Monday, 2007-07-30

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* nash waves to greywhind01:57
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mithronash: ping?02:39
nashmithro: pong02:39
mithronash: tpsai-py beats galaxie's AIs :)02:40
mithrofor the simple reason that galaxie crashs about half way through :)02:40
nashdid you apply those fixes from the other day?02:40
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/galaxie$ cg-update02:43
mithroBranch already fully merged.02:43
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/galaxie$ make02:46
mithromake: Nothing to be done for `TARGETS'.02:46
mithrofound a bunch of tpserver-cpp bugs on the weekend02:46
nashI'll see if I can break it a bit more once I get a chance then02:47
mithroit still seems to be related to the delete problem02:54
nashQuite probably03:02
nashWouldn't be surprised if it is basically the same thing03:03
mithrogalaxie works okay as a viewer03:10
mithrowith --no-ai03:10
tpb<> (at
mithroxdotx: ping?03:11
nashmithro: Yeah.. It works great as a viewer ;-)03:11
nashI think I know the general shape of the problem, just not the specifics yet03:11
mithrocurrently adding "compound tasks" to tpsai-py03:12
mithrocompound tasks isn't quite the right word03:18
mithrocorroperative tasks is closer, IE multiple planets/fleets working towards completed a single task03:19
mithrocurrently, the object which can complete a task in the shortest time does the task03:19
mithroan older version of tpsai-py :)03:21
nashDid you tweak the theme file to remove names?03:23
mithronash: yeah03:26
nashAny reason you left the home planet?03:27
mithrolooked too cluttered with the names03:27
mithronash: because it was good to see the point of origin :)03:27
nashAnyway - I'm off home03:28
nashTalk to you later03:28
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xdotxmithro: pong03:37
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mithrollnz: ping?04:33
llnzmithro: pong!04:33
mithrohow does an Order specify it's arguments in tpserver-cpp?04:33
llnzOrderParameter objects04:34
mithroso how does MergeFleet work?04:34
mithroas it doesn't seem to take any parameters?04:34
llnzit merges with the fleet at the current location04:34
llnzmerges two fleets at the current location, if owned by the same player04:35
mithrollnz: so what happens if there are 3 fleets at the current location?04:38
mithro(which isn't that outrageous)04:38
llnzhummm.... picks the one with the lowest id number, iirc04:38
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mithroMergeFleet makes sense to take an ID04:39
jothamok yay04:43
jothamtime to check these 3D models out04:43
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * raaac25298674 /modules/games/ (minisec/move.cpp mtsec/move.cpp):04:43
CIA-3Update Move orders of Minisec and MTSec.04:43
CIA-3Used addOrderParameters, and use orderqueueid and objectid from Order04:43
CIA-3baseclass and OrderQueue respectively.04:43
llnzmithro: maybe....04:43
mithrojotham: yay!04:43
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * re16ec23b41d1 / (30 files in 3 dirs):05:10
CIA-3Remove unneeded objectid from method parameters of order and orderparameter05:10
CIA-3Hopefully making things better and more consistent.05:10
jothamhey mithro05:45
jothamyou know i can't find a link to the media anywhere on http://thousandparsec.net05:46
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec : News (at
jothami have it in my logs, so it's fine05:46
jothambut i mean for other people05:46
jothammaybe you should put it somewhere05:46
jothamand i couldn't find the models05:48
mithrojotham: hrm?06:03
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: Revision 26: /media (at
jothamhum i didn't see that dir, let me look06:04
jothamahh i was looking in client06:04
jothamcheers mithro06:04
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * r013fb49e2286 / (8 files in 3 dirs):06:05
CIA-3OrderQueueId is now set by OrderManager, setObjectId on OrderQueue done.06:05
CIA-3This is even better, because it allows many more orderqueues to be created06:05
CIA-3and TP03 can only see the first (thanks to code in PlayerAgent). Code in06:05
CIA-3Build, SplitFleet and the Ruleset classes (Minisec and MTSec) to created set06:05
CIA-3the ObjectId associated with the queue and not set the QueueId was added.06:05
jothamoh they are max format, i thought he was going to give me a 3DS to try06:05
mithrojotham: Epyon did the other format for you06:05
mithroand put it in a zip somewhere06:05
jothamdamn, let me check the logs06:05
tpb<> (at
mithroEpyonjotham, here's the test version --
