Thursday, 2007-08-09

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mithroxdotx: hows rfts?00:05
xdotxmithro: not bad. working on getting some more orders in and playing with build and move a little still00:07
xdotxgonna start on production tonight00:07
mithrobtw, Re: the planet properties00:07
mithrothe only way until tp04 is to "bastardize" resources00:08
mithroin "TIMTrader", I'm using the resources to represent both the "Factories" on the planet, as well as "Transportable goods"00:08
* xdotx almost spilled his ramen when he read that00:08
xdotxjust curious, what's tp04 doing to fix/change that?00:09
mithroin tp04, object descriptions are dynamically defined by the server00:09
xdotxby descriptions do you mean like the info presented in the object window?00:10
mithroIE the "properties" an object has00:16
mithroIE Currently a planet is defined in a document to have 1. an owner, 2. the resource list00:16
mithroxdotx: kind of like how orders work00:16
* xdotx nods00:18
mithrobut for now, shoehorn everything into the resource stuff00:19
xdotxthat's what i was some-what reluctantly planning on00:20
xdotxtp04 definitely sounds awesome00:21
mithroxdotx: for the moment, I want to concentrate on getting more playable stuff00:22
xdotxmithro: but wouldn't that be easier with tp04?00:23
mithroso atleast we have some real life "use cases" to make sure we haven't screwed up tp04 bigtime00:23
xdotxmakes sense00:23
mithroTIMTrader, RFTS, MTSec should all be pretty functional in tp0300:24
* xdotx nods00:24
mithroI think tp04 will be around for a while00:25
xdotxbut i completely intend on adding tp04 support when it comes ;)00:25
mithroxdotx: cool!00:27
mithroguitsaru: ping?00:27
mithroguitsaru: so you got a patch? :)00:28
guitsaruNot yet.  In order to get git working I need to download xcode00:28
guitsaruWhich will be done in 15 minutes00:28
mithrothe dmg didn't work?00:28
guitsaruI know.  I don't know why they don't have the dev-tools installed by default00:29
guitsaruor a less than 1GB file to download00:29
guitsaruIt finished installing, but the commands aren't working in the command line00:29
mithrothat was a question?00:33
mithrocg-clone must have worked?00:33
mithrofor you to get the code?00:33
mithrohow did you get the tpclient-pywx code then?00:34
mithrothe git dmg didn't work?00:34
guitsaruI was feeling like cleaning today, so I reinstalled the os for some reason00:34
guitsaruI still had the code on my other partition00:34
mithroahh so on the re-install the git dmg didn't work?00:35
guitsaruI've tried several times00:35
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guitsarubut I can't find where it installed it to00:35
jotham"LightSpeed is an innovative, high performance .NET domain model and O/R mapping framework designed to accelerate your development while"00:37
mithro/usr/local/bin ?00:37
jothamWhat is an O/R Mapping Framework, and what is a Domain Model00:37
mithroI'm guessing an "O/R Mapping Framework" is a framework which maps code objects to database tables/data00:38
mithrodunno what  domain model is00:39
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guitsaruThat's weird.  Why wasn't /usr/local/bin in my bash_profile00:43
guitsaruor showing up in my spotlight searches?00:43
guitsaruoh well00:43
guitsaruOk, it's working now00:43
guitsaruHow do I make a patch?  I ran the command from the web page, but it didn't make a file00:45
mithrowhich command?00:49
mithrocg-diff will give you a look at what you have changed00:50
guitsarugit format-patch --keep-subject origin00:50
mithrowhat does cg-status output?00:51
guitsaru    >master     817360c4d8e5a1d7d6338819f5f6be9416b078de00:51
guitsaru   R origin     817360c4d8e5a1d7d6338819f5f6be9416b078de00:51
guitsaruM tpclient-pywx00:51
guitsaruM windows/winMessage.py00:51
mithroguitsaru: it didn't output something like this00:54
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/libtpproto2-py$ git format-patch --keep-subject origin00:54
mithroyou need to do a "cg-commit" to commit the change first00:55
mithrobut before you do that00:55
mithrobe sure to setup your ~/.gitconfig file00:55
mithrowith something like this00:55
mithro[email protected]:~$ more ~/.gitconfig00:55
mithro        name = Tim Ansell00:55
