Wednesday, 2007-09-05

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mithrohey llnz01:50
mithroaren't you on a little early01:50
llnzhi mithro01:50
mithroany luck with the mentor thing?01:50
llnzyeah, got home a little early01:50
llnzbeen sick the last couple of days01:50
llnzcurrently planning to go01:50
llnzput my name on the wiki, going to book tickets tonight01:51
llnzerr... i have put my name on the wiki...01:52
mithrollnz: you checked flight costs?01:55
llnzCurrent best is NZ$198201:57
llnzi think01:57
llnzUS$1374 (or so says
llnzerrr... xe.com01:59
mithrohrm, what is > $120001:59
mithrohrm, that is > $120001:59
llnzyes, it's also 22 hours, and stop overs at Auckland, and LA02:00
mithrohow can it be 22 hours from NZ? It's only 17 hours from Sydney02:01
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llnzyes > $1200, it's also 24 hours, and stop overs at Auckland, and LA02:05
mithrohow can it be 24 hours from NZ? It's only 17 hours from Sydney02:06
llnz1.5 hr stop over at Auckland, 7.5 hr stop over in LA02:07
llnzflights direct from Auckland to SF are more expensive02:09
mithrostill planning on going anyway?02:13
llnzi can weather nz$25002:14
llnzi can see my friend in SF02:14
llnzi can buy disney princess things for megan, and maybe cheap model rail stuff for me02:14
llnzi am lucky it will not cost me anything to stay there02:16
mithroisn't disney land in LA?02:17
mithro(rather then SF?)02:18
llnzdisney stores are everywhere (apparently)02:19
llnzLAX has one02:19
xdotxdisney stores are everywhere02:28
xdotx(malls usually)02:29
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llnzworks out more expensive from Auckland03:53
llnztickets booked!04:11
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llnzmithro_: you can add tp's Analytics profile number to the googlecode project04:40
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llnzhi niphree05:04
niphreehey llnz05:04
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CIA-3niphree /tmp/5RLcTxUhvn/oqPJh5nDSS-rewrite * r88d2c8f7b2c4 / (config.php drawChart.php index.php rss.php stat.php):05:34
CIA-3added config file05:34
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mithro_hey niphree05:40
mithro_just eating dinner05:41
niphreehi mithro05:41
niphreehehe, I'm eating breakfast :D05:42
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xdotxhaving dinner and breakfast in the middle of the night? you're both crazy ;P05:51
niphreehehe :]05:55
niphreewhy your not sleeping in the middle of the night ? :P05:56
mithroniphree: so where are you at?05:58
niphreemithro: I think it's almost finish, I have only one thing to finish (put some code into Backend class).06:00
mithrookay, I'll have a look at in a bit06:00
niphreemithro: I have to go out for about 1-2 hour06:02
niphreemithro: I'll do everything when I come back. ok ?06:02
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niphree_afkmithro: back07:32
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* llnz wanders off07:32
mithroniphree: okay07:32
llnzlater all07:32
mithrostill working on some other stuff07:32
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mithronash: having connection problems today?22:26
nashmithro: Rebuilding desktops again22:27
greywhindmithro: hey - just working on converting my window to XRC22:27
mithrogreywhind: okay cool22:28
greywhind (8 lines)22:31
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: any ideas, mithro?22:31
mithrohold on22:31
mithroi'm at work22:31
greywhindk, no problem22:32
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thorpehiya peoples23:55
thorpethought I would drop by & see how TP is going23:55
* nash notes he is going to disappear suddenly for a meeting23:57
thorpepoof! bye!23:59

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