Saturday, 2007-12-15

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zzornhi mithro03:22
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llnztpsai-py is segfaulting irregularly05:41
llnzhaving all sorts of problems with my computer currently05:41
llnzmaybe bad memory?05:42
* llnz will run memtest when this run is finished06:00
mithrollnz: I have never had tpsai-py segfault before06:44
mithrollnz: maybe overheating?06:44
llnznot overheating, just check and new fans about a month ago06:45
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llnzhi remaxim07:13
remaximgood morning llnz :)07:13
* llnz wanders off07:22
llnzlater all07:22
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remaximmithro, I have the permission to use the TP logo :)11:02
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llnzflushed computer out with compressed air20:39
llnzsee if that makes a difference20:39
llnzmemtest revealed a few random errors20:39

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