mithro        email = [email protected]00:55
guitsaruOk, I got it00:58
guitsaruShould I send it to you or to the mailing list?01:03
mithroeither would be fine01:04
mithrosadly I'm the only tpclient-pywx developer at the moment01:04
guitsaruOk, sent01:05
mithroI'll commit them in a minute01:06
mithroand because we use git you will get the credit for developing it :)01:07
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/libtpproto2-py$ wc -l nonblocking.py01:07
mithro854 nonblocking.py01:07
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/libtpproto2-py$ wc -l ../libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/client.py01:07
mithro1655 ../libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/client.py01:07
mithrothe new method has resulted in 51% reduction in code01:08
mithrothe code is now also thread-safe!01:08
mithroand makes pipelining very easy to do and understand01:09
mithroguitsaru: so did you managed to log into a server with the development client?01:19
guitsaruYou weren't lying, the interface is much better01:19
mithroguitsaru: want to take some screenshots?01:20
mithroI haven't see the client under mac for a very long time01:21
mithroguitsaru: should should try and destory the AI :)01:29
guitsaruI should, but as you can see, my fleet has been destroyed01:29
mithroBuild more :)01:33
guitsaruThe orders have been given :D01:33
mithroI've disconnected the AI01:34
mithroso you'll have no active resistence01:35
mithrobut as you can see, the AI planet is heavily guarded :P01:35
guitsaruWell, I'll build up a long list of fleets to build while I sleep01:35
mithroyeah, good idea01:35
mithroThe AI's planet is the one in tpclient-pywx-dev which has about 20-30 red dots around it01:36
guitsaruYes, it seems to be heavily fortified01:36
mithroif I had left the AI connected, i'm afraid you would have no hope :/01:38
guitsaruIf you didn't make it so well we wouldn't have this problem01:39
mithroI think Minisec is really biased towards an AI01:40
mithroas there isn't a huge amount of strategy and a lot of micro management01:40
mithroguitsaru: can you resend your patch with a comment?01:42
mithro(IE in the cg-commit)01:42
mithrodo a "cg-admin-uncommit" to revert the last commit01:43
mithrothen you can recommit it with a nice comment :)01:43
guitsaruJust add it at the end of the file?01:43
guitsaruin the vi editor that popped up?01:43
mithrosorry, add it above the line01:44
guitsarudoes it need to be "CG: <comment>"01:44
guitsaruor just the comment01:44
mithroor you can used "cg-commit -m '<message goes here>'"01:45
mithroguitsaru: just a comment01:45
mithroguitsaru: that is much better!01:51
CIA-23guitsaru tpclient-pywx-development * r321ce215e3b2 / (tpclient-pywx windows/
CIA-23Changed the location of the locale code to prevent crashing.01:54
CIA-23Changed the font of the interface to courier on Mac.01:54
tpb<> (at
guitsaruWell, now that that's done I'm going to bed.01:59
mithrookay, have a good night02:00
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mithrohey llnz06:02
llnzhi mithro06:02
mithrollnz: join demo1 and help defeat the AI :P06:05
llnzhehe, ok06:06
mithroI disabled the AI as it was going to take over the universe :P06:11
llnzI'm in, but not exactly in a great place06:13
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JLPahoy people06:15
llnzhi JLP06:15
mithroJLP: join demo1 and help defeat the AI :P06:18
mithrollnz: you'll like what I'm working on :)06:27
mithrollnz: ping?07:39
mithrodoes tp04 specify which frames are valid returned from a frame?07:42
llnzhummm... no, not yet07:42
mithrodo you think we could add that?07:43
mithrowant to add it to the protocol.xml?07:45
llnzok, i will when I have time07:46
llnzbtw, I'm away this weekend (in Wellington)07:46
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mithrohey pschulz0108:14
mithrohows it going?08:14
pschulz01mithro: plunging in..08:15
pschulz01mithro: cg-update worked without having to pull in all of branch.08:16
pschulz01mithro: 'strftime' not found..  What do I need to 'import'?08:33
mithroimport time08:33
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* llnz wanders off08:47
llnzlater all08:47
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mithropschulz01: any luck?08:52
