Thursday, 2007-09-06

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nashnot yet00:00
mithrothorpe: ping?01:33
mithrothorpe: long time no see01:34
thorpehow are things going?01:34
mithrothorpe: really well01:34
mithrothorpe: you trolled our website at all?01:34
mithronash: thorpe was around a long long time ago :P probably about 2 years ago?01:35
thorpeI looked at it briefly01:35
thorpelol...yeah, about 18 months or so01:35
mithrothorpe: you see we got accepted into the Google summer of code?01:35
thorpelooks like you folks have picked up a few more developers01:35
mithrothorpe: btw whats your timezone?01:35
thorpeI'm in California - Pacific Daylight time we call it around here01:36
thorpethat is to say, its a little after 10:30PM here01:38
mithrothorpe: where is California, Lee will be heading to ~SanFran in october for the google mentor summit01:38
thorpeI'm about 35 miles south of San Fran01:39
mithrothorpe: maybe you could catch up01:40
* mithro would like to go but it looks like it will be too expensive01:40
thorpeyeah, its a long trip across the pacific...I've only done it once01:41
* mithro is at work, so I can't talk too much :P01:47
mithrothorpe: you should check out the development version of tpclient-pywx it is much nicer now01:47
thorpeyeah, and I'm falling asleep here01:47
mithro(just need to finish adding move support)01:47
thorpeOK, will do01:47
thorpecatch you later01:48
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mithrohopefully he will turn up again before another 18 months :P01:56
nashMaybe only 1702:00
mithrohe first started coding MTSec02:14
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mithrohey llnz06:05
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llnzhi mithro06:05
mithrojotham: ping?06:05
mithroany progress?06:05
mithrollnz: you booked your flights yet?06:05
llnzmy parents agreed to pay the difference06:06
mithrollnz: that is cool06:06
mithrolooks like it would be about ~$500-$700 difference if I want to go (and that doesn't include all the accomidation)06:07
mithrohey peres06:07
peresis anybody interested in another round of silly-looking artificial words?06:07
mithroperes: sure!06:07
peresok ;)06:07
perescoogucood, snoufisilct, conecud, teaheaz, goomoocarrn, joomibool, afahard, alooruts, higiroux, jaheteab, pooorooz, eamowfoog, eileth, doodetuit, efarcanch, oobifuierl, zizahempt, zanai, girooni, zawijarl06:07
mithrollnz, peres has been working on random name generators06:07
peresthese words are 3 syllable long06:07
mithrollnz: oh06:07
mithro~seen thorpe06:07
tpbmithro: thorpe was last seen in #tp 4 hours, 19 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <thorpe> catch you later06:07
mithrollnz: see that? :P06:08
mithrollnz: check the logs :(06:08
mithrostill getting use to this keyboard :/06:08
peresi'm still far from something usable though06:09
peresconsistency is on the way ;)06:09
peresand i haven't tried with 2 syllables yet06:10
peresany comment?06:11
mithropooorooz :P06:11
peresof course, after words are generated, you can apply a brutal filter to remove words with too many vowels ;)06:12
llnzperes: what basis are you using? random letters, bi/tri-grams, or diplongs?06:12
peresi'm playing with phonotactics rules for english06:12
llnzthat's right, phonomemes06:14
llnzerr.. phomemes (sp?)06:14
peresright now, i'm rendering phonemes using their most common grapheme, but that is far from optimal06:14
peresand i'm not enforcing any rules on syllable structure (i'm implementing this today)06:15
peresthe generator yielded 'crap' yesterday :D06:15
peresleaculub, mouskopoofth, evafu, leatewe, deavoujeg, xoowirtersh, nusphehal, zooneedools, mouloovins, woorelid, jadabi, hootirde, husitirft, bowoigolge, heaadieb, miskirzab, bufoe, veasphowarr, weaspeeba, zapizo06:18
peresok, enough for today06:18
mithrobufoe :P06:19
llnzhave you had it spit out a valid word yet?06:19
peresyes, 'crap' :P06:19
llnzjust by chance?06:19
llnzah, hehehehe06:19
peresmithro: you were asking about which language i'm working on yesterday06:20
mithroperes: yes06:21
peresis it ok to use c/c++ or would you prefer something like python?06:22
