Saturday, 2007-07-21

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DystopicFrollnz: ping?00:40
DystopicFroah well, missed you again...everyone else I've had the opportunity  to talk to...meh >.<00:51
mithroDemitar: ping :P01:35
mithros/Demitar/ DystopicFro /01:37
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mithrohey xdotx02:55
mithrohow did your exams and stuff go?02:56
xdotxmithro: still goin' on - they're this up-coming week02:59
mithroso not much progress :/03:00
* xdotx does have a working computer now though04:25
xdotxbed time.04:25
* xdotx waves04:25
llnzhi all05:37
llnzDystopicFro: pong05:37
llnzxdotx: good to hear that your computer is working again05:37
JLPahoy all05:47
llnzhi JLP05:48
llnzmithro: ping06:57
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* llnz wanders off09:03
llnzlater all09:03
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mithroDystopicFro: ping?10:11
mithroxdotx: ping?10:11
DystopicFromithro: pong?10:24
mithroDystopicFro: so how is everything going?10:24
DystopicFropretty good, just waking up for a lazy Sunday morning >.<10:25
mithroschemepy is coming along nicely10:27
mithrojust got string formatting working10:32
DystopicFrovery very cool10:35
DystopicFroif there's anything I can do to help out in that area let me know10:35
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r9d2d7ae068e7 /guile/ (Makefile guilehelper.c profiles/scope.scm scope.scm):10:36
CIA-3Big updates.10:36
CIA-3 - Turns out we need a little C helper to deal with the Macros10:36
CIA-3 - Should be kind of working with both guile-1.6 and guile-1.810:36
CIA-3 - Started trying to figure out the conversion between python and guile.10:36
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r0ed78f4eb2d6 /guile/ Symbol conversion works now.10:36
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r8df902b0c7aa /README: Added the topython/type functions to the definition.10:36
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r3a1520624c52 /guile/ ( guilehelper.c):10:36
CIA-3Pretty printing of scheme guile structure.10:36
CIA-3Few other fixes.10:36
mithroDystopicFro: well, it would be good if somebody was to wrap pyscheme with a similar interface to the one in the README10:36
mithroDystopicFro: you can also give it a go if you wanted10:37
mithroI just need to add List/Dictionary conversion and it should be pretty usable10:41
mithrosadly the wrapper couldn't be pure python thanks to Guile's extensive usage of macros and inline functions :/10:50
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r1ebd0855e7c4 /guile/ ( guilehelper.c): Allow people to get variables directly from the environment.10:52
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CIA-3mithro schemepy * rfd5ffc5c5ffb /guile/ ( guilehelper.c): Support list and alist conversion (to python list and python dict).15:25
CIA-3mithro schemepy * ra1d7366163ed /guile/ Test the version python2scheme conversions.15:25
CIA-3mithro schemepy * rbf158dd447e0 /guile/ Added the list of exceptions which can occur - need to add a mapping.15:25
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r8d2c7852449c /tests/README: Added README about the test suit (yet to be written).15:25
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llnzmorning all17:04
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