pschulz01mithro: how do I rename a file? then cat it's contents to another.. then delete it.08:53
pschulz01mithro: Trying to navigate python documentation.08:54
mithropschulz01: move?08:54
pschulz01Yes.. that would work. Trying to 'prepend' changelog update.08:55
pschulz01'tac'? (opposite to cat)08:55
mithrotac reads a file backwards08:56
mithrotac - concatenate and print files in reverse08:56
pschulz01Ok.. not the opposite of tac then.08:56
mithroyou could do the following08:57
mithrofile('filetoappendtoo', 'a').write(file('filetoappend', 'r').read())08:59
mithrobut don't do that with a large file :P08:59
mithro(as it reads the whole file into memory)09:00
mithroI could do you a more efficent version09:00
pschulz01Ok.. sort of works..09:03
pschulz01f = open(filename, 'w')09:03
pschulz01  changelog.write_to_open_file(f)09:03
pschulz01  f.close()09:03
pschulz01file('changelog', 'a').write(file('changelog.old', 'r').read())09:03
pschulz01... where 'filename' = changelog09:03
pschulz01Surprisingly, it worked :-)09:04
pschulz01How do I delete a file?09:04
pschulz01mithro: Ta.. do you think you would want to do more than 1 automated build per day?09:09
mithropossible! :P09:09
pschulz01mithro: Hmm.. I'll leave that one for the moment..09:09
mithropschulz01: thats okay09:10
mithropschulz01: so where are we at?09:16
pschulz01Additional directives may be supported on certain platforms, but only the ones listed here have a meaning standardized by ANSI C.09:19
pschulz01(This is to the 'strftime' function.09:19
mithrowhat are you after?09:21
CIA-23jlp tpclient-pywx-development * rc80e3c6d5a72 /locale/sl/ ( tpclient-pywx.po): Updated Slovenian translation09:21
pschulz01mithro: Found it... "%a, %e %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z"09:22
mithroJLP: thanks!09:22
mithroJLP: should see some more tpclient-pywx-dev development soonish09:22
pschulz01mithro: %e, %z not in python doc.. so probably not portable.09:22
mithroit should work on any debian host?09:23
pschulz01mithro: Yes.. just not windows :-)09:23
mithrodeb packages are useless for windows :P09:23
pschulz01Is there a 'make install' target?09:23
pschulz01Updated script.. pull from
tpb<> (at
pschulz01How do I do a 'make install'?09:31
pschulz01Is there ment to be a 'Makefile' in the -dev branch?09:36
mithro"python install --prefix=<location>"09:42
pschulz01Ahh.. thanks :-)09:43
mithrojust like every other python package :)09:43
pschulz01Ok.. have some nice things happening..09:47
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
pschulz01Not sure about the last couple of lines..09:50
mithroforgot to remove them, was just doing testing09:53
CIA-23paul tpclient-pywx-development * r430923817eda /debian/update-debian-changelog: Fixed up debian changelog update script09:57
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rcd1970b48c38 / Removed the incorrect symlinks.09:57
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r047a32de87e2 /locale/sl/ ( tpclient-pywx.po): Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpclient-pywx.git#development09:57
mithropschulz01: give that a whirl09:58
mithro(but not to hard ;)09:58
pschulz01 <- with packaging instructions.09:59
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
pschulz01 <-- with packaging instructions09:59
tpb<> (at
mithropschulz01: you going to pull from master and fix those symlinks first?10:01
pschulz01Trying to.. hold on.10:02
mithroshould just be a "cg-update" ?10:02
pschulz01Yep :-) try now10:03
pschulz01Instructions are in the 'Initial debian packaging' commit.10:03
mithropschulz01: where?10:04
pschulz014 back..10:04
tpb<> (at
mithro    Initial debian packaging10:05
mithro    To automagically update changelog..10:05
mithro      (cd debian; ./update-debian-changelog)10:05
mithro      This requires the package: python-debian10:05
mithro    To build debian package..10:05
mithro      dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us10:05
mithro      This requires the package: fakeroot10:05
pschulz01Yeah.. cut and paste would have been easier10:05
CIA-23paul tpclient-pywx-development * r1e13339a7e88 /debian/ (10 files): (log message trimmed)10:06
CIA-23Initial debian packaging10:06
CIA-23To automagically update changelog..10:06