peresthis word generator would be interesting as a library, so it should be accessible from the rest of your software06:23
mithrohow do you spell New Zealand?06:25
mithroanyone :P06:25
peresin which language?06:25
mithroperes: llnz will be happy with C++ :P06:26
llnzmithro: that's right for New Zealand06:26
mithroI would prefer python :)06:26
peresonce you have a c++ library, can you have some wrapper for python?06:26
mithroif you did it in C (or C exports of a C++), I can write a wrapper without ever touching C/C++06:28
peresthat's nice06:28
peresi'm using classes inside my library, but i guess we can exports c functions from it06:28
mithroctypes is really cool06:28
peresafter all, output are strings and input will be some set of parameters which i guess can be numbers or strings themselves06:29
mithroultimately you could just create a command line program which writes to sdtout06:30
peresof course06:31
peresanyway, time for lunch06:31
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* llnz wanders off07:06
llnzlater all07:06
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greywhindhey mithro - got a sec?20:19
mithrogreywhind: kind of20:19
mithrohey thorpe720:19
greywhindi'm getting "Cannot load resources from file 'winIdleFinder.xrc'. and XRC resource 'IdleFinder' (class 'wxFrame') not found!20:21
mithroyou are going to have to put the code somewhere for me to look at?20:21
mithrowant to maybe send me a patch?20:21
greywhindumm... i'll paste some of it20:22
greywhindmithro: what does that error usually mean?20:22
thorpe7I have to say I'm amazed - at how much of my original mtsec implementation is still around!20:23
thorpe7I didn't expect that to see the light of day20:23
mithrothorpe7: yeah, progress has been a little slow20:23
thorpe7what happened to the galaxy generator?  I kinda liked that20:23
mithrothorpe7: it's code is still sitting around somewhere20:24
thorpe7incompatible with something?20:24
mithroit's in python20:24
mithrowell, atleast if we are thinking about the same code20:25
mithrothorpe7: did you see that we grew a RFTS ruleset?20:25
thorpe7I saw RFTS on the wiki20:25
thorpe7but thats all20:25
thorpe7by the way - the pywx client looks a whole lot cleaner - nice!20:26
mithrothorpe7: which version are you looking at?20:26
mithrothe -dev version? or the stable branch?20:26
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
thorpe7I downloaded the 0.2.2 inplace client20:27
mithrothorpe7: ah, that is the old and crappy :P20:27
mithroshould see the new one :P20:27
thorpe7lol - then I can't wait to see the new one!20:27
greywhindthorpe7: get the git version of tpclient-pywx-dev20:27
mithrogreywhind: thorpe7 remebers back when we had an even crappier looking client :P20:28
thorpe7any progress on pyogre?20:28
greywhindmithro: heh20:28
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Setup - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
mithrothorpe7: it's been abandoned basically20:28
mithrogreywhind: okay just a few things20:28
thorpe7bummer - I wanted to see 3D20:29
mithrohow did you generate
greywhindmithro: xrced20:29
mithrousing the script in ./windows/src/ ?20:29
greywhindmithro: from the menu20:29
mithrobecause of the way tpclient-pywx-dev uses XRC, you can't use the normal xrced generation method20:30
greywhindmithro: i see.20:30
mithrothorpe7: yeah, hopefully if we get into the Summer of code next year, we will have somebody develop a 3d client20:30
mithroJLP: poke20:30
greywhindmithro: so I call on the xrc file?20:30
thorpe7I'm wondering if I'm going to have to come up with a new handle each night20:32
thorpe7after using thorpe last night, today the server said I'm not thorpe20:32
thorpe7I had to use thorpe7 instead20:32
mithrogreywhind: yes20:35
mithrothorpe7: did you register the nick?20:35
thorpe7register it? no...20:35
mithrothorpe7: I would recommend doing so, then you get to keep it :)20:37
greywhindmithro: well, that helped20:37
mithrothorpe7: what OS are you on these days?20:37
mithrogreywhind: sorry I didn't give you more info earlier20:38
