Friday, 2007-07-20

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EpyonAt least DystopicFro is always alive, from what I gather from IRC :P00:07
mithroEpyon: he is doing really well00:09
Epyonmithro, yeah, I figured that much from his activity both in VS and on the channel :P00:10
mithroEpyon: also check out
tpbTitle: FroSpace - Now in 2D! (at
* Epyon should do weekly status reports for his project too :/00:17
mithroEpyon: how is your project going?00:25
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CIA-3mithro schemepy * r61e82074b41e /guile/ More work on the guile stuff.01:28
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r3fd69a193c23 /guile/ Kind of working function registration.01:28
CIA-3mithro schemepy * re1026e02cb7b /README: Changed the name to schemepy.01:28
CIA-3mithro schemepy * reff7150d187d /guile/ Removed old code.01:28
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r0071536aeb65 /.gitignore: Added .gitignore file.01:33
CIA-3mithro schemepy * r5e819ceda192 /pyscheme/ (26 files in 2 dirs): Imported pyscheme enviroment.01:33
nashmithro: My commit message from that was rather... underwhelming01:41
mithronash: ?01:41
nashSubject: [tp-cvs] (no subject)01:42
nashbody just ahs mailing list sig too01:43
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mithrohey llnz05:21
* mithro ponders dinner05:24
llnzhi mithro05:35
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* llnz wanders off08:48
llnzlater all08:48
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CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r1d2b0609822a /src/game_objects/ ( Fixed default TPCL code snippets09:30
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r00e1640fb266 /src/tpcl/ Removed debugging comments from TPCL init09:30
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * rd3cfb6d91c7b /src/gui/
CIA-3Fixed error with TPCL code evaluation09:30
CIA-3All values taken from the GUI fields are encoded in ASCII. The09:30
CIA-3StyledTextCtrl does some weird stuff with its characters that cause09:30
CIA-3pyscheme to freak out. So I just encode all values as ASCII now when I09:30
CIA-3put them in the object. Now TPCL validation actually works.09:30
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r0b41882a66fa /src/gui/
CIA-3Validate project before generating code09:42
CIA-3If errors are present don't allow code to be generated.09:42
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r0be132dc2a0e /src/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Got code generation working again10:55
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * rc2dfad72c17a /README: Updated README to include updated requirements10:55
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * rd1e92a5765e9 /src/ (6 files in 3 dirs):11:27
CIA-3Added 'Duplicate Object' Command11:27
CIA-3This allows an object to be duplicated and added with a new name. This11:27
CIA-3way objects that are very similar (see Engine1-4 in RFTS) can quickly11:27
CIA-3and easily be added.11:27
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r5160964f2a86 /src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fixed bugs found while entering in ruleset from scratch12:08
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r13c4814d3d4a /src/ (gui/ tpcl/ Added in validation of tpcl_cost functions12:08
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CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r4f559ce03b0d /src/tpcl/ Added PropertyTpcl file...rather...necessary...oops14:44
CIA-3frodough tpruledev-refs/tags/TPRULEDEV_0_3_0 * r4f559ce03b0d /src/tpcl/ Added PropertyTpcl file...rather...necessary...oops14:44
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llnzImportError: No module named pyscheme21:45
llnzin RDE21:45
llnzhave read the readme and installed pyscheme21:55
llnzworking now22:00
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llnzhi DystopicFro23:59

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