CIA-23 (cd debian; ./update-debian-changelog)10:06
CIA-23 This requires the package: python-debian10:06
CIA-23To build debian package..10:06
CIA-23 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us10:06
CIA-23paul tpclient-pywx-development * ra1351164a703 /locale/sl/ ( tpclient-pywx.po): Merge branch 'development' of git://
CIA-23paul tpclient-pywx-development * rf98f5efc9cf3 / Merge branch 'development' of git://
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r55980d1b8e6f /debian/README: Added info for debian packaging to a file so it doesn't get lost.10:07
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * raa106dd78743 / Idea on how to make the client code much more readable using generators.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r6b92204d12a8 / (16 files in 4 dirs): Moved stuff around.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * raab531059134 / (.boring .gitignore): Added a .gitignore and removed old .boring file.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r0be9ec43a5b1 /tp/netlib/ (protocol.dtd protocol.xml
CIA-23Updated to latest versions of these external files.10:11
CIA-23protocol.xml -> protocol3.xml from documents.git10:11
CIA-23protocol.dtd -> protocol.dtd from documents.git10:11 -> libtpproto-py10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r810c39771b35 / ( tp/netlib/objects/
CIA-23Removed a massive amount of duplicate code.10:11
CIA-23Added most of the functionality of the from libtpproto-py in10:11
CIA-23generator form.10:11
CIA-23Changed to a form which relies on send returning the sequence number (hence10:11
CIA-23making the code threadsafe).10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r2b868bea2a65 / (8 files in 4 dirs): Just moving stuff around so I can start to do some actual testing.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r135c4bd7407a /tp/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Doing some simple testing.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * rf8a7f435cd90 /tp/netlib/ More testing.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r376769ea2f20 /tp/netlib/ (
CIA-23Can't believe I forgot this file!10:11
CIA-23Plus updates which mean it won't block - not quite happy with it.10:11
CIA-23mithro libtpproto2-py * r3a4ffeb2f174 / File I was using to test.10:12
mithropschulz01: so umm, what about tpclient-pywx-dev's dependencies?10:13
pschulz01mithro: Next step.. just found out I need python-numpy and python-numpy-net10:14
pschulz01I believe there is a debian helper script which will sort this out for us...10:15
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/tpclient-pywx-dev$ more | grep append | grep python10:15
mithro                notfound.append("python-numpy")10:15
mithro                notfound.append("python-numpy-ext")10:15
mithro                notfound.append("python-wxgtk2.6")10:15
mithro                recommended.append(("Python gettext should come with Python, please check your python install", reason))10:15
mithro                recommended.append(("python-psyco", reason))10:15
mithro                recommended.append(("python-pyopenssl", reason))10:15
mithro                recommended.append(("python-imaging", reason))10:16
mithro                recommended.append(("python-pygame", reason))10:16
mithro                                        recommended.append(("python-gconf", reason))10:16
mithrooh and10:17
*** guitsaru has quit IRC10:17
mithrolibtpproto-py and libtpclient-py-dev10:17
pschulz01man dh_pycentral10:18
mithropython-wxgtk2.6 or python-wxgtk2.810:18
mithro(python-wxgtk2.8 preferred :)10:19
mithropschulz01: not sure I really understand that10:20
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pschulz01mithro: Your not the only one :-p10:20
mithrocan't you just use the info above? dependecies don't change often :)10:21
pschulz01mithro: The idea is that you call dh_pycentral in the packaging building, which will sort out the dependencies.. still looking..10:21
mithroI think dh_pycentral is more to deal with python2.3, python2.4 and python2.510:22
pschulz01There was dh_python as well.. I'll try that.10:22
mithropschulz01: think you actually want dh_pysupport ?10:33
