Systems.py:20:10
CIA-46Fix for popup menu in Systems overlay on Mac.20:10
CIA-46Moved destruction of menumap in Systems overlay to end of ObjectRightClick,20:10
CIA-46because OnContextMenuClose is called out of order.20:10
greywhindjotham: impressive20:11
jothamyeah i was pretty braindead, i slept about 14-16 hours a day for a full week20:11
jothampart of that was avoiding dealing with the fact i had to find a new place to live and crap :p20:12
jothamanyway i think i'm back20:12
greywhindmithro: does that patch work?20:19
mithrojotham: lots of cool stuff going on because of LCA comming up20:19
mithrogreywhind: will test in about 40 minutes20:19
greywhindmithro: ok. i'll work on something else til' then20:19
jothamwhat's LCA20:20
mithroLinux.conf.au - a really cool Open Source conference20:22
greywhindmithro: now, StateTracker seems to be designed just for the overlays... the OnSelectObject/OnLeftClick/OnRightClick stuff doesn't fire when i have IdleFinder extend TrackerObject20:34
mithroum, StateTracker doesn't have any OnLeftClick/OnRightClick20:34
mithrogreywhind: you will have to bind wx events and then call the correct methods on the StateTracker20:34
greywhindmithro: ok. thought so. do you know what type of event is called when an item is selected in a wxListCtrl?20:35
mithronope! but check the panelOrder.py20:35
mithrothat uses a wxListCtrl too20:35
greywhindmithro: ok20:35
greywhindmithro: looks like self.Orders.Bind(wx.EVT_LIST_ITEM_SELECTED,   self.OnOrderSelect)20:36
greywhindself.Orders.Bind(wx.EVT_LIST_ITEM_DESELECTED, self.OnOrderSelect)20:36
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greywhindmithro: success!21:31
CIA-46noegnud tpclient-pywx-statetracker * r6fe28777d4f4 /windows/main/winIdleFinder.py:21:34
CIA-46winIdleFinder: clicking on object selects it in main window.21:34
CIA-46Modified winIdleFinder to use the new StateTracker code so that it passes21:34
CIA-46selection events to the main window, allowing quick access to objects that21:34
CIA-46have no orders.21:34
mithroyou probably only want it to occur on double click?21:49
greywhindmithro: why's that?21:50
mithrobecause that is a definate - I want to go here action21:50
mithro(should probably close the Idle window too then21:50
greywhindmithro: yes, but so is clicking in this case.21:51
mithroI'm not so sure21:51
mithroyou might click so that you can scroll with the keypad?21:51
greywhindmithro: clicking performs no action... doubleclicking might not be obvious to users21:51
greywhindmithro: i mean, no other action21:51
greywhindmithro: well, anyway, i have some other work to do... i'll think about it and we can discuss it tomorrow21:53
greywhindi'm glad it works though21:53
mithrocurrently there is no way to "go back" to the previously selected object21:57
mithroso it needs to be clear that they are saying change to that object21:58
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