thorpe7same one as old: a home-brew version of linux20:38
greywhindmithro: no problem20:38
greywhindmithro: well, it works with XRC now. but when i click the close button, it doesn't come up again when i select it from the menu again...20:40
mithrogreywhind: hrm, are you getting a py.DeadObject exception?20:40
greywhindyes i am20:41
mithrogreywhind: can you paste your code again?20:42
mithroit means that the close event isn't getting bound correctly20:42
mithroare you getting the same thing with the design window?20:42
greywhindi'll paste all of my hand-written file this time20:42
greywhindmithro: no20:42
mithrogreywhind: okay20:43
greywhindmithro: should i bind an OnClose?20:43
greywhind (111 lines)20:44
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: the base class should be doing it for you20:45
mithrooh, I see the problem20:46
mithrohrm... or maybe not20:47
mithrogreywhind: try removing your OnClose handler20:48
greywhindmithro: alright.20:48
greywhinddidn't help20:49
greywhindmithro: wait... shouldn't i be using winReportXRC as a base?20:51
mithrogreywhind: you should20:51
greywhindmithro: when i do that:20:51
greywhind  File "./windows/", line 119, in __init__20:51
greywhind    self.SetIcon(icon)20:51
greywhind  File "//Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/wx-2.8-mac-unicode/wx/", line 386, in SetIcon20:51
greywhind    return _windows_.TopLevelWindow_SetIcon(*args, **kwargs)20:51
greywhindTypeError: in method 'TopLevelWindow_SetIcon', expected argument 1 of type 'wxTopLevelWindow *'20:52
greywhindand if i comment that out20:55
greywhind (19 lines)20:56
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindif i comment that line out, it runs20:57
greywhindbut the problem still exists20:57
thorpe7what was the reason for swapping out darcs?  not that I mind - I'm just curious20:59
mithroyou have to call the XRC parent first20:59
mithrothorpe7: we couldn't checkout code on a machine with less then 2Gb of ram20:59
greywhindoddly enough, i actually figured that out just before you answered20:59
greywhindproblem fixed21:00
thorpe7was it loading the entire repository into memory?!?21:00
mithrothorpe7: yes, about 7 times21:00
mithrogreywhind: works?21:00
greywhindmithro: perfectly21:00
greywhindi suppose i'll make a patch now21:01
greywhindmithro: in git, how do i find out what files are in the repo but not tracked?21:03
greywhindmithro: should i be getting: "? windows/overlays/"21:06
greywhindk just making sure21:07
mithroonce you have commited your stuff21:07
mithrodo a "cg-clean -x -d"21:07
greywhindmithro: alright.21:07
greywhindmithro; hmm... i think it removed the symlink to the client files21:10
greywhind (34 lines)21:11
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: yeah it will do that21:11
mithrojust cd ../scratchpad; ./; cd ../tpclient-pywx-dev21:11
greywhindmithro: ah21:11
greywhindmithro: want the patch by e-mail?21:13
mithrogreywhind: sure!21:14
greywhindmithro: sent to tp-devel21:18
CIA-3noegnud tpclient-pywx-development * r54de48815597 /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs):21:46
CIA-3Modified to use XRC. Otherwise, its function and form21:46
CIA-3remain the same.21:46
mithrogreywhind: :P21:47
greywhindmithro: cool21:47
mithrogreywhind: you want something else to do now? :P21:47
greywhindmithro: sure21:47
greywhindi won't start it til' tomorrow (or maybe the weekend)21:47
mithrogreywhind: convert the Design window to XRC:P21:48
greywhindmithro: alright. i'll try.21:48
mithrogreywhind: I'll give you commit access in a few more patches :P21:48
greywhindmithro: alright :)21:49
mithrothe design window needs quite a bit of cleanup21:53
mithrothe first thing is to convert it to XRC21:55
mithrogreywhind: do you know any other windows which are still not XRC?21:55
greywhindmithro; not sure. i'll look later21:56
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mithrohey llnz23:43
mithroyou around early again today23:43
llnzyeah, took another day off uni (3 this week)23:49
mithroyour working at Uni or?23:50
llnzyeah, working at uni23:50

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