pschulz01mithro: Just trying to install packages manually.. think I've found a bug in the python-pygame package packaging.10:33
pschulz01for ubuntu.10:34
mithropschulz01: oh?10:34
mithrodh_pycentral is a debhelper program that will scan your package, detect public Python modules and move them in10:34
mithro       /usr/share/pycentral so that python-central can byte-compile those for all supported Python versions.  Extensions10:34
mithro       are kept into the original installation location.10:34
mithrotpclient-pywx doesn't have any "public Python modules"10:34
pschulz01Found the client in /usr/lib/tpclient-pywx10:34
pschulz01/bin/tpclient-pywx: 31: ./tpclient-pywx: not found10:34
pschulz01Found the client in /lib/tpclient-pywx10:34
pschulz01wxPython Version
pschulz01No module named pygame10:34
pschulz01No module named tp.netlib10:34
pschulz01No module named tp.client10:34
pschulz01The following requirements where not met:10:35
pschulz01        tp.netlib > 0.2.110:35
pschulz01        tp.client > 0.3.010:35
pschulz01The following recommended modules where not found:10:35
pschulz01        python-game,            Installing the Pygame library will allow you to see the intro movie and hear sounds.10:35
pschulz01To install the modules recommended for full functionality, run the following10:35
pschulz01command as root:10:35
pschulz01        apt-get install python-game10:35
pschulz01.. but the correct package (as far as I can make out) is python-pygame10:35
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rfdeb5cc90d34 / Get the pygame name right.10:36
pschulz01hehe..  yep.. that's what the guys in #ubuntu-bugs told me as well :-)10:37
pschulz01I need to package up tp.netlib and tp client..10:42
pschulz01Bed time... save that for another evening.10:43
*** pschulz01 has left #tp10:47
CIA-23frodough tpruledev * r69d79a9cdd3a /src/ (4 files in 3 dirs):11:15
CIA-23Got variable length expressions working11:15
CIA-23I still don't know if I like this method, but it appears to work. At11:15
CIA-23least so far as adding goes. Don't know about removing things that have11:15
CIA-23been added - expansion slots that is.11:15
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*** guitsaru has joined #tp11:25
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* JLP goes playing some basketball11:54
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*** guitsaru has joined #tp12:32
CIA-23frodough tpruledev * re060a6eed476 /src/ (gui/ tpcl/
CIA-23Variable length expressions now fully supported13:07
CIA-23But good god I think that this implementation sucks. However to get13:07
CIA-23something better I would need to rewrite much of the TpclExpression class,13:07
CIA-23I think. But then, maybe that's not such a bad idea?13:07
CIA-23frodough tpruledev * rba488c33b144 /src/tpcl/ ( data/ data/tpcl_base.xml):13:33
CIA-23Added cond expression13:33
CIA-23This is a test of the ability for expressions to be extended. It seems13:33
CIA-23to work ok. There are some issues with removed expressions that have13:33
CIA-23been added, but really if a person messes up that bad they should just13:33
CIA-23remove the entire cond expression and start again. Or an undo feature13:33
CIA-23needs to be implemented.13:33
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CIA-23frodough tpruledev * r4d863aaafec9 /src/tpcl/ ( data/tpcl_base.xml):14:08
CIA-23Fixed some issues with expandable expressions14:08
CIA-23Still need to fix the insertion points inside of expanded expressions14:08
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*** niphree has joined #tp14:22
guitsaruwb niphree14:23
Epyon_niphree ;)14:23
niphreehi :]14:23
jothamhey Epyon_17:21
jothamfuck all, just woke up17:46
niphreegood night all18:55
*** niphree has quit IRC18:55
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DystopicFronash: ping?20:45
xdotxmithro: ping?21:20
*** CIA-23 has joined #tp21:21
jothamyou know i like Dia but god damn the user interface is inconsitent with any other graphical editor i've used21:26
jothamand i bet there would be no way in hell of getting it made consistent21:26
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llnzhi all23:17
xdotxhey llnz23:19
jothamhey llnz23:20
llnzhi guitsaru, xdotx, jotham23:20

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