Saturday, 2007-06-23

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xdotxhey all03:38
mithrohey xdotx04:26
mithrohow goes RFTS?04:26
mithrothis is pretty cool
tpbTitle: Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART (at
xdotxmithro: not bad, was just starting on some work04:27
mithroxdotx: where are you up too?04:31
xdotxmithro: working on making designs04:31
mithroDystopicFro: ping?04:35
mithroRFTS doesn't have ship design?04:36
xdotxmm, not dynamic designing04:37
mithroahh, just figuring out how the static designs?04:38
xdotxwell, yeah, and implementing them in code04:38
mithroxdotx: haven't seen many commits04:52
xdotxmithro: been busy, and most of my work has been studying rfts and the framework04:53
mithroxdotx: good to see the wiki updates however04:54
mithrowe need a CIA for the wiki04:55
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xdotxi'm off till tomorrow07:51
xdotxer, later today rather07:51
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llnzxdotx: i should be around07:59
* llnz wanders off07:59
llnzlater all07:59
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mithrowow it's empty in here tonight11:00
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CIA-3nash galaxie * r82a14d59dd95 / (5 files in 3 dirs): Add window object to edje files.20:21
CIA-3nash galaxie * rab604db1210b / (edje/basic-window.edc gui_window.c): More work on basic windows.20:21
CIA-3nash galaxie * r99c1fd8ca06f / (6 files in 3 dirs): Merge with orders branch. Basic embed window working.20:21
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llnz_laptophi all23:29
llnz_laptopxdotx: how are you going?23:30
Epyonsilence of the lambs here -_-23:33
EpyonShihTzu, here's another one for you -- it's from a less known .hack soundrack -- from one of their games --
tpb<> (at
Epyondamn, wrong channel xP23:35
Epyonllnz_laptop, how are the GSOC students doing?23:36
llnz_laptopthey are doing well23:37
llnz_laptopexciting work is being done23:37
Epyonlol, you should be happy I didn't get selected :P23:39
llnz_laptopwhy is that?23:40
EpyonBecause I didn't have much time yet to work on my GSoC assignment :/23:41
EpyonAnd it's alost mid-term...23:41
llnz_laptopit seems that way for many students23:41
Epyondamn, I'm feeling bad :/23:41
EpyonIn my case it's PhD studies entrance exams, and the last masters exam session that keeps me occupied :\23:43
llnz_laptopdon't feel bad23:43
llnz_laptopi finished my masters thesis nearly two months ago, and still i've been too busy to do much on TP23:44
EpyonI do, I have almost nothing to show for the mid-term evaluation :/23:44
llnz_laptopdamn this laptop has a funny keyboard layout23:44
EpyonIt took me a month to get used to my new keyboard, so I know what you feel xP23:45
llnz_laptopi've just changed laptops to a newer, more powerful one23:49
llnz_laptopso today is setting it up and getting the software built23:50
EpyonAnyway, I'm off to sleep, g'night!23:50
llnz_laptopand getting use to it23:50
Epyonc'ya :)23:50

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