Tuesday, 2007-11-27

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nashmithro: Actually I take that back.  The man page seems to be GPL, the library is LGPL00:11
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llnz~seen mithro02:42
tpbllnz: mithro was last seen in #tp 2 hours, 45 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <mithro> greywhind_: link me to the log file location :P02:42
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* llnz wanders off07:27
llnzlater all07:27
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JLPremaxim: ahoy16:02
remaximhi JLP16:02
remaximdid you get my work?16:02
remaximat least my first steps? ;)16:02
JLPi'm very sorry it was not possible for me to be here yesterday16:02
remaximdoesn't matter16:03
remaximwait a minute, I ll link them for you16:03
JLPyes, i've listened to both concepts and already liked it16:03
remaximJLP, is there anything you would change?16:04
JLPand i saw that greywhind and peres also gave you some thoughts about it16:04
remaximyep, they did!16:05
JLPwell i would try to experiment with adding some, damn it's hard to explain, short hight tone "sprinkles"16:05
remaximsprinkles.... have to look it up ;)16:05
pereslike 'ding'16:06
remaximah, ok! I try to do some16:06
JLPi see it somehow that this slow base background represents the space, and now we could also try with somethign that represents stardist or star twinkes or soething16:06
remaximJLP, never thought of that ...16:10
remaximI never had astrophysics ;)16:10
JLPremaxim: me neither :) i'm just an amateur astronomer :)16:11
remaximI never had much interest in that ... except some einstein theories which always fascinated me16:12
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JLPremaxim: oh and btw, the volume of the tracks is quite low, is this intentional?16:23
remaximJLP, I really didn't think about it! there is so much music on my pc, and everything in a different volume... so, it's no problem to make it louder16:25
remaximjust don't turn it up too lood, that would annoy people16:26
JLPso far it has not annoyed anyone :)16:28
JLPit is more annoying when you get a message on jabber and the notification is then so loud you almost produce something in you pants :)16:28
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remaximI know that it sucks, if backgroundmusic is just too loud, so you have to concentrate on it even though it wasn't made for this ... because it's backgroundmusic ;)16:30
remaximI have to get some sleep now! good bye17:21
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mithromorning people17:52
nashheyo mithro17:52
mithronash: how goes life?17:53
nashpretty cool17:53
nashgalaxie is close for order submission17:53
nashJust need to complete list serialisation, and it's all good17:53
mithronash: that is cool17:54
* mithro is still recovering from this evil cold17:54
mithrowow, lots of tp-devel posts17:54
mithroi'm excited about starmapper even if it is written in java18:00
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mithrohey jotham19:23
jothamwhat's up19:25
mithrohow goes life?19:26
* mithro is sick and at OSDC19:26
jothamtired, just pulled an all nighter19:32
mithrojotham: :(19:32
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