mithrollnz: I'm getting the following error quite a bit06:40
mithro(False, 'OrderQueue failure.')06:40
llnzis your server up to date?06:41
mithronot since yesterday07:00
mithrollnz: what could cause that error?07:00
mithrojotham: any luck?07:02
mithroahh I see the problem07:03
mithroTrying to issue wrong type of order to a thing07:03
mithroIE A move order to a planet07:03
mithroshould have a much better error message07:03
llnzit does now07:04
* llnz wanders off08:10
llnzlater all08:10
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CIA-3mithro libtpclient-py * rd17314070f75 /tp/client/
CIA-3Added support for removing multiple items at once.13:37
CIA-3Update order_number correctly.13:37
CIA-3mithro libtpclient-py * rd68e8344a3e6 /tp/client/ Fix for new git magic version.13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r192fc188a1ce / ( tpsai-py): New assignment method (allows for multiple assets to handle one task).13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r1c19386cdc0a / ( tpsai-py): Trying to get compound tasks working properly...13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r14304f398d3b / (README tpsai-py): Removed the Build "task" and changed the way it worked.13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r5e06fcfe543b / (README tpsai-py): Things seem to work a bit better now..13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r069532450969 / (README tpsai-py): More stuff..13:37
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r2d3515d382bd / ( tpsai-py):13:37
CIA-3Make the client use the cache properly...13:38
CIA-3Highlighted some problems with current libtpclient-py.13:38
CIA-3mithro tpsai-py * r448420975bd7 / Moved the order_number updating to the correct place.13:38
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* klinez waves14:27
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mithrohey nash20:22
nashHeyo mithro20:40
mithrofinding lots of tpserver-cpp bugs lately :/20:40
mithrothere is something seriously wrong with resources and designs in either galaxie or tpserver-cpp20:46
mithroI think might have to write up a simple "viewer" to replace what I use galaxie for, shouldn't be too hard :P20:50
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mithrohey DystopicFro20:52
DystopicFromithro: ahoy20:54
DystopicFrogot the "package" - very, very cool >.<20:54
mithroDystopicFro: cool!20:55
mithrowhen did it arrive?20:55
DystopicFroThis past weekend, quick enough to surprise me and just a few days after my birthday20:56
mithroDystopicFro: xdotx hasn't got his yet, so don't spoil it for him :)20:56
DystopicFroEpyon: er...parcel...baggage...paraphenalia...20:59
EpyonWith what?20:59
DystopicFroA surprise o.O20:59
mithroDystopicFro: so where is this expression editor :)21:00
EpyonDystopicFro, I'm not a SoC student, so spoil me the surpise for I wont get it anyway :P21:00
DystopicFroOn the way now that I've wrangled with the scintilla widget a bit21:00
DystopicFronow that I can get visual feedback to the user I can start messing with various interfaces21:01
DystopicFroEpyon: I'm afraid that this channel is not secure...spy ships in all sectors and all that21:01
Epyonprivate message is your friend, DystopicFro :P21:02
* DystopicFro dabbles only ever lightly in the arcane methods of IRC21:02
mithroDystopicFro: :)21:02
* DystopicFro wonders what the chances are of getting a robust text-only TP client21:04
nashmithro: I move next week21:05
nashOnce the dust settles I'll act6ually have some time to work on fixing all the galaxie issues I have21:06
mithroDystopicFro: well, it would be hard to represent the distances in text21:06
DystopicFroaye, it would be an interesting study in design21:08
EpyonDystopicFro, text only? You mean ASCII?21:08
DystopicFronash: ahoy >.< things all sorted out well on Monday?21:08
nashDystopicFro: Apparently21:08
nashWaiting for final confirmation today21:09
nashBUt it looks good for settlement on the 7th (so we own the house on that day)21:09
nashMove the next few days21:09
DystopicFroEpyon: there was a blind strategy game enthusiast who wrote in on the mailing list asking after a text only client21:09
DystopicFroEpyon: so I think more textual than graphical representation21:09
DystopicFronash: cool, cool21:10
mithroDystopicFro: so you going to push your changes?21:10
* mithro should head off soon21:10
DystopicFromithro: nothing to commit I don't think, I've spent the past few days reading up on scintilla21:11
mithrowell I'm off to graduate!21:12
mithrosee ya all21:12
nashHave fun21:12
DystopicFrocya mithro21:13
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