Sunday, 2007-09-16

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mithroo so quiet00:14
CIA-3mithro libtpproto-py * r2fa55fcae55d /tp/netlib/discover/ More fixes for dbus and threading issues.00:56
CIA-3mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r1d4032a35403 /windows/ Fix the server list in the dropdown.00:56
CIA-3mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r1c9519b364b0 /windows/main/ Remove the overriding of font sizes.00:56
CIA-3mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r3b3030faf69d /windows/ ( Fix the ShiftMixIn00:56
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JLPahoy all06:55
mithrohey JLP07:22
mithrowhat have you been up too?07:22
JLPmithro: been ill for most of the time, and for the last couple of days been helping dad with some construction work07:24
mithroJLP: :/07:24
mithroso you haven't had much chance to work on the Qtopia thing?07:25
JLPmithro: unfortunately not, i haven't even open the package with the phone until today07:26
* mithro is currently fighting with threads in tpclient-pywx07:27
CIA-3mithro libtpproto-py * r91c7503e08a9 /tp/netlib/discover/ More fixes for dbus and threading issues.09:10
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CIA-3jezuch libtpproto-java * rd82250f8221e /src-test/net/thousandparsec/netlib/test/ Add a main() method to TestLoopback so it can be launched standalone.10:00
CIA-3jezuch libtpproto-java * re01e290386e1 /src/net/thousandparsec/netlib/ Throw IOException from LimitInputStream on read past limit instead of IllegalStateException.10:00
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CIA-3jezuch libtpproto-java * r4b1420e2c382 /build.xml: Fix the project name in buidl.xml.10:43
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mithrohrm... no nash18:51
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mithromorning nash19:34
mithrowork calmed down now?19:34
nashmithro: Not at all.20:11
nashAnd I feel like crap - got a nasty flu :-(20:11
mithronash: I think I finally squashed one of the tpclient-pywx segfault bugs20:21
mithroand I replied to your C xstruct stuff20:21
nashCool & cool20:24
nashDid my reply go through?  I never saw it come back20:25
* nash looks guiltly at the 15+ tpemails sitting unread20:25
nashmithro: Shall read it at some point...20:31
nashAs long as my mind stays vaguely together20:31
* mithro as 20 tp emails I still need tp get too20:31
jothamhey mithro21:08
mithrojotham: any progress?21:09
jothamnope, slept all weekend21:09
jothammy job has me burnt out atm21:09
jothambut 2 new guys start to help me on monday21:09
jothamso that'll be good21:09
* mithro needs to quit his job and keep working on TP full time :P21:09
nashjotham: Help or hinder you?21:21
nashFirst week of new people... always bad21:21
jotham6 weeks before the deadline21:22
jothamand i don't have the application framework finished21:22
jothamlet alone the content21:22
jothamthink it'll be nailed this week21:22
jothamif i give up sleep21:22
nashI've got 4 days before trial release, and 11 days before final release21:22
nashAnd a second project due Friday21:22
jotham6 weeks is our trial date21:23
jothamfeb is our official launch21:23
nashAnd I'm working on communications now21:23
nash2 guys now will be useful from mid october then ;-)21:23
nashJust need to survive to then21:23
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